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  April 4, 2004

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Land Cover Changes Affect U.S. Summer Climate - SpaceDaily  Previous studies simulated and compared past and present climates with current and potential vegetation. This research used the NASA-funded Ecosystem Demography computer model to trace the evolution of vegetation distribution patterns over the U.S. for nearly 300 years. "The model is truly a technological breakthrough and enables scientists to study the potential impact of land use and climate change across a wide range of scales," Hurtt said. The researchers found land cover changes produced a significant cooling effect of more than one degree Fahrenheit in parts of the Great Plains and Midwest as agriculture expanded and replaced grasslands.
Wading In: Studying Earth's Oceans - SpaceDaily  Vazquez's second hat is research. "My own research involves trying to improve the quality of sea surface temperature data," he says. "The temperature of the ocean is a major indicator of climate change. The ocean remembers things a lot longer than the atmosphere does," says Vazquez. "But to use sea surface temperature to track climate change, you need to be able to measure temperature to within one tenth of one degree over a ten-year period. Creating good climate records is one of NASA's goals. Wind measurements tell you about the forcing of the ocean--the currents. Sea level, or ocean surface topography measured by altimetry, shows you where heat is stored in the ocean.

Scientists Light A Path For New Nerve Cells - SpaceDaily  Scientists at the University of Toronto are taking regenerative medicine to a new dimension with a process for guiding nerve cells that could someday help reconnect severed nerve endings. In the study, Shoichet and doctoral student Ying Luo combined a gel-like substance called agarose with compounds having "photolabile" properties that change chemically when exposed to light. When they directed laser light at the gel, its chemical composition changed, creating a "channel" through the gel. Although not a physical channel, the interaction created a "growth-friendly" chemical pathway through the agarose.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/4/2004: Early Vitamin E Supplements Stem Development Of Hallmark Alzheimer's Symptoms In Mice - Science Daily

4/4/2004: NIST-led Research De-mystifies Origins Of 'Junk' DNA
4/4/2004: Building The Whole Cell From Pieces: Researchers Tackle The Cell Jigsaw Puzzle
 - Science Daily
4/4/2004: New RNA Libraries Can Selectively Inactivate Human Genes - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Science on the Verge of New 'Creation'  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Research director puts case for GM crop production... - FirstScience
4/4/2004: The end of man: Why men are biologically indispensable  - BBC
4/4/2004: Hope for womb gene transplants  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/4/2004: Land Cover Changes Affect U.S. Summer Climate - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Wading In: Studying Earth's Oceans - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: NASA Uses A 'SLEUTH' To Predict Urban Land Use - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Germany agrees on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Australians measure alarming rise in global greenhouse gases - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Meteorological Information More Easily Available To Chinese Public - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Mouth of the mighty Yangtze - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Geoenvironmental Researchers To Join Technium - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Radical environmentalist ordered detained by Canadian judge... - FirstScience
4/4/2004: Plant to recycle toxic waste in Sarawak... - FirstScience
4/4/2004: Supreme Court rules against pumping pollutants into U.S. waters without 
 - FirstScience
4/4/2004: U.N. Warns About Islands' Sewage Problems - ABC
4/4/2004: Germany to Cut Greenhouse Gas Output - ABC
4/4/2004: Changes to Gray Wolf Program Are Sought - ABC
4/4/2004: Lowland gorilla numbers plummet  - BBC
4/4/2004: Basking shark survey sails again  - BBC
4/4/2004: Islands face major waste problem  - BBC

4/4/2004: Playas Pay to Spread the Luv  - Wired News

4/4/2004: Submarine telecom network to link SE Asia, the Middle East and Europe - SpaceDaily

4/4/2004: Intel procures initial 65-nm chip equipment (Updated) - Silicon Strategies
4/4/2004: Studying 3-D Materials In 1-D - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: China's ambitious chip industry eyes greater world market share - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Nanowires Span Silicon Contacts  - Technology Review 

4/4/2004: Panasonic squeezes a lot into lightweight notebook - Seattle Times
4/4/2004: My Avatar, My Self  - Technology Review 
4/4/2004: Review- HP's LaserJet 3030 All-in-One Printer - ABC

4/4/2004: Spam to Go  - Technology Review 
4/4/2004: Online Security: Who's Liable?  - Wired News
4/4/2004: All's Fair in Politics and Spam  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Google looks to see off rivals  - BBC
4/4/2004: US youths ever more on the net  - BBC

