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  May 15, 2005

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Future computer: Atoms Packed In An "Egg Carton" Of Light? - Washington Post  Left:  This image depicts an experiment underway at Ohio State University, where physicists are attempting to develop a quantum chip - a computer chip that uses the quantum mechanical properties of atoms to perform calculations. In the first part of the experiment, lasers and magnetic fields capture vaporized rubidium atoms and form them into a pea-sized cloud. The device holding the cloud then slides down a track to move the atoms into position above a glass chip. Then the magnetic fields are then shut off, releasing the atoms, which fall onto a surface of laser light. See video animation. Animation produced by the Ohio Supercomputer Center under agreement with the Department of University Relations, courtesy of Ohio State University.  Scientists at Ohio State University have taken a step toward the development of powerful new computers - by making tiny holes that contain nothing at all. The holes - dark spots in an egg carton-shaped surface of laser light - could one day cradle atoms for quantum computing  
Image of a pill 'Miracle heart pill would work'  - BBC  A Nottingham University study of over 13,000 patients found a pill bringing together three drugs extended life in people with a history of heart disease. The drugs combination that appeared to improve survival chances the most - by about 83% - was of statins, aspirin and beta-blockers. Adding in an ACE inhibitor did bring extra benefits. Because the study only looked at patients with heart disease, the researchers said their results should not be taken to mean all people aged over 55 should be given a polypill.   

Earth's Reflectivity A Great Unknown In Gauging Climate Change Impacts - SpaceDaily  Earth's climate is being changed substantially by a buildup of atmospheric greenhouse gases, but a group of leading climate scientists contends the overall impact is not understood as well as it should be because data are too scarce on how much energy the planet reflects into space. Reflectivity, or albedo, is largely governed by clouds and atmospheric particles called aerosols, but it is one of Earth's least-understood properties, said Robert Charlson, a University of Washington atmospheric scientist. Valero is the lead scientist on a project called Deep Space Climate Observatory.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/15/2005: Embryonic Law And Order - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Immune System Lab Model Overcomes Ethical Limits On Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells Studies
 - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Scientists Find Unusual Use Of Metals In The Ocean - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Microbes Yield Secrets Of Survival - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Stem Cell Treatment Improves Mobility After Spinal Cord Injury - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/15/2005: Earth's Reflectivity A Great Unknown In Gauging Climate Change Impacts - SpaceDaily
5/15/2005: Swiss wrap glacier to slow ice melt  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Previously Unknown Fault Provides New Insights On Himalayan Mountain Building - Science Daily
5/15/2005: As World Warms, Vegetation Changes May Influence Extreme Weather - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Ocean Climate Predicts Elk Population In Canadian Rockies - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Satellites Monitoring Dust Storms Linked To Health Risk - Science Daily

5/15/2005: Gates sees big dollars in little devices  - C/Net
5/15/2005: New Game Consoles Set to Shake E3  - Wired News

5/15/2005: Microsoft's Mobile Initiative
 - Business Week
5/15/2005: Is That a Satellite in Your Pocket?
 - Business Week
5/15/2005: W3C launches mobile push
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Microsoft eyes mobile work force
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Bill Gates on new Windows Mobile software
  - CNN
5/15/2005: Put Some Wisdom in Your Pocket
  - Wired News

5/15/2005: New Material Structure Produces World's Fastest Transistor - Science Daily
5/15/2005: NYU Researchers Explain How Organic Molecules Bind To Semiconductor Surfaces - Science Daily
5/15/2005: New Mathematical Model Better Describes Transistor Behavior - Science Daily

5/15/2005: India's license to open source
5/15/2005: India's low-cost PCs  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Via readies $250 PC  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Apple granted patent for tablet Mac  - C/Net
5/15/2005: The paperless office  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Low-cost PC market heats up in India  - El. Engr. Times

5/15/2005: AOL jumps into free e-mail business - Business Week
5/15/2005: Yahoo introduces online music service - Business Week
5/15/2005: A star is born via download?  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Photo: Surfing for video
5/15/2005: FAQ: Hard facts about Google's Web Accelerator  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Anti-Japanese hostilities move to the Internet - Washington Post
5/15/2005: Google may open first office in China
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Google puts brakes on Accelerator
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Will Yahoo's music move prompt a price war?
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Firefox growth slows again
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Microsoft to expand MSN in China
  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Report: Government computers hacked
  - CNN
5/15/2005: Hacker may be Swedish teen
  - CNN
5/15/2005: Browser Firefox gains on Explorer
 - Seattle Times
5/15/2005: Escargot? Oui. Google? Sacre Bleu
  - Wired News

5/15/2005: A Microsoft-Red Hat warming trend?  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Two men admit selling counterfeit software  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Longhorn's 'Red Screen of Death'  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Long wait for Longhorn  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Everyone needs stronger Java  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Red flags over Hollywood  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Dashboard Leaves Macs Vulnerable  - Wired News

