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  April 3, 2005

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Image of breast cancer cells Thyroid gland breast cancer clue  - BBC  Dr Massimo Cristofanilli's team compared the medical records from 1,136 women with breast cancer and 1,088 healthy women attending their breast screening clinic in Texas. They found women with hypothyroidism had a 61% lower risk of developing invasive breast cancer. When they did develop breast cancer, it was typically diagnosed at an earlier stage and when the tumour was smaller in size. Women in the breast cancer group were also 57% less likely to have hypothyroidism than the healthy women. There have been conflicting views about the effect of thyroid hormones on the breast. 
Martian Fire And Ice - SpaceDaily  Left:  Clouds and frost cover on the north Martian pole from Mars Orbital Camera. Credit: NASA/ JPL/ MSSS MOC.  Glaciers moved from the poles to the tropics 350,000 to 4 million years ago, depositing massive amounts of ice at the base of mountains and volcanoes in the eastern Hellas region near the planet's equator, based on a report by a team of scientists analyzing images from the Mars Express mission. In a second report, the international team reveals previously unknown traces of a major eruption of Hecates Tholus less than 350,000 million years ago. In a depression on the volcano, researchers found glacial deposits estimated to be 5 to 24 million years old. The team also concludes that Mars is in an "interglacial" period. As the planet tilts closer to the sun, ice deposited in lower latitudes will vaporize, changing the face of the Red Planet yet again.

Climate: A Hard Look At The Long Term - SpaceDaily  One of the ironies of the global warming debate is that anyone on any side of the argument is likely to be around long enough to say, "I told you so."  The climate changes under discussion mostly are gradual, occurring over a timeline of generations - 50 years, 100 years or more. Consequently, the argument by climate skeptics that humanity will have time to adapt - perhaps even adapt easily - is difficult to disprove. Likewise, the counter argument - that although humanity may be able to adapt, animals and plants may not - remains to be seen. In any case, the factions probably will have to hand off their "I-told-you-sos" to subsequent generations  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/3/2005: Canada seal hunt gets under way  - BBC
4/3/2005: Green with success: One of the world's rarest birds celebrates new hatchlings
  - BBC
4/3/2005: Hundreds of sharks swarm off Florida - MSNBC
4/3/2005: Stray seeds had antibiotic-resistance genes  - Nature
4/3/2005: Researchers Rein In Regulatory RNAs - Science Daily
4/3/2005: Farm sea lice plague wild salmon  - BBC
4/3/2005: Alpacas tagged: Peru uses microchips to clamp down on Andean alpaca traffic  - BBC
4/3/2005: Scientists Mystified by Herring Decline  - NY Times
4/3/2005: Fish Farms Tied in Study to Imperiling Wild Salmon  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
4/3/2005: Climate: A Hard Look At The Long Term - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: At least 1,000 feared dead after Indonesian quake triggers tsunami panic - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Local priest describes carnage on quake island - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Bush offers aid, condolences after Indonesia quake - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: India announces 2.0 million dollar aid to Indonesia - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: British relief agencies respond to killer quake - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Further quake can't be ruled out: scientist - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: EU ready to offer financial aid if needed after Indonesian quake - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Study highlights global decline  - BBC
4/3/2005: Population shifts raise disaster stakes - MSNBC
4/3/2005: Can 'foreshocks' help predict quakes- - MSNBC
4/3/2005: Quake follows scientists’ predictions - MSNBC
4/3/2005: Gigantic earthquake strikes Indonesian coast - New Scientist
4/3/2005: Study Finds Climate Change Evidence In The Far North - Science Daily
4/3/2005: Papers sent over alleged pollution cover-up ... - FirstScience
4/3/2005: Essential mangrove forest threatened by cryptic ecological degradation ... - FirstScience
4/3/2005: ENVIRONMENT: Most Ecosystems Threatened, Major Report Says ... - FirstScience
4/3/2005: States challenge EPA mercury emissions rule ... - FirstScience
4/3/2005: Northeast States Lead Regional Global Warming Initiative ...
 - FirstScience
4/3/2005: U.N. Study- Earth's Health Deteriorating
  - NY Times
4/3/2005: Multiple Dangers Loom in Coastal Regions
  - NY Times
4/3/2005: Latest Earthquakes Surprise Seismologists
  - NY Times
4/3/2005: E.P.A. Sued Over Mercury in the Air
  - NY Times
4/3/2005: Quake Damage Limited to Small Area; Hundreds Dead
  - NY Times
4/3/2005: Map: The Earthquake
  - NY Times

4/3/2005: Podcasts Go Mainstream  - C/Net
4/3/2005: The crying game: Dante the devil killer is back for a third outing full of furious action  - BBC
4/3/2005: IPod thieves hit N.Y. subways- C/Net

4/3/2005: VoIP calls become iPod radio broadcasts
  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Top court examines broadband competition
  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Gorillas in the mesh
  - C/Net
4/3/2005: 'Open' Net doomed?
- C/Net

4/3/2005: Intel debuts 64-bit 'Truland' chips, tips 'Paxville'  - El. Engr. Times
4/3/2005: AMD tries to round up Pacifica support- C/Net
4/3/2005: AMD unveils Pacifica virtualization platform  - El. Engr. Times

