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  May 10, 2005

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Brain-Injured Fireman's Recovery Takes Science Into a Murky Area  - NY Times  When Donald Herbert broke 10 years of virtual silence on Saturday and announced that he wanted to speak to his wife, his family and doctors were astonished and bewildered. Mr. Herbert, 44, a Buffalo firefighter who suffered severe brain damage after being struck by debris in a burning building in 1995, had mustered only "yes" and "no" answers sporadically throughout the years, passing his days in front of a television that he could barely see because his vision was so badly blurred. "This is a phenomenon that is being frequently reported," said Dr. Joseph Fins, chief of the medical ethics division at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital and an expert on the subject. "It may be just the tip of the iceberg, and the question is how deep is it, what is the extent, and what are the predictors of this kind of reclaiming of consciousness."   
Oil pills boost pupil brain power  - BBC  Children who were under performing in class have seen an improvement in concentration and behaviour after taking a cocktail of natural oils. Results suggested that after three months, the group using the fatty acid made "highly significant improvements" in 12 out of 13 behavioural scales, including three diagnostic ADHD features - inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Short term memory also significantly improved. "The most dramatic improvement was in concentration and the spin off was children had better attainments so their reading score improved - some children improved by as much as four years in the six months trial."    

Newfound dinosaur caught in act of evolution - MSNBC  Caught in the act of evolution, the odd-looking, feathered dinosaur was becoming more vegetarian, moving away from its meat-eating ancestors. It had the built-for-speed legs of meat-eaters, but was developing the bigger belly of plant-eaters. It had already lost the serrated teeth needed for tearing flesh. Those were replaced with the smaller, duller vegetarian variety. “I doubt seriously this animal could cut a steak with that mouth,” said Utah state paleontologist James Kirkland, one of those who discovered the bones of the beast in east-central Utah. It ate plants, but its bones show the transition from its carnivorous ancestors while still in progress. The creature, with 5-inch claws on its outsized hands, measured some 12 feet from its snout to the tip of its long skinny tail. It stood just over 3 feet tall at the hip and could apparently reach about five feet off the ground with its long neck to munch leaves or fruit, said Kirkland. This one could probably move fairly quickly,” he said, whereas its more evolved relatives “would have had problems hunting things faster than a tree. I wouldn’t doubt this thing would eat a lizard or two in a pinch.”
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/10/2005: Free falling Rampant poaching threatens India's main tiger centre  - BBC
5/10/2005: Butterfly's navigation secret revealed
5/10/2005: Third gray whale dies near naval base - MSNBC
5/10/2005: Monkeys look longer at copycats - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Monkeys can read your intentions - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Birdwatchers - geeks of a feather? - New Scientist
5/10/2005: A Pitched Battle for Stem Cell Research Headquarters  - NY Times
5/10/2005: Major Advance Made On DNA Structure - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Anammox Bacteria Produce Nitrogen Gas In Oceans' Snackbar - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Genetic Fingerprints Yield Insights Into Health Of Diverse Ecosystems - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Wild Grasses And Man-made Wheats Advance Research Capabilities - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Researchers Develop New Method For Facile Identification Of Proteins In Bacterial Cells - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Biologists Determine Genetic Blueprint Of Social Amoeba - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
5/10/2005: Lightning: Thunderbolts from space - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Students Tackle Flooding In Honduras - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Earth's Gravity Scar - Science Daily

5/10/2005: Mouse Adapter Gives Computer Access To Millions Of Hand Tremor Sufferers - Science Daily

5/10/2005: Making Net Phones Smart Business
 - Business Week
5/10/2005: Space Needle a launchpad for "pre-WiMax" service
 - Seattle Times
5/10/2005: FCC Pushing 911 Access for All
  - Wired News
5/10/2005: Anti-Copying Fight Mars Mobile Music
  - Wired News
5/10/2005: Wireless Penetration to Pass 100 Percent in Europe
  - Wired News


5/10/2005: With Lenovo, from Legend to IBM - Business Week
5/10/2005: 'Personal supercomputer' goes on sale - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Research Centers Achieve Record In Grid Computing For Science - Science Daily

5/10/2005: The latest wireless gadgets deliver "always on" MSPs (Members of Scottish Parliament)   - BBC
5/10/2005: Spitzer's Spreading Spyware Net - Business Week
5/10/2005: The 'Nature' of Net Viruses  - Technology Review 
5/10/2005: The Business of Blogging  - Wired News

5/10/2005: Bill Gates, Longhorn Wrangler - Business Week
5/10/2005: Microsoft sharing R&D with startups - Seattle Times
5/10/2005: Microsoft Learns to Share  - Wired News

5/10/2005: Army to get energy-converting sheeting - Business Week
5/10/2005: From Photovoltaics To Solar Thermal Collectors: Evaluating And Improving Green Design - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Florida Demo Tames High Sulfur Coal: Delivers Power At Very Low Emissions - Science Daily
5/10/2005: DOE Supports Promising Membrane Technology For Coal-to-Hydrogen Production - Science Daily

5/10/2005: Male Combat Veterans Rank High In Heart Disease Risk - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Gene Variants Predict Bleeding After Heart Surgery - Science Daily

5/10/2005: Dog trained to smell skin cancer  - BBC
5/10/2005: Jefferson Scientists Create Plant Factories Churning Out Antibodies Against Tumor Cells - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Keeping Cancer In Check - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Novel Ultrafast Laser Detects Cancer At Earliest Possible Stage - Science Daily

5/10/2005: Indonesia confirms its second case of polio - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Vietnam in U-turn over bird flu vaccination - New Scientist
5/10/2005: A Common Bacterium Leads To Serious Blood Infection In Many Seniors, New Study Finds - Science Daily
5/10/2005: New Vaccine To Be Used For First Time In Polio Outbreak Response - Science Daily


