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  May 25, 2004

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A Bird's Eye View Of Magnetic Earth - SpaceDaily  Migratory birds, as well as many other animals, are able to sense the magnetic field of the earth, but how do they do it? "A fascinating possibility is that they may actually see the earth's magnetic lines as patterns of color or light intensity superimposed on their visual surroundings," said John B. Phillips of Blacksburg, associate professor of biology at Virginia Tech. The results of more than two decades of research allow him to let such an image cross his mind. There is evidence that the earth's magnetic field is sensed by light-absorbing molecules in the retina of a bird's' eye. 

Global View: Ebbing Tide Of Money - SpaceDaily  Left: The world economy has been inflated to unstainable levels withj price deflation a looming worry in multiple markets and sectors  For four years, ever since Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan began to slash interest rates, the tide has been coming in: a relentless tide of money that has lifted stock markets, house prices, bond prices, trade, growth. And not just in the United States but around the world. Houses in Australia, bonds in Moscow, pesos in Mexico: they have all been floating on the rising global pool of money. Now the tide is turning. The first signs of that turn, of the ebbing of the tide, are there in markets around the globe.

Japanese Scientists Discover Secret Of Dolphin Speed - SpaceDaily  Left:  Until now, no-one knew whether the soft flaky skin of a dolphin, which they shed once every 2 hours, also plays a vital part in helping them reduce these 'drags' and travel faster.  Physicists in Japan have discovered how the surface of a dolphin's skin reduces drag and helps them glide smoothly and quickly through water. These findings could help scientists design faster, energy-efficient boats, ocean liners, and submarines. Professor Yoshimichi Hagiwara and colleagues found that the 'softness' or 'waviness' of the skin helps reduce drag caused by friction. They also discovered that the shedding of the skin itself reduces drag by disturbing tiny whirlpools of water called vortices

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/25/2004: A Bird's Eye View Of Magnetic Earth - SpaceDaily 
5/25/2004: Shar-Peis, Huskies Are Closest to Wolves
 - ABC
5/25/2004: Raja the Elephant to Become a Father - ABC
5/25/2004: Brain Parasite Caused Sea Otter Deaths - ABC
5/25/2004: Dog DNA Shows the Hand of Man, Study Finds - ABC
5/25/2004: Climate Change Boom or Bust for Biodiversity? - ABC
5/25/2004: U.S. Stem Cell Rules Loosening?  - Wired News
5/25/2004: EU OKs Import of Canned GMO Corn  - Wired News
5/25/2004: 1st Nat'l Bank of Stem Cells  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Court Rules Against Farmer in Biotech Case - ABC
5/25/2004: Britain Unveils New Center to Cut Animal Testing - ABC
5/25/2004: FDA Sets New Rules on Tissue Donation - ABC

Climate, Environment:
5/25/2004: Illegal Sales of Endangered Species Uncovered in U.S. Cities... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: U.S. Park Views Still in Haze: EPA Criticized for Not Doing Enough to Clear the Air... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: Tube pollution 'harms DNA'... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: NASA's Terra satellite tracks global pollution... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: Japan Unlikely To Achieve Goal For Greenhouse Gas Reduction: Panel... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: Africa's Most Active Volcano Again Threatens Gorilla Habitat... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: Detroit Zoo to Send Elephants to Refuge - ABC
5/25/2004: New Underwater Volcano Discovered - ABC
5/25/2004: Scientists Say Chicago Sinking Every Year - ABC
5/25/2004: Seychelles Court Sends Turtle Poachers to Jail - ABC
5/25/2004: Detroit Zoo to Free Elephants on Ethical Grounds - ABC
5/25/2004: States Suing Allegheny Over Clean Air - ABC
5/25/2004: Senate Bill Aims to Upgrade Miss., Ill. Rivers - ABC
5/25/2004: Prickly Ocean Predator Invading East Coast - ABC
5/25/2004: Putin Says Moscow Moving Toward Backing Kyoto - ABC
5/25/2004: Will Movie Help or Hurt Climate Awareness? - ABC

5/25/2004: Review: Memorex True 8X DVD Recorder - ABC
5/25/2004: How to Get Gamers to Play Online  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Hand E-Battle - ABC
5/25/2004: LCD shortage threatens gaming handhelds  - C/Net

5/25/2004: Wireless LAN Find Its Voice  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Broadband in Every Pot  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Video Game Trade Show Highlights - ABC
5/25/2004: Hand E-Battle - ABC
5/25/2004: States, feds headed for VoIP clash  - C/Net


5/25/2004: Why Your Laptop Is Always Running Out of Juice  - Wired News
5/25/2004: After the Ipod, Apple's Got Room to Blossom  - CNN
5/25/2004: New Slice of Apple's Pie  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Study says 100 million PCs to be replaced in 2004  - C/Net

