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  May 14, 2005

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To conquer Venus, try a plane with a brain - New Scientist  After being released by an orbiter, the craft's origami-like wings would unfurl from an "aeroshell" (see Graphic) . Solar panels on the craft's surface could absorb large amounts of the intense solar energy, powering motors to allow the craft to fly continuously.     
In Search Hints Of Habitability On Mars - SpaceDaily  The Mars Express SPICAM instrument, which is monitoring the martian atmosphere, is addressing the question of the habitability of Mars. If there is life on the surface of Mars now, could it survive? So this experiment is measuring, for instance, the solar ultraviolet (UV) light which is penetrating to the surface. It can also measure ozone and water. They have found a very interesting correlation between ozone and water. It seems that wherever there is an increase in atmospheric water, there is a corresponding disappearance of ozone. So, on Mars, when water goes up, ozone goes down.    

Image of an elderly woman

Antioxidants a key to 'long life'  - BBC  Mice engineered to produce high levels of an catalase lived 20% longer and had less heart and other age-related diseases, they found. This study "shows the significance of free radicals, and of reactive oxygen species in particular, in the ageing process. People used to only focus on specific age-related diseases, because it was believed that the ageing process itself could not be affected. What we're realising now is that by intervening in the underlying ageing process, we may be able to produce very significant increases in health span, or healthy lifespan," he said.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/14/2005: British flora may face extinction - MSNBC
5/14/2005: America's whooping cranes bounce back
5/14/2005: Ohio Officials Hope Chestnut Trees Revive  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Md. Researchers Predict Bad Year for Algae  - NY Times
5/14/2005: A New Way To Share Models Of Biological Systems - Science Dailys
5/14/2005: Researchers Map 'Circuitry' Of Yeast Genes Using Technique That Could Be Applied To Humans - Science Daily
5/14/2005: Fish is shortest-lived vertebrate  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/14/2005: High Yellowstone eruption threat - MSNBC
5/14/2005: Join a Discussion on The Environment  - NY Times
5/14/2005: A Web of Sensors, Taking Earth's Pulse  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Graphic: The Wired Woodlands  - NY Times
5/14/2005: New Method For Dating Ancient Earthquakes Through Cave Evidence Developed By Israeli Researchers - Science Daily
5/14/2005: Small Glaciers in Northern California Buck Global Warming Trend ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: Air quality from hazardous waste fire no more dangerous than idling bus ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: Children at risk, says Illinois agricultural economist who helped assess the world's ecosystem ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: Vatican Radio officials convicted in 'electro-smog' case ... - ABC
5/14/2005: Smog alert covers Southern Ontario ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: Carbon tax may force vege growers to quit ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: 'New Yorker' Climate Change Series ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: Timber patrol Peacekeepers take on the loggers stripping Bosnia's forests  - BBC
5/14/2005: Swiss glacier wrapped in foil to ward off summer sun  - BBC
5/14/2005: Heatwave survival advice updated  - BBC
5/14/2005: Warning over healthcare migration  - BBC

5/14/2005: Minority Report: Tempting the 'iPod to Mac' switchers  - NY Times
5/14/2005: 'Jade Empire' a jewel  - CNN

5/14/2005: Verizon hits the gas on fiber campaign
  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Photos: High in high-speed fiber
  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Napster opens ring-tone download store
  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Mobile TV tests cartoons and news
  - BBC



5/14/2005: Exploit code chases two Firefox flaws  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Deadly delay on Vonage 911?  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Sober worm hits new heights  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Your Internet search results, in the round  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Instant Networks  - Technology Review 
5/14/2005: Watchdog targeting workplace porn  - BBC 

5/14/2005: Mayor buys 'mumbles' to curb cybertricks  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Vital Signs: Patterns: Pain Reliever and Asthma Risk
5/14/2005: Vital Signs: Reactions: Healthful Oil Can Become a Threat  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Tiger pounces: Does the new Apple Mac operating system deliver on its promise-
5/14/2005: The fightback: How Microsoft wants to become part of the fabric of your life  - BBC

5/14/2005: Experts seek clean, green power  - BBC
5/14/2005: Europe stages nuclear crisis test  - BBC
5/14/2005: Germany shuts nuclear plant  - BBC

5/14/2005: Low Cholesterol? Don't Brag Quite Yet  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Liver May Be Source Of 'Good' Cholesterol - Science Daily
5/14/2005: Types of thrombosis: What does a blood clot have to do with a heart attack?  - BBC
5/14/2005: Common drugs raise heart threat  - BBC

