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  April 5, 2004

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Evicting Einstein - SpaceDaily  Sooner or later, the reign of Einstein, like the reign of Newton before him, will come to an end. An upheaval in the world of physics that will overthrow our notions of basic reality is inevitable, most scientists believe, and currently a horse race is underway between a handful of theories competing to be the successor to the throne. In the running are such mind-bending ideas as an 11-dimensional universe, universal "constants" (such as the strength of gravity) that vary over space and time and only remain truly fixed in an unseen 5th dimension, infinitesimal vibrating strings as the fundamental constituents of reality. 
Composite Fibers With Carbon Nanotubes Offer Improved Properties - SpaceDaily  "Using carbon nanotubes, we could make textile fibers that would have thermal and electrical conductivity, but with the touch and feel of a typical textile. You could have a shirt in which the electrically-conducting fibers allow cell phone functionality to be built in without using metallic wires or optical fibers." Thanks to the work of Kumar and researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory, nanotubes have already found their way into fibers known as Zylon, the strongest polymeric fiber in the world. By incorporating 10 percent nanotubes, the strength of this fiber can be increased by 50 percent. 

Carbon Nanotubes With Big Possibilities - SpaceDaily  A scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, working with colleagues at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, has caused an individual carbon nanotube to emit light for the first time. This step in research on carbon nanotubes may help to materialize many of the proposed applications for carbon nanotubes, such as in electronics and photonics development. "We produced infrared light by applying voltages to a specific type of nanotube such that many electrons and holes end up in the nanotube, where they combine. This makes the nanotube the world's smallest electrically-controllable light emitter." 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/5/2004: Flying mammals can identify insects, fruit and trees - New Scientist
4/5/2004: Self-assembling Proteins Could Help Repair Human Tissue

4/5/2004: K-State Uses Geographic Tools To Track Plant Pathogens - Science Daily
4/5/2004: Jefferson Researchers Discover Novel Gene Profile That May Identify Colon Stem Cells - Science Daily
4/5/2004: Waiter, There's a Drug in My Rice  - Wired News
4/5/2004: DNA Folds into Paired Pyramids  - Technology Review 

Climate, Environment:
4/5/2004: HP bolsters Earth Day recycle offer  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Commercial Remote Sensing Market Primed For Growth - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Paradise lost to rusting beer cans, trash: environment experts - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Maldives to carry out Rf30.9 million project to limit greenhouse gas emissions... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Air Travel 'Of Enormous Concern' for Global Warming... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Germany to Cut Greenhouse Gas Output... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: EarthTalk: How many rainforests are protected worldwide-... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: U.N. environment summit opens, targets ocean dead zones... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Search for fuel means being realistic on climate change... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: UK pollution plan 'put on hold'... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Environment Agency issues warning for business as hazardous waste laws loom... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Swedish-Polish partnership reduces oil spill risk with double hull tanker design... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Clean Air Elusive in Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Only five countries ready with allocation plans for emissions trading... - FirstScience


4/5/2004: A Linux "Ecosystem" for Cell Phones? - Business Week
4/5/2004: Opera: Cell phones to operate TV recorders  -   - C/NetC/Net
4/5/2004: SBC teams with UPS for Wi-Fi delivery
4/5/2004: Vonage to offer portable Wi-Fi phones  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Microsoft previews new mobile Windows  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Analyst's Couch- Wi-Fi's penetration is rising in everything - Silicon Strategies

4/5/2004: Intel to reunite notebook, desktop chip architectures  - C/Net
4/5/2004: The constantly shifting promise of reconfigurability  - El. Engr. Times
4/5/2004: Samsung ramps 100-nm process in major DDR2 blitz - Silicon Strategies
4/5/2004: STMicro producing 1-Gbit NAND flash in volume, firm says - Silicon Strategies
4/5/2004: Good Riddance, Gigahertz  - Wired News
4/5/2004: ST, Ovonyx develop trench version of phase-change memory - Silicon Strategies
4/5/2004: Glut projected for NAND flash market in 2005
 - Silicon Strategies

4/5/2004: Apple wants patent on iPod interface  - C/Net

4/5/2004: Search market heating up  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Rising cost of worms, flaws  - C/Net
4/5/2004: United Nations ponders Net's future  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Web refugee: The sky's the lid  - NY Times
4/5/2004: Global Internet Governance Is Working But Needs To Be More Inclusive - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Free E-Mail With a Steep Price?  - Wired News

4/5/2004: Linux Spreads Its Wings - Business Week
4/5/2004: Gates foresees 'almost free' hardware  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Net music piracy 'does not harm record sales' - New Scientist
4/5/2004: Gates dangles 2006 as date for debut of new Windows - Seattle Times
4/5/2004: French Hound Music Pirates  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Gates: Hardware Will Be Free  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Sun Enters Microsoft's Orbit  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Florida Court Sends RIAA Away  - Wired News