5/25/2004: New Standard Could Reduce Spam  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Outsmarting the Spies - ABC
5/25/2004: My Left Arm for a Gmail Account  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Semantic Web Ready for Phase Two  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Gmail Bug Sparks Storage Rumors  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Conference mulls Web as personal memory store  - C/Net

5/25/2004: Tuning Up ITunes - ABC
5/25/2004: Wal-Mart's No-Frills ITunes Alternative - ABC
5/25/2004: From Copyright to Consumers' Rights - ABC
5/25/2004: FDA Sets New Rules on Tissue Donation - ABC
5/25/2004: Study Says Worms May Help Bowel Disorders - ABC
5/25/2004: Mac Hole Has Users, Hackers Abuzz  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Hardware Hang-ups - ABC
5/25/2004: Open-source battle lines
  - C/Net
5/25/2004: Code breaking
  - C/Net
5/25/2004: Dreams of Longhorn  - C/Net
5/25/2004: Gates courts CEO crowd  - C/Net


5/25/2004: Statins in Aisle 7? - Business Week


5/25/2004: Olympian Mills Active Again After Disease - ABC

5/25/2004: Vt.'s Medical-Marijuana Bill to Be Law - ABC
5/25/2004: Study Examines Smoke-Free Cities - ABC

5/25/2004: Something You Ate? - ABC
5/25/2004: Video: Diarrhea: Identifying the Culprit - ABC
5/25/2004: HealthyWoman Quiz: Foodborne Illness - ABC
5/25/2004: Focus on Gastrointestinal Health - ABC
5/25/2004: Sick Iraqi Infant to Be Treated in Ohio - ABC
5/25/2004: Polished Youth - ABC
5/25/2004: Medicare May Enroll More Poor Seniors - ABC
5/25/2004: Study: Medicare Favors Private Insurers - ABC
5/25/2004: Hospital Offers Quick Down Syndrome Test - ABC
5/25/2004: Meds for Moms - ABC
5/25/2004: Video- Pregnancy and Asthma - ABC
5/25/2004: Focus on Pregnancy & Childbirth - ABC

History, Anthropology:
5/25/2004: Pa. Scientists Discover New Dinosaur - ABC
5/25/2004: Is a Moog Renaissance Nigh?  - Wired News
5/25/2004: New Dinosaur Stumps Scientists  - Wired News

5/25/2004: Global View: Ebbing Tide Of Money - SpaceDaily
5/25/2004: Panel Urges New Protection on Federal 'Data Mining'  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Wal-Mart Maps RFID Expansion Plans  - Wired News
5/25/2004: U.S., Belgian Biometric Passports Give Lie to UK ID Scheme  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Too Spoiled? - ABC
5/25/2004: Fighting, Dying Older - ABC
5/25/2004: XXXchurch Wants No More XXX  - Wired News
5/25/2004: California, Here We Come (Again)  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Are You a Potential Terrorist?  - Wired News
5/25/2004: How to Snoop on Bill Gates  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Courts Have New Set of Eyes  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Indiana Essays Being Graded by Computers  - NY Times
5/25/2004: Fight Over E-Voting Leaves Election Plans as Casualties  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Execs Seek Cybersecurity Boost  - Wired News
5/25/2004: S.Korea Indicts Samsung Exec - ABC
5/25/2004: UK Mulled Using Birds for Bio-War After WW2 - Files - ABC

5/25/2004: CDC: Teens Engage Less in Risky Behavior - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/25/2004: The Universe is Expanding at an Ever Increasing Pace... - FirstScience
5/25/2004: Chandra Observations Confirm Existence of Dark Energy...
  - Scientific American
5/25/2004: Sun Was Born in a Violent Burst, Experts Say - ABC



5/25/2004: Panel: NASA Works to Fix Shuttle Gashes - ABC
5/25/2004: NASA Loans Shuttle Columbia Pieces to Researchers
 - ABC
5/25/2004: NASA Could Be Safe ... and Sorry  - Wired News
5/25/2004: $5M Moon Rock Stolen From Malta Museum - ABC
5/25/2004: China's First Astronaut Meets Buzz Aldrin
5/25/2004: One Small Step For Plan Bush
 - SpaceDaily
5/25/2004: Beagle 2 Doomed From The Start
 - SpaceDaily
5/25/2004: Hayabusa Spacecraft Rounds Earth and Heads for Near-Earth Asteroid
 - SpaceDaily

5/25/2004: Japanese Scientists Discover Secret Of Dolphin Speed - SpaceDaily
5/25/2004: New Drill for Tomorrow's Dentists  - Wired News
5/25/2004: Lobbyists Feel the Tech Love  - Wired News


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