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  May 24, 2005

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Custom PowerPC drives Xbox 360 to teraflops performance  - El. Engr. Times  Microsoft Corp. shifted up from the X86 to a custom triple-core, dual-threaded PowerPC for its Xbox 360 which the company claims delivers 1 teraflop of system-level, floating-point performance. The system marks a further step in the evolution of video game consoles into powerful home entertainment servers. The Xbox 360 uses three custom 3.2 GHz PowerPC cores, each handling two threads.     
Full-size image Brazil Schools U.S. on Renewables  Renewable fuels are finally seeping into the conversation as Washington's power brokers grapple with ways to wean the United States off its dependence on foreign oil. But in Brazil, they're far beyond the talking stage: Ethanol and biodiesel are already making significant contributions to the nation's trade surplus, boosting the country's economy and reducing its reliance on foreign oil. The South American scenario provides valuable lessons in how strong political will can spark domestic energy production. Brazil generates 43.8 percent of its power from renewable energy sources, including hydro.    

Image: Battery test

Nuclear battery keeps going, and going - MSNBC ...  A new type of battery based on the radioactive decay of nuclear material is 10 times more powerful than similar prototypes and should last a decade or more without a charge, scientists announced this week. The technology is called betavoltaics. It uses a silicon wafer to capture electrons emitted by a radioactive gas, such as tritium. It is similar to the mechanics of converting sunlight into electricity in a solar panel. "We've found a way to make the interaction much more efficient, and we hope these findings will lead to a new kind of battery that can pump out energy for years."    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/24/2005: Fish on the move as North Sea hots up - New Scientist
5/24/2005: Female spiders try eating mate even before sex
 - New Scientist
5/24/2005: Mother Birds Increase Progesterone To Hatch Females - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Social Amoeba Sheds Light On Communication In Human Brain - Science Daily
5/24/2005: From The Lab: Biotech  - Technology Review 
5/24/2005: Kyoto accord signals death knell for dinosaur era fish in Canada - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: Stem-cell niches: It's the ecology, stupid! ...  - Nature
5/24/2005: New African monkey discovered  - BBC
5/24/2005: UK team clones human embryo  - BBC
5/24/2005: Dolphins offered mobile solution  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/24/2005: Will global warming impact tourism hotspots? - New Scientist
5/24/2005: New Collision Looks Imminent For B-15A Iceberg - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Deep divisions remain as countries look for global warming solution - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: Oil Spill Cleanup Trust Fund Running Out of Money ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: UK Greenpeacers Lock Down to Range Rover Assembly Line ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Only in California: Daily Earthquake Forecasts ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: If Mr Blair sincerely wants to pull Africa out of poverty and ward off global warming, he had better secure hi ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Australia Amps Up Diplomatic Pressure Against Japanese Whaling ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Global Warming Kills Species, Endangers Humans - Scientists ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Climate change pushes N-power back on the agenda ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Satellites Join Watch on Naples' Volcanoes ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: U.S. Scientists Unveil Earthquake Forecast ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Amazon destruction accelerating  - BBC
5/24/2005: Bird dilemma Scientists looks for reasons behind woodland decline  - BBC
5/24/2005: Turtle boom An endangered turtle sees its ranks swell thanks to tsunami  - BBC
5/24/2005: Request for forest carbon credits  - BBC

5/24/2005: Nintendo takes on gaming big boys - Seattle Times
5/24/2005: From Consoles to Concert Halls  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Long wait for Nintendo Revolution  - BBC
5/24/2005: Costly future Will spiralling costs of making games smother innovation?  - BBC
5/24/2005: Gizmondo gets date in the US  - BBC
5/24/2005: Call for radical rethink of games  - BBC

5/24/2005: Intel CEO: WiMAX more attractive than DSL, cable
  - El. Engr. Times
5/24/2005: The Mobile-Talkie: Can You Hear Me Now?
  - Technology Review 
5/24/2005: VOIP in Public-Safety Showdown
  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Free calls are here: The internet threatens telephone operators stuck in the past
  - BBC
5/24/2005: Handset downloads made easier
  - BBC
5/24/2005: Big Brother kick-starts mobile TV
  - BBC
5/24/2005: Nokia smartphones get N-Gaged
  - BBC



5/24/2005: Porn Valley Goes Blogging  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Google offers personalised pages  - BBC
5/24/2005: FBI makes database hacker raids  - BBC
5/24/2005: Whiff of revolution: Podcasting may be onto something, says Bill Thompson  - BBC
5/24/2005: Online stores come under attack  - BBC
5/24/2005: EU ponders movies on the web  - BBC

