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  April 30, 2005

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Rutan: Space Tourism Will Thrive, But Regulations Hinder Progress -   Speaking before the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics Wednesday, SpaceShipOne designer Burt Rutan said the commercial space industry will thrive but the current regulatory system is need of repair and nearly destroyed his program.  Rutan was one a of a group experts in the emerging commercial space market to testify before lawmakers. Congress is attempting to define the role of government. 
Propulsion Motors Demonstrated For LockMart's High Altitude Airship - SpaceDaily  Left: File image of LMCO airship concept. The prototype airship will be about 500 feet long, 160 feet in diameter and have a volume of 5.2 million cubic feet, about 25 times larger than the blimps seen at athletic events.  AeroVironment has developed a 40-plus kilowatt ironless core electric motor prototype as part of Lockheed Martin's High Altitude Airship (HAA) development contract with the Department of Defense's Missile Defense Agency. Its characteristics include part-load efficiencies greater than 98 percent and the highest torque-to-weight ratio of any motor of its kind.    

Nanomagnets Bend The Rules - SpaceDaily  Left: An array of nanomagnets as seen by a magnetic force microscope. This is a false-color image of the magnetic fields, rather than of the actual dots of magnetic material. White areas indicate magnetic field lines coming up out of the plane of the image, and dark areas indicate field lines going down into the plane. Each magnet appears as a dipole with a pole at each end and field lines curving up and around between the poles. All the dipoles here are aligned in the same direction except one. Credit: Cornell University.  In the latest example of surprising behavior, a class of nanostructured materials that are key components of computer memories and other important technologies undergo a previously unrecognized shift in the rate at which magnetization changes at low temperatures.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/30/2005: The Claim: Aluminum in Antiperspirants Causes Alzheimer's Disease  - NY Times

4/30/2005: Monkey mystery solved - MSNBC
4/30/2005: Whale of a job: Dissecting 100,000 pounds
4/30/2005: Reef fish lives fastest, dies youngest - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Major gene screening trial allays fears - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Can't See the Pigeon for the Feathers  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Hibernating Mice May Someday Save Humans  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Group Calls for Stem Cell Research Rules  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Proposal Would Set Guidelines for Stem Cell Research  - NY Times
4/30/2005: The Fiendish Trap of Allomerus!  - NY Times
4/30/2005: 50-year-old Mystery Solved: Protein Tags Regulate Key Ion Channel - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Researchers Discover Sex Potion To Ensnare Mealybug Pests - Science Daily
4/30/2005: An Exceptionally Effective Lead-Detection Protein - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Primates On The Brink: Mankind's Closest Living Relatives Under Threat Around The World - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Microarrays As Phenotype - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Synthetic Pheromone Helps Scientists Sniff Out Biocontrol Bug's Whereabouts - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/30/2005: Scientist at Work | Jeremy Jackson: About the Oceans, He Says Firmly, Attention Must Be Paid  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Pollution Risk Is Found on Diesel School Buses  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Del. to Use $6M Grant to Study Ecosystem  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Grasshopper Infestation Hits S.D. Ranchers  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Prospect of a Mine Near a Salmon Fishery Stirs Worry in Alaska  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers In Widespread Retreat - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Carbon Dioxide Role In Past Climate Revealed - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Geologists Find A New Active Fault In Nepal, Potentially Links Climate With Mountain Building - Science Daily


4/30/2005: Cell phones morph into hip, consumer electronics devices
  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Disconnecting Phones and Tumors
  - NY Times

4/30/2005: TSMC unveils 65-nm process, production due December  - El. Engr. Times

4/30/2005: Report calls for 'India PC'  - El. Engr. Times
4/30/2005: Orion unveils 96-node personal supercomputer  - El. Engr. Times

4/30/2005: Netscape pioneers launch free content network  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Microsoft discloses some IE 7 plans  - C/Net
4/30/2005: A common currency for online fraud  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Online tabloid gets out the 'big news'  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Internet 'sweepstakes' raise questions  - CNN

4/30/2005: Microsoft ships Windows x64 operating systems  - CNN

4/30/2005: 'Termite Guts Can Save The Planet,' Says Nobel Laureate - Science Daily

4/30/2005: Vital Signs: Treatments- Artery Cleanup Misses Its Mark
4/30/2005: New Study Shows Simple Actions Wipe Out Huge Higher Heart Risks For Asian Diabetics - Science Daily

4/30/2005: Landmark Finding In Mice May Lead To New Approaches For Cancer And Trauma Care In Human - Science Daily

4/30/2005: Lab slip-up could trigger next flu pandemic - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Mysterious Viruses as Bad as They Get  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Graphic: How It Works  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Map: History  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Audio & Photos: Containing a Virus  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Researchers Unmask Malaria Parasite's Cloaking Mechanism - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Monoclonal Antibody Cures West Nile Virus-infected Mice
 - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Researchers Identify Protein Crucial For Survival Of Lyme-disease Bacterium
 - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Transgenic Cows Resist Mastitis-Causing Bacteria
 - Science Daily

