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  May 17, 2005

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Model of Tutankhamun's face Tutankhamun's face reconstructed   - BBC  Left:  The French team created this image of the young king.  Three teams of forensic artists - French, Egyptian and American - built separate but similar models of the king's face using scans of his skull. The French and Egyptians knew who they were recreating, but the Americans were not told where the skull came from. The models of the boy king, who died 3,300 years ago, reveal a young man with plump cheeks and a round chin. The models bear a striking resemblance to the mask which covered the mummified face of King Tutankhamun, and other ancient portraits.  
Iron Age shoe dug up at quarry  - BBC  A shoe thought to be at least 2,000 years old, and the oldest in the UK, has been dug up at an English quarry. Archaeologists say the shoe is the equivalent of a size 10 and is so well preserved that stitch and lace holes are still visible in the leather "What we have now found is a Bronze Age 'industrial' site consisting of two mounds of burnt stone - dated to 1460 to 1290 BC - and two water-filled troughs. Close by were two timber-built wells, probably dating from the early part of the Iron Age. As far as we know, this is the oldest shoe ever found in the UK" 

Sir David Attenborough (AFP)

Tree with Jurassic roots unveiled  - BBC  Left:  Sir David Attenborough planted a Wollemi pine at Kew Gardens.  A rare species of tree dating back millions of years has been planted at Kew's Royal Botanical Gardens by wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough. The Wollemi pine, once thought to have been extinct for 200 million years, was recently discovered in Australia, sparking a major conservation project. It is thought the pines populated the ancient supercontinent Gondwana when dinosaurs walked the Earth. Fewer than 100 adult trees are known to exist in the wild and the exact location of Wollemi groves remain a secret. A tall conifer, it is closely related to the monkey puzzle tree. "We've got 30 trees planted out here at Kew and at Wakehurst Place, and we'll run them for 18 months to see how they adapt to our climate. They've experienced minus 12 Celsius in North America this winter and, certainly, minus five in Sydney. So, they should be OK here." From next year Wollemi pine saplings will go on sale to the public, and some of the revenue will be sent to Australia to help fund future conservation efforts.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/17/2005: Day of reckoning for stem cell research - MSNBC
5/17/2005: Why lusty canaries change their tune
5/17/2005: Spring birth leads to earlier menopause  - Nature
5/17/2005: Fish get hooked on cooler waters  - Nature
5/17/2005: Catalytic reaction zaps bacteria  - Nature
5/17/2005: Accumulating mutations  - Nature
5/17/2005: Spoilt for choice  - Nature
5/17/2005: When membranes meet  - Nature
5/17/2005: Strange new rodent discovered as Asian snack - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Doubts cast over 'eggs on tap' - New Scientist
5/17/2005: DNA-based genealogy test reveals infertility - New Scientist
5/17/2005: New Limits Are Proposed for Research on Stem Cells  - NY Times
5/17/2005: 'Oddball Rodent' Is Called New to Science  - NY Times
5/17/2005: University Of Queensland Researcher Journeys To The Center Of The Cell - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Certain Female Fish Have Special Mating Preference - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Why Embryos Need A Good Diet - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Waggle Dance Controversy Resolved By Radar Records Of Bee Flight Paths - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Program Finds Lost Genes In Nematode Genome - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/17/2005: Large Calif. quake possible within 30 years - MSNBC
5/17/2005: Scientists to probe quake site of tsunami - MSNBC
5/17/2005: Cliff quivers warn of collapse  - Nature
5/17/2005: Tsunami-ravaged reefs best left to recover unaided - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Researchers On Cruise To Understand Major Changes In Atlantic - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Final Score:- FA Cup Vs The Environment - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Student Plumbs Disaster Relief Logistics - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Scientists Map The World For Nature Conservation - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Supplier leaks Nintendo 'Revolution' launch  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Video game artists seek respect  - CNN
5/17/2005: 'Interrogating fashions'  - CNN
5/17/2005: Review: 'Jade Empire' a nearly flawless jewel of a game  - CNN
5/17/2005: Gamers to rule their own virtual worlds - New Scientist 

5/17/2005: Nextel debuts Wi-Fi service
  - C/Net

5/17/2005: Custom PowerPC drives Xbox 360 to teraflops performance  - El. Engr. Times

5/17/2005: Microsoft tries to breathe life into older PCs  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Supercomputing now available to all - New Scientist

5/17/2005: Yahoo sued over child porn site  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Best business blogs- women at work  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Group: Internet Explorer share slipping  - CNN
5/17/2005: Bloggers' conference emphasizes tools of reporting  - CNN
5/17/2005: Teamwork will beat the spammers - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Instant messaging falls prey to worms - New Scientist

