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  May 24, 2004

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NASA Researchers Say Space Radiation a Top Concern for Future Manned Missions -  Before any astronauts can begin fulfilling NASA’s new vision of traveling to the moon and Mars, scientists must first develop a full understanding of how long-duration exposure to space radiation affects the body, NASA researchers said Sunday. “But it is not a showstopper,” said Walter Schimmerling, NASA program scientist for space radiation research in Washington D.C., of the radiation risk facing long-term missions. 
Super-healthy cress created  - Nature  The humble cress has never been so wholesome. UK researchers have modified the plant so that it produces health-promoting chemicals that are more commonly found in eggs and fish. The chemicals in question are polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) called omega-3 and omega-6. Both types of molecule help regulate blood pressure, modify the immune response and aid cell signalling. Omega-3 fatty acids are also thought to aid brain development, and help protect adults from heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Although the lab-grown crop is unlikely ever to be eaten, it proves that plants can be genetically tweaked to produce these fatty acids. And it paves the way for future generations of healthier vegetables and other foods. Plants like this could be consumed directly by humans, or enter the food chain after being fed to animals.    

Breast tumour

Gene 'doubles breast cancer risk'  - BBC  Scientists have identified a further gene which increases a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. Two other faulty genes, BRCA1 and BRCA 2, which increase a woman's breast cancer risk by between 50 and 80%, were identified in the mid-1990s. Women can already be tested to see if they have inherited these genes. The gene is said to carry a 'low risk' in comparison with the BRCA genes, but unlike them, CHEK2 increases risk of disease in people who do not have a family history. Scientists believe other 'low risk' genes also exist, each increasing breast cancer by a small amount.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/24/2004: Science helps turn genes into kilts... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Morning-After Pill to Be Offered in Canada
 - ABC
5/24/2004: Cicadas Respond to Their 17-Year Cue  - NY Times
5/24/2004: The turbulent life of dolphins - PhysicsWeb
5/24/2004: UK stem cell bankThe BBC's Pallab Ghosh explains why the centre was set up  - BBC
5/24/2004: UK opens pioneer stem cell bank  - BBC
5/24/2004: Want to find out what is living at the bottom of your garden?  - BBC
5/24/2004: Want To Bank Your Own Stem Cells- - Business Week
5/24/2004: Repairing the Engines of Life - Business Week
5/24/2004: Regenerative Medicine's Slow Start - Business Week
5/24/2004: ID bands may harm penguins  - Nature
5/24/2004: Wing tags hinder penguins' breeding - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
5/24/2004: Wallström talks tough on emissions... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Greenpeace: US wants to gag us...  - FirstScience
5/24/2004: The Day After Tomorrow And Abrupt Climate Change... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Prevention and recycling of waste:  EU ministers confirm life-cycle approach... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Stranded polar bears may be early warning sign of climate change... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Green groups' plea to Euro candidates...  - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Look forward to a darker world  - Nature

5/24/2004: Playstation hits 100 million mark  - BBC
5/24/2004: Made in Korea: Why game makers are going east in search of savings and ideas  - BBC
5/24/2004: Sega to be bought by arcade giant  - C/Net
5/24/2004: How to Get Gamers to Play Online  - Wired News

5/24/2004: Wi-Fi firm gets unplugged  - C/Net
5/24/2004: EarthLink hooks up to wireless broadband  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Samsung to unveil satellite TV for phones  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Cell switch rules go nationwide May 24  - CNN

5/24/2004: AMD ships new 64-bit Opteron microprocessors - Silicon Strategies
5/24/2004: UMC claims 30% drive gain from turning 45-nm silicon - Silicon Strategies

5/24/2004: Is spyware slowing down your PC?  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Cooperative project reports new top prime number  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Epson demonstrates 40-inch OLED display  - El. Engr. Times
5/24/2004: Mac SE Alive and Kicking on Web  - Wired News

5/24/2004: The Lure of Online Overseas Casinos  - NY Times
5/24/2004: Police 'need more e-crime skills'  - BBC
5/24/2004: Funds sought to aid virus writer  - BBC
5/24/2004: Yahoo sets up standard to combat spam  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Google tests waters with terabyte e-mail limit  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Embracing the Art of Hacking  - Wired News

