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  May 26, 2004

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A Bit Of Titan On Earth Helps In The Search For Life's Origins - SpaceDaily  Scientists suspect that organic solids have been falling from Titan's sky for billions of years and might be compounds that set the stage for the next chemical step toward life. They collaborate in University of Arizona laboratory experiments that will help Cassini scientists interpret Titan data and plan a future mission that would deploy an organic chemistry lab to Titan's surface. Chemists in Mark A. Smith's laboratory at the University of Arizona create compounds like those condensing from Titan's sky by bombarding an analog of Titan's atmosphere with electrons.
Image of meat Scientists endorse Atkins diet  - BBC  Following a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet is a more effective way to lose weight than following a low fat diet, say US researchers. The Atkins dieters lost more body fat, lowered their triglyceride levels and raised their "good" HDL cholesterol levels more than the low-fat dieters. However, the research was funded by the Robert C Atkins Foundation. And critics say there are still serious doubts about the long-term effect on health of adopting such diets. Also, over 12 months both low-fat and low-carb dieters lost similar amounts of weight.

One of the GoFast rocket's previous attempts to blast into space

Amateur rocket fired into space  - BBC  The Civilian Space eXploration Team's 6.5m (21ft) GoFast rocket is understood to have exceeded an altitude of 100km. "It is a fantastic achievement," Richard Osborne, from the Mars rocketry group, told BBC News Online. "I have been in Nevada with them during their previous attempts. It is a very impressive team." A 14-second burn allowed the rocket to reach an altitude of more than 100km - the official boundary of space - in about three minutes. Eric Knight said the team had detected the payload's telemetry beacon but had not yet reached it.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/26/2004: Have Your Say: Should animal experimentation be reduced?  - BBC
5/26/2004: IVF warning over low sperm count
  - BBC
5/26/2004: Michael J. Fox's Take on Stem Cells - Business Week
5/26/2004: Dog genes reveal surprises - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Europe OKs biotech food imports - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Britain's stem-cell store opens  - Nature
5/26/2004: Genetics help hound health  - Nature
5/26/2004: Nanobacteria revelations provoke new controversy - New Scientist
5/26/2004: Low sperm counts linked to gene control flaw - New Scientist
5/26/2004: UK boosts quest for animal experiment alternatives - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
5/26/2004: Shrimp farms 'harm poor nations'  - BBC
5/26/2004: BBC Weather: What does the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season have in store?  - BBC
5/26/2004: Underwater Antarctic volcano found - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Ancient continents sent flying  - Nature
5/26/2004: Canada's on the up - US is going down - New Scientist
5/26/2004: Breakthrough may bring life to barren earth - New Scientist

5/26/2004: Video games launch their own reality  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Gaming dazzle makes powerful demands  - CNN

5/26/2004: Korea's KT to have Earth's largest Wi-Fi network?  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Coming soon: A cell phone directory  - C/Net
5/26/2004: A new route for telecom deregulation  - C/Net
5/26/2004: VoIP Vendor Selection Checklist  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Sound Prospects for Cell-Phone Makers - Business Week
5/26/2004: Cell switch rules to expand nationwide  - CNN
5/26/2004: Square bar codes ease mobile web browsing - New Scientist

5/26/2004: Sony's 300-mm fab starts test production of Cell processor  - El. Engr. Times
5/26/2004: E3 Expo
  - CNN
5/26/2004: Cell processor to debut in fourth quarter

5/26/2004: Samsung unveils supersized OLED display  - C/Net
5/26/2004: 'PearPC' looks to mix Apples and Wintel oranges  - C/Net

5/26/2004: Some users to auctioneer: Bring back old 'My eBay'  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Google defines good manners for adware  - C/Net
5/26/2004: You've been hacked—what to do next  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Gates backs blogs for businesses  - BBC
5/26/2004: Google revamps blogging service  - BBC
5/26/2004: Web veteran turns to world of work  - BBC
5/26/2004: Over 50s urged to catch net bug  - BBC
5/26/2004: Helping hand for net novices  - BBC
5/26/2004: Think hard10 things Google's ethics committee might discuss  - BBC
5/26/2004: High Noon in the Router Wars - Business Week
5/26/2004: Netting More Business on the Web - Business Week
5/26/2004: Users tell auctioneer, 'My eBay' more yours than ours - Business Week
5/26/2004: FBI plans spammer smackdown
 - Business Week
5/26/2004: Web eases adoption, scams
  - CNN
5/26/2004: Reformed spammer warns of relapse
  - CNN
5/26/2004: Internet groceries quietly growing
  - CNN

