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  April 9, 2004

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Making Discrete Carbon Nanoparticles - SpaceDaily  Carnegie Mellon University scientists have developed an attractive way to make discrete carbon nanoparticles for electrical components used in industry and research. "Our well-defined carbon nanoparticles should find a wide range of applications, especially in energy storage/conversion devices and in display technologies." The Carnegie Mellon group is currently working on using carbon nanoparticles as active materials in field emitter arrays for flat panel screen displays. This technology to produce carbon nanostructures also could be adapted to produce solar panels that convert sunlight into electrical energy. 
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Miles - SpaceDaily  The body size of ancient creatures, bivalves and brachiopods, could tell geoscientists a lot about the creatures' life history and about the ecology of the times in which they lived. However, traveling the world to measure these creatures' fossils would take several life-times and more travel funds than scientists usually have. Changes in body size could reveal whether an organism evolved and became more efficient or whether environmental changes had an impact. "But no one has compiled a list of how body size changed for a group of animals over long time periods," Krause says.

Protein Folding On A Chip - SpaceDaily  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory are proposing to use a supercomputer originally developed to simulate elementary particles in high-energy physics to help determine the structures and functions of proteins, including, for example, the 30,000 or so proteins encoded by the human genome. Unlike typical parallel processors, the 10,000 processors in this supercomputer (called Quantum Chromodynamics on a Chip, or QCDOC, for its original application in physics) each contain their own memory and the equivalent of a 24-lane superhighway for communicating with one another in six dimensions. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/9/2004: Protein Folding On A Chip - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Genetically Manipulated Bull Put to Sleep
 - ABC
4/9/2004: AP: India OKs Genetically Modified Cotton - ABC
4/9/2004: Abortion Dr. Familiar With Court Scene - ABC
4/9/2004: Alarm sounded on narwhal decline  - BBC
4/9/2004: Creating Polymers That Act Like Biomolecules - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Missing Gene A Potential Risk Factor For Birth Defects - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Laboratory Rat Gene Sequencing Completed; Humans Share One-fourth Of Genes With Rat, Mouse - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Embryonic Stem Cells Induced To Develop Into Bone Marrow And Blood Cells - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Major Differences Found Between Genomes Of Oral Pathogen And Related Spiral-shaped Bacteria That Cause Syphilis And Lyme Disease - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/9/2004: Orbimage Ramps Up Operations And Expands Staff - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: EPA- Dirty Air Could Persist Beyond 2015... - FirstScience
4/9/2004: A Grass-roots Revolution In Pollution Control... - FirstScience
4/9/2004: Shell fish test 'will show source and date of pollution'... - FirstScience
4/9/2004: 3 Intense Hurricanes Forecasted in 2004 - ABC
4/9/2004: States Call for Tougher Mercury Standards - ABC
4/9/2004: Nature's callA cuddly toy's "voice box" is being used to track a rare bird  - BBC
4/9/2004: Letting grass grow under their feet  - BBC
4/9/2004: A Rescue Center Where the Rehabbing Is on View  - NY Times
4/9/2004: Senators Fault Mercury Pollution Proposal  - NY Times

4/9/2004: For Those Who Play, Laptops Get Serious  - NY Times
4/9/2004: New Pong king crowned  - BBC
4/9/2004: Go West: Grand Theft Auto makers go to the Wild West for latest game  - BBC
4/9/2004: Computer games 'aid hearing'  - BBC
4/9/2004: Tale of two gaming worlds  - CNN
4/9/2004: Microsoft's iPod killer?  - C/Net

4/9/2004: Little Bird Plagues Motorola  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Fun on the Run - ABC
4/9/2004: Will Internet Phone Calls Go Wireless? - ABC
4/9/2004: Broadband to goHow 3G technology is finally becoming mainstream  - BBC
4/9/2004: FCC mulls appeal in cable access dispute  - CNN
4/9/2004: When a phone isn't simply a phone  - NY Times
4/9/2004: SBC cuts DSL prices again
  - C/Net
4/9/2004: New protocol shows big speed increase
  - El. Engr. Times
4/9/2004: Court rebuffs cable industry in broadband battle
 - Seattle Times

