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  May 13, 2005

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Mars Telecommunications Orbiter: Interplanetary Broadband  - BBC   The Mars Telecommunication Orbiter will be the first interplanetary spacecraft whose main mission is to provide communications services to other missions. It will orbit Mars at a higher altitude than most orbiters, about 2,800 miles above the Martian surface. This will provide an enhanced line of site to Earth. The spacecraft will communicate with Earth via two radio bands and a near-infrared laser beam.    
story.wireless.devices.jpg  Wireless networks  - CNN  A number of U, S, cities are becoming wireless "hot spots", a trend that's triggering a fierce backlash from telecom and cable giants. "We look at this as another utility, just like water, sewer, parks and recreation, that our communities should have," said St. Cloud, Florida, Mayor Glen Sangiovanni, who hopes to provide free wireless service to the entire city by the fall. Slightly more than 100 U.S. cities -- as big as Philadelphia and as small as Nantucket, Massachusetts -- are setting up wireless networks. Conference organizer Daniel Aghion said close to 1,000 local governments worldwide have plans in the works.

Electric car shoots for 300 mph

Electric car shoots for 300 mph  - CNN  The team is trying to eclipse the record for an electric car weighing more than 2,200 pounds (990 kilograms) by using a vehicle with 52 batteries and no mechanical gears. Nevada agreed to shut down a state highway for the torpedo-shaped car's attempt to top 300 mph (483 kph) -- which would shatter the old mark of 245 mph (394 kph), set by an American team in 1999 using a similarly streamlined car powered by thousands of "AA" batteries. The car uses compact, industrial motors and drives made by Swiss engineering company ABB Ltd. The car was built by Mark Newby, an acrobatic pilot, and Colin Fallows, a retired RAF technician, using money from their home equity loans.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
5/13/2005:New hope for Alzheimer's vaccine  - BBC

5/13/2005:New Stem Cell Research Panel Chooses San Francisco as Home   - NY Times
5/13/2005:Where Bacteria Get Their Genes
 - Science Daily
5/13/2005:UCR Chemist Part Of Team Identifying New Areas Of Gene Regulation - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Researchers Develop Promising New Gene Network Analysis Method - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Scientists Find MicroRNAs Regulate Plant Development - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Remote Imagery Aids In Detecting And Managing Plant Disease - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Researchers Improve Design Of Genetic On-off Switches - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Ovarian Cells Yield Human Eggs  - Wired News
5/13/2005:GBP1/m boost for Scottish life science projects ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Controversial catch Our correspondent sails with the whalers hunting minke  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/13/2005:The filthy truth about diesel 'mules' - New Scientist
5/13/2005:Envisat Helps Polar Challenge Racers On Way To Magnetic North Pole - Science Daily
5/13/2005:ORNL, UC Berkeley Unravel Real-world Clues To Earth's Mysteries - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Small Glaciers In Northern California Buck Global Warming Trend - Science Daily
5/13/2005:NASA Technology And EPA Team To Improve Crop Monitoring - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Tollbooth Ventilation System Effective In Protecting Workers From Traffic Air Pollution - Science Daily
5/13/2005:EU pushes for tougher chemical laws ...  - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Global warming could bring cold to Britain ...  - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Exelon Establishes Voluntary Goal to Reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 8% ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Global warming could bring cold to Britain ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Earthlife Never Said It Was Nuclear Waste ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Concern over water changes ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Peerless landfill stirs a heap of controversy ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Poland Scraps Plan to Challenge EU Emissions Limit ...  - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Envisat Making Sharpest Ever Global Earth Map - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Earth Surface Lightens Up - SpaceDaily

5/13/2005:Women wanted to program games  - BBC
5/13/2005:Game over for women programmers  - C/Net
5/13/2005:Lights, sabers, action!  - C/Net
5/13/2005:A Spartan Warrior With a Sense of Humor - NY Times
5/13/2005:Ex-RIAA chief to Jobs: Open the iPod - NY Times
5/13/2005:Xbox 360 details leaked  - C/Net

Wireless networks  - CNN

5/13/2005:Los Alamos Developing New Eclipse-based Tools For High-performance Parallel Computers - Science Daily

5/13/2005:?LLNL Supercomputer Breaks Computing Record- Exceeds 100 Teraflops - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Tablet PC can't seduce Mac lover - Seattle Times

5/13/2005:Internet virus hunters love thrill of the chase - Seattle Times
5/13/2005:File-sharing site poised for "revolution" - Seattle Times
5/13/2005:Notebook computer battery is relatively universal - Seattle Times
5/13/2005:Spitzer Sets Sights on Spyware  - Wired News
5/13/ Spyware wants YOU to click yes - but you can stop it. Here's how  - BBC
5/13/2005:School Studies Effects of Internet Attacks  - C/Net
5/13/2005:Big firms' ad bucks also fund spyware
  - C/Net
5/13/2005:Mac malware door creaks open
  - C/Net

5/13/2005:Monitoring Program Finds Serious, Unreported Adverse Drug Reactions - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Open-source bid for Java  - C/Net
5/13/2005:Michael Dell sinks $100M into Red Hat - NY Times