5/14/2005: Vital Signs: Screenings: Celebrities May Not Know Best  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Ecstasy can block cancer growth  - BBC
5/14/2005: Test to spot early ovarian cancer  - BBC

5/14/2005: Antibodies fight back against HIV  - Nature
5/14/2005: Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Pet Rodents  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Have Your Say Should all UK children receive immunisation against Hep B?  - BBC

5/14/2005: Alcohol-impaired Driving On The Increase, Study Shows - Science Daily
5/14/2005: Two Drugs Combined More Cost-effective Safer For Managing Arthritis In High-risk Patients - Science Daily
5/14/2005: Two Studies Offer Clues About How Alcoholic Behavior Is 'Switched' On - Science Daily

5/14/2005: Cases: Old, Afraid and Gripped by Demons  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Essay: Doctors Do Know Things Patients Don't Know  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Fitness Without Frills (No Men Allowed)  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Recombinant DNA Technology May Enable Oral, Rather Than Injectable, Delivery Of Protein Drugs - Science Daily
5/14/2005: French surgeons begin UK 'exile'  - BBC
5/14/2005: US city orders up 'fast-food' tax  - BBC
5/14/2005: Girl died masking cigarette smell  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/14/2005: Surf Not Up For Palaeozoic Creatures - New Model Reveals Ancient Sea Was A Giant Lake - Science Daily

5/14/2005: Congress plans scrutiny of Patriot Act  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Fiorina moves on to speaking engagements  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Tech start-up scene poised for revival  - C/Net
5/14/2005: U.S. may file suit over real estate rule  - C/Net
5/14/2005: Hold or fold: Sizing up business risk  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Oracle chief selling estate for $25M  - CNN
5/14/2005: See a photo gallery of Ellison's estate  - CNN
5/14/2005: Conference emphasizes tools of reporting  - CNN
5/14/2005: Romania hosts nuclear disaster simulation  - Nature
5/14/2005: Letters  - NY Times
5/14/2005: A Conversation With Robert Boyd: How Culture Pushed Us to the Top of the Food Chain  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Trial Begins for Former NASA Inspector  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Alaska Town Won't See Sunset for Months  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Cheating, or an Early Mingling of the Blood?  - NY Times
5/14/2005: A Vision of Terror  - Technology Review 
5/14/2005: Freeing Digital TV  - Technology Review 
5/14/2005: The Minds Behind Mappr  - Technology Review 
5/14/2005: The making of art Where does all the imagery around us come from?  - BBC
5/14/2005: Iraq reservists 'need more help'  - BBC
5/14/2005: Women experts urged back to labs
  - BBC
5/14/2005: Undiscovered: How much isn't known about the world? More than you might think
  - BBC

5/14/2005: Brain responses differ in gay, straight men - MSNBC
5/14/2005: Behavior: A Verbal Aphrodisiac Cocktail  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Scientist at Work | Michael Gazzaniga: A Career Spent Learning How the Mind Emerges From the Brain  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Gay and Straight Men React Differently to Sexual Odors  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Parental Conflict Can Affect School Performance - Science Daily
5/14/2005: Too tired How psychotherapy 'cured' Saphira's chronic fatigue  - BBC
5/14/2005: We are expert at sniffing out potential sexual partners
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/14/2005: NASA Satellite Captures Black Hole Birth  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Laws Of Physics Change? ...
 - FirstScience

5/14/2005: Antioxidants a key to 'long life'   - BBC

5/14/2005: Cosmic Log: Robot speaks in tongues - MSNBC
5/14/2005: Robots compete in football league  - BBC

5/14/2005: To conquer Venus, try a plane with a brain  - New Scientist
In Search Hints Of Habitability On Mars - SpaceDaily
5/14/2005: Ore. Students' Project Wins NASA Approval
  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Far Out Phoebe
  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Did Phoebe Come from the Outer Solar System?- ... - FirstScience
5/14/2005: PNNL seeks maxi space exploration via mini technology ...
 - FirstScience
5/14/2005: NASA chief favours heavylift Space Shuttle ...
 - FirstScience
5/14/2005: New Saturn moon makes waves  - BBC

5/14/2005: Billion-dollar babies in the tech sector
5/14/2005: Making Oil Gush  - NY Times
5/14/2005: New Research Raises Questions About Buckyballs And The Environment  - NY Times
5/14/2005: Homeland Security:A Tech Boom? The expected spending surge has been slow to develop. Now, though, the money could be coming - Business Week
5/14/2005: Cars safe from computer viruses  - BBC


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