5/24/2004: Mac OS X vulnerable to one-two combo attack  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Red Hat releases new hobbyist Linux  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Apple to slow pace of Mac OS X tweaks  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Fresh rivals take on Microsoft Office Goliath  - C/Net
5/24/2004: AMD: Barely an Underdog? - Business Week
5/24/2004: Cloud over Apple harvest  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Google moves toward clash with Microsoft  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Apple seeks patent for see-through windows  - C/Net
5/24/2004: Via processor upgrade targets 'digital home'  - El. Engr. Times
5/24/2004: Sharman Presses for Evidence  - Wired News

5/24/2004: Forbes First Drive: The First American Hybrid  - Wired News
5/24/2004: Dig More Coal, The Hybrids Are Coming  - Wired News
5/24/2004: Electric Chic  - Wired News
5/24/2004: Saving Gas At Red Lights  - Wired News
5/24/2004: Pump Busters 2004: Fuel Efficient Cars  - Wired News


5/24/2004: Gene 'doubles breast cancer risk'   - BBC
5/24/2004: High hopes for blood cancer drug  - BBC

5/24/2004: U.S. Accelerates HIV Drug Approval  - Wired News
5/24/2004: WHO Calls China SARS Outbreak Contained - ABC
5/24/2004: Global polio eradication back on track - New Scientist


5/24/2004: Super-healthy cress created  - Nature.
5/24/2004: Diet Device Makes You Take Smaller Bites - ABC
5/24/2004: Advocates Fear Obesity Strategy Blockage - ABC
5/24/2004: Group Asks FDA to Ban Vegetable Oil Use - ABC
5/24/2004: The Drinking Man's Diet - ABC
5/24/2004: GMA: Diet Tips for Low Fat, Low Carb - ABC
5/24/2004: Transplant drug aids Huntington's  - BBC
5/24/2004: Trans-fats come under fire  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
5/24/2004: Disaster may have killed ancients - ABC

5/24/2004: American Idol Outrage: Your Vote Doesn't Count  - Wired News
5/24/2004: Computer Nerd Morphs Into Security Ace  - Wired News
5/24/2004: Bush's site neck and neck with Kerry's in traffic race  - C/Net
5/24/2004: For Adults Onl? - ABC
5/24/2004: Poll suggests ID card backlash  - BBC
5/24/2004: For better or worse: Campaigners worry that "cyber brides" are vulnerable to abuse  - BBC
5/24/2004: 'Digital' bin Laden residence nominated for award  - CNN
5/24/2004: Does election fallout bode ill for India tech?  - C/Net
5/24/2004: How Engineers Can Fight Back  - Technology Review 

5/24/2004: Autism Link With Vaccine Is Disputed - ABC
5/24/2004: Photo opportunityPhotography exhibition raises funds for mental illness  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/24/2004: Galaxy cluster X-rays confirm dark energy - New Scientist
5/24/2004: By X-Raying Galaxies, Researchers Offer New Evidence of Rapidly Expanding Universe
  - NY Times
5/24/2004: Universe given mid-life booster
  - BBC
5/24/2004: Researchers confirm theory that universe in rapid expansion - SpaceDaily



5/24/2004: NASA Researchers Say Space Radiation a Top Concern for Future Manned Missions -
5/24/2004: Seeking direction in space...
 - FirstScience
5/24/2004: fSONA CSO Assists NASA with Mars Laser Communications... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Venus Transit on June 8... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: Scientists look to Saturn moon in search for life... - FirstScience
5/24/2004: NASA Lab Processes, Stores Meteorites - ABC
5/24/2004: Utah microbes point to Mars  - BBC
5/24/2004: CSXT Rocket Team Claims Success With Desert Launch -
5/24/2004: Martian mirrorHunting microbes on Earth that live in alien environments  - BBC
5/24/2004: Cosmic Log: Putting a star in orbit - MSNBC
5/24/2004: NASA Lab Processes, Stores Meteorites -
5/24/2004: China's First Astronaut to Take Low-Key Tour of United States -

5/24/2004: Hi-tech shopping: Intelligent scales and smart shelves in the fight for customers  - BBC
5/24/2004: A Wing and a Prayer - ABC
5/24/2004: Smart glasses detect eye contact - New Scientist
5/24/2004: Electricity Turns Plastic Green  - Technology Review 
5/24/2004: New Drill for Tomorrow's Dentists  - Wired News


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