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  May 19, 2004

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Canadian Arrow Team Moves Forward in Human-Rating Rocket -  In the quest to build and fly suborbital passenger spaceships, the Canadian Arrow is ready to roar. A series of unpiloted validation tests of rocket systems are now slated for this summer. The testing is scheduled to take place over a period of four months beginning in August. According to Canadian Arrow team leader, Geoff Sheerin of London Ontario, Canada, the rocket's launch pad abort and escape systems are to be evaluated first. 
Two Architectures Chosen for Terrestrial Planet Finder - SpaceDaily  Included in the nation's new vision for space is a plan for NASA to "conduct advanced telescope searches for Earth-like planets and habitable environments around other stars." Terrestrial Planet Finder-C: a moderate-sized visible-light telescope, similar to the 4- by 6-meter (13.1- by 19.6-foot) version currently under study, to launch around 2014. Onboard coronagraph instrumentation will use a central disc and other specialized techniques to block the glare of a star, allowing detection and characterization of dimmer planets around it. 
Terrestrial Planet Finder-I: multiple spacecraft carrying 3 to 4 meter (9 to 13 foot) infrared telescopes flying in precise formation, to launch before 2020, and to be conducted jointly with the European Space Agency. Combining the infrared, or heat radiation gathered by the multiple telescopes, using a technique called interferometry, will simulate a much larger telescope. This will enable the mission to detect and study individual planets orbiting a parent star observed by TPF-C and also new ones beyond the reach of TPF.

Red Cross To Caution China On Urbanization - SpaceDaily  Left: Shanghai - an ancient example of urbanization and renewal  Red Cross representatives from around the world are meeting in Beijing this weekend to mark the centenary of China's Red Cross Society. They will also warn the Chinese about urban emergency preparedness and the urgency for clear policy and greater investment in city disaster prevention, preparedness and mitigation. Officially China has 900 million rural residents and 400 million people living in cities.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/19/2004: Lemurs may not be so dumb after all - MSNBC
5/19/2004: Antifreeze protein protects flounder in icy seas
 - New Scientist
5/19/2004: Cicadas swarm across US - New Scientist
5/19/2004: McGreevey Signs Bill Creating Stem Cell Research Institute  - NY Times
5/19/2004: New Research At UNC Shows Ribosomes Do Not Function As Conventional Enzymes - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/19/2004: Global Cod Stocks May Be Depleted by 2020 - ABC
5/19/2004: Conservation 'needs wider view'  - BBC
5/19/2004: Report: Cod could be wiped out by 2020 - MSNBC
5/19/2004: Greater protection proposed for sharks and lions - New Scientist
5/19/2004: Wildlife Fund Sees Threat to Cod Stocks  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Disaster Flick Exaggerates Speed Of Ice Age - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Dramatic Decline Of California Native Frog Linked To Introduced Trout In Mountain Lakes - Science Daily
5/19/2004: A quarter of China's population at risk as glaciers start melting - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Earth, Sky Tapped In Unique Global Climate Change Study - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: U.N. Looks at Endangered Species List... - FirstScience
5/19/2004: Inuit 'poisoned from afar' due to climate change... - FirstScience
5/19/2004: Dell puts a number on its recycling efforts... - FirstScience
5/19/2004: Carbon tax part of 'carrot-and-stick' policy - Ahern... - FirstScience

5/19/2004: Waiting game: Sequel to ground-breaking Half-Life keeps fans guessing  - BBC
5/19/2004: Games industry woos 'casual players'  - BBC
5/19/2004: Handheld games mature - C/Net
5/19/2004: Army gunning for game players - C/Net
5/19/2004: Game for a Little Therapy?
5/19/2004: Where the Video-Game Action Is
5/19/2004: Survey: Video gamers get older, get online
  - CNN  
5/19/2004: Protect your PC while on vacation
  - CNN  
5/19/2004: The return of Syphon Filter
  - CNN  
5/19/2004: E3 Notebook: Money, games and parties
 - Seattle Times

5/19/2004: US moves to ban furtive photos  - BBC
5/19/2004: BT to cut broadband charge  - BBC
5/19/2004: BellSouth lessens VoIP hardware requirements - C/Net
5/19/2004: Wireless vendors take control - C/Net
5/19/2004: FCC to free TV spectrum for wireless services  - El. Engr. Times

5/19/2004: Memory Stores Three Bits in One  - Technology Review 

5/19/2004: U.S. targets fastest supercomputer  - El. Engr. Times
5/19/2004: Cray picked for computer team - Seattle Times
5/19/2004: Wearable Wireless Displays Are In Sight  - Wired News

5/19/2004: Search engines on the stand - C/Net
5/19/2004: Google to sell banner ads - C/Net
5/19/2004: Building a wireless nervous system - C/Net
5/19/2004: The Google Gross-Outs - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Police question more Sasser worm suspects - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Ayatollah Puts Advice Online  - Wired News

5/19/2004: The Passion of the Christ tops list of pirated films  - BBC
5/19/2004: Reading Redmond - C/Net
5/19/2004: 'XP Reloaded' muddies the SP2 waters - C/Net
5/19/2004: What's in your USB port? - C/Net
5/19/2004: Lawyers seek record pay in Microsoft case - Seattle Times
5/19/2004: Microsoft to Battle Spyware  - Wired News


5/19/2004: Heart wonder drug goes over-the-counter - New Scientist
5/19/2004: People More At Risk If Parents Had Heart Attack Or Stroke - Science Daily
5/19/2004: 'Good Guy' Blood Cells Are Now Suspects In Heart Disease, Diabetes - Science Daily

