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  May 18, 2005

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Gold Nanoparticles May Simplify Cancer Detection - SpaceDaily  Left: Gold nanoparticles stick to cancer cells and make them shine.  Many cancer cells have a protein, known as Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EFGR), all over their surface, while healthy cells typically do not express the protein as strongly. By conjugating, or binding, the gold nanoparticles to an antibody for EFGR, suitably named anti-EFGR, researchers were able to get the nanoparticles to attach themselves to the cancer cells. "If you add this conjugated nanoparticle solution to healthy cells and cancerous cells and you look at the image, you can tell with a simple microscope that the whole cancer cell is shining," said El-Sayed.  
Motorola Labs Debuts Nano Emissive Flat Screen Display Prototype - SpaceDaily   Left:  Optimized for a large screen High Definition Television (HDTV) that is less than 1-inch thick, this first-of-its kind NED 5-inch prototype harnesses the power of CNTs to fundamentally change the design and fabrication of flat panel displays.  "With over 15 years experience and 160 patents in CNT and flat panel displays, we have developed a technology that could enable the next generation of large size flat panel displays to deliver an extraordinary visual experience at a fraction of current prices," said Jim O'Connor, vice president, Motorola technology incubation and commercialization. We estimate the manufactured cost for a 40-inch NED panel could be under $400."  

In The Stars The Message Is In The Photons - SpaceDaily   Humanity is decades, perhaps even centuries, away from directly exploring even the nearest solar systems, but astronomers already are compiling incredibly detailed information from very distant objects. Eventually, he said, with the improved capabilities of spacecraft such as NASA's Kepler -- scheduled for launch in late 2007 or 2008 -- astronomers hope to be able not only to detect Earth-sized exoplanets, but also to analyze the composition of their air. Imagine: global warming, on a globe not named Earth, in an alien solar system light-years away, detected remotely, courtesy of nature's indefatigable data carriers -- photons. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/18/2005: Vitamin A's Paradoxical Role In Influencing Symmetry During Embryonic Development Revealed - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Season Of Birth Influences Age Of Menopause, Say Italian Researchers
 - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Consequences Of Exposure To An Energy Rich Diet During Development - Science Daily
5/18/2005: University Of Chicago Researchers Reveal Secrets Of Snake Flight - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Governor signs off on $350 biomedical research million fund - Seattle Times
5/18/2005: Farm Stem Cells and Save Souls  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Decoding Bees' Wild Waggle Dances  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Farmed salmon puts species under threat ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
5/18/2005: Atmosphere May Cleanse Itself Better Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Good technology, market acceptance crucial in fight against global warming ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: After CNG, electric buses may be the next thing for a pollution-free Delhi ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Kerala units complying with pollution norms- SC panel ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Colorado BLM Withdraws Dinosaur National Monument Parcel from Oil & Gas Lease Sale ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Pollution shame of America's power plants ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: U.N. to start marathon in Bonn to widen Kyoto ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Us Government Says Wealth More Important Than Climate Change ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Growing lake triggers battle with Canada ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: climate change: governments talk but don't act ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Winds of change bring 3-D weather maps to BBC forecasts  - BBC

5/18/2005: Xbox the spot for Microsoft - Seattle Times
5/18/2005: MTV Pimps Xbox 360  - Wired News
5/18/2005: The Xbox Reloaded  - Wired News

5/18/2005: Vonage’s Jumbled Mess
  - Wired News


5/18/2005: New service to take care of PCs - Seattle Times

5/18/2005: Part 1 - Seattle Times
5/18/2005: Part 2 - Seattle Times
5/18/2005: Part 3 - Seattle Times
5/18/2005: Tagging Is It  - Technology Review 
5/18/2005: Google's AutoLink: Get Over It  - Technology Review 
5/18/2005: Online College Poker  - Wired News

5/18/2005: The Linux Longhorn Challenge  - Technology Review 
5/18/2005: A New Blog: Join the Discussion on Social Computing  - Technology Review 
5/18/2005: Microsoft: You're Safe With Us  - Wired News
5/18/2005: TV download sites hit by lawsuits  - BBC
5/18/2005: Microsoft offers security service  - BBC



5/18/2005: Gold Nanoparticles May Simplify Cancer Detection - SpaceDaily
5/18/2005: Study Shows Substantial Survival Gains From Standard Breast Cancer Treatments - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Ocean waters yield cancer therapy  - BBC
5/18/2005: Drug offers bladder cancer hope  - BBC

5/18/2005: Hospitals could face MRSA charges  - BBC
5/18/2005: Late HIV diagnosis 'a problem'  - BBC


5/18/2005: Stanford Gut Check Shows Diversity Of Intestinal Ecosystem - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Early Origins Of Obesity: Programming The Appetite Regulatory System - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Two-thirds Of Patients Brush Off Their Dentist's Advice, Study Suggests - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Sponges As Drugs - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Maggots Eat Away Need For Surgery - ABC
5/18/2005: HIV gives clue to muscle disease  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/18/2005: New Findings May Help Preserve Rare Gutenberg Bibles - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Chaos Is Rare: New Study Reveals The Evolution Of Oscillatory Behavior In Age-structured Species - Science Daily
5/18/2005: N.Y. Museum Unveils New Dino Exhibit  - Wired News
5/18/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News
5/18/2005: Kan. Evolution Hearings End in Clash ... - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Pleistocene Park: The plan to restore part of Siberia to the days of the mammoth  - BBC

5/18/2005: Sales soar as housing prices shoot upward - Seattle Times
5/18/2005: Online Casino Hits PR Jackpot  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Steve Jobs Buys a Washing Machine  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Put Smut in Its Place  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Wired News Releases Source Review  - Wired News
5/18/2005: National ID Battle Continues  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Rockonomics and Its Uses  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Science Safari: Amazing Paper Airplanes ... - Science News
5/18/2005: Rocky wilderness The Irish island that clings to the edge of Europe  - BBC
5/18/2005: Battle for life: Malnourished children head to Niger camps after bad harvest  - BBC

5/18/2005: A Hospital Stay Can Make An Older Person More Likely To Commit Suicide - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Work Fatigue And Working Overtime Are Associated With Weight Gain - Science Daily
5/18/2005: How Exactly Does The Brain Control Breathing? - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Structure-building Cell Signals Also May Influence Learning, Memory - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Study Finds ADHD Improves With Sensory Intervention - Science Daily
5/18/2005: DARPA Says Funding to Universities Rising, Not Falling  - Technology Review 
5/18/2005: Paralyzed Rats Walk; Humans Next?
  - Wired News
5/18/2005: Brain disordersHow many epilepsy cases are diagnosed on a daily basis?
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/18/2005: In The Stars The Message Is In The Photons - SpaceDaily
5/18/2005: Fun with physics: Computer games are doing a better job of modelling the world
  - BBC


5/18/2005: Where's My Robotic Maid?  - Wired News

5/18/2005: Map Of Life On Earth Could Be Used On Mars - Science Daily
5/18/2005: Russia: NASA Should Help Fund Escape Craft ...
 - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Ex-NASA Employee Acquitted in Shuttle Case ...
 - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Titan's Atmosphere Revealed by New NASA Observation ...
 - FirstScience
5/18/2005: Japanese adventurers keen on space tourism ...
 - FirstScience

5/18/2005: Motorola Labs Debuts Nano Emissive Flat Screen Display Prototype - SpaceDaily
5/18/2005: The Apple of an Electronic Eye  - Wired News
5/18/2005: A High-Tech Round of Show-and-Tell - Washington Post


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