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  April 5, 2005

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Milky Way Hides A Super Cluster - SpaceDaily  Super star clusters are groups of hundreds of thousands of very young stars packed into an unbelievably small volume. They represent the most extreme environments in which stars and planets can form. Until now, super star clusters were only known to exist very far away, mostly in pairs or groups of interacting galaxies. Now, however, a team of European astronomers* have used ESO's telescopes to uncover such a monster object within our own Galaxy, the Milky Way, almost, but not quite, in our own backyard! Westerlund 1 contains hundreds of very massive stars, some shining with a brilliance of almost one million suns and some two-thousand times larger than the Sun (as large as the orbit of Saturn)! Indeed, if the Sun were located at the heart of this remarkable cluster, our sky would be full of hundreds of stars as bright as the full Moon.  
In Lab's High-Speed Collisions, Things Just Vanish  - NY Times  Left: Top, the end view of a collision of two 30-billion electron-volt gold beams in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, above, at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island. The beams travel in opposite directions at nearly the speed of light before colliding.  The bits and pieces flying out from the high-speed collisions of gold nuclei at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island have not been behaving quite as physicists had expected. According to one theoretical physicist, the collisions have even been creating a sort of tiny, short-lived black hole - very, very tiny and very, very short-lived. The Brookhaven mini-black hole, if it existed, would have nothing to do with gravity. The calculations of Dr. Horatiu Nastase, a professor of physics at Brown, suggest that in the trillion-degree fireball of a collision, the so-called "strong force" that holds protons and neutrons together, would briefly create a black-hole-like vortex that swallowed part of the gold. physicists expected that at ultrahot temperatures the bindings holding the quarks together would loosen and dissolve into a new state of matter, the quark-gluon plasma . But, "It doesn't resemble what our naÔve expectations for quark-gluon plasma were." 


Robots on parade  - CNN  The rapper swiveled to the beat while exiting the dance floor, delivering his parting line with a lyrical "Love Robots, Too!" The squat, white machine with wheels for legs had earlier danced to a flawless rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In" performed by Toyota's "band" of robotic trumpeters and horn players. The automaker's sleek musicians are among more than 100 robots at the expo, doing everything from greeting visitors at the gates to sweeping the venue's streets after dark. "Until now, robots were used at factories, in assembly lines to make cars or semiconductors. In the future, they will be used in homes, offices, hospitals and amusement parks."   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/5/2005:†Bamboo shortage threatens China's†pandas - MSNBC
4/5/2005:†Risk Mapping
  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Chromatin regulation of replication  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Tag, divide and conquer  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Interfering with RNA interference  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Protein structure: function from disorder  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Electronic tags for eggs, sperm and embryos - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Anti-Stress Formula Gives Calves A Boost - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Sex Speeds Up Evolution  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Early birds get the defective gene and struggle to cope, scientists find ... - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Animal laughs no joke says expert  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/5/2005:†Sumatran quake follows scientistsí predictions
4/5/2005:†Cosmic Log: Past and future shocks - MSNBC
4/5/2005:†Soot may speed up melting of Arctic ice - MSNBC
4/5/2005:†Second giant quake rocks Indonesia  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Gigantic earthquake strikes Indonesian coast - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Millennium group nails down the financial value of ecosystems  - Nature
4/5/2005:†World Bank pinpoints disaster hot spots  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Indonesia still in jeopardy  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Climate change affecting Australian birdlife - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Detritus of life abounds in the atmosphere - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Planet in peril: Humans push natural systems to the brink - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Planet in peril: Civilisation's litany of destruction - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Planet in peril: Fix the Earth to fight poverty - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Planet in peril: What can be done to put it right- - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Strains on Nature Are Growing, Report Says  - NY Times
4/5/2005:†Survey Finds Silver Contamination In North Pacific Waters - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†New Technique Uses Seismic 'Garbage' To View Earth's Interior - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Engineers: In Big Picture, Gas, Cordless Mowers Equal Polluters - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Atrazine Runoff Jeopardizing Herbicide's Use By Farmers - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Scientists Create, Study Methane Hydrates In 'Ocean Floor' Lab
 - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Researchers Go Into Action After Tsunami
 - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†FDA to Ban Inhalers Using CFCs After 2008 ...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Tyler Prize Honors Founding Fathers of Climate Change Research ...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†UK greenhouse emissions still rising ...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Ecosystems ...
 - Economist
4/5/2005:†Volcano Flow Prediction Nearing ...
 - Discover
4/5/2005:†Shaky faultline raises the threat of a super-volcano ...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Earthquake Death Toll Lower Than Thought ...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Greenpeace accuses government of failure to deliver as Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is born ...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†UK could 'miss Kyoto gas target'
  - BBC

4/5/2005:†The Man Who Shot Sin City  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Keyboard Is Mightier Than Sword  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†God of War No False Idol  - Wired News


4/5/2005:†New look for molecular transistors - PhysicsWeb

4/5/2005:†Can HP's 'Super' Server Save Itanium?  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Fast NASA Action Begets World's Largest Linux Supercomputer ... - FirstScience

