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  May 14, 2004

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Europe's Phoenix: Craft Set for Friday Test Flight - Space.com  The EADS Phoenix, a prototype of the future European Shuttle, will be carried to an altitude of 2,400 meters (7,900 feet) by a heavy-duty helicopter and then dropped so it can glide to earth for a landing. The Phoenix, along with the Ariane 5, represents Europe's hope for sending astronauts into space in the coming years. The ship is just under seven meters (23 feet) long, weighs 1,200 kilograms (2,640 pounds) and has a wingspan of 3.9 meters (13 feet).
NASA Genesis Spacecraft On Final Lap Toward Home - SpaceDaily  NASA's Genesis spacecraft flew past Earth on Saturday in a loop that puts it on track for home ­ and a dramatic mid-air recovery Sept. 8. The Genesis mission was launched in August of 2001 to capture samples from the storehouse of 99-percent of all the material in our solar system ­ the Sun. The samples of solar wind particles, collected on ultra-pure wafers of gold, sapphire, silicon and diamond, will be returned for analysis by Earth- bound scientists. The samples Genesis will provide will supply scientists with vital information on the composition of the Sun, and will shed light on the origins of our solar system. 

Study May Cast Doubt On Some 1996 Evidence Of Past Life On Mars - SpaceDaily  The new paper reports that magnetite, an iron-bearing mineral found in Martian meteorite ALH84001, was likely caused by inorganic processes, and that those same processes can be recreated in the laboratory, forming magnetite identical to that found in the Mars meteorite. Magnetite crystals in ALH84001 have been a focus of debate about the possibility of life on Mars. The 1996 study led by McKay suggested that some magnetite crystals associated with carbonate globules in ALH84001 are biogenic because they share many characteristics with those found in bacteria on Earth. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/14/2004: Roses … Are Blue? - ABC
5/14/2004: What's in a Color?
 - ABC
5/14/2004: FDA Bars Morning-After Pill for Now - ABC
5/14/2004: 'Junk' DNA reveals vital role  - Nature
5/14/2004: Parasitic invasion credited with evolution of sex - New Scientist
5/14/2004: From Sturdy Old Survivor, a Hardier Elm Grows  - NY Times
5/14/2004: Findings Redefine Mechanism Of Action Of RNA Helicase Enzymes - Science Daily
5/14/2004: Fat Cells Heal Skull Defects In Mice, Stanford Research Shows - Science Daily
5/14/2004: Surprising 'Ultra-conserved' Regions Discovered In Human Genome - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/14/2004: Rare Seabird Disappearing From Alaska - ABC
5/14/2004: Cosmic Log: Rumbles remembered - MSNBC
5/14/2004: WashPost: Plastic debris found in oceans - MSNBC
5/14/2004: Plastic particles surf polluted waves  - Nature
5/14/2004: Into The Dead Zone: Galveston Researcher Examines Loss Of Marine Life - Science Daily
5/14/2004: New Missions To Study Mysteries Of Volatile Upper Atmosphere - SpaceDaily

5/14/2004: The New Heavyweights  - Tech TV
5/14/2004: Fancy Frames for Paperless Photos - Tech TV
5/14/2004: Fixing Common Digital Picture Flaws - Tech TV
5/14/2004: Lure of game clichés  - BBC
5/14/2004: Computer games designed to boost your self-esteem  - BBC
5/14/2004: Sony, Nintendo in handheld combat  - CNN

5/14/2004: Frustrating Signs from the FCC - Business Week
5/14/2004: Truckers taking to Wi-Fi  - CNN

5/14/2004: Intel focuses on new 'super' chip  - BBC
5/14/2004: Intel hastily redraws road maps  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Intel cancels Tejas, moves to dual-core designs  - El. Engr. Times
5/14/2004: Quantum entanglement demonstrated, quantum gate, computer could be next  - El. Engr. Times
5/14/2004: Heat forces Intel to cancel desktop chips, says report - Silicon Strategies
5/14/2004: TI joins IMEC sub-45-nm process research group - Silicon Strategies
5/14/2004: Opticom preps break with Intel over plastic memory - Silicon Strategies
5/14/2004: Intel's Dothan mobile processor out; consumer future bright
 - Silicon Strategies

5/14/2004: Visionary Sound for Tomorrow's PCs - Business Week
5/14/2004: Believe me — it's better to do as I say, not as I did - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Holostorage for the Desktop  - Technology Review 
5/14/2004: Color Display Blocks Prying Eyes  - Technology Review 

5/14/2004: Domain Name Dangers - ABC
5/14/2004: Review: McAfee's Antispyware Software - ABC
5/14/2004: Teen 'confesses' to Sasser worm  - BBC
5/14/2004: Microsoft rewards snags suspected Sasser author - Business Week
5/14/2004: 'Sasser' suspect held in Germany  - CNN
5/14/2004: Performance artists embrace Web  - CNN
5/14/2004: The essence of Googlism  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Search engine tackles tricky lists - New Scientist
5/14/2004: Readers react to Gmail column with tales of problems, praise - Seattle Times

5/14/2004: Illegal film downloads triple  - BBC
5/14/2004: Protect meShould we hand over security for our PCs to Microsoft?  - BBC
5/14/2004: DVD copying software tries to skirt law  - CNN
5/14/2004: Nimble new 'Tiger' from Apple lands on its feet - Seattle Times

5/14/2004: Hydrogen-Powered, Gas-Fueled - ABC
5/14/2004: Hybrid cars pose challenge to rescuers  - CNN
5/14/2004: Air Force Laboratory Selects Uni-Solar Ovonic For Solar Cells - SpaceDaily

