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  April 6, 2004

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Landfill Garbage Zappers - ABC  Startech Corp. in Wilton, Conn., and the Solena Group in Washington, D.C., use molten hot plasma to scorch garbage in an oxygen-starved container to 30,000 degrees or three times as hot as the sun. The process causes molecules in the trash to break down, creating a stone-like material that can be used in pavement or kitchen tiles, as well as hydrogen-rich gases that are then burned as fuel. Another firm, Changing World Technologies of Philadelphia, Pa., combines waste with water and applies extreme heat and pressure to separate the mixture into gas, light oil, heavy oil and solid carbon. The gas is burned, the water is drained and the oils and carbon are sold as energy sources.
Self-Assembling Proteins May Repair Tissue - SpaceDaily  Protein hydrogels can be genetically engineered to promote the growth of specific cells Johns Hopkins University researchers have created a new class of artificial proteins that can assemble themselves into a gel and encourage the growth of selected cell types. This biomaterial, which can be tailored to send different biological signals to cells, is expected to help scientists who are developing new ways to repair injured or diseased body parts. These scientists hope to advance their techniques to the point where they can treat medical ailments by growing replacement cartilage, bones, organs and other tissue in the lab or within a human body. 

Study Clarifies Evolutionary History Of Early Complex Single-Celled Life - SpaceDaily  A billion years ago (the Neoproterozoic age), complex single-celled organisms, the acritarchs, began to develop, grow, and thrive. Almost a billion years later, the study of the evolutionary history of acritarchs began to bog down amid inconsistencies in the reporting of the diversity of species. Now, a Virginia Tech graduate student has devised a new way to study the ebb and flow of life in the Neoproterozoic and Early Cambrian ages, a period that includes two mass extinctions. "The evolutionary history of acritarchs reported in the literature has been based on the number of species," explains Huntley.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/6/2004:Bayer deals blow to UK GM crops  - BBC
4/6/2004:Eye of the swarm: What triggers great plagues of locusts around the world-
  - BBC
4/6/2004:IVF 'works better in the summer'  - BBC
4/6/2004:Lab rat's genome deciphered - MSNBC
4/6/2004:Cosmic Log: Like owner, like dog? - MSNBC
4/6/2004:East Coast braces for bug onslaught - MSNBC
4/6/2004:Rat Genome  - Nature
4/6/2004:Women look best once a month  - Nature
4/6/2004:Evolved DNA stitches itself up  - Nature
4/6/2004:Dogs do resemble their owners, finds study - New Scientist
4/6/2004:Rat genome reveals supercharged evolution - New Scientist
4/6/2004:GM giant abandons bid to grow crops in Britain - New Scientist
4/6/2004:Improving the Environment for Creatures of Two and Four Legs  - NY Times
4/6/2004:Bioethics Group Calls for More Scrutiny  - NY Times
4/6/2004:Brood X Cicadas Will Cause Limited Damage To Trees, Yard Plants Across Eastern U.S. - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/6/2004:Asia's dust storm misery mounts  - BBC
4/6/2004:Asian dust, sand storms worsening - MSNBC
4/6/2004:Dune buggies squash bugs  - Nature
4/6/2004:storms  - Nature
4/6/2004:Improved Crop Production And Fewer Greenhouse Gases - Science Daily
4/6/2004:Toyota's Prius, VW's Lupus top France's green-car list - SpaceDaily

4/6/2004:Review: A Digital Camera for Pros and Newbies - ABC
4/6/2004:Contenders line up to be king of classic video game Pong  - BBC
4/6/2004:Another fling with your favorite 'X'  - CNN
4/6/2004:Microsoft nixes sports video games  - C/Net

4/6/2004:Japanese rush to buy 3G mobiles  - BBC
4/6/2004:Giants ballpark becomes WiFi hub  - CNN
4/6/2004:Windows CE gets call for Net phones  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Mobile outside United States--tough call - L. A. Times
4/6/2004:Compression schemes take screen test for digital cinema  - El. Engr. Times

4/6/2004:Duke Chemists Describe New Kind Of 'Nanotube' Transistor - Science Daily
4/6/2004:TSMC set to report 193-nm litho can make 45-nm SOI - Silicon Strategies
4/6/2004:Ramtron readies world's first 1-Mbit FRAM - Silicon Strategies
4/6/2004:IBM unwraps new power processor strategy - Silicon Strategies

4/6/2004:Review: HP's LaserJet 3030 All-in-One Printer - ABC
4/6/2004:Wal-Mart sells PCs with Sun's Linux  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Software for Mr. Blandings - L. A. Times

4/6/2004:Messy Cleanup - ABC
4/6/2004:A Lesson in Civics and Business - Tech TV
4/6/2004:Go Digital: E-mail that follows you around and how far does technology rule your life  - BBC
4/6/2004:Competitors strive to outgoogle leader  - CNN

4/6/2004:What's Next for Windows? - ABC
4/6/2004:Windows XP security gets tighter  - BBC
4/6/2004:First foundation trusts announced  - BBC
4/6/2004:Marc Andreessen: "Linux Has Matured" - Business Week
4/6/2004:For Novell, Linux Means New Life - Business Week
4/6/2004:In step with open source  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Penguins, penguins everywhere - Business Week
4/6/2004:Apple's patent bending - L. A. Times

