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  May 19, 2005

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Encore Next-gen Simputer  - C/Net  The new machine, called Mobilis, is powered by Intel's XScale PXA255 200/400MHz processor and has 128MB of SDRAM, the company said. It features a 7.4-inch VGA LCD screen, roll-up keyboard, touch screen with stylus input, six-hour battery life and a case that opens up as a desktop stand, Encore said. The machine weighs 750 grams, or about 1.6 pounds. Another version of the device, Mobilis Wireless, comes with an integrated keyboard. A third version, the Sofcomp, is an ultra-compact desktop that works with a regular monitor, the Bangalore-based firm said. The basic Mobilis model will be priced at about 10,000 rupees, or $230, while the version with the TFT screen and integrated keyboard may be priced at about 15,000 rupees, or $347.   
Micromachines to Produce Propellant and Air on Mars -  Were looking at collecting the carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and breaking it down for [crew needs], said Battelle researcher Kriston BrooksThe goal, Brooks added, is to wrangle microtechnology into a usable system that would generate propellant for astronauts aboard a manned mission to Mars by 2030.  With multiple grooves separated by just 200 microns or so apart, microchannel plates offer improved heat and mass transfer rates. 

Harlock Hill windfarm

Experts seek clean, green power  - BBC  Scientists are due to take part in a brainstorming session to seek the future's clean, green energy sources. Energy experts from the world's leading economies will join a two-day workshop at Oxford University to find solutions to the global warming crisis. The scientists will present the fruits of their deliberations to a meeting of the G8 of key industrialised nations in Gleneagles in Scotland in July. Tony Blair has made tackling climate change a priority of his G8 leadership. The conference, at St Anne's College, Oxford, will also involve experts from the G8 states and the five largest developing nations; China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. The government has pledged to cut carbon emissions (at 1990 levels) by 20% by 2010 and energy firms are being required to source a proportion of the energy they sell from renewable sources. It is hoped the sharing of any technological advances with these states will help reduce any environmental damage associated with their economic development. Mr Blair has said he does not want to "shut the door" to nuclear energy. But in an interview in the Guardian, the government's chief scientist, Sir David King, said reports of an immediate return to nuclear power were premature.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/19/2005:Finding An Alzheimer's Switch: An Unsuspected Protein Regulates The Production Of Plaque-Forming Peptides - Science Daily

5/19/2005:3 Endangered Monkeys Die at Chicago Zoo  - NY Times
5/19/2005:Georgia Tech Research Reveals How Biomaterial Properties Control Cellular Responses
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:New Research Presents Reserve Selection Using Nonlinear Species Distribution Models - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Alien Woodwasp, Threat To US Pine Trees, Found In N.Y. - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Size Matters: Fish Genitalia Attractiveness Vs. Predatory Escape Value - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Experiment Station Researchers To Explore Genome Of Disease-fighting Fungus - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Human Eggs Can Develop From Ovarian Surface Cells In Vitro - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Scientists Discover Odd-ball Rodent -- Is It A Squirrel- A Rat- A Guinea Pig? Try None Of The Above - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Scientists Identify Genes Responsible For 'Black Rot' Disease In Vegetables - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/19/2005:Rebuffing Bush, 132 Mayors Embrace Kyoto Rules  - NY Times
5/19/2005:Ume Researchers Have Mapped The Dams Of The World - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Xfire Helps PC Gamers Round Up Players (AP)  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Xfire Brings IM to Gamers  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Mario's new mission: Artists' muse  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Review: 'Obscure' shines light on high school horror  - CNN  - CNN
5/19/2005:The story behind new Xbox design - Seattle Times

5/19/2005:When Is a Baked-Bean Can a Wi-Fi Network Antenna?
  - C/Net


5/19/2005:Next-gen Simputer  - C/Net
5/19/2005:All-in-one printers are best for use at home - Seattle Times

5/19/2005:Man sets texting record  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Internet Explorer share slips below 90 percent  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Finally, Sisyphus, there's help for those Internet forms  - C/Net


