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  May 17, 2004

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Pushing the Limit: Possible First Photo of Extrasolar Planet -  In a preliminary analysis of new data, astronomers say they may have imaged a planet outside our solar system for the first time by using a tricky new method to ferret out dim objects from the light of a star. The scientists say there is a high probability the object is a planet, however. If so, it would not resemble anything in our solar system. The possible planet is huge, something less than 10 times as massive as Jupiter.
High-Energy Laser Destroys Large-Caliber Rocket - SpaceDaily  As the scope of battlefield threats continues to expand, so does the versatility of a high-energy laser system to defeat them. The U.S. Army's Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (MTHEL) testbed destroyed a rocket on May 4 that's larger, faster and that flies higher than previous threats destroyed by the laser weapon demonstrator. Northrop Grumman Corporation built the demonstrator for the Army and the Israel Ministry of Defence (IMoD). MTHEL will be the first tactical and mobile, directed-energy weapon capable of shooting down rockets and other tactical targets in flight to protect deployed forces and civilians of the U.S. and its friends and allies.  

Shuttle Or Not, Hubble Will Be Saved - SpaceDaily  Indications are growing that the aging Hubble Space Telescope will not be allowed to die -- even if the U.S. space shuttle fleet will not be used to save it. More and more, it appears that NASA -- or even an international consortium of some kind -- will deploy a robotic space mission sometime in the next few years to service or repair the telescope. This new development is the product of a trio of factors contributing to the space agency's rethinking on the Hubble, which has been orbiting since 1990 and long ago exceeded its expected operational lifetime. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/17/2004: Amid Jungle Cacophony, Hornbills Heed Monkeys' Alarms  - NY Times
5/17/2004: They Hummed in Europe, Too
  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Observatory: Look-Alike Tuna and Shark  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Timing of Hibernation  - NY Times
5/17/2004: The Heart's Desire  - NY Times
5/17/2004: An Emotional Roller Coaster Without Guarantees  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Personal Health: The Risks and Demands of Pregnancy After 20  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Forum: Share Your Thoughts on Infertility Treatments  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Owl With New Vision Doing Well After Release - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Penguins Ingest Mollusk Shells To Obtain Calcium For Thicker Eggshells - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Interior Decorating For Cells: 'Furniture' Placement Affects Life-sustaining Functions - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Fire Ant Killing Protozoa Found In 120 Texas Counties - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Tests Show Biotech Corn Rules Need Revision - Science Daily
5/17/2004: The beginning of the end for genetically engineered crop technology-... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: Green Party launches Euro election campaign... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: Greenpeace Uncovers Warehouse Full of Transgenic Soya... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
5/17/2004: Just One Word for the Ocean: Plastics  - NY Times
5/17/2004: INTERNATIONAL World Bamboo Diversity Falling to Deforestation... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: CANADA Ontarians Support Ban on Sport Hunting Wolves... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: AFRICA Fire, Drought, Hunger African Refugees' Portion... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: NASA scientist discover air pollution 'express train' from Asia to Southern Atlantic Ocean... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: Drought Signals Severe US Fire Season - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Global Warming's Latest Hot Topic Causes Yet More Nasty Arguments - SpaceDaily

5/17/2004: Play Games, Be Better Students?  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Net Lets Hand-Helds View 3D Data  - Technology Review 
5/17/2004: Put on Your PJs and Run Playboy  - Wired News
5/17/2004: PlayStation 2 Price Cut to $149  - Wired News

5/17/2004: Woz Goes Wireless  - Technology Review 

5/17/2004: New Computer Memory Stores Three Bits in One -

5/17/2004: ST's Ovonic memory research enters product-based phase - Silicon Strategies
5/17/2004: Samsung has carbon nanotube based display, says report - Silicon Strategies
5/17/2004: Delicate Aroma of Wine From a Computer Near You  - Wired News

5/17/2004: Browser Hijackers Ruining Lives  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Dropping the Bomb on Google  - Wired News
5/17/2004: The Unfolding Saga of the Web  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Read This, Jump Into Blog Fray  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Suing the Pants Off Spammers  - Wired News

5/17/2004: Apple Wants to Open Song Vaults  - Wired News
5/17/2004: $258 Million Suits Lawyers Fine  - Wired News

5/17/2004: Hybrid Mileage Comes Up Short  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Japan nuclear panel to suggest dropping fast breeder reactors... - FirstScience

5/17/2004: Exercise Playing Tag Helps Young Hearts  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Researchers discover gene variation that reduces stroke risk... - FirstScience

