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  May 23, 2004

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Paul Moller in the levitating car Stuff of the future: Invisibility cloaks, flying cars - not fantasy but reality  The levitating Skycar is the brainchild of Paul Moller, who has spent $200 million trying to get his invention airborne. The car needs 35 feet to take off, but thanks to its 770hp engine can climb at 6,400 feet a minute and reach speeds of 365mph. But would-be customers will need a chunk of change to hit the skyway. The initial cost is estimated to be about $500,000 - but with fuel consumption of 20 miles to the gallon, it's almost eco-friendly compared to gas-guzzling four-wheel drives. 
Statins may curb multiple sclerosis  - Nature  Cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins may help to treat multiple sclerosis, a human study suggests. In the first trial of its kind, Inderjit Singh from the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, and colleagues tested the therapy on human patients. Thirty patients took the drug simvastatin each day. Six months later, the number and size of lesions within their brains had decreased by around 40%, the team report in the Lancet1. It is not clear if the drug also eased the symptoms of MS, which commonly include fatigue, tremor and paralysis, as the study was not designed to assess this.

Evidence Of Meteor Impact Found Off Australian Coast - SpaceDaily  Most scientists agree a meteor impact, called Chicxulub, in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, accompanied the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But until now, the time of the Great Dying 250 million years ago, when 90 percent of marine and 80 percent of land life perished, lacked evidence and a location for a similar impact event. Becker and her team found extensive evidence of a 125-mile- wide crater, called Bedout, off the northwestern coast of Australia. They found clues matched up with the Great Dyingwhen the Earth was configured as one primary land mass called Pangea and a super ocean called Panthalassa. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/23/2004: Study Links Diabetes and Alzheimer's - ABC
5/23/2004: When Alzheimer's Steals the Mind, How Aggressively to Treat the Body?
  - NY Times

5/23/2004: Biotech foods endorsed by U.N. agency - MSNBC
5/23/2004: Unpopular in the Animal Kingdom: Try Borrowing Another Cologne
  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Frogs and Fish: Not the Best of Friends  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Study Examines Future Of Species Extinction, Conservation - Science Daily
5/23/2004: NIH Launches Study Of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation For Severe, Treatment-Resistant Lupus - Science Daily
5/23/2004: NASA, Stanford Form Space Biological Research Partnership - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: The Cell Hijackers - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
5/23/2004: New fish species found in ocean 'Eden' - MSNBC
5/23/2004: Pollution Alters DNA in Mice, Study Finds  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Erupting Volcano Casts Shadow On Russian Peninsula - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Campaign Launched To Eliminate 12 Hazardous Chemicals - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Scientist Says He Knows Why Earth Wobbles -


5/23/2004: Wi-Fi networks can be jammed from PDAs - New Scientist
5/23/2004: Hi-flying Wi-Fi debuts on transatlantic flight - New Scientist
5/23/2004: Paul Allen resurfaces in cable waters - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Study Cites Growing Reach Of Wi-Fi - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: Camera Phones Link World to Web  - Wired News


5/23/2004: U.S. Display Technology Leaders and Government Officials Converge in Arizona to Unveil Roadmap for Bringing Flexible Displays to Fruition  - El. Engr. Times
5/23/2004: Seiko Epson develops world's first 40-inch organic EL display - SpaceDaily

5/23/2004: Just How Different Is Google? - Business Week
5/23/2004: L.L. Bean sues over pop-up ads - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Online Grocery Shopping, Take Two  - Wired News


5/23/2004: Cattle brains may be turned into biofuels, says USDA - New Scientist
5/23/2004: Oil squeeze has experts looking for answers - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: OPEC feels pressure as U.S. gas hits $2 a gallon - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Solar Crystals get 2-for-1 - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: Don't Flush Brains Down the Drain  - Wired News

5/23/2004: Public Citizen Seeks Cholesterol Drug Ban - ABC
5/23/2004: Microwaves could be new treatment for abnormal heartbeat - New Scientist

5/23/2004: Drinking soda linked to gullet cancer rise - New Scientist
5/23/2004: Drug stops tumours rebuilding lifelines  - Nature
5/23/2004: A New Way To Kill Cancer: SLU Research Shows Viruses Can Destroy Lung, Colon Tumors - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Scientists Confirm New Breast Cancer Gene - Science Daily

