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  May 11, 2004

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Details Emerge in Robotic Plan to Service Hubble -  An astronomer-astronaut who has journeyed twice to work on the Hubble Space Telescope said Monday that NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe is conceptually sold on the idea of a robotic servicing mission. O'Keefe told lawmakers on April 21 that the robotic mission looked promising based on 26 responses to a call for ideas. A robot can definitely do the work, Grunsfeld said. A decision on a possible mission is expected by early June.
Detector, CDMS Dark matter detector limbers up  - BBC  The underground observatory is some 1,000m beneath the surface. The Earth's crust shields its germanium detectors from cosmic rays and the background particles they produce. A favoured theory is that the dark matter consists of Wimps (weakly interacting massive particles) about a thousand times more massive than a proton, one of the particles found in an atom's nucleus. This means that on the rare occasions a Wimp strikes an ordinary atom, the effect should be noticeable. While a detection has yet to occur, there is now a better idea of how much dark matter must exist

Jayne Mansfield

Women with hourglass figures 'more likely to conceive'  - BBC  Men have long held up women such as Jayne Mansfield as icons of female attractiveness. But researchers now say this isn't just a superficial judgement - women with hourglass figures are more likely to become pregnant. Writing in a Royal Society journal, they say this is because women with large breasts and narrow waists have higher hormone levels. They say this offers a biological reason for Western views of beauty. High levels of these hormones are good indicators that a woman will successfully become pregnant. Men in non-Western societies did not seem to favour women with hourglass figures.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/11/2004: Women with hourglass figures 'more likely to conceive'   - BBC
5/11/2004: WashPost: Cicadas' survival strategy
5/11/2004: Urban nightingales' songs are illegally loud - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Five "designer babies" created for stem cells - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Molecular Mechanism Found That May Improve Ability Of Stem Cells To Fight Disease - Science Daily
5/11/2004: For A Male Sand Goby, Playing 'Mr. Mom' Is Key To Female's Heart - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/11/2004: Warmer words for ‘Day After Tomorrow’ - MSNBC
5/11/2004: Satellite data confirms climate change  - Nature

5/11/2004: Microsoft Plays Video Leapfrog - Business Week

5/11/2004: Cell phone profits go up--as clothes come off - NY Times
5/11/2004: Canada's phone giants face Internet threat  - C/Net
5/11/2004: FCC forms wireless task force  - El. Engr. Times

5/11/2004: Just Two Words: Plastic Chips - Business Week

5/11/2004: Design software before you build it  - C/Net

5/11/2004: Sasser keeps slithering  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Sasser variants pose greater danger  - C/Net
5/11/2004: The Net's gettin' messy  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Microsoft offers anti-spam bypass  - CNN  
5/11/2004: Sasser is fastest written Windows worm - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Computer worm crashes coastguard computers - New Scientist

5/11/2004: Red Hat aims desktop Linux at Microsoft  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Microsoft to demonstrate home PC of tomorrow  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Microsoft offers future vision  - CNN  
5/11/2004: Microsoft reveals more to gain allies for growth strategy - Seattle Times


5/11/2004: Average Blood Pressure Levels On Rise Among American Children And Teenagers - Science Daily

5/11/2004: A Cancer Drug Under a Cloud - Business Week

5/11/2004: FDA lists violators of mad cow feed rules - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Study Finds HIV Protein Can Drive Immune Cells Away - Science Daily

5/11/2004: Dope abuse and addiction rises in US - New Scientist
5/11/2004: New Research Suggests Therapeutic Approach For Autoimmune Diseases - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Researchers Discover New Clinical Syndrome Leading To Severe Osteoarthritis - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Medication For Multiple Sclerosis May Help In Treating Cocaine Addiction - Science Daily

5/11/2004: Patients get the right to report drug side-effects - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Grow Your Own Teeth - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Enzyme Prevents Lung Damage In Premature Infants - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Elastic Nails Help Children With Broken Legs Recover Faster Than Traction And Body Casting - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Breastfeeding Decreases Infant Mortality - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Iron-deficient Infants Score Worse On Cognitive And Motor Tests As Teens - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Lycopene-Extraction Method Could Find Use For Tons Of Discarded Tomatoes - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Animal Studies Show Promise Treating Severe Chronic Pain - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/11/2004: Lost Maya city rediscovered - MSNBC
5/11/2004: Giant masks reveal early Maya sophistication - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Discovery Pushes Back Date of 'Classic' Maya  - NY Times
5/11/2004: Physics meets archaeometry in ancient Greece - PhysicsWeb

5/11/2004: Going with Plan B  - Technology Review 
5/11/2004: Offshoring: U.S. needs reforms, not rhetoric  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Real estate's new reality - Business Week
5/11/2004: Wall Street's dot-com scapegoat  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Joining the march of jobs overseas  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Outsourcing roundtable  - C/Net
5/11/2004: No more digital TV delays  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Sun, Capgemini partner on RFID package  - C/Net
5/11/2004: Reinventing TV - Business Week
5/11/2004: Computer expert: E-voting systems flawed  - CNN  
5/11/2004: E-voting debate goes national - MSNBC
5/11/2004: Could patients glean stock tips?  - Nature
5/11/2004: Dirty bomb dust proves deadly  - Nature
5/11/2004: Anti-censorship web service censors itself - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Barbie-shaped women more fertile - New Scientist
5/11/2004: National Science Panel Warns of Far Too Few New Scientists  - NY Times
5/11/2004: China's Fastest Computer To Serve Beijing Olympic Games - SpaceDaily
5/11/2004: China, Germany look to high-tech to deepen economic ties - SpaceDaily

5/11/2004: Bacteria could aid autistics  - Nature
5/11/2004: Personality May Be Key To 'Psyching' Oneself Up For Exercise - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Dental Pulp Cells May Hold Key To Treatment Of Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/11/2004: Details Emerge in Robotic Plan to Service Hubble - 
Dark matter detector limbers up   - BBC
5/11/2004: Particle no-show pans former find  - Nature
5/11/2004: Dark matter remains at large
 - PhysicsWeb
5/11/2004: First Data From Deep Underground Experiment Narrow Search For Dark Matter
 - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Physics Researchers Find Striking Quantum Spin Behavior
 - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Scientists Announce Cosmic Ray Theory Breakthrough
 - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Big discovery redraws map of the Milky Way
 - SpaceDaily



5/11/2004: Cosmic Log: New berry patch on Mars - MSNBC
5/11/2004: Panel wants more focused space vision
5/11/2004: How Mars got its rust  - Nature
5/11/2004: NASA must transform to put men on Mars - New Scientist
5/11/2004: Space Traffic Control- Steering Clear of Collisions -
5/11/2004: Image reveals Mars' active past  - BBC
5/11/2004: Nasa mulls dip trip for rover  - BBC
5/11/2004: Cassini probe sights moon target  - BBC
5/11/2004: Europe's space shuttle passes early test - New Scientist
5/11/2004: A Second Opportunity For Mars Exploration Rover... - FirstScience
5/11/2004: NASA-sponsored Forum Seeks to Build Partnerships to Improve Education... - FirstScience

5/11/2004: Casio recalls electronic piano benches  - CNN  
5/11/2004: Gibson hoping to usher in new age  - CNN  
5/11/2004: Nano-litho consortium wins $36 million ATP award  - El. Engr. Times
5/11/2004: Mona Lisa to go under the microscope - MSNBC
5/11/2004: Laser Technique Used To Build Micro-polymeric Structure On A Human Hair, Without Harming It - Science Daily
5/11/2004: Laser Technique Used To Build Micro-Polymeric Structure On A Human Hair - SpaceDaily


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