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  May 24, 2006

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Into the future How houses will be kitted out to cope with an ageing population  - BBC  The year is 2030. Mrs Smith, aged 98, turns to her electronic Companion to find out what medicine she should be taking. An automated voice tells her: "You should take one of your statin tablets for your cholesterol." It then says her supplies are getting low so she electronically orders more from the local pharmacist. Looking up at a screen on her dining room wall, she sees an outline of her daughter moving around at her home 150 miles away through a "virtual frosted window". Her daughter can also see her elderly mother, comforted in the knowledge that she knows she is up and about.  
Future gazing Looking forward to the latest advances on the world wide web  - BBC One of the big areas of interest is the semantic web, a project that aims to bring meaning to the millions of pages of text on the web. It is not just a philosophical concept, but a real attempt to allow computers to "understand" words rather than just displaying them. The semantic web will start to link all sorts of information - bank statements, photographs, diary appointments, retail information - and allow it to be processed automatically, to bring greater meaning. Intriguingly, this information can also be physical things, people and places, so the real world becomes part of the linked up world of the web.    

Sex bomb: How the row over .xxx could affect how the internet is run  - BBC  The decision by the the US-based non-profit body that runs the domain name system to reject proposals for .xxx could have wide-reaching repercussions for how the internet is run, writes internet law professor Michael Geist. In March 2004, ICM Registry, a US company, joined forces with a Canadian-based organization called the International Foundation for Online Responsibility, to propose the creation of a new .xxx top-level domain. The proposal maintained that .xxx would "clearly and unequivocally convey to the internet user that the site contains adult material of a sexual nature". Fifteen months later, Icann announced that it had entered into commercial and technical negotiations to establish the .xxx domain. Indeed, the prospect of a .xxx domain name extension created an immediate firestorm in the US. Those concerns grew as several groups actively opposed the new domain extension with letter writing campaigns that generated thousands of critical letters and e-mails. a divided Icann board ultimately voted nine to five against the establishment of the .xxx domain. This decision appeared to be based on political considerations with near-obvious intervention from the US government.
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5/24/2006: Synthetic biologists reject controversial guidelines - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Children with gene disorder share sperm donor dad
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Gene therapy delays inherited blindness - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Sexual ornaments grow out of all proportion - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Stem Cells - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Redesigning life: Meet the bio-hackers - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Pigeon-brained birds can think in logarithms - New Scientist

Geosciences, Environment:
5/24/2006: A fine mess! - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Al Gore: Eco matinee idol?  - Nature
5/24/2006: Atlantic hurricane season forecast high  - Nature

Games and Devices
5/24/2006: Doom 3 Like You've Never Seen
  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Apple, Nike Jump on IPod Sneakers  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Car Kit Organizes Bluetooth  - Wired News
5/24/2006: The Game Within the Game  - Wired News
5/24/2006: New Mario Is Best DS Game Ever  - Wired News
5/24/2006: The Games Nobody Lines Up to Play  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Second Life Land Deal Goes Sour
  - Wired News

Hardware and Software

5/24/2006: Pay-as-you-go PCs to launch in China and India - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Gadget Lab: Mini Means Business  - Wired News

5/24/2006: DIY Phone Club Channels PC Past
  - Wired News

5/24/2006: Future gazing Looking forward to the latest advances on the world wide web   - BBC
5/24/2006: Sex bomb: How the row over .xxx could affect how the internet is run   - BBC
5/24/2006: Web 2.0 Jocks Go the Distance  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Ninja Net Neutrality  - Wired News

5/24/2006: Microsoft Reined In Again  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Napster Recap  - Wired News

5/24/2006: Invention: hydrogen fuel balls - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Nuclear fusion plasma problem tackled - New Scientist


5/24/2006: Is hunt for 'cancer genes' a wild goose chase? - New Scientist

5/24/2006: Sleeping pills offer wake-up call to vegetative patients  - Nature
5/24/2006: WHO Probes Bird Flu Spread  - Wired News


5/24/2006: Sleeping pills offer wake-up call to vegetative patients  - Nature

5/24/2006: Into the future How houses will be kitted out to cope with an ageing population   - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/24/2006: Histories: The sweet sound of profit - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Did humans and chimps once interbreed? - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Editorial: Messy divorce for chimp and human ancestors - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Welcome to Sun City, Peru - New Scientist

5/24/2006: Colossus: The secrets of Bletchley Park's codebreaking computers edited by Jack Copeland - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Bryan Singer & the Man of Steel  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Why We Published the AT&T Docs  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Breaking News, From the Source  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Rants 'n' Raves- Sue Them  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Tales From Packaging Hell  - Wired News
5/24/2006: The Da Vinci Code's Plot Thickens  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Big Easy Music Survives Katrina  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Give Your Boss an Earful  - Wired News
5/24/2006: The Eternal Value of Privacy  - Wired News




Physical Sciences:
5/24/2006: Galactic lens reveals its inner self - New Scientist
5/24/2006: At last, a way to test time travel
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Neutrino oscillations and shortcuts in the extra dimension
 - New Scientist

Space and Astronomy:
5/24/2006: NASA's Deep Space Network under pressure - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Risk of asteroid smashing into Earth reduced
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Galileo navigation satellites hugely over budget
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Ships shed light on geomagnetic field
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2006: New look for "Newton's bucket"
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2006: Quantum gases in 3D
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2006: LEDs move into the ultraviolet
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2006: Magnetic fields go to the maximum
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2006: Change of focus for liquid crystals
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2006: The End of Small Galaxies
 - Space.com
5/24/2006: GAO Warns Deep Space Network Ill-Equipped To Meet Future Demand
 - Space.com
5/24/2006: For Boeing, Next Delta 4 Rocket Launch Carries More Than a Satellite
 - Space.com
5/24/2006: Backyard Approach Finds Extrasolar Planet
 - Space.com
5/24/2006: Voyager 2 Detects Odd Shape of Solar System's Edge
 - Space.com

5/24/2006: Gecko-like robot scampers up the wall
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Liquid vision
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: Invention blog
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: The stuff of beams: Building with light
 - New Scientist
5/24/2006: The Dead Formats Society
  - Wired News
5/24/2006: Built for Italy's Mille Miglia
  - Wired News


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