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      May 10, 2006

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Vitamin Mania: The Truth about Antioxidants - Space.com  Studies showing the negative or null effects of vitamins supplements are so common that it is surprising doctors still find these studies to be surprising. Vitamins are not as simple as A-B-C. Americans spend about $2 billion a year on vitamins C and E, along with beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A) and selenium. But the body, it seems, is not governed by a Hollywood "B" script. Free radicals are as good as they are bad, and too many antioxidants may do the body harm.    
Walk a Quarter-Mile or Die - Space.com  If you can walk a quarter-mile, odds are you have at least six years of life left in you, scientists announced today. And the faster you can do it, the longer you might live. All the participants were screened and determined to be in relatively good health, and they had all said they had previously walked that far with no problem. However, only 86 percent of them finished. Those who completed the walk but were among the slowest 25 percent faced three times greater risk of death than the speedier folks.   

Hurricane Alley Heats Up - Space.com   To develop into a hurricane, a tropical storm needs its primary fuel—water—to be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.5 Celsius). Long-term trends show that global ocean surface temperatures have warmed up in the past century, and that this is helping to create stronger hurricanes. A hurricane spawning region in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa has experienced more extreme temperature variation than other areas, according to new computer simulations that tease out the long-term change from other known variations that can last decades. The water temperature in this "hurricane alley" has risen several tenths of a degree Celsius over the 20th century. "This very long-term increase in temperature may seem small but is comparable in magnitude to shorter time-scale, multi-decadal changes that many scientists now believe contribute strongly to an increase in hurricane activity in the Atlantic," said study team member Thomas Knutson, a meteorologist at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton.   
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5/10/2006: Early worms leave the birds behind - New Scientist
5/10/2006: Researchers Report Technique For Freezing And Preserving Genetically Enhanced Pig Embryos
 - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Mobile DNA Part Of Evolution's Toolbox - Science Daily
5/10/2006: New Study Finds Similarities Between Monkey Business And Human Business  - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Earlier Spring Starves Migratory Birds - Live Science
5/10/2006: In The Baltics Spring And Smoke Is In The Air - SpaceDaily

Geosciences, Environment:
5/10/2006: Hurricane Alley Heats Up - Space.com
5/10/2006: 'Clear' human impact on climate  - BBC
5/10/2006: Global warming weakens trade winds - MSNBC
5/10/2006: Global warming weakens Pacific winds  - Nature
5/10/2006: Ozone layer: the sequel - New Scientist
5/10/2006: Study Reveals How Plants Respond To Elevated Carbon Dioxide - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Slowdown In Tropical Pacific Flow Pinned On Climate Change - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Tibet Meltdown Leading To Sandstorms In China - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: A View Of Urban Sprawl From Outer Space - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: New Lava Dome Grows On Top Of Indonesia's Rumbling Mount Merapi - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Dutch study sheds light on climate change's threat to birds - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Panoramic Imaging May Enhance Online Mapping- Technology Review
5/10/2006: Antisocial Mice Give Clues to Autism- Technology Review
5/10/2006: Global Warming Cited in Wind Shift...- FirstScience
5/10/2006: China to address urgent environmental issues...- FirstScience
5/10/2006: Secrecy breach by US officials steals thunder of climate change report...- FirstScience
5/10/2006: Global warming prediction true...- FirstScience

Games and Devices
5/10/2006: Gadget Gauges Seasons in the Sun
  - Wired News
Hardware and Software

5/10/2006: • AMD Sticks It to Intel -- Again - Business Week
5/10/2006: A 21st-century keyboard  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Putting the 'tech' in Texas  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Green Grid grabs Dell  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Apple's 'Get a Mac' attack  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Logitech diNovo desktop combo for $120  - C/Net
5/10/2006: A look at HP's corporate-caliber laptop
  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Apple launches new Macintosh ad campaign
- C/Net
5/10/2006: TI qualifies foundries for 65-nm process

5/10/2006: Wi-Fi Revolution? Not So Fast!
 - Business Week
5/10/2006: • Skype Piles It On
 - Business Week
5/10/2006: Wiretap costs tohit Net providers
  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Philly Wi-Fi project passes final hurdle
  - C/Net
5/10/2006: New Wi-Fi standard hits another bump in the road
- C/Net
5/10/2006: Yellowstone explores wireless world
  - CNN

5/10/2006: Gates: We will keep Google honest  - C/Net
5/10/2006: New Social Networking Technology Packs a Wallop- Technology Review
5/10/2006: Panel Moves to Ban Net Gambling  - Wired News

5/10/2006: Wii Kids Get a Dose of Photoshop  - Wired News
5/10/2006: Archive Stashes Rare Apple Videos  - Wired News
5/10/2006: Microsoft Is Pushing for Privacy?  - Wired News

