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  May 12, 2005

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Labrador dog Daisy Dog trained to smell skin cancer  - BBC  A dog from Kent is being trained to use its sense of smell to try to detect skin cancer. Daisy, an 18-month-old Labrador bred at kennels in Marden, west Kent, is working for the Buckinghamshire-based charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The organisation has been working with health professionals in Bucks and has already found evidence that dogs can be trained to sniff out bladder cancer. The project found evidence that dogs could detect bladder cancer from distinctive smells in sufferers' urine. Now Daisy's nose is being trained to pick up cancerous cells on skin pads from people with suspected cancer. 
Beam Me To Mars - SpaceDaily  Left:  Artist's concept of a space station in low Earth orbit fitted with the Magbeam system. The Magbeam unit extends from the bottom module of the station, and the blue line represents the plasma beam. The plasma beam links magnetically to the target spacecraft on the bottom right, launching it on its journey. Image credit: U. of Washington/Robert Winglee.  A spacecraft rides a beam of plasma, which is electrified and magnetized gas, all the way to Mars and back. The roundtrip journey could be wrapped up in about 90 days using Winglee's Magnetized Beam Plasma Propulsion system, dubbed Magbeam. The system would use space stations to generate the plasma and beam it to a spacecraft for about four hours.   

Micro Spacecraft Paving Way For Future Space Exploration - SpaceDaily  Left:  A diagram of the Reentry Breakup Recorder, also known as the Black box. Image courtesy: The Aerospace Corporation.  The basis for the effort to develop low-cost spacecraft technologies is the Reentry Breakup Recorder (REBR), a one-foot (0.3-meter) diameter, 2.2-pound (one-kilogram) device that will have a heat shield, batteries, data recorder, sensors and a transmitter. Scientists hope to use micro spacecraft to scout alien worlds to reduce some of the risk to human beings and robots. This risk is related to a larger spacecraft's entry and descent into planetary atmospheres, and landings on moons and planets.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/12/2005: A Whole Lot Of Shaking Goin' On Triggers Early Hatching In Red-eyed Tree Frogs - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Plan B- Ignore the Science?
  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Stem-Cell Lines May Not Meet Guidelines - Science Daily
5/12/2005: How Monarch Butterflies Are Wired For Navigation- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: British plants fighting for space  - BBC
5/12/2005: Jumbo concern How climate change will affect the survival of elephants  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
5/12/2005: New Study Of Tree Roots Will Alter Carbon-sequestration Models - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Airborne Los Alamos Instruments Test For Toxins From Fires - Science Daily
5/12/2005: India's New High-Tech Mapping Satellite in Orbit  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Xerox to trim greenhouse gas ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: Dams emit greenhouse gases - research ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: Exelon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: Environmental Groups Blast New Bush Forest Rule ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: Funding to Protect Land Is Eliminated by House Appropriations Panel ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: India's Bloody Water Wars ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: Philippine province declares state of calamity due to El Nino ... - FirstScience
5/12/2005: Global warming could worsen malaria in South Africa- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Non-Gpvernment Organizations protest Asian Development Bank "hypocrisy" at bank's Istanbul conference- SpaceDaily

5/12/2005: Videogames and Blogs: The Disconnect  - Technology Review 
5/12/2005: Violent Game Ban Advances  - Wired News
5/12/2005: This Jade Is a Precious Gem  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Violent Video-Game Bill Passes Committee  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Fighting fit Jade Empire and Predator: Concrete Jungle battle it out  - BBC

5/12/2005: Basic Cell Phones? Bah!
 - Business Week
5/12/2005: Tech & You
 - Business Week
5/12/2005: "Telcos Can't Afford to Stand Still"
 - Business Week
5/12/2005: Dotty old message beats out teen texting
  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Net phone venture peaking?
  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Net phones arrive at home (and some need no PC)
  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Welcome to the wireless world
  - C/Net

5/12/2005: Your Identity, Open to All  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Chipmaker develops denser storage method  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Motorola builds nanotube-based display  - C/Net


5/12/2005: Net Helps Do-It-Yourselfers  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Google Releases Web Accelerator  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Music to Her Ears  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Crime time for Chinese net users  - BBC
5/12/2005: Spammers hijack huge numbers of computers on Telewest network  - BBC
5/12/2005: Bloggers' conference emphasizes reporting - Business Week
5/12/2005: New worlds to conquer
  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Founder Eyes Journalism (AP)
  - C/Net
5/12/2005: The Craigslist Effect
  - C/Net

5/12/2005: Microsoft again supports gay rights legislation - Seattle Times
5/12/2005: Court Nixes 'Broadcast Flag'  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Does Acupuncture Work? - The Economist
5/12/2005: 64-bit launch showcases Longhorn  - BBC
5/12/2005: Under attack Software superstar Microsoft's "most vulnerable moment"  - BBC
5/12/2005: Girls aged 10 are taking the Pill  - BBC
5/12/2005: Apple's Bonjour available for Windows  - C/Net
5/12/2005: IBM to launch new security software  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Experts work to aid compiler behind open source  - C/Net

