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  April 9, 2005

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Nanotechnology Could Promote Hydrogen Economy - SpaceDaily  In a paper to be published April 20 in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, researchers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, describe how they make a finely textured surface of the metal iridium that can be used to extract hydrogen from ammonia, then captured and fed to a fuel cell. The metal's unique surface consists of millions of pyramids with facets as tiny as five nanometers (five billionths of a meter) across, onto which ammonia molecules can nestle like matching puzzle pieces. This sets up the molecules to undergo complete and efficient decomposition.   
Quasiparticle Behavior In Bose Quantum Liquids - SpaceDaily  Quasiparticles carry energy in condensed matter. In the world of quasiparticle physics, understanding when and how these energy carriers fail opens doors to another level of understanding, and can lead the way to many new and important theories. Scientists at the U. S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory have discovered the failure point for the quasiparticle construct, the standard model of condensed matter physics. This could have far-reaching implications, for example, in the study of high-temperature superconductors.

Dubai tower to be world's tallest building  - CNN  Left:  An artist drawing of the Burj Dubai -- developers aren't saying how high the skyscraper will top out, but observers say it will be above 2,300 feet (700 meters).   The developers say dozens of stories taller than skyscrapers in Taiwan, Chicago or anywhere else. But they are keeping the exact height a secret to flummox competitors in the world's furious race for the title of tallest skyscraper. Booth said jokingly that once completed in 2008, the $900 million Burj will sport a movable spire to keep observers from ever gauging the true height. The craze for height has hit hardest in industrializing Asian countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, which boast seven of the world's 10 tallest buildings. The current tallest, at 101 floors, is the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, though Toronto's CN Tower is 180 feet higher, largely because of its huge antenna. New York built skyscrapers because land was scarce; Dubai is doing it to get on the international map.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/9/2005: Oil platforms may be used for fish farms - MSNBC
4/9/2005: Hunters win hike in polar bear quota
  - Nature
4/9/2005: Scientists Discover How Fish Evolved To Float At Different Sea Depths - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/9/2005: Air pollution influences crop disease  - Nature
4/9/2005: Officials Enact Colorado River Plan  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Upland Birds In Peril From Climate Change - Science Daily
4/9/2005: CU-Boulder Researchers Pioneer New Technique To Free Seismologists From 'Tyranny Of Earthquakes' - Science Daily
4/9/2005: Computer Program Helps Farmers Make Decisions About Pastureland - Science Daily

4/9/2005: Fossil finally ships Palm OS PDA wristwatch  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Connery back as 007 for Bond game  - CNN

4/9/2005: The Broadband Life Spreading high-speed Net access is driving new ways to meet, talk, shop, study, and work. And the under-25 set is a prime force
 - Business Week
4/9/2005: Broadband Ads' Speedy Progress
 - Business Week
4/9/2005: Broadband Penetration
 - Business Week
4/9/2005: Cable TV Expansion
 - Business Week
4/9/2005: Watch makers nervous about mobile phones
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: PSP, high-speed networks to push media forward
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: IM threats rising sharply, reports confirm
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop New Software To Detect Viruses In Cell Phones And Other Embedded Systems
 - Science Daily

4/9/2005: Century-old technology boosts mini storage for gadgets  - BBC

4/9/2005: Unlocking PC secrets  - C/Net

4/9/2005: Online ad spend trumps airwaves
4/9/2005: Google to start 'video blogging'  - BBC
4/9/2005: Trade and trust: How eBay tries to ensure sales are safe and secure  - BBC
4/9/2005: Google feature incorporates satellite maps - Business Week
4/9/2005: Images: View from on high  - C/Net
4/9/2005: What search sites know about you  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Pope picking:-fair game for online gamblers
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: PC trial on Court TV's docket
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: U.S. blogger breaches Canadian publication ban
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Google hacking for fun and profit
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Olive branch for swappers
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Firefox improves pop-up ad blocking
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Calling all TVs
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: China's Tomb-Sweeping Day goes virtual
  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Google unveils satellite map feature
  - CNN
4/9/2005: Court lets man criticize hair clinic in Web site
  - CNN
4/9/2005: Ethiopia plans to expand Web access
  - CNN

4/9/2005: Help Desk - Business Week

4/9/2005: Nanotechnology Could Promote Hydrogen Economy - SpaceDaily

4/9/2005: Student Identifies Electrical Changes Preceding Heart Failure - Science Daily

4/9/2005: Vital Signs: Techniques: Argon to the Prostate's Rescue  - NY Times

4/9/2005: Pneumonia jab for all over-65s  - BBC
4/9/2005: 'Indians vulnerable to HIV/Aids'  - BBC
4/9/2005: North Korean bird flu outbreak not the feared strain - New Scientist
4/9/2005: Should We All Be Stocking Tamiflu?  - NY Times