5/19/2004: Study Finds Equal Success in Treatments for Cancer  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Chromosome Losses Mean Poor Survival In Childhood Leukemia - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Cutting Tumor Supply Lines May Boost Cancer Treatments, UF Professor Says - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Dots Pinpoint Cancer  - Technology Review 

5/19/2004: Scientists May Not Learn Bird Flu Source - ABC
5/19/2004: New UNC Research Finds High Rate Of Chlamydia In U.S. Young Adults - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Designer Virus Stalks HIV  - Wired News
5/19/2004: Film Raises Ire Over HIV Origins  - Wired News


5/19/2004: Coffee Drip - ABC
5/19/2004: Coffee: A Good Brew Gets Better - ABC
5/19/2004: Coffee Each Day Might Keep Diabetes Away - ABC
5/19/2004: The Fat Within - ABC
5/19/2004: Vitamins Ward Off Osteoporosis Fractures - ABC
5/19/2004: Feds Find Ethical Lapses in Harvard Tests - ABC
5/19/2004: Fashion statementDaughter inspires lightweight, stylish wheelchair  - BBC
5/19/2004: Fish diet 'boosts foetal growth'  - BBC
5/19/2004: Doctors 'should wear white coats'  - BBC
5/19/2004: Small, Frequent Doses Of Caffeine Best Strategy For Staying Awake, According To New Study - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Ethical lapses in Harvard experiments - MSNBC
5/19/2004: Potential Obesity Treatment: Hormone Causes Body To Metabolize Stored Fat - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Dutch Patients Start Using Online Nursing
  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
5/19/2004: Bones of 1st T. Rex Found Up for Auction - ABC
5/19/2004: Physicists probe ancient pyramid  - BBC
5/19/2004: Explorers Still Seek El Dorado in the Mountains of Peru  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Penn Researchers Describe Newly Found Dinosaur Of The Montana Coastline - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Hunt for Oil Leads to Crater Linked to 'Great Dying'

5/19/2004: Red Cross To Caution China On Urbanization - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: 'Deleted' minister: India's media revel in poll defeat of technology champion  - BBC
5/19/2004: Disney to expand MovieBeam video service - C/Net
5/19/2004: Bush names new FTC chairman - C/Net
5/19/2004: Defense Dept. asked to hand over Iraq images for Web - C/Net
5/19/2004: Web site showing beheading shut down  - CNN
5/19/2004: Innovators  - CNN  
5/19/2004: E-voting business stormy for Diebold  - CNN  
5/19/2004: Don't raise your hopes for a happy marriage - New Scientist
5/19/2004: Enron workers win $86 million settlement in pension suits - Seattle Times
5/19/2004: MCI exec's 7-month job nets $8.1 million buyout - Seattle Times
5/19/2004: Get ready for the big RFID market - Silicon Strategies
5/19/2004: China's Military Enterprises Hit The World Market With Cheap Goods - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Pakistan's Nuke Money Trail - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Tech Execs Lean Right  - Wired News
5/19/2004: How Info-Overload Experts Unwind
5/19/2004: U.S. Officials Sport Fake Degrees  - Wired News
5/19/2004: Horror Show: Nick Berg and the Gruesome Images of the War in Iraq - Salon
5/19/2004: Scientists Fault FBI's Computer System Upgrade - L. A. Times
5/19/2004: GAO- US-VISIT Lacks Controls  - Wired News

5/19/2004: Time to Free the Mind? - ABC
5/19/2004: Childhood Conduct Problems May Predict Depression Among Young Adults - Science Daily
5/19/2004: Scientists Show Hippocampus's Role In Long Term Memory - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/19/2004: Two Architectures Chosen for Terrestrial Planet Finder - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: The secret of wedded bliss is to lower your expectations
  - BBC
5/19/2004: Partnerships: Handing conflict - will you still be together in 20 years?  - BBC
5/19/2004: Cosmic Log: Invisible wonders revealed - MSNBC
5/19/2004: SLAC sees parity violation in electrons
 - PhysicsWeb
5/19/2004: Physicists 'Entangle' Light, Pave Way To Atomic-scale Measurements
 - Science Daily


5/19/2004: Robots and the Rest of Us  - Wired News

5/19/2004: Canadian Arrow Team Moves Forward in Human-Rating Rocket -
5/19/2004: Orbital Recovery Signs Arianespace Deal For ConeXpress "Space Tug" - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Brazil To Improve Ties With China - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Russian space agency seeks to join ESA: chief - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Rover finds new Mars water signs  - BBC
5/19/2004: Cosmic Log:  Next flight to space
5/19/2004: New Mars rock hints at short-lived lakes
 - New Scientist
5/19/2004: Venus Returns for Its Shining Hour
  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Graphic: A Rare Trip
  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Map: Passing Through
  - NY Times
5/19/2004: I'll Miss You, but We'll Meet in 8 Years
  - NY Times
5/19/2004: How to Watch Without Harm
  - NY Times
5/19/2004: Transit Headquarters: Venus Crosses the Sun June 8
5/19/2004: Venus Transit Of Sun Live From The Backyard Or Online
 - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Opportunity Samples The Blast Damage
 - SpaceDaily
5/19/2004: Rover Analyzing Ejected Rock...
 - FirstScience
5/19/2004: Venus Transit on June 8...
 - FirstScience

5/19/2004: Dirty (or) 'Rotten' Disks - ABC
5/19/2004: A Chat With the Discoverer of 'DVD Rot' - ABC
5/19/2004: In picturesLatest products for disabled people on show at Naidex 2004  - BBC
5/19/2004: The house of the future - C/Net
5/19/2004: Mimicking Humpback Whale Flippers May Improve Airplane Wing Design - Science Daily


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