5/19/2005:Experts seek clean, green power  - BBC
5/19/2005:Nuclear battery runs 10 years  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Old Foes Soften to New Reactors  - NY Times
5/19/2005:New Alloy May Hold Key To Safer Disposal Of Spent Nuclear Fuel - Science Daily
5/19/2005:New 'Nuclear Battery' Runs 10 Years, 10 Times More Powerful - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Increases Heart Susceptibility To Ischemia, Reperfusion Injury In Adult Male But Not Female Rats - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Your Heart Could Indicate Whether You Have Kidney Problems - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Penn Study Shows Liver Receptor Key To Diet-dependent Differences In Blood Lipid Levels - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Top cancer researchers unconvinced by Xyotax trials so far - Seattle Times
5/19/2005:Function Of Cancer Genes Discovered - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Counting Cells In Blood Samples May Predict Cancer Treatment's Effectiveness - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Drug Combination Boosts Survival Rate In Head And Neck Cancers - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Genetic Divergence Of Man From Chimp Has Aided Human Fertility But Could Have Made Us More Prone To Cancer - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Mayo Clinic Researchers Use Pharmacogenetic Test Prior To Chemotherapy To Reduce Toxic Side Effects - Science Daily
5/19/2005:New Test For Early Detection Of Prostate Cancer Shows Promise
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Columbia University Researchers Create Mouse Model That Develops A Human-like Lymphoma
 - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Active Vaccine Prevents Mice From Developing Prion Disease - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Promising New West Nile Therapy Cures Disease In Mice - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Insulin's other role in diabetes - New Scientist

5/19/2005:Study Shows Doctors And Patients Think Differently About Clinical Trials - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Innovative Coating Could Give Medical Implants A Longer Life - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/19/2005:Cosmic Log: Back and forth on evolution - MSNBC
5/19/2005:DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans  - NY Times

5/19/2005:Interactive 'clickers' changing classrooms  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Computer glitch causes false stock quotes  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Is Bill Gates the greatest American ever?  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Two-seater plane brings gov to halt  - C/Net
5/19/2005:Reindeer People by Piers Vitebsky - New Scientist
5/19/2005:Via the Internet, TV's future promises to be more eclectic - Seattle Times
5/19/2005:Education and debt need attention, tech guru says - Seattle Times
5/19/2005:Changes In Community Size Affect The Outcome Of Competition - Science Daily

5/19/2005:This pill will make you smarter - New Scientist
5/19/2005:Black or white, the reaction is the same - New Scientist
5/19/2005:Autism: Lots of clues, but still no answers
5/19/2005:Early test for autism is on the way - New Scientist
5/19/2005:OHSU Scientist Helping Explain Basis Of Psychotic Behavior - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Neural Tube Defects Decrease With Folic Acid Fortification - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Mice Brains Shrink During Winter, Impairing Some Learning And Memory
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Babies Use Their Own Names To Help Learn Language
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Carnegie Mellon And U. Of Pittsburgh Create Tool To Understand Neuron Rhythms, Learning
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Botox Stops Severe Drooling In Children With Neurologic Conditions
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Babies' Cries Linked To Their Health; Simple Test Can Show Fitness Of Infants' Nervous Systems
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Changes In Brain Receptors Linked To Seizures And Anxiety During The Menstrual Cycle
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/19/2005:Whimpers From The Sun? - Science Daily
5/19/2005:HAPPEx Results Hint At Strangely Magnetic Proton
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Is This A Brown Dwarf Or An Exoplanet?
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:After 150 Years Of Research, Discovery Of How Flames Burn Is Finally Made By Cornell Scientist Named Cool
 - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Why humans grow old grungily - New Scientist

5/19/2005:Penn Researchers Use Robotic Surgery - Science Daily

5/19/2005:Micromachines to Produce Propellant and Air on Mars -
5/19/2005:More Financing for Shuttle and Hubble as Space Agency Revises Its Budget
  - NY Times
5/19/2005:Cassini Observations Present Glimpse Into Titan's Relationship With Earth
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Tackling 10,000-foot Ice Cap Next For UH Space Architecture Program
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Materials Students Investigate Columbia Explosion
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:First MARSIS Boom Successfully Deployed
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:NOAA Issues Space Weather Warning - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Huygens Team Releases First Enhanced Mosaics Of Titan
 - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Mars rover begins dune escape
  - BBC
5/19/2005:Optimism as Mars rover edges towards freedom
 - New Scientist
5/19/2005:Progress Inch-By-Inch For Opportunity
 - SpaceDaily
5/19/2005:Just A Little Bit Longer And Mars Rover Will Be Free
 - SpaceDaily
5/19/2005:Spirit Observing 'Reef'
 - SpaceDaily
5/19/2005:White House Says It Is Not Looking At Weaponizing Space
 - SpaceDaily

5/19/2005:Crossing Africa With EGNOS - Science Daily
5/19/2005:Tiny New Control Device Improves Lateral Stability Of Airplane - Science Daily


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