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  May 16, 2005

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A Puzzle Finally Makes the 'Cosmic Figures' Fit  - NY Times  Like a Russian matryoshka doll, each layer peels away to reveal a smaller form within. On the outside is the icosahedron, inside that a dodecahedron, inside that a cube, inside that a tetrahedron, and at the core a tiny octahedron. Each form is itself a puzzle that must be assembled from interlocking pieces, the whole constituting a tiny symphony of Platonic play.    
The Ring On The Radar Screen - SpaceDaily  Left:  The image at the left is taken from a mosaic of images obtained in March 2005  The new image shows intriguing details in the bright and dark patterns near an 80-kilometer-wide (50-mile) crater seen first by Cassini's synthetic aperture radar experiment during a Titan flyby in February 2005. Interestingly, a smaller, roughly 20-kilometer-wide (12-mile), dark and circular feature can be seen within an irregularly-shaped, brighter ring, and is similar to the larger dark spot associated with the radar crater. The pixel scale of this image is 390 meters (0.2 miles) per pixel.  

 Image may be Mars Polar Lander  - BBC   More details  An imaging scientist thinks he may have found Nasa's Mars Polar Lander (MPL). The US space agency probe went missing as it attempted to touch down at the Red Planet's south pole in 1999. It is thought that as the $165m robot approached the ground, its onboard systems confused the jolt from the deployment of a landing leg with ground contact. Dr Malin thinks he can identify a parachute close to the imaged location, and he says disturbed ground matches what one would see if a rocket had blasted the surface from a height of tens of metres. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/16/2005: Dementia danger drug 'still used'  - BBC
5/16/2005: Photo essay award Kenneth O'Halloran's portrayal of Alzheimer's sufferer
  - BBC

5/16/2005: Suit Stymies Stem-Cell Gold Rush  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Well Endowed Fish Get the Girls ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Waggle dance leads bees to food   - BBC
5/16/2005: Warmer waters 'drive fish north'  - BBC
5/16/2005: Coffee fix: Coffee drinkers could be helping to save El Salvador's wildlife
5/16/2005: Rare Spain lynx cub dies in fight  - BBC
5/16/2005: Market fare is major rodent find  - BBC
5/16/2005: Hope for rare grass: Botanists hope the club sedge could make an Irish comeback  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/16/2005: Taking The Earth's Pulse  - NY Times
5/16/2005: Giant panda's home cleaned up from pollution ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Greenpeace comment on Countryside Agency moves over wind farm site ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Hatcheries May Be Releasing Pollutants along with Fish?... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Court Tells EPA to Stop Tracking Releases of Widely Used Chemical Solvent ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Norway advocates 'zero-emissions' for Arctic oil ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Greenhouse gas trade growing sharply-World Bank ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Climate Change is 'All about Our Money,' Big Investors Say ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Gamble in the Desert -- 'Green' Diesel from Natural Gas Could Cut City Smog?... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: China's Environmental Agency Warns Local Officials against Shielding Pollutors ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Air pollution, secondhand smoke and other factors may increase risk of myocardial infarction ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Sunlight is increasing on Earth ... - FirstScience

5/16/2005: Sith Comes Up Short  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Christian Games and the Power of Choice  - Wired News
5/16/2005: New Xbox to kick off console wars  - BBC
5/16/2005: Looking to Pick Off BlackBerry - Business Week
5/16/2005: Microsoft touts graphics on new Xbox 360 - Business Week
5/16/2005: Personal Gizmos - Business Week
5/16/2005: New Xbox makes debut
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Photos: Xbox 360
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Xbox specs revealed
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Xbox 360 launch gets jump on rivals
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Next-gen consoles take center stage
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Draftees get a peek at next-gen Madden
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Xbox 360 Official Shots, Including Ghost Recon
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Developers uneasy about new game consoles
  - C/Net

5/16/2005: Identity crisis Why mobiles that do it all call for better design ideas
  - BBC
5/16/2005: Digital listening growing, radio slipping
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Dell PCs to tap mobile networks for Net access
  - C/Net

5/16/2005: No, You Can't Buy That Chip Gear - Business Week

5/16/2005: Grassroots computing languages hit the big time  - C/Net

5/16/2005: Yahoo Readies Cheap Music Service  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Hacker Infiltrated Government Computers  - CNN
5/16/2005: 'Trek' Into Web Space - L. A. Times
5/16/2005: E-Mail Near and Far  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Uncle Sam Buys Online Realty - Washington Post
5/16/2005: Swedish teenager quizzed over NASA hack ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Firefox's flaws fixed in upgrade
  - BBC
5/16/2005: Massachusetts tackles spam gang
  - BBC
5/16/2005: TV download sites hit by lawsuits
  - BBC
5/16/2005: Help Desk
 - Business Week
5/16/2005: Dig those downloads
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: IBM backs Firefox in-house
  - C/Net
5/16/2005: AOL's remixed Messenger
  - C/Net

