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  May 22, 2004

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Bringing Mars Back Home - SpaceDaily  I think there is a lot that we must do before we ultimately go to Mars. The main interest in going to Mars is the possibility that life may have started there, and there may still be extant life there on the planet. The reason for that hinges on the story of water on Mars. In 1971, the Mariner 9 mission returned pictures, and we were astonished to see evidence of large floods, of erosion by dry river valleys all over the planet. And the reason we were so surprised is, at that time, we knew that conditions on Mars were very harsh that it was too cold for liquid water to be there, much, much too cold. Something had to have happened in the past, we thought, that had changed, and the planet had evolved from an Earth-like place to the dry, cold desert that we know today.  
US Nuclear Strategy Hits Congress - SpaceDaily Left:  We don't want big ones anymore, we want little ones instead.  The war on terror has largely kept the spotlight off efforts to expand U.S. nuclear weapons capabilities, but elements of the Bush administration's proposed 2005 budget currently before Congress include controversial measures toward that goal. "Nuclear weapons will remain a critical element in U.S. national security," U.S. National Nuclear Security Administrator Linton Brooks said Tuesday at the conservative Heritage Foundation. The Bush administration has operated under that premise, working to expand research on new kinds of nuclear bombs. 

Sharing Secrets Via Teleportation - SpaceDaily  ANU researchers in Canberra have announced that they are the first in the world to demonstrate the sharing of secrets via teleportation using quantum physics. The research has potential to significantly enhance the security of computer systems around the world. The researchers used crystals, lenses and mirrors to produce a pair of 'entangled' laser beams that are then used to carry fragile information in the form of quantum states. These quantum states cannot be measured or copied, making eavesdropping impossible. The transmission of the light beams constitutes a secret communication scheme with guaranteed security.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/22/2004: Diabetes 'linked to Alzheimer's'  - BBC
5/22/2004: Can chips cure Alzheimer's?
  - C/Net

5/22/2004: US government just says no to stem cells - New Scientist
5/22/2004: Bush Letter Sees Promise of Stem Cells
  - NY Times
5/22/2004: Cicadas Crawling Above Ground to Mate  - NY Times
5/22/2004: Mother Lode Of Jaguars Discovered In Bolivia Park - Science Daily
5/22/2004: UK Scientist Fears Genetic Bias  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Gov't Just Says No to Stem Cells  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Gene revolution 'could help poor'  - BBC
5/22/2004: 'Medicinal' GM crops produced  - BBC
5/22/2004: Fears over horse breed's future  - BBC
5/22/2004: U.N. Food Agency Backs Biotech Crops - ABC
5/22/2004: Israelis Mate Vultures With Broken Wings - ABC

Climate, Environment:
5/22/2004: Solar wind to shield Earth during pole flip - New Scientist
5/22/2004: Whales, seals and fishermen rarely take same prey - New Scientist
5/22/2004: UN chemical blacklist from May 17 said too short - New Scientist
5/22/2004: Increasing Ozone Over The Atlantic Ocean - Science Daily
5/22/2004: Pollution link to cot deaths... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Gondoliers cut boats, blame global warming... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Coral reef damage shocks researchers... - ABC
5/22/2004: Inuit cheer worldwide ban on pollutants... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Marine Fisheries Service Faces Pacific Right Whale Suit... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Going for green: How Olympic bid cities must show their eco-credentials  - BBC
5/22/2004: Scientist Says He Knows Why Earth Wobbles - ABC

5/22/2004: Disc-publishing system's encore earns applause - Seattle Times
5/22/2004: How to Promote a Game With Flare  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Game Makers to Try Pay-as-You-Go Model - L. A. Times

5/22/2004: Cell Fanatics at the Ballpark  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Danger to bring Yahoo Messenger to handhelds  - C/Net
5/22/2004: Manager on Calls - ABC
5/22/2004: Camera Phones Change Daily Life - ABC

5/22/2004: ARM takes multiprocessor to market - Silicon Strategies

5/22/2004: The Superwoman of Supercomputers - Business Week
5/22/2004: ScanSoft updates voice software  - C/Net

5/22/2004: A Tightwad's Guide to Ad Blockers  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Point, click and swap:-digital photos go P2P  - C/Net
5/22/2004: Yahoo boosts free e-mail storage to 100MB  - C/Net
5/22/2004: Web site aims to spread storytelling skills - Washington Post

5/22/2004: OS X Makes Slow Debut on PC  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Microsoft Focuses on Research  - Wired News
5/22/2004: New Spin on the Music Business  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Protecting information  - C/Net
5/22/2004: Red Hat adds legal firepower  - C/Net
5/22/2004: Microsoft wins delay in Eolas appeal  - C/Net

5/22/2004: Proposal for Nuclear Waste Train Splits a Tiny Nevada Town  - NY Times
5/22/2004: Law on renewable energy to be discussed... - FirstScience