4/5/2005:†Revamp for web navigation system urged - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Is Desktop Search Secure?  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†We're a Hit in Manila! Now What-  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Evite's Success Invites Rivals  - Wired News

4/5/2005:†Microsoft Gives Blaster Author a Break  - Wired News

4/5/2005:†Deals to Develop Fuel Cell Vehicle  - NY Times
4/5/2005:†Purdue Finding Could Help Develop Clean Energy Technology - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Public Allowed to Hear Next Skull Valley Nuclear Waste Arguments ... - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Business doubles its green power ... - FirstScience

4/5/2005:†Stanford Patient Is First To Test New Treatment For Peripheral Arterial Disease - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Red Wine Protects The Heart - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Men With Severe Sleep Breathing Disorder Have Higher Risk Of Heart Problems - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Live Oral Bacteria Found In Arterial Plaque - Science Daily

4/5/2005:†Laser spots cancer before it grows - New Scientist

4/5/2005:†Rabies cases spark emergency action - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Sepsis: The monster within - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Patient With Drug-resistant Form Of HIV Identified - Science Daily

4/5/2005:†Human-cat chimera may put brake on allergy - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Short-term Effects Of Spit Tobacco Suggest Long-term Health Risks - Science Daily

4/5/2005:†Intraocular pressure during haemodialysis  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Drug development: nature's bounty  - Nature
4/5/2005:†Human blood cells coaxed to produce insulin - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†UC Berkeley Researchers Working On Ouchless Injections - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Simple Intervention Encourages Sun Protection Behaviors - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Success Of Liver Transplantation May Be Most Influenced By Three Risk Factors - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Could Injections Someday Be A Thing Of The Past? - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Race and Medicine - Technology Review

History, Anthropology:
4/5/2005:†Apparent mammoth bones found - MSNBC
4/5/2005:†An Early Wartime Profile Depicts a Tormented Hitler  - NY Times
4/5/2005:†Analysis of Hitler's Personality  - NY Times
4/5/2005:†Asteroid did not extinct Dinosaurs: Indian Cosmo Theorist ... - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Great extinction came in phases  - BBC

4/5/2005:†India joins with Alcatel for wireless research  - El. Engr. Times
4/5/2005:†Hair color a gray area - Seattle Times
4/5/2005:†New leader to focus on fixing, not splitting, Hewlett-Packard - Seattle Times
4/5/2005:†TR 35 UNDER 35†Call For Nominations! - Technology Review
4/5/2005:†Political Networking - Technology Review
4/5/2005:†Flickr Stands Firm for the Future  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Snatching Stocks From the Tech Bargain Bin  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Microsoft's TV To Go  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Passport Chip Criticism Grows  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Prime Minister's science adviser to open festival ... - FirstScience
4/5/2005:†Teens at Special Science High School Do University-Level Research ... - FirstScience

4/5/2005:†Carnegie Mellon Study: Adults' Baby Talk Helps Infants Learn To Speak - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/5/2005:†Milky Way Hides A Super Cluster - SpaceDaily
In Lab's High-Speed Collisions, Things Just Vanish  - NY Times
4/5/2005:†Software glitches lead to Swift delays
 - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†The drop of water that fails to splash
 - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Catching the cosmic wind
 - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Interview: My life with Einstein
 - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Unconventional wisdom
 - PhysicsWeb

4/5/2005:†All You Can't Eat - Economist

4/5/2005:†Robots on parade  - CNN

4/5/2005:†NASA Schedules Robotic Spacecraft Launch -
4/5/2005:†Live Broadcasts To Be Featured at 21st National Space Symposium
4/5/2005:†Discovery To Roll Out To Pad April 5
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2005:†Crew Ten Pack Up To Go Home
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2005:†SpaceX Completes Falcon I Structural Qualification For Flight
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2005:†Rosetta Back In Cruise Mode
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2005:†April Solar Eclipse
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2005:†Opportunity Takes Soil Survey As Rover Drives Over 200 Meters A Day
 - SpaceDaily

4/5/2005:†U.S. leads in nantotech, but Asia, Europe gaining  - El. Engr. Times
4/5/2005:†Materials library has the right stuff  - Nature
4/5/2005:†'Bionic eye' may help reverse blindness - New Scientist
4/5/2005:†Novel, Computer-Assisted Method For Colorization Of Black And White Scenes Developed At Hebrew University - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Project Builds In Weather Data To Predict Road Safety - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Replacing Lead-Based Solder: Molecular Wires And Corrosion Control Boost Performance Of Electrically Conductive Adhesives - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Incubator Company At NJIT Develops Lifesaving MRI Coil For Small Animals
 - Science Daily
4/5/2005:†Race Against Reality
 - Popular Science
4/5/2005:†Develop Film Faster With RFID
  - Wired News
4/5/2005:†Battle Looms Over Format for Video Discs
  - Wired News


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