4/9/2004: Quantum computing: bit by bit - Economist

4/9/2004: Softer Virtual Skin  - Technology Review
4/9/2004: System Susses Out Silent Speech  - Technology Review
4/9/2004: Hot-Rod Recorders- Tech TV
4/9/2004: A Guide to Understanding DVD Standards- Tech TV
4/9/2004: High-Tech How-To's and Digital Reviews- Tech TV
4/9/2004: Snapshot chat creates automatic captions - New Scientist

4/9/2004: Feds Crank Up Heat on P2P  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Topica Users Pay the Piper  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Google to Unveil Free E-Mail  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Study: Web rivals TV for coveted eyeballs  - CNN
4/9/2004: Have computer, will travel  - CNN
4/9/2004: EU orders anti-spam legislation  - CNN
4/9/2004: Internet movies not ready for prime time  - El. Engr. Times

4/9/2004: Cybershake: A Daily Tech Report - ABC
4/9/2004: Safe Steps - ABC
4/9/2004: Supermarket giant backs Linux  - BBC
4/9/2004: Intel: Radio bands need better tuning  - C/Net


4/9/2004: Meditation Impacts Teen Blood Pressure - ABC
4/9/2004: Pill may prevent post-op strokes  - BBC

4/9/2004: Cancer patients 'delay seeing GP'  - BBC
4/9/2004: Advanced Small-cell Lung Cancer Patients - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Green Tea Component Helps Kill Leukemia Cells - Science Daily

4/9/2004: At last, South Africa provides free drugs to its poorest Aids victims - New Scientist

4/9/2004: Report: Midwesterners Binge Drink More - ABC
4/9/2004: Friday night fever: How people around the world behave after Friday night boozing  - BBC
4/9/2004: Studies on a Mouse Hormone Bear on Fatness in Humans  - NY Times
4/9/2004: Scientists detail hormone's role in the impulse to eat - New Scientist

4/9/2004: Water Works - ABC
4/9/2004: Video: Popular Diets: What's the Best Approach?
4/9/2004: Group Says Minnesota's HMOs Improving - ABC
4/9/2004: Thalidomide: People disabled by the drug worry about its re-emergence  - BBC
4/9/2004: Brain surgery may cure Tourette's  - BBC
4/9/2004: Injury risk for DIY enthusiasts  - BBC
4/9/2004: Too many people are turning their backs on exercise  - BBC
4/9/2004: Experts rethink vitamin safety  - Nature

History, Anthropology:
4/9/2004: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Miles - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Ancient builders followed stars  - BBC
4/9/2004: Fossil may be earliest arm bone  - BBC
4/9/2004: First frontal portrait of pharaoh found - MSNBC
4/9/2004: Strong-arm tactics drove creatures from the pond  - Nature
4/9/2004: Primitive fossil arm performed push-ups - New Scientist
4/9/2004: Unique full-frontal portrait reveals pharaoh's face - New Scientist
4/9/2004: Rock Art Depicting Commanche
s, Horses Clad In Leather Armor Discovered In Colorado - Science Daily
4/9/2004: UC San Diego Bioinformatics Experts Help Reconstruct The Genomic Makeup Of Our Ancestors
 - Science Daily
4/9/2004: New Fossil Links Four-legged Land Animals To Ancient Fish
 - Science Daily