4/30/2005: Hemodialysis Causes Antioxidant Loss Leading To Long-term Complications - Science Daily

4/30/2005: IBM to buy health consulting company  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Need a liver? Raise a sheep - MSNBC
4/30/2005: Join a Discussion on Health in the News  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Related Article  - NY Times
4/30/2005: To Pull or Not to Pull? Wisdom Teeth in Trouble  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Testing: Consent Forms in Plain English  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Vital Signs: Safety: Impaired Driving on the Rise  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Q & A: That Numbing Feeling  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Can Bob Dole Save Your Life? Ask Your Doctor
  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Far From the Medical Trenches, It's O.K. to Laugh
  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Mouse With Designer Liver Has Enhanced Glucose Tolerance And Improved Insulin Response
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
4/30/2005: 5 Explorers Retrace Disputed Peary Trek  - NY Times
4/30/2005: U. Of Colorado Study Shows Early Earth Atmosphere Hydrogen-rich, Favorable To Life - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Low Level Of Extinction During Ice Age Linked To Adaptability - Science Daily

4/30/2005: Florida planning son of Matrix  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Stopping Carnivore Doesn't Stop FBI Surveillance  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Aerial taxis preparing for takeoff
4/30/2005: Photo: DayJet for day-trippers  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Jetpod vision a lift for commuters  - C/Net
4/30/2005: A Flying Leap for Cars - Business Week  - C/Net
4/30/2005: When in Seattle, Bono bunks with Bill Gates  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Photos: Bono's buddy Bill Gates  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Defending DeLay  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Satellite will help set Islamic dates  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Ancient reasons why outsourcing fails  - C/Net
4/30/2005: When the entire game is too much  - NY Times
4/30/2005: How companies can escape the short-term trap  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Last rights: The battle for a dignified death - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Editorial: Exit strategies - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Execution by lethal injection branded inhumane - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Letters  - NY Times

4/30/2005: Mind-reading machine knows what you see - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Vital Signs: Diagnosis: Setting Epilepsy Record Straight  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Behavior: Mix Math and Medicine and Create Confusion  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Pathological Gambling Associated With Brain Impairments - Science Daily
4/30/2005: 'Promiscuous' Area Of Brain Could Explain Role Of Antidepressants - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Psychological Reasoning Begins Earlier Than Had Been Thought, Study Shows - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Prenatal Sonography Has No Effect On The Intellectual Capacity Of The Developing Child
 - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Gene Discovery Sheds Light On Brain's 'Wiring' Patterns
 - Science Daily
4/30/2005: Dartmouth Researchers Find Where Musical Memories Are Stored In The Brain
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/30/2005: Hubble's guide to the galaxy  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Time to redefine the kilogram, experts say
4/30/2005: Hubble's birthday snaps reveal new side to old friends
 - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Hot spots on neutron stars tracked for first time
 - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Making the Universe a Little Closer and Brighter
  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Tiny, Plentiful and Really Hard to Catch
  - NY Times
4/30/2005: Bomb builder turned critic passes away
 - PhysicsWeb
4/30/2005: RHIC Scientists Serve Up 'Perfect' Liquid- New State Of Matter More Remarkable Than Predicted
 - Science Daily

4/30/2005: Mediterranean Diet Leads To Longer Life - Science Daily

4/30/2005: WashPost: Robo-cat could be your pet - MSNBC
4/30/2005: Robotic leader makes for good teamwork  - Nature

4/30/2005: Rutan: Space Tourism Will Thrive, But Regulations Hinder Progress -
4/30/2005: Let's colonize space for fun, noted physicist says
  - C/Net
4/30/2005: Autonomous rendezvous in space becomes hit and run
 - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Cassini scoops complex organics in Titan flyby
 - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Cassini Finds Organic Material on Titan
  - NY Times
4/30/2005: K-State Professor Takes Chemistry To Another World
 - Science Daily
4/30/2005: NASA may delay shuttle launch to July
 - New Scientist
4/30/2005: Shuttle launch delayed until July
  - BBC
4/30/2005: Opportunity Rover Stuck In Sand Dune
 - SpaceDaily
4/30/2005: Debris Concerns Delay Discovery Launch Until July

4/30/2005: Propulsion Motors Demonstrated For LockMart's High Altitude Airship - SpaceDaily
4/30/2005: Nanomagnets Bend The Rules - SpaceDaily
4/30/2005: High-tech solution to traffic jams  - CNN
4/30/2005: VW Jetta gets top crash rating  - CNN
4/30/2005: X-rays Shine Light On High-intensity Gas Lamps - Science Daily


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