4/5/2004: Coal Source Of Jet Fuel For Next Generation Aircraft - Science Daily
4/5/2004: DoE To Revisit Cold Fusion - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Britain to partner India in harnessing renewable energy... - FirstScience
4/5/2004: German law fixes price of renewable energy... - FirstScience

4/5/2004: Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover Gene Mutations That 'Ignore' Stress, Lead To Heart Failure - Science Daily

4/5/2004: Monkey virus link to human cancers - New Scientist
4/5/2004: Soy Consumption Could Help Prevent Prostate Cancer And Male Pattern Baldness - Science Daily

4/5/2004: Mimicking Viruses May Provide New Way To Defeat Them - Science Daily
4/5/2004: Researchers Show Chronic Sinusitis Is Immune Disorder; Antifungal Medicine Effective Treatment - Science Daily

4/5/2004: Study Points To Possible Cause Of Asthma Exacerbations - Science Daily

4/5/2004: Scripps Research Scientists Find Deafness Gene's Function - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/5/2004: Artist Paints Paleogeek Fantasies  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Molecular Midwives Hold Clues To The Origin Of Life - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: East African artifacts support evolution of symbolic thinking in Middle Stone Age - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: New Fossil Links Four-legged Land Animals To Ancient Fish - Science Daily

4/5/2004: Study: Outsourcing strengthens economy  - CNN
4/5/2004: Report: Offshore IT outsourcing helps economy  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Will antispam buzz lead to the next tech bubble?  - CNN
4/5/2004: When reality is just an illusion  - C/Net
4/5/2004: Streamlining The 'Pythagorean Theorem Of Baseball' - Science Daily
4/5/2004: Pentagon Awards Contract For High Resolution Satellite Imagery - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Conference To Promote US Tech For South Asia Telco Infrastructure - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: The Little Monorail That Could  - Wired News
4/5/2004: How E-Voting Threatens Democracy  - Wired News
4/5/2004: EU boosts tariffs on U.S. products in tax-break fight - Seattle Times
4/5/2004: After 50 Years of Military Space Efforts, Pioneers Look Ahead - Space.com
4/5/2004: Pentagon Wants New Generation Of Smaller, Cheaper Nukes - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Gloom Lifts for Venture Capital  - Technology Review 
4/5/2004: Electronic Snoops Tackle Copiers  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Lots of Money Hooked on Brackets  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Tech Industry Begs for Oversight  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Its Science Fair Season: A Web Site Roundup... - Discover

4/5/2004: Liquorice drug boosts memory in elderly - New Scientist
4/5/2004: University Of Toronto Scientists Light A Path For New Nerve Cells - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/5/2004: Evicting Einstein - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: What is a planet? Group searches for definition...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Andromeda Yields Cache of Stellar Black Holes...
 - FirstScience
4/5/2004: Zeroing in on the Milky Way's Black Hole
 - Space.com
4/5/2004: Survey Finds Dozens of Surprisingly Small Galaxies
 - Space.com
4/5/2004: Here Comes the Sun
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Superdiamonds: - Scientists Find New Superconductivity Material
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Goodbye Wimpzilla, hello Ultra-Compact Dwarf
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Superdiamonds: - Scientists Find New Superconductivity Material
 - SpaceDaily


4/5/2004: Lawn Mowing for Lazybones  - Wired News

4/5/2004: Orbital Recovery Gives Go-ahead For ConeXpress Space Tug - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Successful Testing Of Videometer
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Tower Used By NASA Is Scrapped...  - NY Times
4/5/2004: NASA Might Conduct "Fly-Off" For New Manned Launcher - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Cornell Astronomer Explains To Congress The Economics Of Lunar Water Supplies - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Europeans in talks with Russia to send astronaut on long-term ISS mission - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Where Be Habitable Worlds - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Missile Defense Agency Buys Test Microsat Clusters From Spacedev - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Telescope Captures Titan's Southern Smile... - FirstScience

4/5/2004: Carbon Nanotubes With Big Possibilities - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Composite Fibers With Carbon Nanotubes Offer Improved Properties - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Sony studio bets on Blu-Ray; Nokia mixes radio, TV and cellular  - El. Engr. Times
4/5/2004: MEMS poised to move into the mainstream  - El. Engr. Times
4/5/2004: Shot of alcohol greases micromachines - New Scientist
4/5/2004: Claustrophobics breathe sigh of relief at new MRI scanner - PhysicsWeb
4/5/2004: Carnegie Mellon University Creates Novel Carbon Nanoparticles With Vast Potential - Science Daily
4/5/2004: Tiny Machines Need Even Tinier Lubricants
 - SpaceDaily
4/5/2004: Designed and Made in China
 - Technology Review 
4/5/2004: Triangles Form One-Way Channels
 - Technology Review 
Seeing-Eye Computer Guides Blind  - Wired News
4/5/2004: Look, Listen, Walk
  - Technology Review 
4/5/2004: Forming a Fashion Apocalypse
  - Wired News


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