5/10/2006: IT's high-tech answer to the energy crisis  - C/Net
5/10/2006: MIT issues call to arms on energy - C/Net
5/10/2006: Hydrogen-fuel car turns heads  - CNN
5/10/2006: Fuel cells no use for mobile phones, says Nokia advisor  - El. Engr. Times
5/10/2006: Wind turbines send wildlife diving for cover - New Scientist
5/10/2006: UK to get EU's largest wind farm - New Scientist
5/10/2006: Greenpeace urges Asian Development Bank to stop funding fossil fuel projects

4/16/2005:Vioxx may trigger heart attacks within days  - Nature

5/10/2006: Shelved cancer drug revival plan  - BBC
5/10/2006: Breast cancer biopsy 'cuts pain'  - BBC
5/10/2006: Inhibiting Cell Process May Give Cancer Drug A Boost - Science Daily

5/10/2006: There's more than one bird flu, experts warn - New Scientist
5/10/2006: H5N1 Adapts To Summer, Water, Heat - SpaceDaily

5/10/2006: New Kind Of Drug Could Increase Number Who Quit Smoking - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Promising Treatment For Huntington's Disease Soon To Be Tested Clinically - Science Daily

5/10/2006: Vitamin Mania: The Truth about Antioxidants - Space.com
5/10/2006: Drug for Restless Legs Syndrome  - BBC
5/10/2006: GPs urged to help obese get slim  - BBC
5/10/2006: New Radiation Protection Technique Results In Reduced Physician Exposure - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Results With Newer Bladeless LASIK Equivalent To Standard Microkeratome LASIK  - Science Daily

5/10/2006: Walk a Quarter-Mile or Die - Space.com

History, Anthropology:
5/10/2006: Common ancestor of fish, land animals found - MSNBC
5/10/2006: Film finds humor in evolution fight - MSNBC

5/10/2006: Science degrees threatened - MPs  - BBC
5/10/2006: Porn industry may decide DVD battle  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Yahoo, Microsoft: Just good friends  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Backer of ISP snooping slams industry  - C/Net
5/10/2006: Mexico building tech incubator network  - El. Engr. Times
5/10/2006: Will medics' qualms kill the death penalty?  - Nature
5/10/2006: US plans anti-satellite lasers - New Scientist
5/10/2006: Love special: Reflections of the divine - New Scientist
5/10/2006: Rapid Response Technologies For Bioterrorism And 'Dirty Bomb' Scenarios - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Iran Seeks To Win Over Gulf Arabs In Nuclear Row - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Iran Program Not Compatible With Our Demands Says Nuke Club - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: US To Form New Coalition If UN Rejects Iran Sanctions - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Pakistan Says Nuclear Proliferation Chapter Over - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: NK President Stands Firm On Sanction Threat - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Canadian Prime Minister Harper Defies Ballistic Missile Defense Critics - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: US seeks laser weapon to shoot down enemy satellites: report - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Soderbergh: Burn, Hollywood, Burn  - Wired News
5/10/2006: Trek 2.0, Boldly Going to Hell  - Wired News
5/10/2006: NASA Chief To Visit India...- FirstScience



5/10/2006: 'Autistic' mice offer gene clue
  - BBC
5/10/2006: Hormones May Affect How Brain Listens, Emory Study Finds - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Mutant Mice Show Key Autism Traits - Science Daily

Physical Sciences:
5/10/2006: How Do Fossil Galaxy Clusters Form so Quickly?...
5/10/2006: Physics: Thinking Back and Forward...
- FirstScience

Space and Astronomy:
5/10/2006: Preventing the sky falling in on Moon bases - New Scientist
5/10/2006: Saturn's rotation puts astronomers in a spin
 - New Scientist
5/10/2006: X-ray Observatory 'Spare-time' Provides Impressive Sky Survey
 - Science Daily
5/10/2006: How Long Is A Day On Saturn?
 - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Length of Saturn's Day Updated Based on Mystery Signal
 - Space.com
5/10/2006: Mini-Satellite to Test Big Concepts Aboard Space Station
 - Space.com
5/10/2006: Dissent at NASA Encouraging to Columbia Investigators
 - Space.com
5/10/2006: XMM-Newton Compiles Sky Survey In Space Time
 - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Scientists Finally Nail Rotational Speed Of Saturn
 - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: SMART-1 Views Lunar Crater Hopmann
 - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Matsuda Plays Down Japanese Human Spaceflight
 - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Russian military to withdraw from Baikonur space centre
 - SpaceDaily
5/10/2006: Disney to Offer a Milder Thrill Ride to Mars...

5/10/2006: Pentagon's robotic challenge- Dodge little old ladies, lead foots
  - CNN
5/10/2006: Plastics go metallic
 - PhysicsWeb
5/10/2006: World-leading Microscope Shows More Detail Than Ever
 - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Infrared System Helps Pilots And Drivers See In Fog And At Night
 - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Tequila! Chemists Help Assure Quality Of Popular Mexican Beverage
 - Science Daily
5/10/2006: Robotic Turtle Proves Graceful
 - Live Science
5/10/2006: Put Better Beer in Your Belly
  - Wired News
5/10/2006: My Compliments to the Lab
  - Wired News


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