5/22/2004: Microwaves used in heart therapy  - BBC

5/22/2004: Scientists confirm new breast cancer gene... - FirstScience

5/22/2004: U.N. Bodies Welcome U.S. AIDS Guidelines - ABC

5/22/2004: Passive smoking kills one bar worker a week - New Scientist
5/22/2004: Tobacco Research Center Study Suggests First Exposure To Nicotine May Change Adolescents' Brain And Behavior - Science Daily
5/22/2004: NZ Scientists discover genetic variations link to diabetes... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Dirty homes 'won't stop allergies'  - BBC
5/22/2004: Can Diabetes Cause Vision Loss? - ABC
5/22/2004: Video: Type 2 Diabetes - ABC
5/22/2004: Monitoring Blood Sugar at Home
 - ABC

5/22/2004: Computer System Makes 'Chain' Of Health Care Stronger, Safer - Science Daily
5/22/2004: University Of Pittsburgh Approach Has Lung Recipients Taking Far Fewer Drugs - Science Daily
5/22/2004: The World's Hottest Computer Lab  - Technology Review 
5/22/2004: Gene discovered for Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a disabling genetic disease... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Obesity warnings may be working  - BBC
5/22/2004: Fat Fight Winne?- - ABC

History, Anthropology:
5/22/2004: Guidelines for reburial of old Christian bones - New Scientist
5/22/2004: Rome: First a Game, Now on TV  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Asteroid May Have Caused Massive Extinction Wave... - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Geological time gets a new period  - BBC

5/22/2004: US Nuclear Strategy Hits Congress - SpaceDaily
5/22/2004: Sharing Secrets Via Teleportation - SpaceDaily
5/22/2004: Elections bring uncertainty for India's tech sector  - El. Engr. Times
5/22/2004: Army plans battle biomonitors.  - Nature
5/22/2004: Science Fairs Are Turning to U.S. Security  - NY Times
5/22/2004: Offspring of Krakatoa Draws Tourists  - NY Times
5/22/2004: Savvy Gen Y isn't buying traditional sales pitches - Seattle Times
5/22/2004: Engineering programs drafting women students - Seattle Times
5/22/2004: Digital Age reveals war's brutal details - Seattle Times
5/22/2004: Shoppers cruise store aisles via video phone - Seattle Times
5/22/2004: Myhrvold fans inventive spark - Seattle Times
5/22/2004: Getting Naked for Big Brother  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Data Scant for Watchlist Usage  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Did Rumsfeld OK Prison Tactics?  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Feds End Diploma-Mill Acceptance  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Tag Talk Delay for RFID Chips in EU  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Privacy Jam on California Highway  - Wired News
5/22/2004: Hi-tech art takes a virtual reality tour of London's darker side  - BBC
5/22/2004: Aftershocks of India's election  - C/Net
5/22/2004: House requests e-vote probe  - C/Net
5/22/2004: Fraud in online job listings  - NY Times
5/22/2004: The recovery and offshoring  - C/Net
5/22/2004: PayPatsy - ABC
5/22/2004: Abusive Advertising? - ABC

5/22/2004: Placebos effect revealed in calmed brain cells - New Scientist
5/22/2004: Brain scans give clue to why teenagers are so unreasonable  - BBC
5/22/2004: The recovery and offshoring  - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:
5/22/2004: Putting on the Pounds: Huge Star Can't Stop Eating -
5/22/2004: Why Bother Moving an Asteroid?...
 - FirstScience


5/22/2004: Asimo Shakes His Robotic Rump  - Wired News

5/22/2004: Collaborative Efforts Aimed At Inexpensive Launch Technologies - SpaceDaily
5/22/2004: NASA May Need to Consider Alternative Plans on Shuttle
  - NY Times
5/22/2004: NASA to Launch Robot Aircraft Program
  - NY Times
5/22/2004: Mars Rover Inspects Stone Ejected From Crater
 - Science Daily
5/22/2004: $5M Moon Rock Stolen From Malta Museum
5/22/2004: Satellite Spotting: See Dramatic Iridium Flares Now
5/22/2004: Moon and Venus Dance, Cross Paths Friday
5/22/2004: NASA Faces `Enormous Challenges' Before Shuttle Flights Resume
 - -
5/22/2004: Data From Recent Test Flight of Private Spacecraft Released
5/22/2004: China's First Astronaut Visits U.N., Presents Flag to Kofi Annan
5/22/2004: Hubble, bubble, gossip, trouble ...
 - FirstScience
5/22/2004: China's first astronaut meets his US counterparts at Capitol Hill ...
 - FirstScience
5/22/2004: Space buffs bring treasures in ...
 - FirstScience

5/22/2004: Microchannel Folds Fluids  - Technology Review 
5/22/2004: Hy-Wire Driving Is a Gas  - Wired News


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