5/16/2005: Microsoft Delivers First Maestro Beta  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Microsoft offers security service  - BBC
5/16/2005: The World According to Ballmer - Business Week
5/16/2005: Tech & You - Business Week
5/16/2005: Open-source divorce for Apple's Safari?  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Windows for India, others won't run on faster chips  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Oracle works quietly with Mozilla  - C/Net
5/16/2005: Security gripes: Microsoft feels your pain  - C/Net

5/16/2005: Frozen Talks Over Fusion Reactor  - Wired News
5/16/2005: For fuel cell innovation, the tank is half full  - C/Net


5/16/2005: Bacterial genome sheds light on synthesizing cancer-fighting compounds ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Staying healthy: Can changing your lifestyle and diet help prevent cancer?  - BBC
5/16/2005: Boost for breast cancer survival  - BBC
5/16/2005: Dispatches from the War on Cancer - Business Week

5/16/2005: Cases of mumps soaring across UK  - BBC
5/16/2005: MMR jab 'not linked to Crohn's'  - BBC
5/16/2005: Slave trade key to leprosy spread  - BBC
5/16/2005: Spotting malaria: Why you should look out for symptoms when you get home  - BBC

5/16/2005: 70 years of AA: How two 'hopeless' drunks saved millions from the demon drink  - BBC
5/16/2005: 'Tanorexic' teen Schoolgirl addicted to sunbeds is told she risks cancer  - BBC
5/16/2005: Warning of smoke ban 'inequality'  - BBC

5/16/2005: Eat Fat to Lose Fat  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Fat chance Creams, jeans, lipo... what, if anything, works on cellulite?  - BBC
5/16/2005: Birthday 'influences menopause'  - BBC
5/16/2005: Patients ignore brushing advice  - BBC
5/16/2005: Baby benefits: Doctors uneasy about umbilical cord blood banks  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/16/2005: A Volcanic Dinosaur Debate ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Clue to how velociraptors gave up meat for plants ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: In pictures: How a Jurassic dinosaur arrived in the UK a century ago  - BBC
5/16/2005: Early humans 'followed coast'  - BBC

5/16/2005: Wired News Releases Source Review  - Wired News
5/16/2005: GPS Tracking: Good News for Inmates  - Wired News
5/16/2005: 'Happy slapping': Is a reported craze for slapping strangers and filming it fact or hype?  - BBC
5/16/2005: BBC eases rules on news use  - BBC
5/16/2005: India Successfully Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Surface Missile  - BBC
5/16/2005: Final Star Trek spin-off TV series boldly goes off the air in US  - BBC
5/16/2005: PayPal Takes Wing The Web service is going beyond parent eBay. Will the next foray be offline? - Business Week
5/16/2005: Computer problem causes false stock quotes - Business Week
5/16/2005: Taser: study says guns don't hurt hearts - Business Week


Physics and Astronomy:
5/16/2005: A Puzzle Finally Makes the 'Cosmic Figures' Fit  - NY Times
5/16/2005: Experts: Flares May Have Helped Planets ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: 05.10.05 - Chandra Catches X-ray Flares New results from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory about the Orion Nebu ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Blast hints at black hole birth
  - BBC


5/16/2005: Week in pictures: Robots on the march  - C/Net

5/16/2005: Image may be Mars Polar Lander   - BBC
The Ring On The Radar Screen - SpaceDaily
5/16/2005: New Moon Hides in Saturn Rings
  - Wired News
5/16/2005: Irish viewers get glimpse of space station ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: China's Wall Less Great in View from Space ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Despite hurdles, human missions to Mars are in the works ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Angara rockets may be used for manned space missions ...
 - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Titan's Atmosphere Revealed By New Observations
  - BBC
5/16/2005: Cassini Offers Insights Into Titan's Similarities With Earth
  - BBC
5/16/2005: Putin Space Putsch Gathers Force
  - BBC
5/16/2005: AERA Begins Ticket Sales; Announces First Target Flight Date
  - BBC

5/16/2005: Chemists adapt casting technique to make ordered nanocarbons ... - FirstScience
5/16/2005: Taiwan's Tech Clout - Business Week


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