4/9/2005: Have Your Say Should there be a minimum charge for alcoholic drinks?  - BBC
4/9/2005: Treatment breakthrough for ‘smoker’s lung’ - New Scientist
4/9/2005: A Therapy for Cat Allergies, Thanks to Mice  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Internal Fat's Role In Type 2 Diabetes Probed - Science Daily

4/9/2005: Bionic eye will let the blind see  - BBC
4/9/2005: MPs issue prescriptions warning  - BBC
4/9/2005: EU health foods crackdown 'wrong'  - BBC
4/9/2005: Prescription art: How Dr Simon Opher is hoping to 'heal' some of his patients  - BBC
4/9/2005: Lung disease breakthrough  - BBC
4/9/2005: Strong medicine  - Nature
4/9/2005: Mini 'light sabres' may battle gum disease - New Scientist
4/9/2005: Vital Signs: Nutrition: Smart Money on Table's No. 30  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Older Knees Now Have New Option  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Drink Up for Energy, but Watch Your Mouth
4/9/2005: The Claim: Tryptophan in Turkey Makes You Drowsy  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Cases: In a Pile of Papers, the Ghost of a Once-Healthy Child
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Open Wide- Decoding the Secrets of Venom
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Graphic: Ancient Venoms
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Graphic: Comparing Poisons
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Apartment House Lifts Barriers for the Disabled
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Lion Returns To Zoo After Unique Medical Procedure At Hebrew University Veterinary Hospital
 - Science Daily
4/9/2005: Diagnostic Test For Range Of Blood Disorders On The Horizon
 - Science Daily
4/9/2005: Acupuncture Relieves Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy
 - Science Daily
4/9/2005: Vitamin E May Not Prevent Cancer Or Cardiovascular Events, But May Increase Risk For Heart Failure
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/9/2005: Marsupial munch tops big biters  - BBC
4/9/2005: Extensive Mayan salt trade discovered - MSNBC
4/9/2005: Q & A: Litters and Evolution  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Experts Find 41 Saltworks Used by Mayans  - NY Times

4/9/2005: 'Bluetoothing' for sex a hoax  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Case trades digital for downward dog  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Dick Tracy Goes to the Front  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Patriot Act's secret searches used 108 times  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Yahoo goes to the mat to keep Semel  - C/Net
4/9/2005: MCI saga's bottom line  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Patriot Act's next chapter  - C/Net
4/9/2005: High tech's new day  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Do fundamentals--or emotions--drive the strong stock market?  - C/Net
4/9/2005: Clever clock  - CNN
4/9/2005: Cosmic Log: Progress and the pope - MSNBC
4/9/2005: Do it yourself  - Nature
4/9/2005: Computer crime boom costs UK billions - New Scientist
4/9/2005: Questions for Richard Cizik: Earthy Evangelist  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Letters  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Hey, Your Kite's Got Dandruff  - NY Times

4/9/2005: Forbes: Measuring trust with a brain scan - MSNBC
4/9/2005: Researchers to study apes, forgiveness - MSNBC
4/9/2005: TV may turn four-year-olds into bullies - New Scientist
4/9/2005: Vital Signs: Behavior: Cold Shoulder for Fat Customers  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Child Development- Could I Have a Definition, Please?  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Sparing the Calories Won't Spoil the Child  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Inside the Injured Brain, Many Kinds of Awareness
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Graphic
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Forum
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Audio & Photos: Schiavo's Life and Legacy
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: Understanding Biological Foundation Of Human Behavior Critical To Improving Laws
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/9/2005: Quasiparticle Behavior In Bose Quantum Liquids - SpaceDaily
4/9/2005: Galaxy has mystery star clusters
  - BBC
4/9/2005: It Orbits a Star, but Does It Qualify for Planethood?
  - NY Times
4/9/2005: When There Is Splish, but No Splash
  - NY Times


4/9/2005: Iowa Baby Is World's First To Receive Life-Saving Robotic Surgery - Science Daily
4/9/2005: Researchers Deploy Robot On Frozen Lake In Preparation For Antarctic Expedition - Science Daily

4/9/2005: Simulator success for shuttle Discovery crew - New Scientist
4/9/2005: Shuttle Discovery rolls onto the launch pad
 - New Scientist
4/9/2005: Shuttle Crew Seeks Assurance Before Flight
  - NY Times

4/9/2005: Dubai tower to be world's tallest building  - CNN
4/9/2005: Seeing the future: New technology for visually impaired people goes on show  - BBC
4/9/2005: Museum exhibits a high-tech future  - CNN
4/9/2005: New cotton fabric may absorb toxins - MSNBC


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