4/3/2005: Gartner: Beware of Mac OS spyware  - C/Net

4/3/2005: BBC's online radio streams ahead  - BBC
4/3/2005: Swapping may be redefined  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Photos: P2P demonstrators  - C/Net
4/3/2005: 'Spam King' files for bankruptcy protection  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Orb Offers Free Remote Multimedia Access  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Orb offers media on the go  - C/Net
4/3/2005: On the Internet, 2nd (and 3rd and...) opinions
  - NY Times
4/3/2005: Groups predict more songs over Web
  - CNN
4/3/2005: Court weighs file sharing case
  - CNN
4/3/2005: Study: Millions downloading music
  - CNN
4/3/2005: More Reliable And Secure Telecommunications Via The Internet
 - Science Daily
4/3/2005: Secondhand blues on eBay
- C/Net
4/3/2005: Despite lawsuits, file sharing lives
- C/Net
4/3/2005: Onliner gamer stabbed over 'stolen' cybersword
- C/Net
4/3/2005: Telecommuters not exempt from New York tax
- C/Net

4/3/2005: Microsoft to plug ID controls into Windows  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Microsoft working on new ID system  - CNN
4/3/2005: File Sharing Has Supreme Moment  - Wired News
4/3/2005: Camping Out for the Grokster Case
4/3/2005: Pirates Ahoy: File-share software makers accused of helping lawbreakers  - BBC
4/3/2005: Longhorn's tough sell- C/Net

4/3/2005: Lithium ion battery recharges in one minute  - El. Engr. Times
4/3/2005: Power-hungry PCs cost users dear  - BBC
4/3/2005: GM, Energy Dept. to make fuel cell vehicles - Business Week

4/3/2005: Acupuncture 'cuts blood pressure'  - BBC
4/3/2005: Molecule That Usually Protects Infection-fighting Cells May Cause Plaque Deposits Inside Arteries - Science Daily

4/3/2005: Thyroid gland breast cancer clue   - BBC
4/3/2005: Hope over cancer blocking protein  - BBC
4/3/2005: Europe cancer research warning  - BBC

4/3/2005: Live Recombinant Adenovirus Vaccine Technique Explored - Science Daily
4/3/2005: New Lab Technique Identifies High Levels Of Pathogens In Therapy Pool - Science Daily
4/3/2005: Angola quarantine 'to halt virus'  - BBC
4/3/2005: Tests Pending in Cases Tied to Fierce H.I.V.  - NY Times

4/3/2005: Injecting crack cocaine is surprisingly common - New Scientist

4/3/2005: PillCam Enables Study Of Esophagus By Swallowing A Pill - Science Daily
4/3/2005: Male Contraception Possibility - Science Daily
4/3/2005: One Or Two Drinks A Day May Be Better For Women Than None - Science Daily
4/3/2005: Helping hand: Premature baby research hit by lack of funding, say experts  - BBC
4/3/2005: The power of music may ease suffering for people in pain  - BBC
4/3/2005: Inquiry into Sudan I scare urged  - BBC
4/3/2005: Uganda backs condom use  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/3/2005: Mystery Minerals Formed In Dinosaur-Destroying Asteroid Fireball - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Asteroid Impact Fueled Global Rain of BBs -
4/3/2005: Cosmic Log: Two thumbs up for evolution - MSNBC
4/3/2005: First, remove the dinosaur's head ... - MSNBC
4/3/2005: Jail to be searched for Earhart clues - MSNBC
4/3/2005: Nuclear Analysis Reveals Secrets Of Inca Burial Site - Science Daily

4/3/2005: US Extends Waiver Of Missile Proliferation Sanctions On China - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Science closures 'harm students'  - BBC
4/3/2005: Mapping anew 'HP Way'  - C/Net
4/3/2005: A hefty pay package  - C/Net
4/3/2005: SEC allows flexibility in valuing stock options  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Got a good strategy? Now try to implement it  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Higher-skilled city jobs heading offshore next  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Technology: Changing the art of the possible  - C/Net
4/3/2005: Gossip mongers push for national networks  - Nature
4/3/2005: You've Come the Wrong Way, Baby - Business Week
4/3/2005: Disc expiration dates debated- C/Net
4/3/2005: In Vermont, a Bid to Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide  - NY Times
4/3/2005: This Is the Mission- Fill Gap for Schools, Lift Students to Skies  - NY Times


Physics and Astronomy:
4/3/2005: Dying stars could make frozen planets habitable - New Scientist
4/3/2005: Quasiparticle Behavior in Bose Quantum Liquids ...
 - FirstScience

4/3/2005: Biotech's Fountain of Youth - Business Week

4/3/2005: Pentagon seeks robot to perform battlefield surgery  - BBC

4/3/2005: Martian Fire And Ice - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Russia To Enlarge Satellite Array
 - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: ESA Embeds 24 Women For Sixty Days
 - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: NASA Seeks Public Views on Nuclear-Powered Pluto Mission
4/3/2005: Earth’s Moon: Still A Puzzle
4/3/2005: Medusa Fossae Region on Mars ... - FirstScience
4/3/2005: Lawmaker Urges NASA on Hubble Mission
  - NY Times

4/3/2005: Researchers Create New Noble Gas Chemical Compounds - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Scientists Develop New Laser - SpaceDaily
4/3/2005: Fate Of Nano Waste: Researchers Study How To Make Nanomaterial Industry Environmentally Sustainable - Science Daily
4/3/2005: First UK homes go digital TV only  - BBC
4/3/2005: World’s most sensitive scales weigh a zeptogram - New Scientist


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