4/6/2004:Garbage Zappers  - ABC
4/6/2004:Hopes of Building Nation's First New Nuclear Plant in Decades  - NY Times

4/6/2004:Heartbeats warn of sudden death risk - New Scientist

4/6/2004:NI (Northern Ireland) 'highest EU bowel cancer rate'  - BBC
4/6/2004:Call for new pylon cancer probe  - BBC

4/6/2004:Sun May Increase Chance of Certain STD - ABC
4/6/2004:Study: SARS Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice - ABC
4/6/2004:Quick test to diagnose deadly infections  - Nature

4/6/2004:Playing Through: Kids and Asthma - ABC
4/6/2004:Video: Treatment of Asthma in Children 5-12 - ABC
4/6/2004:Meet America's 100 'Asthma Capitals' - ABC
4/6/2004:Cannabis 'damages male fertility'  - BBC

4/6/2004:Self-Assembling Proteins May Repair Tissue - SpaceDaily
4/6/2004:Rare Transplants Keep Some Babies Alive - ABC
4/6/2004:S.D. Governor Proposes Malpractice Changes - ABC
4/6/2004:Doctors: Partial-Birth Ban Too Broad - ABC
4/6/2004:Groups Ask Canada to Ban Web Pharmacies - ABC
4/6/2004:Lilly Ups Campaign to Curb Drug Imports - ABC
4/6/2004:Diet Trends May Broaden Demographics - ABC
4/6/2004:Working Wounded: - ABC
4/6/2004:Poor nutrition in cereals exposed  - BBC
4/6/2004:Fat Britain: GPs name obesity as 'biggest danger to nation's health'  - BBC
4/6/2004:Medical procedures: What to expect from an MRI scan and how to prepare yourself  - BBC
4/6/2004:TV dinners and junk food common for toddlers  - BBC
4/6/2004:Warning over vasectomies
  - BBC
4/6/2004:Gym 'not necessary' to stay fit
  - BBC
4/6/2004:Elderly suffer care cost lottery
  - BBC
4/6/2004:Even if reversed, vasectomy lowers sperm count
 - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
4/6/2004:Study Clarifies Evolutionary History Of Early Complex Single-Celled Life - SpaceDaily
4/6/2004:Ostrich beads indicate early symbolic thought - New Scientist

4/6/2004:U.N. Tackles Link Between War, Environment - ABC
4/6/2004:The InterviewExploring the ideas and trends that shape our world  - BBC
4/6/2004:Computers to be 'oxygen of the future'  - BBC
4/6/2004:'Love' for sale: How I auctioned myself to the highest bidder on eBay  - BBC
4/6/2004:Gadgets create a throwaway nation  - BBC
4/6/2004:NZ euthanasia advocate faces jail  - BBC
4/6/2004:State Department questions EU's Microsoft ruling  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Privacy in the age of transparency  - C/Net
4/6/2004:The impact of India's boom
4/6/2004:When your job vanishes  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Trade barriers a slippery slope, analyst warns  - El. Engr. Times
4/6/2004:Pentagon drops plan to test internet voting - Washington Post
4/6/2004:Treasury chief's remark refuels fight over loss of U.S. jobs - Seattle Times
4/6/2004:Some want OPEC to go forward with output cuts - Seattle Times
4/6/2004:Business groups push pension bill - Seattle Times
4/6/2004:EU joins U.S. in China tax complaint, says report - Silicon Strategies
4/6/2004:Boeing Snags $189 Million Pentagon Space Radar Contract - SpaceDaily

4/6/2004:Health bender: Consistent road rage is harmful to health, research finds  - BBC
4/6/2004:Regardless Of Race, Pain Feels Pretty Much The Same; But Study Confirms Gender Differences - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/6/2004:Superconducting diamond turns up in Russia - PhysicsWeb
4/6/2004:New Evidence of Cannibalism in Andromeda
 - Space.com


4/6/2004:Conversational interface aids robot navigation  - El. Engr. Times

4/6/2004:Red Planet Relatives? - ABC
4/6/2004:Mars Missions: Full Coverage
 - ABC
4/6/2004:Japanese Lunar Probe Faces New Delay - ABC
4/6/2004:Planetary Scientists Call For Exploration - SpaceDaily
4/6/2004:Mars Spirit Rover Finishes Primary Mission
  - NY Times
4/6/2004:Strange Drum-like Sound Heard on Space Station Again
 - Space.com
4/6/2004:On Station For Loud Noises And A New Pair Of Tenants
 - SpaceDaily

4/6/2004:Massachusetts tops U.S. tech index  - CNN
4/6/2004:RFID deadline hits a wall, study says  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Oracle joins race to bring RFID to retailers  - C/Net
4/6/2004:Bizarre Attractive Force Found In Mayonnaise - Science Daily
4/6/2004:High-Tech Glass: Pure Material Made in Levitation Lab - Space.com


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