5/26/2004: Briefly: Via Technologies touts low-power chip  - C/Net
5/26/2004: New ban for DVD copying software  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Is Torvalds really the father of Linux?  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Cisco to patent security fix  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Mac Office: Windows all over  - C/Net
5/26/2004: High fidelity: Will Napster kill the High Street record store?  - BBC
5/26/2004: The Steve Jobs way  - CNN


5/26/2004: Angina cases showing sharp rise  - BBC


5/26/2004: Thousands may harbour vCJD  - BBC
5/26/2004: Zinc 'boosts pneumonia recovery'  - BBC
5/26/2004: Tonsil tests suggest thousands harbour vCJD - New Scientist

5/26/2004: Have Your Say: What should be done about the UK's binge-drinking culture?  - BBC
5/26/2004: Alcohol the 'new British disease'  - BBC

5/26/2004: Scientists endorse Atkins diet   - BBC
5/26/2004: Men 'won't try new contraceptive'  - BBC
5/26/2004: Childhood diabetes 'undetected'  - BBC
5/26/2004: Raised birth defect risk common  - BBC
5/26/2004: Asbestos rules come into force  - BBC
5/26/2004: How one woman 'overdosed' on liquorice sweets  - BBC
5/26/2004: A&E medicine: How trauma teams react when a life is threatened  - BBC
5/26/2004: Europe revokes controversial gene patent - New Scientist
5/26/2004: Purebred dogs could be doctor's best friend - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
5/26/2004: New dinosaur discovered in Montana - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Well-preserved mummies found in Peru - MSNBC

5/26/2004: Data-mining for terrorists sparks U.S. privacy fears  - C/Net
5/26/2004: Democrats push for privacy officers  - C/Net
5/26/2004: 'Satan' visits cyber church  - CNN
5/26/2004: Futurist explains new world for Pentagon - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Cosmic Log- Wonders in western skies - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Calif. e-voting status becomes clearer - MSNBC
5/26/2004: WashPost: Scientists' ethics under scrutiny - MSNBC
5/26/2004: Team seeks to expand robot planes’ reach - MSNBC
5/26/2004: New biometric approach secures ID cards - New Scientist
5/26/2004: Scientists warn over sarin exposure in Iraq - New Scientist
5/26/2004: Clubbers choose chip implants to jump queues - New Scientist
5/26/2004: New asteroid has smallest solar orbit - New Scientist
5/26/2004: Database firm gave feds terror suspects - MSNBC
5/26/2004: US may get privacy czar  - Wired News
5/26/2004: Air Force base's radios jamming automatic garage door openers  - Wired News


Physics and Astronomy:
5/26/2004: Cosmos 'a billion years older'  - BBC
5/26/2004: New theory addresses how the sun was born
5/26/2004: Sun was born in a violent burst, experts say
  - Yahoo



5/26/2004: Amateur rocket fired into space   - BBC
A Bit Of Titan On Earth Helps In The Search For Life's Origins - SpaceDaily
5/26/2004: Beagle 2 was 'too great a risk'  - BBC
5/26/2004: Might Russia join ESA?  - Nature
5/26/2004: Russia Successfully Launches Spacecraft - ABC
5/26/2004: Ghost dog: A top European space official explains where Beagle went wrong
  - BBC
5/26/2004: Dust rocks martian river theory
  - Nature
5/26/2004: Rash heads doomed Beagle 2
  - Nature
5/26/2004: UK Govt and ESA Keep Beagle 2 Failure Report Secret
 - SpaceDaily
5/26/2004: Aussie heads into desert to prepare for Mars ...
 - FirstScience
5/26/2004: NASA: Astronauts must use Russian gear ...
 - FirstScience
5/26/2004: ISS crew to use Russian-made spacesuits Orlan instead of American ones for mid-June spacewalk ...
 - FirstScience

5/26/2004: Microchip tags aim to stop smuggling of Peru's best alpacas  - BBC
5/26/2004: Old for newHow today's youth will deal with tomorrow's technology  - BBC
5/26/2004: Tech Gurus - Business Week
5/26/2004: Up in the air! - New Scientist


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