5/15/2005: The New Power Generation  - C/Net
5/15/2005: MIT Profs, Colleagues Propose Plan For Nuclear Energy - Science Daily

5/15/2005: 'Miracle heart pill would work'   - BBC 
5/15/2005: Drug in Test Acts on Gene Tied to Heart  - NY Times

5/15/2005: Molecular Change Occurring During Brain Tumor Progression Also Evident In Breast Cancer - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Gold Nanoparticles May Simplify Cancer Detection - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Researchers Observe Predictors Of Natural Immunity To Ovarian Cancer - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Research Suggests Molecular Approaches To Brain Tumor Treatment - Science Daily
5/15/2005: UCLA Cancer Researchers Shake Loose Hidden Biomarker - Science Daily

5/15/2005: Number of 'superbug' cases rising  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Polio fight falters as Yemen and Java report fresh cases  - Nature
5/15/2005: Marburg outbreak now devastating all age groups - New Scientist
5/15/2005: New Treatments For Common Vaginal Infection Being Studied - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Two Studies Document Rise Of Superbugs In The Environment - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Yale Scientists 'See' Basis Of Antibiotic Resistance - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Employing Ecology To Predict And Manage Emerging Infectious Diseases
 - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Fragile US Vaccine System Needs Improvement Despite Dramatic Gains In Health Over Past Century
 - Science Daily

5/15/2005: Insulin itself may spark Type I diabetes - New Scientist
5/15/2005: Type 2 Diabetes Is Increasing Among Children All Over The World - Science Daily

5/15/2005: Physical Pain Aggravates Majority Of Americans, According To Poll - Science Daily
5/15/2005: University of Iowa Researcher Studies Deafness In Fruit Flies, Humans - Science Daily
5/15/2005: New Fat Is Needed To Clear Old Fat From The System - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Mesotherapy Not Proven As A Safe Alternative To Liposuction - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Purdue Study Finds Races React Differently To Dietary Salt, Calcium - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/15/2005: Tut Was Not Such a Handsome Golden Youth, After All  - NY Times
5/15/2005: Fear Of Falling: It's Not Only Grandpa's Phobia - Science Daily

5/15/2005: The Terror Watch List's Tangle - Business Week
5/15/2005: Counterterrorism: Connecting the Intel Dots - Business Week
5/15/2005: Plasma without the Price - Business Week
5/15/2005: Meet the CIA's venture capitalist  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Senate approves electronic ID card bill  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Losing IT's leadership  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Johnny can so program  - C/Net
5/15/2005: RFID steps closer to protecting borders  - El. Engr. Times
5/15/2005: Europe's $86 billion research program to create 925,000 jobs, says report  - El. Engr. Times
5/15/2005: China close behind Korea, Taiwan, IC design survey finds  - El. Engr. Times
5/15/2005: Centrifugal weapon could deliver stealth firepower - New Scientist
5/15/2005: Nuclear non-proliferation efforts faltering - New Scientist
5/15/2005: Terrorist-proof Buildings From New High-tech Sensors - Science Daily
5/15/2005: United gets OK to dump pension plans - Seattle Times
5/15/2005: Shrinking cash pile threatens Delta's survival - Seattle Times - Seattle Times
5/15/2005: China's appetite for 737 shows no sign of slowing - Seattle Times
5/15/2005: Corporate Concierge  - Technology Review 
5/15/2005: National ID Card Draws Fire  - Wired News

5/15/2005: Several Years In Small Classes In Elementary School Yields Big Rewards At Graduation Time - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Depression Gene May Weaken Mood-regulating Circuit - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Intrinsic Motivation Doesn't Exist, Researcher Says - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Girl Juvenile Offenders Exhibit More Problems, Risks Than Boys - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Gene Mutated In Cancer Found In Some With Autism - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Magnetic Stimulation Treatment For Depression Helping Difficult-to-treat Cases At UT Southwestern - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Athletic Performance In Teens
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/15/2005: Swift satellite spies cosmic crash  - Nature
5/15/2005: Short gamma-ray burst hints at neutron star merger
 - New Scientist
5/15/2005: Young Sun's X-ray flares may have saved Earth
 - New Scientist
5/15/2005: Microscopes reach new depths
 - PhysicsWeb
5/15/2005: A recipe for making strings in the lab
 - PhysicsWeb
5/15/2005: Mystery Solved: How The Orbits Of Extrasolar Planets Became So Eccentric
 - Science Daily


5/15/2005: Self-cloning robots are a chip off the old block - New Scientist



5/15/2005: Science of Star Wars: fact or fiction?  - C/Net
5/15/2005: Shake And Stir To Make Granular Materials Change Phases - Science Daily
5/15/2005: Design by DNA  - Technology Review 


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