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  May 21, 2004

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Oak Ridge To Build New Class Of Supercomputer - SpaceDaily  The capacity of the current ORNL Cray X1 computer will be increased to 20 teraflops in 2004 with a 20-teraflop Red Storm-based system from Cray added in 2005. Argonne National Laboratory expects to install a 5-teraflop IBM Blue Gene computer as part of this project. A 100-teraflop Cray system at Oak Ridge is planned for 2006, with the potential to increase to 250 teraflops in 2007. The supercomputer at ORNL will be housed in a new 170,000 square foot facility that includes 400 staff and 40,000 square feet of space for computer systems and data storage. The machines will run on 12 megawatts of power. 
Clues to String Theory May be Visible in Big Bang Aftermath - SpaceDaily  Critics have disdained string theory as a philosophythat cannot be tested. However, the results of Easther and his colleagues suggest that observational evidence supporting string theory may be found in careful measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the first light to emerge after the Big Bang. Easther stressed it is a long shot that string theory might leave measurable effects on the microwave background by subtly changing the pattern of hot and cold spots. However, string theory is so hard to test experimentally that any chance is worth trying. 

US Leadership In Technology In Danger Warn Engineers - SpaceDaily  The national frog is being boiled alive -- and no one's paying attention. That was the ominous message issued Tuesday by the head of the National Academy of Engineering to a gathering of software executives in Washington. The frog in question is U.S. leadership in science and technology, and the conclusion drawn by William Wulf is that American complacency -- in both the public and private sectors -- has created a simmering crisis that could have dangerous economic and political consequences. The way to boil a frog is to slowly turn up the heat, so it never notices it's turning into grenouille.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/21/2004: GM corn crop to be approved... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Scientists aim to pinpoint obesity genes in Kosraeans...
 - FirstScience
5/21/2004: U.N. Comes Out in Favor of Biotech Crops - ABC
5/21/2004: Gene revolution 'could help poor'  - BBC
5/21/2004: 'Medicinal' GM crops produced  - BBC
5/21/2004: Fears over horse breed's future  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/21/2004: Sooty air pollution may cause genetic damage... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Darker at noon: Pollution is dimming sun... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: UK's Straw urges U.S. to join global warming fight... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Germany To Donate Us$12 Million To Overcome Pollution In Indonesia... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Air pollution doubles in India, China... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Marine ecosystem off Nova Scotia gains protected status... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Wetter world counters greenhouse gases- Scientists... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Movie Misgivings - ABC
5/21/2004: Piles of Garbage Rot on Tiny Island Beach - ABC
5/21/2004: Paying for sex: Science considers why so many life forms evolved to have sex  - BBC

5/21/2004: Video Games With a Political Message  - Wired News
5/21/2004: Halo sequel shows potential  - BBC
5/21/2004: The business of games  - CNN
5/21/2004: Nintendo previews dual-screen wireless Gameboy Plus - Silicon Strategies
5/21/2004: Rivals challenge iPod's dominance  - BBC
5/21/2004: Phantom console goes on show
5/21/2004: Feats of fantasy: How games like Ninja Gaiden turn players into agile athletes
  - BBC
5/21/2004: Six games to watch  - CNN  

5/21/2004: Carriers sold on shopping by cell phone  - CNN
5/21/2004: Dialing Danger? - ABC
5/21/2004: Samsung to unveil satellite TV for phones  - C/Net
5/21/2004: Report: Phone snags thwart 'Idol' voters  - CNN  

5/21/2004: Week ahead: Embedded chips enter the spotlight  - C/Net

5/21/2004: Oak Ridge To Build New Class Of Supercomputer - SpaceDaily
5/21/2004: Review: Acer TravelMate 8000 Notebook PC - ABC
5/21/2004: Flat screen boost at LG Philips  - BBC

5/21/2004: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: the Movie Blog  - Wired News
5/21/2004: U.S. arrests dozens in child porn crackdown  - CNN
5/21/2004: Web portal power struggle  - CNN
5/21/2004: Feds target P2P child porn  - CNN
5/21/2004: Host with the most  - CNN
5/21/2004: AOL touts its virus-blocking stats  - CNN
5/21/2004: Record growth ahead for online ad spending  - CNN
5/21/2004: Citrix tests Web conferencing service  - CNN
5/21/2004: The buzz on Google's IPO  - CNN
5/21/2004: 'Dabber' worm targets computers through Sasser - New Scientist
5/21/2004: Grumbling about Google  - C/Net
5/21/2004: A New Chinese Specialty: Spam - Business Week
5/21/2004: Microsoft turns to growing field of search
  - CNN  