5/10/2005: Menopause delay 'a possibility'  - BBC
5/10/2005: Your youngsters: What foods should you avoid giving teething babies?  - BBC
5/10/2005: Look at me: Why deaf awareness week this year is all about looking  - BBC
5/10/2005: Milk Thistle Does Not Reduce Deaths From Liver Diseases, Best Studies Find - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Scalpel-free Surgery Could Reduce Risk Of HIV And Hepatitis Exposure For Health Care Workers - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Acupuncture Treatment No More Effective Than Sham Treatment In Reducing Migraine Headaches - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Football Is A Pain In The Neck - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Number Of Work-related Accidents And Illnesses Continues To Increase - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Animal To Human Transplantation -- Future Potential, Present Risk
 - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Newly Discovered Genetic Disease Sheds Light On Body's Water Balance
 - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Exercise In Cold Water May Increase Appetite, UF Study Finds
 - Science Daily
5/10/2005: The fine art of good health
 - Seattle Times
5/10/2005: Cracking the Real Estate Code
  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
5/10/2005: Newfound dinosaur caught in act of evolution  - MSNBC
5/10/2005: Killer dino 'turned vegetarian'  - BBC
5/10/2005: On This Day 1961: Alan Shepard becomes first US spaceman  - BBC
5/10/2005: Newly discovered mummy is shown  - CNN
5/10/2005: Meat-eating dinosaur caught turning veggie - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Mysteriously shaped stones came from the kitchen - New Scientist
5/10/2005: The Making of a Vegetarian:: A Dinosaur Is Caught in the Act
  - NY Times
5/10/2005: Utah Dinosaur Bones Reveal Missing Link In Evolution Of Diet
 - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Kansas Evolution Debate Heats Up
  - Wired News

5/10/2005: Electric car speed record attempt  - BBC
5/10/2005: Star Wars blog: Why are we waiting? To see Revenge of the Sith, of course  - BBC
5/10/2005: Not Just Emergency Surgery: Big Blue isn't just cutting its workforce and costs to appease investors -- it's also trying to adjust to global realities - Business Week
5/10/2005: University unveils blast simulator - MSNBC
5/10/2005: The speedy way to capture a city - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Idaho National Laboratory Scientist Securing Highly Enriched Uranium Abroad - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Slow Balls Take The Swing Out Of Young Ball Players - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Three lawmakers balk at trade pact - Seattle Times
5/10/2005: Bush considers bringing back 30-year bonds - Seattle Times
5/10/2005: Judging a Book by Its Contents  - Wired News
5/10/2005: The Techno Candidate  - Wired News
5/10/2005: Cracking the Real Estate Code  - Wired News
5/10/2005: Words Easy to Grasp With Handy Dictionary  - Wired News
5/10/2005: An Autonomous Source of News  - Wired News
5/10/2005: RealNetworks Surges on Subscription Strengths  - Wired News
5/10/2005: FBI Computer Error Possibly Fatal  - Wired News

5/10/2005: Oil pills boost pupil brain power   - BBC 
5/10/2005: Brain-Injured Fireman's Recovery Takes Science Into a Murky Area  - NY Times
5/10/2005: 'An alien landing': What's it like suddenly "waking up" after a long time in a coma?  - BBC
5/10/2005: New drug offers jitter-free mental boost - New Scientist
5/10/2005: One law rules dedicated followers of fashion - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Why don't we just kiss and make up? - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Does inner peace lead to longer life?
 - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Therapy To Overcome Fears Helps Children With Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
 - Science Daily
5/10/2005: UCLA Scientists Pinpoint Region Of Autism Gene On Chromosome 17
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/10/2005: Fermilab's DZero Experiment Crunches Record Data With The Grid - Science Daily



5/10/2005: First Marsis radar boom deployed  - BBC
5/10/2005: North Sea clues to life on Mars
  - BBC
5/10/2005: Designs for shuttle replacement may need rethinking
 - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Twelve new moons discovered around Saturn
 - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Launch delay gives astronauts breathing space
 - New Scientist
5/10/2005: To conquer Venus, try a plane with a brain
 - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Sandia Assists NASA With Space Shuttle Rollout Test
 - Science Daily
5/10/2005: Saturn's Odd Moon Out
  - Wired News
5/10/2005: Delay hits Mars radar deployment
  - BBC
5/10/2005: Great escape plan for Mars rover
  - BBC
5/10/2005: Mars Express radar on hold
  - Nature
5/10/2005: NASA plots escape for stranded Mars rover
  - Nature
5/10/2005: Glitch strikes Mars Express's radar boom
  - Nature
5/10/2005: Mars Rover: Digging Out Of Tough Terrain
5/10/2005: Mars Express Probe Suffers Radar Deployment Snag
5/10/2005: New Hiccup For Europe's Mars Express
 - SpaceDaily
5/10/2005: Secrets of space station success ...
5/10/2005: NASA to retest shuttle's fuel tank ...
 - FirstScience
5/10/2005: Mars Express Sees Crater Holden and Uzboi Vallis ...
 - FirstScience

5/10/2005: The humble push bike is voted the nation's favourite invention  - BBC
5/10/2005: Microsoft shares spare technology  - BBC
5/10/2005: Team tries for electric speed record - MSNBC
5/10/2005: It's crunch time in the gold mine - New Scientist
5/10/2005: Lens makers go flat out - PhysicsWeb
5/10/2005: New Materials Provide Insight Into Radioactivity In The Environment, Self-assembling Nanostructures - Science Daily
5/10/2005: From The Lab- Nanotechnology
  - Technology Review 
5/10/2005: Jeepers Creepers, Bionic Peepers
  - Wired News
5/10/2005: Evaluating a Patent System Gone Awry
 - Washington Post


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