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  May 18, 2004

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New Material Grabs More Solar Energy -  Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of California, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have engineered a single material that contains three bandgaps and is capable of capturing more than 50 percent of the sun's energy. The researchers made the material by forcing oxygen into a zinc-manganese-tellurium crystal. The oxygen split the crystal's band gap and formed a third one of its own.  
Analysis Uncovers Critical Stretches of Human Genome  - SpaceDaily  Hundreds of stretches of DNA may be so critical to life's machinery that they have been "ultra-conserved" throughout hundreds of millions of years of evolution. Researchers have found precisely the same sequences in the genomes of humans, rats, and mice; sequences that are 95 to 99 percent identical to these can be found in the chicken and dog genomes, as well. Most of these ultra-conserved regions do not appear to code for proteins, but may instead play a regulatory role. Evolutionary theory suggests these sequences may be so central to mammalian biology that even small changes in them would compromise the animal's fitness.

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Brings High-Temp PEM Cells Closer - SpaceDaily  A new type of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) is being developed by researchers at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories to help bring the goal of a micro fuel cell closer to realization using diverse fuels like glucose, methanol, and hydrogen. This Sandia Polymer Electrolyte Alternative (SPEA) could help fulfill the need for new, uninterrupted autonomous power sources for sensors, communications, microelectronics, healthcare applications, and transportation. Because the SPEA material can operate at elevated temperatures, it enables several key benefits. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/18/2004: Analysis Uncovers Critical Stretches of Human Genome  - SpaceDaily 
5/18/2004: Scientists: Virus May Give Link to Life
 - ABC
5/18/2004: 'Junk' throws up precious secret  - BBC
5/18/2004: Animal empathy: Putting yourself in someone's shoes is simpler than thought  - BBC
5/18/2004: Cicadas come of age - MSNBC
5/18/2004: Monsanto scrubs transgenic wheat  - Nature
5/18/2004: Test could boost IVF success  - Nature
5/18/2004: Handsome men evolved thanks to picky females - New Scientist
5/18/2004: Sperm inject RNA into eggs at fertilisation - New Scientist
5/18/2004: Joan Case, Dies  - NY Times
5/18/2004: Get 'Two Steps' Ahead Of Fire Ants With Organic Control - Science Daily
5/18/2004: 22-Amino Acid Bacterium Created By Scripps Scientists - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/18/2004: Environmentalists Want Beetle Protected - ABC
5/18/2004: U.N. Looks at Endangered Species List - ABC
5/18/2004: Climate film 'flawed but useful'  - BBC
5/18/2004: Plants purify poisoned water  - Nature
5/18/2004: Disaster Movie Makes Waves  - Nature
5/18/2004: Global Warming Ignites Tempers, Even in a Movie  - NY Times
5/18/2004: Sea Turtle Health Linked To Contaminants - Science Daily
5/18/2004: Two Water Testing Methods Could Prove Useful In Predicting Effects Of Global Climate Change - Science Daily

5/18/2004: Play Game, Feel Better - ABC
5/18/2004: Review: Canon PowerShot A75 Digital Camera - ABC
5/18/2004: Roundup: Eight-Megapixel Digital Cameras - ABC
5/18/2004: Games giants in mobile battle  - BBC
5/18/2004: Talking shop: How the video game giants are winning hearts and minds  - BBC
5/18/2004: Universities offer video game studies  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Raunchy games test video rating limits
  - CNN
5/18/2004: Sony shows wireless PlayStation Portable
 - New Scientist
5/18/2004: Gamers, start your handhelds
 - Seattle Times

5/18/2004: Picture messages slow to take off  - BBC
5/18/2004: Cell service answers all questions  - CNN
5/18/2004: Bike offers wi-fi while you ride - New Scientist

5/18/2004: IBM's 'Millipede' memory could debut 2006, says report - Silicon Strategies
5/18/2004: NanoInk upgrades dip pen lithography system - Silicon Strategies
5/18/2004: Cell processor gains content - Silicon Strategies

5/18/2004: 'Mesh' Network Makes for Smarter Homes - ABC
5/18/2004: Energy Dept. goes on supercomputer spending spree  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Microsoft delays Virtual PC 7 for Macs  - C/Net
5/18/2004: IBM thinks midsize with printing, portables push  - C/Net
5/18/2004: CD and DVD owners find techno-rot - Washington Post
5/18/2004: Why Steve Jobs matters  - C/Net
5/18/2004: U.S. moves to build top supercomputer  - CNN

5/18/2004: Net threats keep coming  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Adding nerves to the Web  - C/Net  - CNN  
5/18/2004: Burger King: Web chicken under radar  - CNN  
5/18/2004: Why computer security's so primitive  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Google's rewards and risks  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Google's No. 1 man  - C/Net

5/18/2004: Novell opens up tech support for Linux  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Microsoft warns of Windows flaw  - CNN

