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  May 21, 2006

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The new incredibles: Enhanced humans The new incredibles: Enhanced humans - New Scientist  They're here and walking among us: people with technologically enhanced senses, superhuman bodies and artificially sharpened minds. The first humans to reach a happy, healthy 150th birthday may already have been born.  IT IS 2050, and Peter Schwartz is deciding what to do with the rest of his life. He has already had two successful careers and he wants another one before he dies, which he expects to happen in around 50 years. By then he'll be about 150, which isn't bad for a baby boomer, but he expects his son, now 60, to live a lot longer than that.      
Men Pay the Ultimate Price to Attract Women - Live Science  While it is tough to be a woman, being a man can be downright deadly. Women live longer than men. And now scientists suggest a simple Darwinian reason: Competing for a mate can wear a guy out or get him killed. Now, if you buy all this logic, here's the critical part: To impress women, men remain prone to risky behavior, just as they have been for millennia and just as other male animals are.    

The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room In The World - Science Daily  Left: Jared Knutzon, an Iowa State University graduate student in human computer interaction, demonstrates how Iowa State's C6 virtual reality room can control the military's unmanned aerial vehicles. (Credit: Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center)  More than $4 million in equipment upgrades will shine 100 million pixels on Iowa State University’s six-sided virtual reality room. That’s twice the number of pixels lighting up any virtual reality room in the world and 16 times the pixels now projected on Iowa State’s C6, a 10-foot by 10-foot virtual reality room that surrounds users with computer-generated 3-D images. That means the C6 will produce virtual reality at the world’s highest resolution. Iowa State’s C6 opened in June 2000 as the country’s first six-sided virtual reality room designed to immerse users in images and sound. The graphics and projection technology that made such immersion possible hasn’t been updated since the C6 opened. The new equipment – a Hewlett-Packard computer featuring 96 graphics processing units, 24 Sony digital projectors, an eight-channel audio system and ultrasonic motion tracking technology – will be installed by Fakespace Systems Inc. of Marshalltown. The project is DoD supported.  
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5/21/2006: Massive Duplication Of Genes May Solve Darwin's 'Abominable Mystery' About Flowering Plants - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Precision Biochemistry Tracks DNA Damage In Fish
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Surveys Of Larval-stage Organisms Suggest Marine Biodiversity Is Greatly Underestimated - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Rays And Mild Climate Deadly For Frogs - Science Daily
5/21/2006: The Molecular Post Office Inside the Cell - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Plants Tell Caterpillars When It's Safe To Forage - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Neutrons Used To Study Hydrogen Transfer In Biological Systems - Science Daily
5/21/2006: How Did Cactuses Evolve? - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Study Shows Frogs Can Play Key Role In Stem Cell Research - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Wasps Queue For Top Job - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Unexpected Results Of Biopsies Performed On Women With Fertility Problems May Hold Hope For Those Trying To Conceive - Science Daily
5/21/2006: 'Bubble Bassets' Cured Of Genetic Disorder By In-vivo Gene Therapy - Science Daily Technique
5/21/2006: World's First Cloned Equine Athletes Training For Races - Science Daily
5/21/2006: New Study Reveals Signaling Pathways Required For Expansion Of Pancreas Stem Cells - Science Daily

Geosciences, Environment:
5/21/2006: Fabled Equatorial African Icecaps To Disappear - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Global Warming May Have Damaged Coral Reefs Forever - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Exxon Valdez Oil Found In Tidal Feeding Grounds Of Ducks, Sea Otters - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Coral Reef Reveals History Of Fickle Weather In The Central Pacific - Science Daily
5/21/2006: And The Mountain Moved- Scientists Study How Heart Mountain Shifted - Science Daily

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5/21/2006: Scientist Revs Up The Power Of Microbial Fuel Cells In Unexpected Ways - Science Daily

4/16/2005:Statins Prove Life-saving In Patients With Acute Coronary Syndromes - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Acetaminophen Safe To Use After Heart Attack But Doesn't Protect The Heart - Science Daily
5/21/2006: New Compound Reduces Stroke Damage - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Long Airplane Flight Does Not Appear To Increase Risk Of Blood Clots - Science Daily