5/17/2004: Prostate Cancer Marker Could Lead To Earlier Diagnosis Say Pittsburgh Researchers - Science Daily
5/17/2004: DNA Computer Kills Cancer Cells  - Technology Review 

5/17/2004: Factfile on malaria - SpaceDaily

5/17/2004: Most Household Cleaners Remove Peanut Allergens, Hopkins Study Shows - Science Daily
5/17/2004: INDIA India Forbids Tobacco Smoking in Public Places... - FirstScience

5/17/2004: Training: Easing the Burdens of Caregivers  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Helping Beneficial Fungi Work - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Less Educated People Have Lower Stress, But More Health Effects - Science Daily
5/17/2004: FDA To Determine Health Significance Of Low Furan Levels In Foods - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Teleradiology: So Far, So Good - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Radiologists warn of needless X-ray burns... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: How Does Fat Kill Thee: Many Ways  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
5/17/2004: Guatemalan Jungles Yield a Wealth of Maya Treasure  - NY Times

5/17/2004: How to Get a Tech CEO's Goat  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Use Credit Reports to Prevent ID Theft  - Wired News
5/17/2004: E-Filing Nears 50 Percent Mark  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Science, Visas and America  - Wired News
5/17/2004: 'Whispering Keyboards' Could Be Next Attack Trend  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Code That Kills, for Real  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Nearly 100, he's still advancing science... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: Global Media Giants Flock To India - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Nuclear Security Plan Questioned - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: US-based software firm's Indian arm to double headcount this year - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: IPod All the Rage in High Fashion  - Wired News
5/17/2004: That Looks Like It Really Hurts  - Wired News
5/17/2004: Mexican Air Force Films UFOs  - Wired News

5/17/2004: Brain scans made easy - PhysicsWeb
5/17/2004: Drug Used To Treat Depression Helps People With Irritable Bowel Syndrome, According To Pittsburgh Study - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Magnetic Treatment May Help People With Spinal Cord Injuries - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/17/2004: A Dim Speck in Space With a Fantastic View  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Record: Fastest Flashing Star
 - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Two Extremely Hot Exoplanets Caught In Transit - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Chandra X-ray Observatory Spies Galaxy's Violent Past -
5/17/2004: XMM-Newton Detects X-Ray 'Solar Cycle' In Distant Star - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Rosetta Fit Out Continues For Decade Long Mission - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Gravity Probe B Rollout Continues - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: The Remarkable Red Rectangle: A Stairway To Heaven? - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Two Hot Planets Seen Orbiting Very Close to Parent Stars... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: Spitzer Shares The Wealth
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Webb Telescope on track to replace Hubble in 2011...
 - FirstScience


5/17/2004: Robot Navigation Shifts Gears  - Wired News

5/17/2004: New Mexico to Host Spaceflight Contest  - NY Times
7/2004: New Mexico to Host Private 'X Prize' Spaceflight Race -
7/2004: For President's Moon-to-Mars Commission, Now Comes the Hard Part -
7/2004: Russian Space Chief Says Mars Mission Is Realistic -
5/17/2004: New Bush Space Speech Planned
 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Encore: What's Next Beyond LEO - Part 4 - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: China's Shenzhou VI to be launched in fall 2005: report - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Deep Faults And Disrupted Crater At Acheron Fossae - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Bringing Mars Back Home to Earth... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: 'PM.Zone Returns To Mars' 10... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: Hubble Health Report: Telescope's Life Expectancy Predicted
5/17/2004: China Planning Autumn 2005 Space Mission -
5/17/2004: Homegrown Rocketeers Prepare for Their Next Space Shot -
5/17/2004: A New 'Constellation' At NASA - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Australian Telco Bird To Ride First Arianespace Soyuz Flight - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: EADS to win 3.0-billion-euro contract for 30 Ariane-5 rockets - SpaceDaily

5/17/2004: Pipes Askew, It Still Needs to Sing  - NY Times
5/17/2004: Chemist's Technique Enables Creation Of Novel Carbon Nanoparticles - Science Daily
5/17/2004: Nano-Scale Trees Created At Lund Institute Of Technology - SpaceDaily
5/17/2004: Squeal Stopper  - Technology Review 
5/17/2004: MIT Aims for the Bottom Line  - Wired News
5/17/2004: NASA GRC: Journey to Tomorrow 'Technology Showcase'... - FirstScience
5/17/2004: The Language of Pattern Recognition  - Technology Review 


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