5/23/2004: African Nations Step Up Polio Battle - ABC
5/23/2004: US accelerates HIV drug approval - New Scientist
5/23/2004: Polio defence plan back on track  - Nature
5/23/2004: Revival of an Old Cure: Bacteria-Eating Viruses  - NY Times
5/23/2004: The Doctor's World: SARS's Second Act, Playing in Laboratories  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Hazards: How to Duck Swimmer's Itch  - NY Times

5/23/2004: Statins may curb multiple sclerosis  - Nature 
5/23/2004: NIH Launches Study Of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation For Severe, Treatment-Resistant Lupus - Science Daily

5/23/2004: Woman Warns Against Anesthesia Awareness - ABC
5/23/2004: When to Quit Medical Tests Remains Murky - ABC
5/23/2004: Coffee: A Good Brew Gets Better - ABC
5/23/2004: Longest scientific study yet backs Atkins diet - New Scientist
5/23/2004: A Dietary Mineral You Need (and Probably Didn't Know It)  - NY Times
5/23/2004: A Tale of Two Medicines: How to Mend a Thumb in Belize and New York  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Labs-on-a-chip To Detect Milk Contamination - Science Daily
5/23/2004: New Molecule May Be Basis For Drugs That Battle Overeating And Drug Dependency - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Research In Monkeys Suggests Estrogen Therapy May Lower Androgens In Postmenopausal Women - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Investigational Drug May Provide New Option For Preventing Transplant Organ Rejection - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Low-carb Diet More Effective Than Low-fat Diet, According To New Study - Science Daily
5/23/2004: High Tech Has Dentists Smiling  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
5/23/2004: Evidence Of Meteor Impact Found Off Australian Coast - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: Early man had mining in mind  - Nature

5/23/2004: RFID: The tags that would not die  - C/Net
5/23/2004: EU to counter Echelon with quantum cryptography? - New Scientist
5/23/2004: NYC: A Planetoid Colliding With Critics  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Morning Light: Creatures Stir, and Once Again the Universe Takes Flight  - NY Times
5/23/2004: For Sniffing Out Land Mines, a Platoon of Twitching Noses  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Graphic The Lightweight Contender  - NY Times
5/23/2004: When Retirement Leaves an Emptiness, Some Fill It With Alcohol  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Help for Older People With Alcohol Problems  - NY Times
5/23/2004: Forum- Discuss Drinking and Retirement  - NY Times
5/23/2004: From Ancient Greece to Iraq, the Power of Words in Wartime  - NY Times
5/23/2004: New Screening Method Turns Up Potential Compound For Treating Anthrax - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Tapes reveal Enron misdeeds, PUD says - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Offshoring of U.S. jobs is increasing, researchers say - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: SEC imposes $25 million Lucent fine - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Tyco lawyer: Belnick not only exec to get loan - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Concealing Adelphia's woes was a 'relief,' ex-VP testifies - Seattle Times
5/23/2004: Wanted: Heroes to Rescue City  - Wired News
5/23/2004: U.S. Passports to Get ID Chips  - Wired News
5/23/2004: High Gas Prices Are Here to Stay  - Wired News

5/23/2004: Brain  development movie  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
5/23/2004: Sizing up the Universe  - Nature
5/23/2004: Rocks From High Heaven
 - SpaceDaily



5/23/2004: ESA commissions super spacesuit - New Scientist
5/23/2004: China cancels moon plans to focus on space station
 - New Scientist
5/23/2004: Researchers Take Fruitful Look at Space Radiation Hazards to Brain -
5/23/2004: China's first astronaut to meet UN chief - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: China to launch permanent manned space station within 15 years - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: Space Exploration Alliance Plans 'Moon-Mars Blitz' On Capitol Hill - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: EESC Adopts Opinion On Space White Paper - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: AeroAstro To Develop Innovative Aerobrake Deorbiting System - SpaceDaily

5/23/2004: Stuff of the future: Invisibility cloaks, flying cars - not fantasy but reality
5/23/2004: Language lags behind nanotech - MSNBC
5/23/2004: Scientists Discover Secret Of Dolphin Speed: How Dolphins Evolved To Fly Like Birds Under Water - Science Daily
5/23/2004: NASA Partnership Produces Technology Breakthrough That Allows On-the-spot Chemical Analysis - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Chatty Washer Cleans Up Access To High-tech Appliances - Science Daily
5/23/2004: Hypersonics Research Speeds Up - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: StarTiger To Roar In Finland
 - SpaceDaily
5/23/2004: Teen Techies Engineer the Future
  - Wired News
5/23/2004: Big Flap Over Future Flight
  - Wired News
5/23/2004: Switching Threat Yields New Features
  - Wired News


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