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  April 8, 2005

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Help Wanted: Space Colonist Need To Be More Than Astronauts -  When we get to the Moon we are going to want to build structures where we can take off that space suit. We are currently thinking about ways to use the lunar regolith as a primary building material.  Hopefully we will find usable water and other chemicals. Experiments using the samples of regolith to make bricks were very successful with little or no degradation over a period of fifteen or twenty years.     
Unstoppable Creepy Crawlers -  A virtually unstoppable "snakebot" has been developed by a University of Michigan team, resembling a high-tech slinky as it climbs pipes and stairs, rolls over rough terrain and spans wide gaps to reach the other side. The 26-pound robot developed at the U-M College of Engineering is called OmniTread. It moves by rolling, log-style, or by lifting its head or tail, inchworm-like, and muscling itself forward. The snake-shaped serpentine robot is propelled along by moving treads that cover 80 percent of its body. These treads prevent the snakebot from stalling or becoming stuck on rough terrain because, similar to a tire touching a road, the treads propel the robot forward like a tire touching a road. Historically, scientists haven't had much success with wheeled and tracked robots on rough terrain because they constantly stall.   

Ubari And Murzuq Sand Seas Of Libya  -   Most of the face of the Sahara desert stretching across Northern Africa is bare stone and pebbles rather than sand dunes, but there are exceptions sprawling sea of multi-storey sand dunes known as 'ergs'. The Erg Ubari (also called Awbari) is the reddish sand sea towards the top of the image. A dark outcrop of Nubian sandstone separates the Erg Ubari sand from the Erg Murzuq (also called Murzuk) further south. A persistent high-pressure zone centred over Libya keeps the centre of the Sahara completely arid for years at a time, but research has discovered evidence of 'paleolakes' in this region associated with a wetter and more fertile past. Libya today has no permanent rivers or water bodies, but has various vast fossil aquifers. These natural underground basins hold enormous amounts of fresh water.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/8/2005: Real diamonds for the mistress... - New Scientist
4/8/2005: Determining The Fate Of Cells In The Human Body
 - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Cooperation Is Key:A New Way Of Looking At MicroRNA And How It Controls Gene Expression - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Scientists Develop Technology That Uses MRI To Visualize Gene Expression In Living Animals - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Study: Marmoset Dads Don't Stray - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Cousteau Sub Mimics Great White  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Biotechnology and the Unpleasant Alternatives  - Wired News
4/8/2005: North Atlantic right whales see baby boom ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: New miniaturised chip dramatically reduces time taken for DNA analysis ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: New Miniaturised Chip Dramatically Reduces Time Taken For DNA Analysis - SpaceDaily

Climate, Environment:
4/8/2005: Ubari And Murzuq Sand Seas Of Libya     -
4/8/2005: Ocean Ecosystems Plagued By Agricultural Runoff - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Post-Tsunami Thailand Yields Lessons For Coastal Construction - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Research Indicates No Relief For Drought, Fire Concerns - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Evergreen To Pay Largest-ever Penalty For Concealing Vessel Pollution ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Tremor monitoring network established for Dam project ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Bay dredging to cause major environmental damage ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: EU takes stock of progress on landfill law ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: AFRICA: Climate change becoming a matter of life and death ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: The Clean Neighborhood Bill could encourage recycling in the UK by making people pay for their waste ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Indian Ocean climate watch network grows ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Alan Oxley: Change the climate on emissions ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Wild Profits  - Technology Review 
4/8/2005: Climatologists Discover Deep-Sea Secret - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Japan's Honda aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent: report - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Japanese companies take lead in sustainable development - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Global warming: Shutdown of Atlantic current would ravage food stocks - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Indian Ocean Climate Watch Network Grows - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Climate Skeptics Split Into Two Factions
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: St Petersburg And Lake Ladoga
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Chinese Research Ship To Weigh Anchor
 - SpaceDaily

4/8/2005: Matrix Online: Gaming Repackaged  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Techies Weighed Down With Gadget Burden  - Wired News

4/8/2005: Cellular Internet taps Wi-Fi's speed
 - Seattle Times

4/8/2005: Hitachi Eyes 1TB Desktop Drives


4/8/2005: AOL plans to move offerings outside its "walled garden" and onto the Web - Seattle Times
4/8/2005: "The Blog of Death" offers a resting place for tributes - Seattle Times
4/8/2005: Students Use Next-Gen Downloads  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Google Speeds Up Firefox Searches  - Wired News
4/8/2005: When The Web Was New  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Norway's 'DVD Jon' breaks through Apple's iTunes: report - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Japan's flamboyant Internet whizkid all praise for SKorean conglomerates
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Rapid rise of Internet use in the Philippines, e-commerce to follow: IDC
 - SpaceDaily

4/8/2005: IBM Research chief is thinker AND doer - Seattle Times
4/8/2005: No Comdex This Year: No Problem, Say Users  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Microsoft offers more concessions on EU server ruling; six issues pending - SpaceDaily

