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  May 12, 2006

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Hitting Europa Hard Could Have A Real Impact - SpaceDaily  Jupiter's moon Europa is one of the most intriguing places in the solar system to Astrobiologists. An icy shell overlies a deep water ocean, and tidal flexing from Jupiter's gravity may provide energy for life. Karl Hibbetts (KH):  It's a projectile that would go really fast into the surface of Europa, creating a curtain of ejecta. So we could make measurements that reach beneath the solid surface of the moon, measurements that are not possible to make from orbit.? Astrobiology Magazine (AM): How fast could you get it to fall to the surface of Europa? KH: 13 kilometers per second. That's how fast Europa is going around Jupiter. You can come in faster than that if you want, but around 10 kilometers per second is reasonable, and that is actually how fast the Deep Impact mission went into comet Tempel 1.    
BabyBot -- Robot Modelled On Two Year-old Child -- Takes First Steps - Science Daily  BabyBot, a robot modelled on the torso of a two year-old child, is helping researchers take the first, tottering steps towards understanding human perception, and could lead to the development of machines that can perceive and interact with their environment. Called the synthetic methodology, it is essentially a method of understanding by building. There are three steps: model aspects of a biological system; abstract general principles of intelligent behaviour from the model; apply these principles to the design of intelligent robots. Model, test, refine. And then repeat.     

World-leading Microscope Shows More Detail Than Ever - Science Daily  Left:  Computer-enhanced image of viverravus acutus jaw constructed from data produced by the new microscope. (Image courtesy of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.  The device could lead to advances in a range of areas, such as healthcare (in furthering, for instance, the understanding of conditions such as osteoporosis), the development of better construction materials, improved oil extraction methods and even the study of fossils. A unique 3-dimensional microscope that works in a new way is giving unprecedented insight into microscopic internal structure and chemical composition. It is revealing how materials are affected, over time, by changes in temperature, humidity, weight load and other conditions.  Like a number of other microscopes, the new microscope harnesses X-rays to provide information about an object's internal structure down to micron scale. X-ray microscopes can produce 3-d internal pictures of an object by taking a large number of 2-d images from different angles. However, the new microscope's combining of this technique with time delay integration is completely unique. Through averaging out imperfections in the image across all pixels, this approach enables the microscope to produce clearer and bigger pictures than previously possible
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5/12/2006:Deep-sea discoveries in Bermuda Triangle - MSNBC
5/12/2006:Horse science: What makes a winner
5/12/2006:A league under the sea  - Nature
5/12/2006:Why gorillas gorge on decaying wood - New Scientist
5/12/2006:Interview: A life evolving - New Scientist
5/12/2006:Insight: Beware escaped chimps - New Scientist

Geosciences, Environment:
5/12/2006:Thinking local: Why environmentalism needs to get out of its green ghetto  - BBC
5/12/2006:Dead Sea shrinking: Falling water levels threaten important natural resource
5/12/2006:Cracking Krakatoa: Unravelling the mystery of Krakatoa's final hours
5/12/2006:Katrina whips up data storm  - C/Net

Games and Devices
5/12/2006:Where the pinball action never ends
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Photos: Home of the pinball wizards  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Microsoft makes Massive bet on in-game ads  - C/Net

Hardware and Software

5/12/2006:McAfee bites into Apple security  - C/Net
5/12/2006:UCLA engineers propose spin-wave bus architectures  - El. Engr. Times

5/12/2006:AOL to launch free AIM phone service
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:CBS switches on new broadband channel
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Verizon'sVoIP Offensive
 - Business Week

5/12/2006:Blogs strike back: Why the impact of blogging has reached a tipping point  - BBC
5/12/2006: China's Online Ad Boom - Business Week
5/12/2006:Warner Music faces 14 lawsuits over download fees  - C/Net
5/12/2006:The Internet wars: A report card  - C/Net

5/12/2006:Microsoft digs into its change purse  - C/Net
5/12/2006:The deal that dare not speak its name  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Piracy 'costs US studios $6.1bn'  - BBC
5/12/2006: Mixed Signals From Microsoft - Business Week
5/12/2006:Office gets a dose of OpenDocument  - C/Net

5/12/2006:Capturing the Mistral: Spain turns to renewable energy  - BBC
5/12/2006:Old solar tech back in limelight  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Photos: Solar 'concentrators'  - C/Net

4/16/2005:Early Use Of Statins After Coronary Syndromes Does Not Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke Or Death - Science Daily

5/12/2006:Sweetener 'not linked to cancer'  - BBC
5/12/2006:Cancer agent mysteries revealed  - BBC

5/12/2006:Two deaths linked to hospital bug  - BBC
5/12/2006:Computing grid hunts for bird flu cure  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Scientist seeks quicker Tamiflu  - BBC
5/12/2006:Blame in the birds? - New Scientist


5/12/2006:Puppy fat 'myth' risking health  - BBC
5/12/2006:The bottom lineGet the low-down on digestive disorders  - BBC
5/12/2006:Cooking methods can make some veg as acidic as fizzy drinks  - BBC
5/12/2006:The perils of cheerleading - New Scientist
5/12/2006:Gains In The Fight Against Acid Aspiration Lung Injury - Science Daily


History, Anthropology:
5/12/2006:Pyramid or PR? Critics blast Bosnian find - MSNBC
5/12/2006:Man May Have Caused Pre-historic Extinctions - Science Daily

5/12/2006:US seeks laser weapon to shoot down enemy satellites: report - SpaceDaily
5/12/2006:Tech bigwigs push for global good  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Satellite stars: Why US celebrities are flocking to become DJs on satellite radio  - BBC
5/12/2006:Comic Matt Lucas transforms into a robot for digital TV ad  - BBC
5/12/2006:Republican politico endorses data retention  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Gates on wealth: 'I sit alone'  - CNN
5/12/2006:Patent officers crack under pressure  - Nature
5/12/2006:Tackling the 'kitchen killer' solid fuel - New Scientist
5/12/2006:Weapons Tech - New Scientist



5/12/2006:Anticipation may be as bad as pain
5/12/2006:Dread lights up like pain in your brain - New Scientist

Physical Sciences:
5/12/2006:Universe 'child of previous one'  - BBC
5/12/2006:Popular physics myth is all at sea
  - Nature
5/12/2006:'Chameleon' supernova had hidden accomplice
 - New Scientist
5/12/2006:Laser cages control unruly atoms
 - New Scientist

Space and Astronomy:
5/12/2006:Hitting Europa Hard Could Have A Real Impact - SpaceDaily
5/12/2006:The lunar lander contest
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Lunar contest seeks a soft landing
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Cosmic Log: That cosmo woman - MSNBC
5/12/2006:Hubble Snaps Baby Pictures Of Jupiter's 'Red Spot Jr.'
 - Science Daily
5/12/2006:Follow The Nitrogen To Extraterrestrial Life; Narrow Search For Water May Miss Important Clues, Say USC Geobiologists
 - Science Daily

BabyBot -- Robot Modelled On Two Year-old Child -- Takes First Steps - Science Daily 
World-leading Microscope Shows More Detail Than Ever - Science Daily
5/12/2006:'Baby' robot learns like a human
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Airport tech lets travelers speed through lines
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Tech companies prepare for digital home
  - C/Net
5/12/2006:Photos: Digital Home Conference
  - C/Net


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