4/9/2004: Smiths Introduces Innovative Autonomous Refuelling To The UK - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Bush's 9/11 focus was on missiles, not terrorism: report - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Taiwan to develop ballistic, cruise missiles: Jane's - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Revenge of the Killer Drones  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Virtual-School Costs Under Siege  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Making Music by Playing with Toys  - Wired News
4/9/2004: A Fine Year for April Foolery  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Full Frontal Antiquity  - Wired News
4/9/2004: How E-Voting Threatens Democracy  - Wired News
4/9/2004: E-Voting Alternative Offered  - Wired News
4/9/2004: ITAA Goes on E-Voting Offensive  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Outsourcing and the Sad Little Movement to Stop It  - Wired News
4/9/2004: Casinos at Odds Over Laser Scanner  - Wired News
4/9/2004: NASA Selects Top Invention... - FirstScience
4/9/2004: Special Effects, Where Are You?- Tech TV
4/9/2004: Cruel or crucial:Animal welfare versus the religious rights of Muslims and Jews  - BBC
4/9/2004: Game for learning: University students could learn to create computer characters.  - BBC
4/9/2004: AOL begins hiring in Bangalore  - C/Net
4/9/2004: Daylight science time - MSNBC
4/9/2004: Paper trail sought for electronic voting - MSNBC
4/9/2004: Startup aims flights to Europe - Seattle Times

4/9/2004: Expert: Mormon Women Less Depressed - ABC
4/9/2004: Study: Asian Suicide Rate Higher in Women - ABC
4/9/2004: South India suicide is world high  - BBC
4/9/2004: Appetite may be hard-wired  - Nature
4/9/2004: Indian teens have world's highest suicide rate - New Scientist
4/9/2004: Researchers Identify First Gene Variant That Appears To Increase Risk Of Autism In Significant Portion Of The Population - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Can We Believe Our Memories? - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/9/2004: Disputed 'building block' of physics is constant - New Scientist
4/9/2004: Saturn looms large in new image
 - New Scientist
4/9/2004: Physicists move closer to the quantum limit
 - PhysicsWeb
4/9/2004: Mathematicians Predict Patterns In Fingerprints And Cacti
 - Science Daily
4/9/2004: GAO hoists red flag over costly Boeing Army project
 - Seattle Times


4/9/2004: Robot football teams created by students go head to head  - BBC

4/9/2004: Cryogenics in Outer Space - Popular Science
4/9/2004: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: South Polar Dunes...
 - FirstScience
4/9/2004: NASA spacecraft fly-off under study...
4/9/2004: From Europa to Sedna: Life Beneath the Ice in the Outer Solar System-... - FirstScience
4/9/2004: Mini-mission idea for Mars' moons  - BBC
4/9/2004: Ultrasound Makes Waves In Space And On Earth - Science Daily
4/9/2004: Government Licenses First Private Rocket
 - ABC
4/9/2004: Hall of fame inducts space tech stars
  - CNN
4/9/2004: Online terror
  - CNN
4/9/2004: SpaceShipOne gets federal go-ahead
4/9/2004: SpaceShipOne reportedly flies again
4/9/2004: Commercial space flight takes big step up
 - New Scientist
4/9/2004: Spirit of Success At 90 Sols
 - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Rutan Gets License For Sub-Orbital Tests
 - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: NASA's Mars Rovers Get Green Light for Longer Mission
4/9/2004: Feds Give Private Spaceship Go-Ahead to Expand Flight Testing
 - Space.com
4/9/2004: BREAKING NEWS! Private Spaceship Completes Second Rocket-Powered Test Flight
 - Space.com
4/9/2004: Modern Mars: Latest Spacecraft Findings Redefine Future Missions
 - Space.com
4/9/2004: Four Technologies Make Space Hall of Fame
 - Space.com
4/9/2004: China, Europe Pursue Closer Space Ties
 - Space.com

4/9/2004: Making Discrete Carbon Nanoparticles - SpaceDaily
4/9/2004: Researchers seek bricks to build nanoscale structures  - El. Engr. Times
4/9/2004: Scientists encounter nano-problems - MSNBC
4/9/2004: Space Technologies Aid Solar-powered Global Flight Bid - Science Daily


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