4/4/2004: EC ruling's big impact is on bundling - Seattle Times
4/4/2004: Microsoft to give Arctic peoples a Windows on the world - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Google Gets Its Groove On  - Wired News
4/4/2004: What's Next for Windows? - ABC
4/4/2004: Europe's song-swappers face court  - BBC

4/4/2004: UK told to clean up nuclear waste... - FirstScience
4/4/2004: Florida Hands Out Solar Water Heaters... - FirstScience


4/4/2004: Diet A Significant Factor In Reducing Risk Of Three Common Cancers - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Study: Exercise Helps Breast Cancer Fight - ABC
4/4/2004: Young face skin cancer 'timebomb'  - BBC
4/4/2004: Skin cancers
  - BBC

4/4/2004: FDA Approves First Oral Fluid Based Rapid HIV Test Kit - Science Daily

4/4/2004: Ingredient In Asthma Inhaler Drug May Counteract Inhaler Benefits, According To Pittsburgh Study - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Designing Drugs to Swat Addiction  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Double Trouble for Diabetics - ABC
4/4/2004: Video: Approaches to Treating Type 2 Diabetes - ABC

4/4/2004: Sickle Cell Sufferers Living Longer, Dying Less From Their Disease - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Genetic Mutation Linked To Infant Lung Disease - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Case Researchers Substantiate Bacterial Link To Preterm Birth Through Mice Studies
 - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Survey: Children Are Not Sleeping Enough - ABC
4/4/2004: St. Louis Trying to Shed Fat Reputation - ABC
4/4/2004: Menopause Relief? - ABC
4/4/2004: Children's ailments: Just why is erythema also known as slapped cheek disease?  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/4/2004: Ancient flints found in Scotland  - BBC

4/4/2004: High-tech a rising force in Iraq - Seattle Times
4/4/2004: Kerry is ahead on Amazon.com - Seattle Times
4/4/2004: Russia launches Proton rocket with military satellite - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Costume dramas, saucy videos kick off global TV trade show - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: MiPTV set to sparkle with Asian promise, new digital entertainment - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: India test-fires two anti-aircraft Sky missiles two minutes apart - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Ukraine searches for hundreds of missing missiles - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: India again tests short-range surface-to-air missile - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: How E-Voting Threatens Democracy  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Virtual Peace for Middle East  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Clean Bill of Health  - Wired News
4/4/2004: 16,000 Things to Do With GPS  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Wal-Mart Hits Snags in Push to Use RFID Tags  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Tech-Focused Law Firms Spring Back to Life  - Wired News
4/4/2004: Will India Price Itself Out of Offshore Market?  - C/Net
4/4/2004: Battle Among the Stars - ABC
4/4/2004: A Lesson in Civics and Business - Tech TV
4/4/2004: Strip search: How revealing is an X-ray which detects concealed weapons?  - BBC
4/4/2004: Future travel: Some of the ways we might be getting around in 2025  - BBC
4/4/2004: Concern over biometric passports  - BBC

4/4/2004: Scientists Light A Path For New Nerve Cells - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Report Shows 'Unequivocal Evidence' That Media Violence Has Significant Negative Impact On Children - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Invisible Light And Special Goggles May Improve Brain Tumor Surgery - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/4/2004: UK Eyes Key Role In Next Space Scope - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Super sensitive equipment for Hubble successor...
 - FirstScience
4/4/2004: Celebrity Scientist Brings Time Travel, Cosmic Theory Down to Earth...

 - Nat'l. Geo. News

4/4/2004: Ultraviolet astronomy in danger
  - BBC



4/4/2004: Russia wants to extend duration of manned missions to ISS- spokesman
4/4/2004: Greece, Luxembourg to join European Space Agency
 - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Annexing Mars as an Earth Colony... - FirstScience
4/4/2004: Modern-day explorers build spacecraft... - FirstScience

4/4/2004: New Polyelectrolyte Inks Create Fine-scale Structures Through Direct Writing - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Carbon Dioxide May Find New Use In Producing Medical Implants - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Sandia National Laboratories New 'Inchworm' Actuator Allows Study Of 
Friction At The Microscale
 - Science Daily
4/4/2004: Titania Nanotube Hydrogen Sensors Clean Themselves - Science Daily
4/4/2004: "Inchworm" Actuator Allows Study Of Friction At The Microscale - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: LCD panel industry to surge on back of television demand: report - SpaceDaily
4/4/2004: Study: Nanotechnology Linked to Organ Damage
 - Washington Post
4/4/2004: Outback Boy Has the World's Smartest, Fastest Gun
  - Wired News


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