4/8/2005: 'Tree-power' Could Be Future Energy Source - Science Daily

4/8/2005: Brain Research To Help In Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Inflammatory Condition Doubles Heart Attack, Stroke Risk - Science Daily

4/8/2005: Environmental Groups Are Praising the E.P.A. for Updating Cancer-Risk Guidelines  - NY Times
4/8/2005: Newly Discovered Pathway Might Help In Design Of Cancer Drugs - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Local Scientists Discover Gene that Can Age and Kill Cancer Cells ... - FirstScience

4/8/2005: Biologists Discover Why 10 Percent Of Europeans Are Safe From HIV Infection
4/8/2005: Research Reveals Functions Of Harmful Shellfish Pathogens - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Tracking Antimicrobial Resistant Organisms - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Child Care May Affect Entire Community's Risks Of Infection - Science Daily

4/8/2005: Chemists Identify Immune System Mechanism For Methamphetamine Binges - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Genes For Alcohol Consumption Identified - Science Daily

4/8/2005: Hey, Guys, They're Not Girlie-man Portions, They're Healthy Portions - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Fixing Of The Lumbar Column Aided By Simple Radiological Techniques - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Growing Your Own Replacement Teeth? Not Science Fiction! - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Sciatica Pain Study Seeks Volunteers - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Illinois Scientist Developing New Weapons In Food-Safety Arsenal - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Researchers Closer To Helping Hearing-Impaired Using Stem Cells - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Researchers Identify Eye Disorder Gene - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Gene For Pre-Eclampsia Discovered ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: 'Oxygen therapy' salons set to expand among stressed Japanese
 - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
4/8/2005: King Tut Liked Red Wine - Science Daily

4/8/2005: Breaking the ice - PhysicsWeb
4/8/2005: Taking The Terror Out Of Terror: Sandia Team Re-thinks Physical Security For Homeland Defense - Science Daily
4/8/2005: Malt Liquor Beers, And The People Who Drink Them, Are Different - Science Daily
4/8/2005: MIT team's project creates laptops for developing world - Seattle Times
4/8/2005: Video Shills for Literary Stars  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Spying As a Business  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Low-Cost Laptops for Kids in Need  - Wired News
4/8/2005: New Ethics Rules Cost NIH Another Top Researcher - Washington Post
4/8/2005: U.S. Tracks Immigrants With Device  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Student Tracker Proposed  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Incubating European Industry - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: South Korea May Move Up Radar Satellite - SpaceDaily

4/8/2005: Calisthenics for Aging Brains  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
4/8/2005: Hubble heads for plunge ... - USA Today
4/8/2005: Astronomers Discover Mysterious New Star Clusters ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Collaboration between musician and astronomer captures galactic events ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Will NASA Put an End to Astronomy's Golden Age? ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: NASA Review: Hubble Headed For Deorbit-Option Only
4/8/2005: NASA Delay Could Threaten Shuttle Launch
4/8/2005: Tinsley's New Large Optics Facility Marks Another Step Forward For James Webb Space Telescope
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Mathematician Decodes Two International Cipher Systems
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Plenty of Earths await discovery
  - BBC


4/8/2005: Unstoppable Creepy Crawlers -

4/8/2005: Help Wanted: Space Colonist Need To Be More Than Astronauts -
4/8/2005: Some at NASA Say Its Culture Is Changing, but Others Say Problems Still Run Deep
  - NY Times
4/8/2005: 'Hourglass' Shaped Craters Filled Traces Of Glacier
 - Science Daily
4/8/2005: What a Little Moon Dust Can Do
  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Strange slopes on Mars ...
4/8/2005: NASA's robotic spacecraft to be launched on April 15 ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Images show steep slopes on Mars ...
  - CNN
4/8/2005: Mexican lakes may hold clues to alien life ...
4/8/2005: Russia Eyes Price Controls For Launches
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: India Hires American Geologist For Moon Mapping Mission
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Industry Panel Urges Space Shuttle Fly-Out Plan, Space Station Integration
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: The Martian Mortal Coil - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Virgin says space flight plan complete, airline expansion planned
 - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Boldly going How fresh EU money is boosting Europe's space industry
  - BBC
4/8/2005: Mars Rovers Sent Into Third Overtime ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Sky-Watchers Await Solar Eclipse ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: The Pope's Parting Message to the World; Problems With the Space Shuttle Discovery ...
 - FirstScience
4/8/2005: Durable Mars Rovers Sent Into Third Overtime Period ...
 - FirstScience
 Japanese astronaut begins countdown to first space walk ... - FirstScience
4/8/2005: 50 Chance Of Launch Delay
 - SpaceDaily

4/8/2005: UK Experts Develop Super-realistic Animation System - Science Daily
4/8/2005: In Solution, Tiny Magnetic Wires Scatter Light - Science Daily
4/8/2005: The Best 90 Minutes of My Life  - Wired News
4/8/2005: Experimental Acrobatics Leads To First Synthesis Of Ultracold Molecules - SpaceDaily
4/8/2005: Danger signals: Help at last for fishermen bereft of technology  - BBC


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