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  May 20, 2006

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Self-repair gene therapy promise  - BBC  Gene therapy experts say they have found a way to persuade cells to repair themselves. Instead of replacing a faulty gene, the new approach harnesses the cells' own correctional mechanisms. German researchers showed a drug could influence the way a gene behaved in patients with a debilitating genetic condition: spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). In patients with SMA the survival motor neuron gene (SMN1) is deleted, but they all carry a copy gene (SMN2). However, this only produces about 10% of the correct protein which is insufficient to prevent the diseases.         
Meteorites Discovered To Carry Interstellar Carbon - Science Daily  Left:  These tiny particles, from carbonaceous chondrite meteorites, are just a few millionths of a meter wide and have different proportions of nitrogen (N) and hydrogen (H and D) isotopes. These isotopes are chemically bonded to meteoritic organic matter and can reveal a lot about what happened to the meteorite as it made its way through the solar system over billions of years. The two images show the regions with high levels of 15N and heavy hydrogen (deuterium or D)-indications that the associated carbon is very old and originated from interstellar matter or the outer regions of the solar system. (Image courtesy Henner Busemann  "The tell-tale signs are lots of deuterium and 15N chemically bonded to carbon," commented co-author Larry Nittler.    

Ancient die-off blamed on climate, not humans - MSNBC  Failure to adapt to a drastically changing climate, and not overkill by humans or disease, most likely lead to the extinction of mammoths, wild horses, and other large mammals after the last Ice Age, a new study suggests. But this fresh take on an old argument might not be the final word. Like the end of the dinosaurs, the topic of large mammal extinctions is a hot one. While the new results might be true of the far North, some researchers still believe over-hunting contributed to the demise of the beasts across the rest of the continent. It's generally accepted that humans first entered North America from Siberia around 12,000 years ago. Since mammoths and wild horses became extinct roughly 11,500 and 12,500 years ago, some scientists have figured that hungry humans might have hunted them into oblivion.
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5/20/2006: Self-repair gene therapy promise   - BBC 
5/20/2006: Human Cloning Efforts Continue
  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Nearly Extinct American Chestnut Trees Found - Live Science
5/20/2006: In the Tool Shed, Apes Plan Ahead - Live Science
5/20/2006: Fickle Female Fish Force Males to be Flashy - Live Science
5/20/2006: Frog Hops Back into Existence - Live Science
5/20/2006: Study Provides New Understanding Of Spontaneous Hybridization - Science Daily
5/20/2006: International Team Of Scientists Discovers New Primate Genus - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Choosy Females Make Colourful Males - Science Daily
5/20/2006: 'Coffee Ring' Formations Found In Drying Drops Of DNA - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Female Guppies Risk Their Lives To Avoid Too Much Male Attention - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Dragonfly Migration Resembles That Of Birds, Scientists Say - Science Daily

Geosciences, Environment:
5/20/2006: Ancient die-off blamed on climate, not humans  - MSNBC
5/20/2006: Predicting the Next Big One  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Bleak Outlook for Snowy Peaks - Live Science
5/20/2006: Land Speed Record- Mountain Moves 62 Miles in 30 Minutes - Live Science
5/20/2006: Scientists Reveal Fate Of Earth's Oceans - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Record Air Pollution Above The Arctic - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Pollution, Greenhouse Gases And Climate Clash In South Asia - Science Daily

Games and Devices
5/20/2006: Video Games Worth $18 Billion
  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Looking Beyond Megapixels  - Wired News
5/20/2006: At E3, Sony Stumbles  - Wired News

Hardware and Software


5/20/2006: High-Speed Web Goes Rural  - Technology Review 
5/20/2006: Warner Bros. to Distribute Films Using Bit Torrent  - Technology Review 
5/20/2006: Website Helps Armchair Biographers  - Technology Review 
5/20/2006: Heeeeeeere's Skeletor!  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Google Sidles Up to Social Search  - Wired News


5/20/2006: House Backs $10 Million 'H Prize'  - Wired News

4/16/2005:Aspirin + Cholesterol Drugs + Blood Pressure Drugs = Less Severe Strokes - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Scientists Discover Two Genes Linked To Early Heart Attack Risk - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Researchers Link Gene Variation To Coronary Heart Disease - Science Daily

5/20/2006: Protein Expression Holds Promise For Head And Neck Cancer Detection - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Search For Cancer Genes Unlikely To Succeed, Say Experts - Science Daily