5/14/2004: Experts Comment on Angioplasty X-Rays - ABC
5/14/2004: Surgery 'halves risk of stroke'  - BBC
5/14/2004: Study Shows Heart Biopsy Possible Via Arm Catheterization - Science Daily

5/14/2004: FDA to Probe Cancer Potential of Furan - ABC
5/14/2004: Soy Processing Influences Estrogen-dependent Breast Cancer Growth In Mice - Science Daily
5/14/2004: Researchers Define Mechanism That Enables Stem Cells To Track Migrating Brain Tumor Cells - Science Daily

5/14/2004: 'New anti-malaria plan is needed'  - BBC
5/14/2004: Malaria battle needs new tactics  - Nature
5/14/2004: SARS may be spread by sweat - New Scientist

5/14/2004: Cells 'stop talking' in allergy  - BBC

5/14/2004: Ultimate Makeover - ABC
5/14/2004: Medicare Drug Card Fight Obscures Benefit - ABC
5/14/2004: Governments Fail Tests on Women's Health - ABC
5/14/2004: The evolving role of nursing  - BBC
5/14/2004: Pregnancy test: Mothers-to-be are breathalysed in a bid to detect smokers  - BBC
5/14/2004: Chronic fatigue 'hits education'  - BBC
5/14/2004: Cot Death:  How following simple advice could save your baby's life  - BBC
5/14/2004: Waste go-ahead: UK report finds waste incinerators have only minor health effects  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/14/2004: Co. to Show T. Rex Dig on the Internet - ABC
5/14/2004: Maya culture 'ahead of its time'  - BBC
5/14/2004: Alan Turing- Thinking Up Computers - Business Week

5/14/2004: Serious legroom: Will the giant plane help Airbus conquer the world?
5/14/2004: Blueprint fantasies: Space elevators, super tunnels, airports on stilt - whatever next?
5/14/2004: Estonia opens politics to the web  - BBC
5/14/2004: Long lashes thwart ID scan trial  - BBC
5/14/2004: Tech Startups Join the Offshore Exodus - Business Week
5/14/2004: Costly Growth for the Bells - Business Week
5/14/2004: Reforms needed  - C/Net
5/14/2004: No holds barred  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Microsoft struggles in emerging markets  - C/Net
5/14/2004: SAP to add 500 software jobs in India  - C/Net
5/14/2004: RFID: Is it soup yet?  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Protectionist perils  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Does e-philanthropy work?  - C/Net
5/14/2004: 3D TV Is closer than you think  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Laser weapon passes biggest test - MSNBC
5/14/2004: WTO ruling may spell end of farmer's subsidies - New Scientist
5/14/2004: Investors on guard for inflation, uneasy over how and when Fed will act - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Businesses are hiring as job growth booms - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Push for productivity finally adds hiring back into the mix - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Gasoline prices rise on strong job growth, fear of more attacks - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Citing low-carb diet phenomenon, Krispy Kreme lowers profit forecast - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Can Berkshire's success last long after Buffett? - Seattle Times
5/14/2004: Navy Demos Future Warfare Strategy - SpaceDaily
5/14/2004: Playing Politics in Alphaville  - Technology Review 
5/14/2004: Feds Answer Calls for Nuke Safety
  - Wired News
5/14/2004: Fun in Following the Money
  - Wired News

5/14/2004: Fighting Mad - ABC
5/14/2004: Pictures - ABC
5/14/2004: Timeline - ABC
5/14/2004: Commentary: Original Sin & Behavior - ABC
5/14/2004: Does Reality TV Impact GIs’ Morals? - ABC
5/14/2004: Poll: Dismay Over Prisoner Abuse - ABC
5/14/2004: How we dig up distant memories
  - BBC
5/14/2004: Ritalin May Improve Parkinson's Symptoms, OHSU Study Says
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/14/2004: New fast, hot breed of planets found - New Scientist
5/14/2004: Accelerating universe will limit technology
 - PhysicsWeb
5/14/2004: New Machine Record For Heavy Ion Luminosity At Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
 - Science Daily



5/14/2004: Europe's Phoenix: Craft Set for Friday Test Flight - Space.com
NASA Genesis Spacecraft On Final Lap Toward Home - SpaceDaily
5/14/2004: Study May Cast Doubt On Some 1996 Evidence Of Past Life On Mars - SpaceDaily
5/14/2004: European Shuttle Logs Successful Test - ABC
5/14/2004: Space Groups to Promote Moon, Mars Mission - ABC
5/14/2004: Scientists Confront 'Weird Life' on Other Worlds - Space.com
5/14/2004: Tunnel Vision In Space - SpaceDaily
5/14/2004: Planning for Mars, The Stafford Way - SpaceDaily
5/14/2004: NASA Funds Sci-Fi Technology  - Wired News
5/14/2004: First space tug set to launch in 2007
 - New Scientist

5/14/2004: ClickOnline: Join Stephen Cole to find out about the technology of tomorrow  - BBC
5/14/2004: Gurus of Technology - Business Week
5/14/2004: Nanotech: Beyond the Hype -- and Fear - Business Week
5/14/2004: Using high-energy physics to preserve old records  - C/Net
5/14/2004: Summit dwells on innovation's future  - El. Engr. Times
5/14/2004: Where Art Studio Meets Science Lab  - NY Times
5/14/2004: Slide Show- "Reprotech"
  - NY Times
5/14/2004: Text Messages Killing Radio Star
  - Wired News


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