5/21/2006: Studies Shed New Light On Why Exercise Can Protect Against Skin And Bowel Cancers - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Researcher Develops First Animal Model To Treat Devasting Head And Neck Cancers - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Gene Involved In Cancer Required By The Immune System - Science Daily
5/21/2006: New Compound Unusually Potent At Blocking Brain Cancer Growth - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Study Sheds Light On Cancer Susceptibility And Disease Involving Bone-marrow Failure - Science Daily
5/21/2006: New Treatment For Specific Type Of Leukemia - Science Daily
5/21/2006: New Molecule Inhibits Proliferation Of Broad Range Of Lethal Cancer Cells
 - Science Daily

5/21/2006: Infants Or Adults? NIH Ethicists Argue For New Bird Flu Priorities - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Electronic Tagging Of Cattle To Prevent Disease Outbreaks Tested - Science Daily

5/21/2006: Over 80 Million Americans Risking Early Death Through Smoking Or Obesity - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Exercise During Dialysis Enhances Results And Overall Physical Performance - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Can Probiotics Prevent Asthma In Children? - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Inhaled Steroids Help Young Children Breathe But Do Not Prevent Chronic Asthma - Science Daily

5/21/2006: Most Sexual Assaults Drug Facilitated, Study Claims - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Obesity Triples The Risk Of Chronic Kidney Failure - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Off-label Prescribing Common, Often Not Backed By Data - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Study Suggests Tension Headache May Actually Be Temporomandibular Jaw Disease - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Hysterectomy Type Makes Little Difference In Later Sexual Function - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Factor Spurs Regeneration In The Optic Nerve - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Fast Pharmacy Access To The Morning-after Pill Could Prevent 10 Percent More Unwanted Pregnancies - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Neural Stem Cell Gene Plays Crucial Role In Eye Development - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Researchers Closer To Finding A Genetic Cause Of Hearing Loss In Aging
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Promising Cell Protein May Play Role In Infection And Dry Eye
 - Science Daily

5/21/2006: For Elderly, Extra Pounds May Lower Mortality Rates - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/21/2006: Small Molecule Interactions Were Central To The Origin Of Life - Science Daily

5/21/2006: The new incredibles: Enhanced humans - New Scientist


5/21/2006: Damage From Oxygen May Be One Cause Of Parkinson's Disease
 - Science Daily

5/21/2006: Research Uncovers Signaling Pathways Related To Brain-immune System Links
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Study Of Tiny Worms On Micro-Sized Chips Sheds Light On How Memories Are Formed In The Brain - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Tropical Depression: Hurricane Linked To Long-term Mental Distress - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Flick Of Whiskers Helps Tease Out Brain's 'Shadow' Signaling System - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Mild Maternal Stress May Actually Help Children Mature - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Length Of Deprivation In Infants Affects Intellectual Development For Years - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Study Of Hand-brain Function Offers Insight Into Recovery For Stroke Survivors
 - Science Daily

Physical Sciences:
5/21/2006: Penn State Researchers Look Beyond The Birth Of The Universe - Science Daily

Space and Astronomy:
5/21/2006: Spitzer Telescope Sees Trail Of Comet Crumbs - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Hubble Finds That Earth Is Safe From One Class Of Gamma-ray Burst
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: 'Lighthouses in the Sky' Yield Biggest-Ever 3-D Map of the Cosmos
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Twin Explosions In Gigantic Dusty Potato Crisp
 - Science Daily

The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room In The World - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Tiny Shrimp Help To Fine-Tune National Defense
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: In Drug Design, A Loose Fit May Be Best Bet
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Wearable Sensors To Improve Soldier Post-action Reports
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Smell Of Success For Nanobiosensors
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Low-cost Microfluidics Can Be A Sticky Problem
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Organizing Dumbbells For Nanotech Devices
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Researchers Working To Create Better Control Of Legged Robots And Human Prostheses Using Biological Inspiration
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Repeatable Low-breakdown Voltage Antifuses Enabled Through Dielectric Thin Film
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Buckyballs Make Room For Gilded Cages
 - Science Daily
5/21/2006: Biological Motors Sort Molecules One By One On A Chip
 - Science Daily


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