5/17/2005: IBM, Red Hat widen Linux mainframe promotion  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Media empires gang up on internet file sharers - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Soft Drinks Consumption May Increase The Risk Of Childhood Obesity - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Silicon Solution Could Lead To A Truly Long-life Battery - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Video games may help stroke victims  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Novel Stem Cell Trial In Heart Failure Patients To Begin - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Can Rice Bran Oil Melt Away Cholesterol? - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Nurse knows best  - Nature
5/17/2005: Breast CT Reaches Clinical Testing- May Improve On Mammography - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Gene Associated With Breast Cancer May Play Major Role In Prostate Cancer Recurrence - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Massey Cancer Center Researcher Helps To Identify A Piece Of The Cancer Puzzle - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Bird Flu - New Scientist

5/17/2005: Study Suggests Antibiotic May Limit Or Prevent Vision Problems Caused By Diabetes - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Marijuana Withdrawal Reported By Teens Seeking Treatment - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Researchers Consider Possible Mechanistic Links Between Obesity And Asthma - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Study Links Cigarette Smoking With Progression Of Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Type 2 Diabetes May Begin With Grandma's Diet - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Hyperhidrosis And Its Treatment Becoming Better Understood - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Younger Is Better When Implanting Cochlear Implants, Indiana University Study Finds - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/17/2005: Tutankhamun's face reconstructed   - BBC
5/17/2005: Iron Age shoe dug up at quarry   - BBC
5/17/2005: Tree with Jurassic roots unveiled   - BBC
5/17/2005: Evolution hearings end on bitter note - MSNBC
5/17/2005: How did early humans first leave Africa? - MSNBC
5/17/2005: T. rex hunter responds to ‘Jurassic’ flap - MSNBC
5/17/2005: Early African migrants made eastward exit
  - Nature
5/17/2005: Out of Africa and straight to the beach
 - New Scientist
5/17/2005: DNA Study Yields Clues on First Migration of Early Humans
  - NY Times
5/17/2005: The Fresh Face of King Tut: Famous Pharaoh's Features Reconstructed Using High-Resolution CT Scanner
 - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Does Real ID Act contain a legal Trojan horse?  - C/Net
5/17/2005: 'Star Wars' creator's empire moves into the future  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Correcting a culture that breeds mistakes  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Intel's CEO on taxes and green cards  - CNN
5/17/2005: Nature journalist scoops £10,000  - Nature
5/17/2005: Critical Mass scoops science book prize - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Nuclear non-proliferation efforts faltering - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Why Women Shy Away From Careers In Science And Math - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Hand Gestures Linked To Better Speaking - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Monkeys Adapt Robot Arm As Their Own - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/17/2005: The Milky Way: There's no place like home - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Planet search postponed to fund Hubble rescue
 - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Stars spotted on the edge of a massive black hole
 - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Gamma-ray bursts really do glow
 - New Scientist
5/17/2005: More Financing for Shuttle and Hubble as Space Agency Revises Its Budget
  - NY Times
5/17/2005: Art turns to thermodynamics
 - PhysicsWeb
5/17/2005: Scientists Levitate Heaviest Elements With Help From Cold Oxygen
 - Science Daily
5/17/2005: NASA's Chandra Observatory Catches X-Ray Super-Flares
 - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Scientists Discover One Of The Constants Of The Universe Might Not Be Constant
 - Science Daily


5/17/2005: Self-replicating robot created - MSNBC
5/17/2005: Robots master reproduction  - Nature
5/17/2005: Robot Walks, Balances Like A Human - Science Daily

5/17/2005: Space flight tickets on sale  - C/Net
5/17/2005: Cosmic Log: High time for Titan
5/17/2005: Have we cracked Saturn's walnut?
 - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Interview: The right stuff
 - New Scientist
5/17/2005: Taking a close look at Titan
 - PhysicsWeb
5/17/2005: New Moon Making Waves
 - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Opportunity Turns Its Wheels . . .
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2005: iPSTAR Satillite Prepares For Launch
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2005: ISS Crew Line Up Station's Orbit For Arrival Of New Progress
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2005: Discovery's Next Steps
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2005: Russia To Launch Belorussian Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2005: ISS Oxygen Generator Fails for Good, Station Managers Say
5/17/2005: Former NASA Inspector Acquitted in Shuttle Case
5/17/2005: NASA chief makes plea for successor to shuttle ...
 - FirstScience
5/17/2005: Deep Impact Still on Target ...
 - FirstScience
5/17/2005: What's Up This Week - May 16 - May 22, 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
5/17/2005: 05.16.05 - NASA-Pokemon Partner for Education NASA is collaborating again with the Pokmon Trading Card Game t ...
 - FirstScience

5/17/2005: Taking the heat out of the kitchen  - NY Times
5/17/2005: Parajet idea takes off  - CNN
5/17/2005: 'Star Wars' spawned a galaxy of technologies  - CNN
5/17/2005: Devices detect caches of cash  - CNN
5/17/2005: Carnegie Mellon University Chemists Adapt Casting Technique To Make Ordered Nanocarbons - Science Daily
5/17/2005: UNC Scientists Develop Promising New X-ray Device Using Carbon Nanotubes - Science Daily
5/17/2005: Nanotechnology's Miniature Answers To Developing World's Biggest Problems
 - Science Daily


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