5/24/2005: More Than a Third of PC Software Pirated  - Wired News

5/24/2005: Nuclear battery keeps going, and going  - MSNBC ...
5/24/2005: Proposal in Congress Seeks Better Estimates of Mileage  - NY Times
5/24/2005: Wind farms 'must take root in UK'  - BBC

5/24/2005: Women With Heart Attacks Benefit From Stenting - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Combo Drug Controls Hypertension In Hard-to-treat Patients - Science Daily

5/24/2005: Chernobyl's link to thyroid cancer confirmed - New Scientist
5/24/2005: Jefferson Researcher's Results Show Promise For Metastatic Eye Melanoma - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Mayo Researchers Seek Methods To Make New Cancer Therapies Available More Quickly - Science Daily
5/24/2005: New Method Of Administering Anti-cancer Drug May Be More Effective, Safer - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Researchers Find First Gene For Inherited Testicular Cancer In Mice
5/24/2005: After Ivan As tumour diaries are published, Ivan's wife offers her thoughts  - BBC

5/24/2005: Newly Discovered 'Branding' Process Helps Immune System Cells Pick Their Fights - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Sugar Beet Virus Mutation Requires Texas Touch - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Bee Mites Suppress Bee Immunity, Open Door For Viruses And Bacteria - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Nutrition Gene Key In Regulating Immune System - Science Daily
5/24/2005: To Stop Evolution- New Way Of Fighting Antibiotic Resistance Demonstrated By Scripps Scientists - Science Daily


5/24/2005: Latest Generation Lineal Accelerator For Radiotherapy - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Over-feeding In Infancy Might Set The Stage For Childhood Obesity - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Yoga Takes A Bite Out Of Eating Disorders - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/24/2005: Histories: Apocalypse then - New Scientist

5/24/2005: Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs  - NY Times
5/24/2005: Missile Defense Still Decades Away - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: India Aims To Grab 10 Per Cent Of Global Satellite Launch Market - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: White House Says It Is Not Looking At Weaponizing Space - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: U.S. Space Assets Vital But Vulnerable - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: US Air Force seeking Bush approval to develop space weapons: report - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: Fans Orbit in Star Wars Galaxy  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Tecmo Spikes Nude Volleyball Suit  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Bands Embrace Social Networking  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Cashing In on the Register  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Brazil Covets Outsourced Jobs  - Wired News
5/24/2005: The Cryptography Guru  - Wired News
5/24/2005: Air Force Touts Space Weapons Program  - NY Times
5/24/2005: Goodbye to sci-fi errors ... - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Royal Society lazy, says Lancet  - BBC
5/24/2005: Lorry labs aim to tempt students  - BBC
5/24/2005: Half of humanity set to go urban  - BBC
5/24/2005: All action What life's like on the floor at the world's biggest games expo  - BBC

5/24/2005: Too Stressed To Think? - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Teen's Ability To Multi-task Develops Late In Adolescence - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Epilepsy By The Numbers: New Brain Monitoring Method Would Pinpoint Babies At Risk For Seizures - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Judges Think Children More Honest But Less Reliable Than Adults, Says Queen's Study - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Language Cues Provide 'Glue' For Visual Learning In Children - Science Daily
5/24/2005: Engineer's year-long brain wave  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/24/2005: Interview: A step in space-time - New Scientist
5/24/2005: Particle physicists discover new meson
 - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2005: Supersolids -- Can Atoms Unify And Flow Without Resistance?
 - Science Daily
5/24/2005: SDSS Uses 200,000 Quasars to Confirm Einstein's Prediction of Cosmic Magnification
 - Science Daily
5/24/2005: A Miniature Star on Earth
 - Popular Science
5/24/2005: Cosmic rays measured as they hit Earth ...
5/24/2005: This is the Dawning of the Age of Planet Detection ...
 - FirstScience
5/24/2005: Planet hunters lose out to Hubble rescue ...
  - Nature
5/24/2005: Top-end cosmic rays ...
  - Nature


5/24/2005: Penn Robotics Lab To Develop Robot Swarms From MARS - SpaceDaily

5/24/2005: Observing Crickets Giving Birth In Space - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: Canadian Arrow Takes A Shot
 - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: Russian Space Program For 2006-2015 Worked Out
 - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: Canadian Industry Pioneering Emerging Space Technologies
 - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: EADS pulls plug on new bigger version of Ariane rockets
 - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: NASA chief lukewarm on space station ...
5/24/2005: Space policy shift planned ...

5/24/2005: Like The Famous Doughboy, Nanotubes Give When Poked - SpaceDaily
5/24/2005: 'Virtual' Dylan brought to life  - BBC
5/24/2005: Shoe kick-starts active lifestyle  - BBC


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