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  May 2, 2006

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Evidence Mounts For Companion Star To Our Sun - SpaceDaily  The Binary Research Institute (BRI) has found that orbital characteristics of the recently discovered planetoid, "Sedna", demonstrate the possibility that our sun might be part of a binary star system. A binary star system consists of two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass. The recent discovery of Sedna, a small planet like object first detected by Cal Tech astronomer Dr. Michael Brown, provides what could be indirect physical evidence of a solar companion. Matching the recent findings by Dr. Brown, showing that Sedna moves in a highly unusual elliptical orbit, Cruttenden has determined that Sedna moves in resonance with previously published orbital data for a hypothetical companion star. "There's no way to put Sedna where it is. It never comes close enough to be affected by the sun, but it never goes far enough away from the sun to be affected by other stars. How did it get there? It can't be there!"      
Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? screenshot Thinking fun The video games that aim to give your brain a workout  Nintendo has sold nearly five million copies of its three Nintendo DS brain training games since the series launched in Japan a year ago. The first title in the series, Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?, sees players follow a daily regime of brain-enhancing exercises and is due to be released in the UK in June. Activities include solving simple maths problems, counting people going in and out of a house, drawing pictures on the Nintendo DS touchscreen, and reading classic literature aloud

The Superbus - New Scientist  It looks to me like a very long stretch limo and is about half the height of a normal single-decker bus. It also promises to work unlike a regular bus, travelling at a top speed of 250km per hour in special lane separated from normal traffic. Software will take care of steering.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/2/2006: Do starlings recognize grammar? - MSNBC
5/2/2006: ‘Alpha’ hyenas help cubs become top dog
5/2/2006: Corals go fishing to survive  - Nature
5/2/2006: Endangered Species - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Male Rivalry Increases When Females At Most Fertile, Say Researchers - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Invasive Species Harms Native Hardwoods By Killing Soil Fungus - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/2/2006: Tornado cam: Helicopter crew films Oklahoma twister  - BBC
5/2/2006: Making clouds in the lab  - Nature
5/2/2006: In Utero Exposure To Urban Air Pollutants Can Increase Risk - Science Daily

5/2/2006: Microsoft plans to buy videogame-ad firm  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Deal of the day: Creative Zen Micro Photo MP3 for $160  - C/Net
5/2/2006: New BlackBerry talks, types, does IM  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Violent, racist video games pander to niche groups  - CNN
5/2/2006: Invention: Apple's all-seeing screen - New Scientist

5/2/2006: Media: Brightcove: welcome Net video newbies
  - C/Net
5/2/2006: AT&T boosts DSL speeds, adds new services
  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Understanding Europe's market for mobile TV
  - C/Net

5/2/2006: Water And Nanoelectronics Will Mix To Create Ultra-dense Memory Storage Devices, Researchers Say - Science Daily

5/2/2006: Are we ready for ultra-mobile PCs?  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Chinese company produces $150 PC  - C/Net

5/2/2006: Internet population hits new high in U.S. - Business Week
5/2/2006: Democrats lose vote on Net neutrality  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Hotmail'snew address  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Images: Web mail's new face  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Is there a market for 'blookworms'?  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Hotmail's new address  - C/Net
5/2/2006: 48 comments
  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Google: Google promotes Firefox on IE
  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Why some like it Hotmail
  - C/Net
5/2/2006: BBC unveils big online revamp
  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Microsoft rolls out browser fixes
  - CNN
5/2/2006: New Arab search engine to challenge Google
  - CNN

5/2/2006: Microsoft fights to keep secrets  - BBC
5/2/2006: EU ruling on Microsoft 'flawed'  - BBC
5/2/2006: Microsoft's court showdown  - BBC
5/2/2006: Q&A: Microsoft's EU court battle  - BBC
5/2/2006: Open-source challenges  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Microsoft: Bitlocker key to safe disk disposal  - C/Net

5/2/2006: 'Deep disposal' for nuclear waste  - BBC
5/2/2006: Analysis: Is nuclear power the answer?  - BBC
5/2/2006: Tackling the UK's nuclear legacy  - BBC
5/2/2006: Study warning over nuclear waste  - BBC
5/2/2006: • Dark Days for Energy Efficiency - Business Week
5/2/2006: Bury your nuclear waste, UK advised - New Scientist

5/2/2005: Heart op survival rates unveiled  - BBC
5/2/2006: Hopes and fears Why surgeons are concerned about the heart op data  - BBC
5/2/2006: For One Stanford Doctor, The Beat Goes On During Open-heart Surgery - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Antioxidant Selenium Offers No Heart-disease Protection - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Implantable Cardioverter-defibrillators Have Higher Malfunction Rate Than Pacemakers - Science Daily