5/12/2005: Follow The Energy: New Technique Enables Scientists To Track Molecular Energy Transfer In Photosynthesis - Science Daily

5/12/2005: Soy And Fish Oil May Help Prevent Heart Attacks - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Types of thrombosis: What does a blood clot have to do with a heart attack-  - BBC

5/12/2005: Dog trained to smell skin cancer   - BBC
5/12/2005: Compound From Chinese Medicine Shows Promise In Head And Neck Cancer - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Check Colon Tumors For Signs Of Syndrome, Study Suggests - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Pharma Banks On Cancer Drugs- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Staying healthy: Can changing your lifestyle and diet help prevent cancer?  - BBC

5/12/2005: Scientists Reveal How Disease Bacterium Survives Inside Immune System Cell - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Pig molecule to combat superbugs  - BBC
5/12/2005: Care refusal spread TB to others  - BBC

5/12/2005: Grandmothers' Smoking Linked To Grandchildren's Asthma Decades Later - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Mayo Clinic First To Use Pharmacogenomics To Treat Inherited Kidney Disorder Of Children - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Diabetes risk may be set by gran  - BBC
5/12/2005: Reverse gear: What's going on with cannabis: The big yes, no, er maybe, debate  - BBC

5/12/2005: 'Bead' of Hope for Sensitive Teeth  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Breastfeeding benefits 'instant'  - BBC
5/12/2005: Refugee doctors: 'There was no-one to tell me how to get back into medicine'  - BBC
5/12/2005: Baby colours Why red, blue or orange is better than brown for baby  - BBC
5/12/2005: Foam help for varicose veins  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
5/12/2005: Quick Question: What Happened to History?  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Critics say creationism is true agenda - MSNBC
5/12/2005: Cosmic Log: Science by majority vote - MSNBC
5/12/2005: Park could solve mammoth mystery - MSNBC

5/12/2005: Clutch Hitters And Choke Hitters: Myth Or Reality? - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Home market boils but doesn't bubble - Seattle Times
5/12/2005: Greenspan assesses effect of 30-year T-bonds - Seattle Times
5/12/2005: Oppenheimer accused of foiling muni-bond trading investigation - Seattle Times
5/12/2005: Scrushy called a "financial genius" - Seattle Times
5/12/2005: Why the World Is Flat  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Word's Open-Source Competition  - Wired News
5/12/2005: India announces talks with Pakistan over bus routes, boundary disputes- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Bush And Hu Talk Turkey And Duck Over Taiwan, North Korea- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Lockheed Martin Completes Major Risk-Reduction Test Of SBIRS High Satellite- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Iran Says Shahab-3 Missile Entirely Iranian, Production Ongoing
5/12/2005: Background Check, an upstart online-dating site, wants laws that would require screening prospects. That's roiling the industry - Business Week
5/12/2005: A Creativity Lab for Taiwan - Business Week
5/12/2005: Big Brother isn't here yet  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Whoops! We have misplaced your identity  - C/Net

5/12/2005: Study Finds Moderate Hypothermia A Safe Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injury In Kids - Science Daily
5/12/2005: How faces of different races trigger varied brain activity  - BBC
5/12/2005: Sunny May the month for suicides  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
5/12/2005: Scientists Propose New Method For Studying Ion Channel Kinetics - Science Daily

5/12/2005: Scientists Give Mice Boost in Longevity - Seattle Times
5/12/2005: Young blood 'aids ageing muscles'
  - BBC


5/12/2005: Micro Spacecraft Paving Way For Future Space Exploration - SpaceDaily
Beam Me To Mars - SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Mars Express Radar To Be Deployed In May
 - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Longer Duration Space Missions
 - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Chemical Guidebook May Help Mars Rover Track Extraterrestrial Life
 - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Extreme Life Discovery In Yellowstone Bodes Well For Astrobiologists
 - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Russia To Create New Cosmodrome In Urals Region
- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Indian Rocket Blasts Off With Two Satellites
- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Russian astrologer cleared to sue NASA over plans to bombard "sentimental" comet
- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Russian Space Agency To Launch European Meteorological Satellite
- SpaceDaily
5/12/2005: Deployment Of Second MARSIS Boom Delayed
 - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Rover Team Tests Mars Moves On Earth
 - Science Daily


5/12/2005: DOE-Sponsored Project Turns Coal Waste Into Valuable Building Material - Science Daily
5/12/2005: Electric Car Poised to Tear Up the Desert  - Wired News
5/12/2005: Virtual cars rack up race miles  - BBC
5/12/2005: Toyota open to sharing hybrid tech with GM - Business Week
5/12/2005: Land speed record bid abandoned  - BBC
5/12/2005: For some techies, an interminable workday - Business Week
5/12/2005: Happy days, here again?
  - C/Net
5/12/2005: Electric car fizzles in speed record bid
  - CNN


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