5/18/2004: New Material Grabs More Solar Energy -
5/18/2004: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Brings High-Temp PEM Cells Closer - SpaceDaily
5/18/2004: Fuel cells face challenge on way to mainstream  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Fuel cells to start powering PDAs, laptops in 2005  - El. Engr. Times
5/18/2004: How soaring gas prices affect everyday life - Seattle Times
5/18/2004: Logging-truck drivers rally to protest fuel prices - Seattle Times

5/18/2004: Britain OKs Over Counter Cholesterol Drug - ABC
5/18/2004: Gene Variant May Cut Risk of Heart Attack - ABC
5/18/2004: 'Cardiofunk' Mutation- Probable Source Of Congenital Heart Defects - Science Daily
5/18/2004: Orange, Tangerine Peels Could Be Better Than Drugs For Lowering Cholesterol - Science Daily


5/18/2004: World 'has historic chance to halt AIDS epidemic' - New Scientist

5/18/2004: Corn syrup linked to diabetes  - Nature

5/18/2004: Report: 1 in 10 Schoolchildren Too Heavy - ABC
5/18/2004: Uninsured Cost Billions - ABC
5/18/2004: Senior Center Focus Shifts to Exercise - ABC
5/18/2004: Experts: Male Eating Disorders Climbing - ABC
5/18/2004: Can Certain Scents Help You Lose Weight? - ABC
5/18/2004: Passive smoke link to miscarriage  - BBC
5/18/2004: Mealtimes 'key for patient care'  - BBC
5/18/2004: Botulinum Toxin Structure Offers Clues For Vaccines, Treatments - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/18/2004: Iron Age tool marks steel move  - BBC

5/18/2004: Fact or Fudged Fiction? - ABC
5/18/2004: Beyond Boiling - ABC
5/18/2004: Safety Tips - ABC
5/18/2004: Women's Role in Prison Scandal - ABC
5/18/2004: Chilean Fired Over Condom Controversy - ABC
5/18/2004: Trillions of cicadas to plague US  - BBC
5/18/2004: The 'Baghdad blogger' lands himself a movie deal  - BBC
5/18/2004: Morning coffee 'not best boost'  - BBC
5/18/2004: Iraq prison abuse images shake the Net  - C/Net
5/18/2004: Princeton's Image-Smashing Math Whiz - Business Week
5/18/2004: Camphone used to cheat on exam  - CNN
5/18/2004: Ballot count  - CNN
5/18/2004: UFO video causes a stir in Mexico
5/18/2004: Censored words unmasked  - Nature
5/18/2004: Iraqi scientists targeted  - Nature
5/18/2004: Foreigners Control Fifth of Mineral Wealth in American West, Study Shows  - NY Times
5/18/2004: Study Group Questions Effectiveness Of Proposed Missile-defense System - Science Daily

5/18/2004: Night and Day - ABC
5/18/2004: Video: When Worries Surface at Night - ABC
5/18/2004: Does Sleep Apnea Make Roads Unsafe? - ABC
5/18/2004: Brain 'may trigger over-eating'  - BBC
5/18/2004: Too much testosterone blights social skills - New Scientist
5/18/2004: ASU Advance Could Provide Insight Into Human's Ability To Recognize Patterns - Science Daily
5/18/2004: Food Displays, Food Colors Affect How Much People Eat - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/18/2004: Hubble sees 'planet' around star  - BBC
5/18/2004: Cosmic Log: Invisible wonders revealed
5/18/2004: Venus transit 'chance of a lifetime'
 - New Scientist
5/18/2004: Entanglement beats the diffraction limit
 - PhysicsWeb
5/18/2004: Giant Galaxy's Violent Past Comes Into Focus
 - Science Daily
5/18/2004: Two Architectures Chosen For Terrestrial Planet Finder
 - Science Daily
5/18/2004: The Remarkable Red Rectangle: A Stairway To Heaven?
 - Science Daily
5/18/2004: Gates foundation capitalized on Japan market turnaround
 - Seattle Times



5/18/2004: Wisconsin Students Test NASA Curriculum - ABC
5/18/2004: Great Wall Of China Seen From Space
 - Science Daily
5/18/2004: Rover starts crater science tasks  - BBC
5/18/2004: Private spaceship almost in space  - BBC
5/18/2004: The Lion's Share Of Mars - SpaceDaily
5/18/2004: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 16 May 2004... - FirstScience
5/18/2004: NASA Gravity Probe B Status Rpeort 14 May 2004... - FirstScience
5/18/2004: NASA Cassini Significant Eventsfor 05/05/04 - 05/12/04... - FirstScience

5/18/2004: The Women of Tech - Business Week
5/18/2004: Will Souping Up TiVo Save It? - Business Week
5/18/2004: The IT Marksman at Wal-Mart - Business Week
5/18/2004: Quantum trick may multiply CD capacity - New Scientist
5/18/2004: In Step Toward Ultrasmall Radio, UF Team Demonstrates On-chip Antenna - Science Daily


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