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  April 4, 2005

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Membraneless Fuel Cell Is Tiny, Versatile - SpaceDaily  Left: The system designed by Paul Kenis, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, uses a Y-shaped microfluidic channel in which two liquid streams containing fule and oxidant merge and flow between catalyst-covered electrodes without mixing.    In applications such as power sources for portable computers or battery chargers, multiple fuel cells will have to be integrated to attain sufficient power levels. "Since the membraneless fuel cell is based on a phenomenon that occurs only at the microscale, we can't just scale up to larger dimensions," Kenis said. "Instead, we need to scale out by creating arrays of many fuel cells connected in series and in parallel."
Theories Of High-Temperature Superconductivity Violate Pauli Principle - SpaceDaily  Scientists seeking to explain high-temperature superconductivity have been violating the Pauli exclusion principle, a team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Rutgers University report. Any theory that does not embrace the Pauli principle has a lot of explaining to do, they say. "It is standard practice in physics to separate high- and low-energy scales through a procedure known as renormalization," changing the statics of the excitations within doped Mott insulators, and resulting in a violation of the Pauli principle.  

Big Hopes For Tiny, New Hydrogen Storage Material - SpaceDaily  Left:  PNNL scientist Anna Gutowska adds a catalyst to ammonia borane to release hydrogen. Scientists at PNNL are exploring using ammonia boron as a hydrogen storage material. "The compound ammonia borane is known to release hydrogen at temperatures below 80 degrees Celsius, but the rate of release is extremely slow," said Autrey. "In the nanophase, the hydrogen comes off very fast - approximately 100 times faster compared to conventional bulk ammonia borane." Based on computational thermodynamic analysis, researchers believe the process may eventually be designed to be reversible. A patent is pending on this process for hydrogen storage.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/4/2005: Mutant Protein Holds Promise For Cell Growth Control - Science Daily
4/4/2005: MicroRNA Is a Big Topic in Bio
  - Wired News
4/4/2005: Protein Mnd2 protects chromosome bonds ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Discovery of Gene Will Likely Lead to New Treatments for Inflammatory Diseases, Cancer ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: DNA profiling of babies rejected  - BBC
4/4/2005: Milk from a mouse?  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Why sex is good for the species - MSNBC
4/4/2005: Sharks swarm - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
4/4/2005: Ice Core 'Dipstick' Indicates West Antarctic Ice Has Thinned Less Than Believed - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Imaging Radar to Detect Coastal Pollution A NASA-funded described three major pollutant sources for Southern C ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: UN Study Warns of State of Earth's Ecosystems ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Japan Government Panel Approves Proposal to Cut Emissions under Kyoto Protocol ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: N.J. leads nine-state challenge of EPA mercury pollution rules ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: EPA Says Children May Be Vulnerable than Adults to Carcinogens ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Earth's Health is Deteriorating as Growing Human Demands for Food, Water Strain Ecosystems, U.N. Study Finds ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Hong Kong a dumping ground for toxic hi-tech waste- Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Two thirds of planetary life-support systems in decline, says UN report ... - FirstScience
4/4/2005: New Image Of Earth, Seen Through Gamma-Ray Eyes - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Carbon dioxide continues its rise  - BBC
4/4/2005: Toxic timebomb: How can the UK's waste problem be solved?  - BBC
4/4/2005: Change in the air: Dublin's smoke-free pubs offer a sniff of things to come  - BBC
4/4/2005: December quake was longest on record - MSNBC
4/4/2005: Earth near breaking point, experts warn - MSNBC

4/4/2005: Acid Eats Away Free Time  - Wired News
4/4/2005: Sony says it wants to create an 'iTunes for movies'  - BBC
4/4/2005: iPod bandits targeting subways  - C/Net
4/4/2005: XM sees satellite radio built into myriad gadgets  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Photos: XM gizmos galore  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Podcast news  - C/Net
4/4/2005: HP seeks larger role in iPod mania
  - C/Net

4/4/2005: Justices question cable's control of Net access
 - Seattle Times
4/4/2005: Will Cable Quell the Competition?
  - Wired News
4/4/2005: Wi-Fi users feel the sting of 'evil twins'
  - C/Net
4/4/2005: The (non) risks of mobile phones
  - C/Net

4/4/2005: Elpida, Toshiba claim world's fastest DRAMs - Silicon Strategies

4/4/2005: 'Super' server to the rescue?  - C/Net

4/4/2005: Google search enhanced for Firefox  - C/Net
4/4/2005: 'Brad Pitt' virus targets Microsoft  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Virus top 10- Can nothing stop Zafi's rampage?  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Terror on the Web  - CNN
4/4/2005: Korean bloggers making a difference  - CNN
4/4/2005: PSP sales 'solid, not spectacular'  - CNN
4/4/2005: Software giant targets 'phishing' schemes
  - CNN
4/4/2005: Internet study finished -- after 7 years
  - CNN

4/4/2005: Little by little Microsoft, EU iron out discord - Seattle Times
4/4/2005: Microsoft: Windows patch is flawed  - C/Net

