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  May 22, 2005

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SpaceDev Dream Chaser Human Space Transport System Designed  - BBC  SpaceDev has nearly completed a small, NASA funded preliminary study that defines a safe, affordable launch system for transportation of six passengers between Earth and low earth orbits. The launch system propulsion modules would be scaled-up versions of SpaceDev's non-explosive hybrid rocket motors. SpaceDev's proprietary hybrid rocket motor technology successfully powered SpaceShipOne on its history making flights to space. The SpaceDev Dream Chaser space transportation system would be based on a combination of existing and proven technologies and designs. "By combining existing technologies and designs in a unique and innovative manner, we believe we can reduce cost, risk and time to market for commercially viable human space transport."  
After Decades Of Global Dimming, Sunlight On Earth's Surface Increases  - BBC  ETH scientists show that sunlight at the earth surface - after decades of decrease ("global dimming") - has recovered since the mid 1990s. This significantly affects Earth's climate. This trend reversal is reconcilable with changes in cloudiness and air pollution. Whereas the solar dimming could have partially counterbalanced the increasing greenhouse effect prior to the 1980s, this masking of the greenhouse effect and related impacts may have no longer been effective thereafter, enabling the greenhouse signals to become more evident during the 1990s.     

The New Colonial Space Movement  - BBC  India - possibly the most underrated spacefaring nation of all - best epitomizes this new international space race. Most of the recent publicity about India's space effort has centered on its plan to launch an unmanned probe to the moon by 2007. If successful, Chandrayan-1 would make India a member of a very select club - which includes the United States, Russia, and Japan - as the only nations able to send a spacecraft to another planet. The European Space Agency also has flown planetary missions, but only as a consortium of 16 nations. What hasn't been noted much is the long-term stability and steady growth of India's program.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/22/2005: Genentech's Winning Formula - Business Week
5/22/2005: Cosmic Log: A gene's family tree
5/22/2005: Porcupine DNA answers prickly question - MSNBC
5/22/2005: Dicey play for DNA  - Nature
5/22/2005: By Creating Molecular 'Bridge,' Scientists Change Function Of A Protein- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Tiny Toads Fitted With Backpacks- Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/22/2005: After Decades Of Global Dimming, Sunlight On Earth's Surface Increases   - BBC
5/22/2005: Millions learn to live with volcano risk - MSNBC
5/22/2005: A Hope For Oil Spill Bioremediation- Science Daily

5/22/2005: Photos: Nintendo's box - C/Net
5/22/2005: Photos: PlayStation 3 - C/Net
5/22/2005: Media Center and Xbox 360 joined at the hip - C/Net
5/22/2005: The story behind the new Xbox design
5/22/2005: Playstation 3 v. Xbox 360: The Secret to Success
5/22/2005: Nintendo Revolution No Taller Than Three DVD Cases
5/22/2005: Real dollars for unreal items
- C/Net
5/22/2005: Gamer buys $26,500 virtual land
  - BBC
5/22/2005: Praise the Lord and pass the PlayStation
  - C/Net
5/22/2005: PlayStation 3 unmasked
  - C/Net
5/22/2005: School days for gamers
  - C/Net
5/22/2005: New Game Boy coming this year
  - CNN
5/22/2005: Nintendo kicks off the Revolution
  - CNN
5/22/2005: Sony unveils PlayStation 3
  - CNN
5/22/2005: Xbox 360 makes its debut
  - CNN
5/22/2005: Playstation 3 doubles Xbox 360 performance
  - El. Engr. Times

5/22/2005: Taking On the Wireless Goliaths
 - Business Week
5/22/2005: Cell phones pitch in
- C/Net
5/22/2005: A rural health hazard?
- C/Net
5/22/2005: Government says Wi-Fi networks not secure
  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Cell phones can now get Amber Alerts
  - CNN

5/22/2005: Intel fleshes out new platform for desktop PCs  - C/Net


5/22/2005: IE 7 to take a cue from Firefox - C/Net
5/22/2005: Firefox users monkey with the Web - C/Net
5/22/2005: New Technology Is the Big Challenge for Madison Avenue's Executives  - NY Times
5/22/2005: 3D for three Ws?  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Achtung! Spam  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Quote of the day: Not just kicking the tires on 3D  - C/Net
5/22/2005: EBay: Reverse auction feature a hit

5/22/2005: Experts: Spam a new propaganda tool

5/22/2005: Search and rescue  - C/Net

5/22/2005: Global Wind Map May Provide Better Locations For Wind Farms- Science Daily


5/22/2005: Those At High-risk For Skin Cancer Burnt By Own Behaviour- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Whole-body MRI Takes Less Than 20 Min To Scan A Patient's Entire Body For Cancer Spread To Bone- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Exercise Reduces Risk Of Recurrence And Death In Early Stage Colon Cancer Patients- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Mayo Clinic Researchers Develop New Treatment For Incurable Recurring Form Of Adult Brain Cancer- Science Daily


5/22/2005: Precise Timing Enabled Pig-to-rat Transplants To Cure Diabetes- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Once-a-month Naltrexone Successfully Used To Treat Alcohol Dependence- Science Daily

5/22/2005: Ultrasound Images Transmitted Over Phone Allow Real-time Diagnosis Of Patients In Poorer Countries- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Engineers Improve Plastic's Potential For Use In Implants By Linking It To Biological Material- Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/22/2005: Stegosaur Plates And Spikes For Looks Only, Researchers Say- Science Daily

5/22/2005: Chasing voters: Why e-democracy must go hand in hand with e-voting  - BBC
5/22/2005: Web Ads: A New Kind of Car Chase - Business Week
5/22/2005: Gadgets go underwater for scuba attempt  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Boeing to offer live in-flight TV feeds  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Tech alarmism in spades  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Next-gen meetings  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Small business IT- It's what you make of it  - C/Net
5/22/2005: The power of design  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Government urged to upgrade airport fingerprinting system  - C/Net
5/22/2005: Bill Gates on building better high schools  - CNN
5/22/2005: Fingerprinting Study Sets Off Alarm Bells- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Pressure On Football Referees Is Greater If There's No Running Track- Science Daily

5/22/2005: Researchers Closing In On The Genetic Structure Of Autism And Related Disorders- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Genetic Factors Partly Influence Differences In Language Development- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Portable Tech/​Emory Device Checks For Concussions- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Study Finds Maternal Exposure To Parasitic Infection May Increase Risk Of Schizophrenia In Offspring- Science Daily
5/22/2005: Too Much Knowledge Can Be Bad For Some Types Of Memory, Study Finds- Science Daily
5/22/2005: The Dark Side Of Adolescent Popularity- Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/22/2005: Physicists tackle polluted rivers - PhysicsWeb



5/22/2005: The New Colonial Space Movement   - BBC
SpaceDev Dream Chaser Human Space Transport System Designed   - BBC
5/22/2005: Floating In Weightlessness -- On Earth- Science Daily

5/22/2005: Toyota will build hybrid Camry in Kentucky - Business Week
5/22/2005: Solar plane stays aloft for 24 hours  - CNN
5/22/2005: New technique can create huge diamonds - MSNBC
5/22/2005: Very Large Diamonds Produced Very Fast- Science Daily


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