5/2/2006: LOX holds a key to curbing cancer's spread - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Scientists Create Method For Predicting Chemotherapy Success That Indicates How Easily The Drug Can Be Delivered Into The Tumo - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Chemotherapy Gel May Fight Breast Cancer And Reduce Breast Deformity - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Cure For Cancer Worth $50 Trillion, Study Says - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Polls Finds Many Americans Believe Cancer Myths - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Promising New Preventative Treatment Option For Population Of Men At High Risk Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily

5/2/2006: Chinese clone mad cow-resistant calf - MSNBC
5/2/2006: Only drugs and vaccines will deflect bird flu pandemic - New Scientist

5/2/2006: Hope for house dust mite jab  - BBC
5/2/2006: Actors could escape smoking ban  - BBC
5/2/2006: Brain Study Considers Motor Function, Cognition With Alcohol Consumption - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Marijuana-like Compounds Suppress The Immune Response - Science Daily

5/2/2006: Nurses 'need help over drug-rape'  - BBC
5/2/2006: Parents' dilemma: A couple with a disabled child consider having another baby  - BBC
5/2/2006: Having a babyThings to consider when deciding where to deliver  - BBC
5/2/2006: New way to treat obesity heralded  - BBC
5/2/2006: Life and death: How do most of us react to the news that we're terminally ill?  - BBC
5/2/2006: US states grossly underestimate levels of obesity
5/2/2006: Skin Disease Common Among Hispanic Farmworkers In North Carolina, Research Shows - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Genetic Finding Suggests Alternative Treatment Strategy For Common, Complex Skin Disorders - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/2/2006: Images of Noah's Ark?  - C/Net
5/2/2006: 55 comments  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Geologists dredge up dinosaur from the deep  - Nature
5/2/2006: Evolution gets busy in the urban lab - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Kennewick Man Skeletal Find May Revolutionalize Continent's History - Science Daily

5/2/2006: Digital youth How the BBC plans to connect with the MP3 generation  - BBC
5/2/2006: Business intelligence gets ready for the masses  - C/Net
5/2/2006: TV stations fret over HD  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Yahoo's free software turns PC into DVR  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Science: Scientists envision soldiers fighting in tongues  - C/Net
5/2/2006: IBM eyes programming for the masses  - C/Net
5/2/2006: France's $2.5 billion tech foray  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Use your computer to retire rich  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Banks 'should give back to open source community'  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Secret of success: Think outside your beliefs  - C/Net
5/2/2006: How NASA gets the right stuff out of software  - C/Net
5/2/2006: Study: India, China closing digital gap  - CNN
5/2/2006: A crude awakening for Europe  - CNN
5/2/2006: Editorial- Breaking the 'laws' of nature - New Scientist
5/2/2006: China struggling to catch its breath - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Pakistan quake forgotten by the world - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Love special: How to pick a perfect mate - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Love special: Same sex, different rules - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Love special: If I can't have you... - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Love special: Modern romance
 - New Scientist
5/2/2006: New Study Tests The Effects Of Watching TV In A Dark Room
 - Science Daily
5/2/2006: MIT Chemist Discovers Secret Behind Nature's Medicines
 - Science Daily

5/2/2006: Study Finds Novel Vaccine Curbs Brain Tumor Growth, Increases Survival - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Better Model Of Deadly Brain Cancer - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/2/2006: Evidence Mounts For Companion Star To Our Sun - SpaceDaily
5/2/2006: Exploring Stephen Hawking's Flexiverse
 - New Scientist
5/2/2006: US told to invest in particle physics
 - PhysicsWeb
5/2/2006: Direct Photon Properties Reveal Secrets Of Extreme Nuclear States
 - Science Daily


5/2/2006: Photo galleries: Robots in action  - C/Net

5/2/2006: Bumper crop of new objects revealed beyond Neptune - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Taking out a killer asteroid – with a tame one
 - New Scientist
5/2/2006: NASA and China may 'boldly go' together  - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Martian Valley System May Have Been Formed In Part By Free-flowing Water
 - Science Daily
5/2/2006: The Comet With A Broken Heart
 - Science Daily

5/2/2006: The Superbus  - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Special feature: Children teaching teachers about tech  - C/Net
5/2/2006: New software can break dance down - New Scientist
5/2/2006: Ferment And Cook Beans For Gas-free Nutrition - Science Daily
5/2/2006: Researchers Develop Detailed Design Rules For Nanoimprint Lithography Processing - Science Daily


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