4/4/2005: Big Hopes For Tiny, New Hydrogen Storage Material - SpaceDaily 
4/4/2005: Membraneless Fuel Cell Is Tiny, Versatile - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: GM, Energy Department to develop fuel cell cars  - CNN

4/4/2005: UC Davis Researchers Discover New Link Between C-reactive Protein, And Heart Disease And Stroke - Science Daily

4/4/2005: Yale Scientists Find MicroRNA Regulates Ras Cancer Gene - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Scientist Works On Innovative Treatments For Brain Tumors - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Protein That Helps Skin Cancer Spread Identified By Stanford Researchers - Science Daily

4/4/2005: HIV Vaccine Trial Breaks Ground For Future Research - Science Daily

4/4/2005: UT Southwestern Researchers Uncover Gene Variant That Appears To Predict Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Change in the air: Dublin's smoke-free pubs offer a sniff of things to come  - BBC

4/4/2005: Organic Diet Makes Rats Healthier - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Caesarean rate 'still too high'  - BBC
4/4/2005: Eating smart: Use our personalised shopping list to find out what food to ditch  - BBC
4/4/2005: Late developers' sex risk warning  - BBC
4/4/2005: Tube feeding How the medical procedure helping the Pope works  - BBC
4/4/2005: Healing words Poetry at the surgery, but do words have the power to heal-  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/4/2005: Same Mutation Aided Evolution In Many Fish Species, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily
4/4/2005: NC State Paleontologist Discovers Soft Tissue In Dinosaur Bones - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Rare, ancient Venus statue on display - MSNBC

4/4/2005: Secondhand stores prove to be first rate - Seattle Times
4/4/2005: Shifting fortunes - Seattle Times
4/4/2005: Buffett will talk about dealings with AIG - Seattle Times
4/4/2005: Bioterror Victims: Wait to Exhale  - Wired News
4/4/2005: Russia, Arianespace To Sign Deal On Space Rocket Launch - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Pakistan To Build, Launch Own Satellite - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: DARPA Selects SRI To Lead Trauma Pod Battlefield Medical Treatment System - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Chemistry students head for Bath  - BBC
4/4/2005: France starts digital terrestrial  - BBC
4/4/2005: Another Case Entirely The former AOL chairman's latest gig- A daring bet on hospitality and health care
4/4/2005: Case on Life and Lessons
4/4/2005: The Pineapple of Case's Eye
4/4/2005: Memo to HP's Mark Hurd
4/4/2005: New Dr. Who quits  - BBC
4/4/2005: Sci-Fi Paints a Pretty Picture  - Wired News
4/4/2005: Is Science Fiction About The Future Anymore?  - C/Net
4/4/2005: From stock options to a big tax bill  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Boredom to boom for India's software-testing market  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Meet HP's new boss  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Paying for a TV service you didn't choose
  - C/Net
4/4/2005: In DVD rentals war, two empires strike back
  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Don't expect too much of your share price  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Hiring a CEO from inside the company vs. going outside
  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Luminaries on 'best advice' they ever got
  - C/Net
4/4/2005: Applied research center planned for Bangalore
  - El. Engr. Times

4/4/2005: New Brain Scanning Techniques Could Reveal Why Some People Can't Stop Worrying - Science Daily
4/4/2005: NYU Study Reveals How Brain's Immune System Fights Viral Encephalitis - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Brain chip reads man's thoughts  - BBC
4/4/2005: How sporting victory, not defeat, prompts more violence  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/4/2005: Theories Of High-Temperature Superconductivity Violate Pauli Principle - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: NJIT Researcher Creates Research Opportunities For Chiral Ionic Liquids
 - Science Daily
4/4/2005: MICE To Go Ahead: Quest To Unravel The Characteristics Of The Mysterious Neutrino Particle
 - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Researchers Find Evidence Of Dark Energy In Our Galactic Neighborhood
 - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Case Physicist Has Knack At Turning Sow's Ears Into New Science Discoveries
 - Science Daily

4/4/2005: Mountain Life Spells Longer Life - Science Daily
4/4/2005: Pill 'could lead to longer lives'

4/4/2005: Underwater Robot Launched From Bermuda To Cross Gulf Stream - SpaceDaily

4/4/2005: Cassini Images Discover A Windy, Wavy Titan Atmosphere - Science Daily
4/4/2005: NASA Changes Spitzer Science Update to Today Astronomers will announce major findings about planets outside ou ...
 - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Lawmaker Urges NASA To Save Hubble Telescope ...
 - FirstScience
4/4/2005: Picking Up Where the Genesis Mission Left Off
4/4/2005: First European Astronaut To Begin Long Space Station Mission This Summer
 - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: International Space Station Crew Set To Test Nuance Speech Recognition
 - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Proba Yielding Beautiful Results
 - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Crossing The Treeline
 - SpaceDaily
4/4/2005: Cosmic Log: Take a virtual space ride

4/4/2005: The Paper Chase  - Technology Review 
4/4/2005: The Cuban Revolution  - Wired News
4/4/2005: Hilton hotels to install high-tech clocks - Business Week
4/4/2005: Talking tech with Bill Joy  - C/Net


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