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  May 1, 2004

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Plan Bush Snagged By Capitol Hill Machinations - SpaceDaily  The chairman of the congressional committee that oversees U.S. spending on science generally supports the Bush administration's new human spaceflight program, but he said it is doubtful Congress will approve the increase to NASA's budget proposed for fiscal year 2005. Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, R-N.Y., chair of the House Science Committee, said on Wednesday the proposed return of astronauts to the moon and Mars will not receive a serious review before the fall presidential elections and, worse, he said the ambitious plan was not likely to become a spending priority in the U.S. science budget. 

Burrow, Science

New Case for Oldest Life on Earth - Space.com  Using a method never applied to rock from ancient Earth, researchers have found possible signs of biological activity dating back nearly 3.5 billion years, earlier than any other agreed-upon discovery of life on this planet. The primordial life appears to have eaten rocks to survive. If the terrestrial finding is confirmed, it means life was thriving not long after this world had been presumably sterilized several times over by asteroid and comet impacts that were common in the earliest era of the solar system, which is about 4.6 billion years old. Meanwhile, separate work is turning up intriguing similar structures in Mars rocks found on Earth .

Integrated Testing Of First Airborne Ray Gun Completed - SpaceDaily  Lockheed Martin has completed factory testing of the optical benches for the Airborne Laser's Beam Control/Fire Control (BC/FC) system. The Airborne Laser (ABL) is the first megawatt-class laser weapon system to be carried on a specially configured 747-400F aircraft, designed to autonomously detect, track and destroy hostile ballistic missiles. The Beam Control/Fire Control system will accurately point, focus and fire the laser to provide sufficient energy to destroy the missile while it is still in the highly vulnerable boost phase of flight - before separation of its warheads. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

5/1/2004: Genome-wide Screen Reveals New Tricks Of Old Genes - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Hopkins Scientists Overcome Main Obstacle To Making Tons Of Short, Drug-like Proteins
 - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Spiders Make Best Ever Post-it Notes - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Mantis Shrimp May Have Swiftest Kick In The Animal Kingdom - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Spiders' Sticky Secret Revealed  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
5/1/2004: Rate Of Ocean Circulation Directly Linked To Abrupt Climate Change - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Arctic Ozone Loss More Sensitive To Climate Change Than Thought - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Classic View Wrong, Scientists Say, Huge Pots Of Magma Not Brewing Under Most Volcanoes - Science Daily
5/1/2004: High-Tech Weather Warnings On Air in an Instant  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Chernobyl Disaster's Health Impact Remains Cloudy... - Nat'l. Geo. News
5/1/2004: Bush Highlights Volunteers' Role in Environmental Protection... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Living With Chernobyl 18 Years Later... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Mysteries linger at Chernobyl 18 years on... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: A Filipino invention that saves gas and reduces pollution... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Minister of Environment Protection Took Participation in ECDO Meeting... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Nigeria: Company Charges Govts On Environmental Issues... - FirstScience

5/1/2004: How It Sounds Is All in Your Head  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Father of the IPod  - Wired News
5/1/2004: IPod Devotees Accessorize  - Wired News


5/1/2004: Scientists Post A Lower Speed Limit For Magnetic Switching - Science Daily
5/1/2004: IBM, Stanford University team up on 'spintronics' - Silicon Strategies

5/1/2004: Microsoft’s Magic Pen  - Technology Review 
5/1/2004: Madrasas Slowly Warm to Computers  - Wired News

5/1/2004: French insurance giant fights Google ad strategy - Seattle Times
5/1/2004: Don't Be Afraid of the Big Bad Gmail  - Wired News

5/1/2004: Apple's iPod strategy is familiar tune - Seattle Times
5/1/2004: Legal action against music downloads has mixed impact - Seattle Times
5/1/2004: Microsoft memo surfaces on Web - Seattle Times
5/1/2004: Journalist Puts Skills to Work in Cyberspace  - Wired News