5/13/2005:When It Comes to Replacing Oil Imports, Nuclear Is No Easy Option, Experts Say  - NY Times
5/13/2005:Spontaneous Ignition Discovery Has ORNL Researcher Fired Up - Science Daily

5/13/2005:Animal Study: Compounds In Cranberries May Have Heart-healthy Effects - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Breakthrough In National Diseases: Common Factor Behind Myocardial Infarction, Rheumatism And MS - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Vascular Structure And Function Improve With Diet And Exercise - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Genes Influence How Heart Failure Patients Respond To Drugs - Science Daily

5/13/2005:Viruses May One Day Help Treat Brain Tumors - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Study Examines Influence Of Celebrity Endorsements Of Cancer Screening - Science Daily

5/13/2005:Global warming could worsen malaria in South Africa - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Children 'should get Hep B jab'  - BBC

5/13/2005:A Candidate Biomarker To Improve Treatment Of Lupus Patients - Science Daily
5/13/2005:New Insight Into Huntington's Disease Pathology - Science Daily

5/13/2005:Mosaic Mouse Technique Offers A Powerful New Tool To Study Diseases And Genetics - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Large-scale Study Identifies Key Stress Factors Facing New Mums - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Routine Procedure During Childbirth Provides No Benefits, Study Review Finds - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Children Do Well With Shorter Fast Before Surgery - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Riken Discovers One of Herniated Lumbar Disk-Causing Genes ...  - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:
5/13/2005:Surgical Frontiersman  - Technology Review
5/13/2005:Scientists Boycott Kansas Evolution Hearings ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:New Thermometer Reveals Wet Conditions On Earliest Earth - SpaceDaily

5/13/2005:A Wealth of Materials That Say 'Material Wealth'  - NY Times
5/13/2005:Sandia BROOM Tool Can Help Restore Facilities Following Release Of Biological Warfare Agents - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Global firms' workday never ends - Seattle Times
5/13/2005:Poor reception has ham-radio towers toppling - Seattle Times
5/13/2005:Tracking the MTHEL Laser  - Technology Review
5/13/2005:Time Travelers Welcome at MIT  - Wired News
5/13/2005:Spycams on Patrol  - Wired News
5/13/2005:South Americans, Arabs to boost cooperation in science and technology ... - FirstScience
5/13/2005:US Forces Get New Iraq GPS Street Directory - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:he Ring On The Radar Screen - SpaceDaily - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:UN Nuclear Chief Says North Korea Has Close To Six Nukes - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Could a fast-food tax help trim Detroit's bottom line?  - BBC
5/13/2005:Carly Speaks At her first public appearance after being sacked, HP's ex-CEO links sexism and racism for a mainly black audience - Business Week
5/13/2005:PC power to the people?-  - C/Net
5/13/2005:Momentum in India  - C/Net

5/13/2005:Brain scans reveal racial biases - New Scientist
5/13/2005:More Love, More Hurt- New Study Looks At Hurt Feelings In Relationships - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Medication Combined With Behavior Therapy Works Best For ADHD Children, Study Finds - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Physician Assisted Suicide And Why Patients Are Motivated To Seek Death - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Moderate Alcohol Consumption Enhances The Formation Of New Nerve Cells - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/13/2005:Physicists Detect The Undetectable: 'Baby' Solitary Waves  - NY Times
5/13/2005:Underground Physics: Searching For Neutrinos In Deep Places
 - Science Daily
5/13/2005:First Beamline Tender Signals Major Synchrotron Milestone ...
5/13/2005:Virtual Astronomy, Information Technology, and the New Scientific Methodology ...
 - FirstScience
5/13/2005:10 Years of Planet Hunting- Amazing Variety Out There
5/13/2005:Solar Myth: With Solar Minimum Near, Sun Continues To Be Surprisingly Active
 - SpaceDaily



5/13/2005:Mars Telecommunications Orbiter: Interplanetary Broadband   - BBC
5/13/2005:Scientists Discover Pluto Kin Is A Member Of Saturn Family
 - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Twelve New Moons for Saturn  - Wired News
5/13/2005:First-of-Its-Kind Antenna to Probe the Depths of Mars
 - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Next stop, Mars ...
 - FirstScience
5/13/2005:NASA chief hastens shuttle replacement ...
 - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Hands off my comet, astrologer tells Nasa ...
 - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Search for planets could soon seek one like Earth ...
 - FirstScience
5/13/2005:Preperation For Mission To Pluto And Beyond Continues
 - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Scientists Discover Pluto Kin Is A Member Of Saturn Family
 - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:ATK and NASA Successfully Test First Solar Sail Propulsion System
 - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Floating In Weightlessness On Earth
 - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Divining For Lunar Water?
 - SpaceDaily
5/13/2005:Launch of solar sail spacecraft delayed for a few weeks
  - C/Net


5/13/2005:Electric car shoots for 300 mph  - CNN
5/13/2005:Innovative Software Tools Keep Electrical Markets Humming - Science Daily
5/13/2005:Computers Grade Students' Writing  - Wired News
5/13/2005:Now grading your student essay--a computer - NY Times


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