5/20/2006: Bird Flu Drama -- Can It Happen? - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Space Technology To Help Hospitals Contain Spread Of Avian Flu Infection - Science Daily
5/20/2006: New Math Model Finds That The Cochlea's Spiral Shape Enhances Low Frequencies - Science Daily
5/20/2006: How Bad Is Malaria Anemia? It May Depend On Your Genes - Science Daily

5/20/2006: Selectively Blocking Inflammatory Signals May Protect Mice From Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Carcinogens From Parents' Tobacco Smoke Found In Their Babies' Urine - Science Daily

5/20/2006: Finding "Hidden" Drug Effects  - Technology Review 
5/20/2006: Wham! Wham! Wham! Now Get Some Sleep, Ma'am - Live Science
5/20/2006: Gene Linked To Rare Disease Activates Fat Breakdown - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Study Casts Doubt On Claims That The Medical Malpractice System Is Plagued By Frivolous Lawsuits - Science Daily
5/20/2006: New Treatment For Food Poisoning - Science Daily
5/20/2006: FDA Approves Novel Medication For Smoking Cessation - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Obesity Makes Labor Tougher On Women, New Research Finds - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Study Shows Different Insulin Signaling Components Control Glucose And Lipid Metabolism In The Liver - Science Daily


History, Anthropology:
5/20/2006: Discovery of 'Hobbit' Questioned - Live Science
5/20/2006: Spain Lays Claim to Columbus' Remains - Live Science
5/20/2006: Claw From Possible Dino-Bird Found - Live Science
5/20/2006: Methane-belching Bugs Inspire A New Theory Of The Origin Of Life On Earth - Science Daily 

5/20/2006: Rants 'n' Raves: Guilty!  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Spot a Bug, Go to Jail  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Star Wars DVD Sets of Tomorrow  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Ex-NSA Chief Assails Bush Taps  - Wired News
5/20/2006: It's Official: UFOs Are Just UAPs  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Feds Want Hacker's Genetic Code  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Funding And Bureaucracy, Not Access To Journals, Are Chief Obstacles To Scientific Productivity - Science Daily

5/20/2006: Scientists Prove Neurons Produce Alzheimer's-linked Protein
 - Science Daily


5/20/2006: Study Of Nutrients' Effects On Brain Provides Insight Into Appetite Regulation
 - Science Daily

Physical Sciences:
5/20/2006: Light Travels Backward and Faster than Light - Live Science
5/20/2006: Light's Most Exotic Trick Yet: So Fast It Goes ... Backwards?
 - Science Daily

Space and Astronomy:
5/20/2006: Meteorites Discovered To Carry Interstellar Carbon - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Neptune Might Have Captured Triton - Space.com
5/20/2006: Nigerian announces plans to manufacture, launch own satellite
 - SpaceDaily
5/29/2006: South African meteorite makes deep impact on space rock theory
 - SpaceDaily
5/20/2006: New Capture Scenario Explains Origin Of Neptune's Oddball Moon Triton - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Space Telescope's X-Ray Vision Reveals The Origin Of Elements In Galaxy Clusters
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: NASA's New Planetary Drill Is A 60-Watt Time Tunnel
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Mars Meteorite Similar To Bacteria-etched Earth Rocks
 - Science Daily

5/20/2006: The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room In The World
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Home Testing Kit Could Help Identify 'Hidden' Caffeine In Beverages
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: World's Tiniest Test Tubes Get Teensiest Corks
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: NASA Denies Talks With Japan On Supersonic Jet
 - SpaceDaily
5/20/2006: Traveling Exhibit Promotes Independent Inventions   - Technology Review
5/20/2006: Real-Time Maps Could Help Make Cities More Livable
  - Technology Review 
5/20/2006: Virtual Reality Is on the Way
  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Tag -- You're a Criminal!
  - Wired News
5/20/2006: The World's Tallest Towers
  - Wired News
5/20/2006: Engineers Take Page Out Of Nature's Playbook
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Coffee, Black, Decaf And A Little Llama On The Side
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: For A Bigger Computer Hard-drive, Just Add Water
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Engineering Class Creates Tools To Analyze Musical Expression
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: New Technology Will Allow For Flexible Television And Computer Screens
 - Science Daily
5/20/2006: Scientists Create The First Synthetic Nanoscale Fractal Molecule
 - Science Daily


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