5/1/2004: For Heart Patients, Angina Is the Price for Living Longer  - NY Times
5/1/2004: First Randomized Trial Of Adult Stem Cell Injections In Heart Failure Patients Shows Benefit - Science Daily

5/1/2004: Discovery Sheds Light On How Cancer Cells Grow And Divide - Science Daily

5/1/2004: Researchers Discover Cold Virus Can 'Hit And Hide' - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Shoot-Out at the West Nile Corral  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Nuke Mosquito, End Malaria?  - Wired News
5/1/2004: SARS Escaped Chinese Lab Twice  - Wired News

5/1/2004: Habits: When a Team Tackles Smoking  - NY Times

5/1/2004: Reasons, and Remedies, for Morning Sickness  - NY Times
5/1/2004: Take Two Aspirins, E-Mail Me Tomorrow  - NY Times
5/1/2004: Hold That Stretch: Warm-Up Is Challenged  - NY Times
5/1/2004: Cases: Time Heals, but It's a Luxury Physicians and Patients Rarely Get  - NY Times
5/1/2004: Protein May Help Prevent Autoimmune Attacks - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Mothers' Cells Can Cause Immunity Illness In Children - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
5/1/2004: New Case for Oldest Life on Earth - Space.com
5/1/2004: Ancient, Buried Roman Villas Resurrected  - NY Times
5/1/2004: Multinational Team of Scientists Finds Early Life in Volcanic Lava - SpaceDaily

5/1/2004: Integrated Testing Of First Airborne Ray Gun Completed - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Plan Bush Snagged By Capitol Hill Machinations - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Passengers Feel the Driver's Anxiety, Too  - NY Times
5/1/2004: A Shrimp's Smash Hit  - NY Times
5/1/2004: Venture capitalists emerge from slumber, vie for startups' attention - Seattle Times
5/1/2004: Life can be funny: Layoff victim becomes comic-book entrepreneur - Seattle Times
5/1/2004: Bush to call for hydrogen car, tax-free broadband in new initiative - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Indian outsourcing to maintain 50 pct growth but clouded by attrition - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Warning: May Contain Explosives  - Wired News
5/1/2004: AOL Opens Its Mailboxes  - Wired News
5/1/2004: TiVo Faces Off With Clones  - Wired News
5/1/2004: A Sunny Forecast for Open Source  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Big Easy Watches Wirelessly  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Highest Branch Of Science... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Science's Political Bulldog...  - Scientific American

5/1/2004: Imaging Test Could Be Used To Diagnose Schizophrenia - Science Daily
5/1/2004: Study Reveals Cause Of Loss Of Consciousness During Seizures - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
5/1/2004: Unlike Leopards, Jupiter Finds a Way to Change Its Spots  - NY Times
5/1/2004: In Wisconsin Rock, Traces of a Meteor
  - NY Times
5/1/2004: NASA Considering Various Hubble Service Options - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Gravity Probe B Powered Up And OK - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Outta Here At Last - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Expert Predicts Global Climate Change On Jupiter As It's Spots Disappear - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Government Working Group Completes 'Physics of the Universe' Report... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory Reveals Two Faces of Supernova Power...
 - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Einstein in the Sky With Pulsars...
 - Discover



5/1/2004: Strange Shadows: Saturn's Two-Faced Moon - Space.com
5/1/2004: Sea Launch Sails For Equator Pad
 - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: The Physics of Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations... - FirstScience
5/1/2004: Cost Control- ESA Caps Price on ISS Automated Transfer Vehicle... - FirstScience

5/1/2004: Portable Rainbow Source Improves Color Calibrations - SpaceDaily
5/1/2004: Magnets Align Nanotubes in Resin  - Technology Review 
5/1/2004: Low-Watt Radio Wields Its Power  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Supercomputers Speed Car Design  - Wired News
5/1/2004: Working Toward the Touch and Smell Phone  - Wired News


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