5/21/2004: The $258m reason why Microsoft is currently unhappy  - BBC
5/21/2004: IBM hopes portal will build Power community  - CNN
5/21/2004: Red Hat updating both Linux versions  - CNN
5/21/2004: Work porn risk for businesses  - BBC
5/21/2004: Film chiefs meet to tackle piracy  - BBC


5/21/2004: Study: Dirty Air in Cars Can Harm Heart


5/21/2004: Russia tackles Aids fears  - BBC
5/21/2004: CDC Watching for Next Worrisome Outbreak - ABC
5/21/2004: Drug Cos. Vow to Work on AIDS Medicine - ABC


5/21/2004: Study seeks ultimate healthy diet  - BBC
5/21/2004: Volunteering 'bad for the health'  - BBC
5/21/2004: Retirement blues: How a former plumber's health was damaged by asbestos  - BBC
5/21/2004: From Algae, Weeds And People: New Genetic Clues To Complex Obesity Syndrome - Science Daily
5/21/2004: Get Fresh - ABC
5/21/2004: Video- Fighting Back Against A Plaque Attack - ABC
5/21/2004: Can You Look 10 Years Younger in 3 Days? - ABC
5/21/2004: Lighten Up Programs Use Small Steps - ABC
5/21/2004: More Teens Buckle Up After Seat-Belt Ads - ABC
5/21/2004: Tastykake Maker Responds to Diet Watchers - ABC
5/21/2004: Busy Consumers Eat on the Go - ABC

History, Anthropology:
5/21/2004: Hollywood vs. history in cinematic ‘Troy’ - MSNBC
5/21/2004: Lewis and Clark Enjoy Surge in Popularity - ABC

5/21/2004: US Leadership In Technology In Danger Warn Engineers - SpaceDail
5/21/2004: ACLU Was Forced to Revise Release on Patriot Act Suit - Washington Pos
5/21/2004: U.S. Army to Teach POW Treatment With Video Game  - Wired News
5/21/2004: Pressure to Go Along With Abuse Is Strong, but Some Soldiers Find Strength to Refuse...  - NY Times
5/21/2004: Science students compete for scholarships  - CNN
5/21/2004: The in thing: Outsourcing  - CNN
5/21/2004: Need a date?  - CNN
5/21/2004: U.S. slaps duties on Chinese color TVs  - El. Engr. Times
5/21/2004: Plant Disease Under The Homeland Security Microscope - Science Daily
5/21/2004: Missing Spokes - ABC
5/21/2004: Shopaholic saved: Charity pledge from woman whose site raised $20,000  - BBC
5/21/2004: Offshoring to accelerate  - C/Net
5/21/2004: More Tech, More Jobs, More Optimism - Business Week
5/21/2004: Point, click, self knowledge!

5/21/2004: Scientists discover epilepsy susceptibility gene Australia... - FirstScience
5/21/2004: Study In Flies Allows Researchers To Visualize Formation Of A Memory - Science Daily
5/21/2004: Spending Soars for Kids' Behavior Drugs - ABC
5/21/2004: How a new formula could help you stay awake  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/21/2004: Clues to String Theory May be Visible in Big Bang Aftermath - SpaceDaily
5/21/2004: The Universe, Seen Under The Gran Sasso Mountain, Seems To Be Older Than Expected
 - Science Daily
5/21/2004: The Universe Seems to be Older than Expected...
 - FirstScience


5/21/2004: Carnegie Mellon Student Develops Origami Folding Robot - Science Daily

5/21/2004: Using Asteroids as Waystations to Mars... - FirstScience

5/21/2004: Super-Scanner Sizes Up Clothes Horses  - Wired News
5/21/2004: Micro-sculptures give metal the Velcro touch - New Scientist
5/21/2004: Nano Test Tubes Manufactured -
5/21/2004: Converting Videotapes to DVDs — Via Mail - ABC
5/21/2004: Organic Clothes: Make a Fashion Statement - ABC
5/21/2004: UK cinemas to get digital screens  - BBC
5/21/2004: Electron blues: Thousands blocked from using cards to buy online
  - BBC


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