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  April 3, 2004

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Politics of Water: Ancient Sea on Mars Begs Human Exploration - Space.com  Space agency officials said the briney find by the Opportunity rover has singled out its Meridiani Planum landing site for future robotic exploration and given a timely boost to President George W. Bush's recently stated vision of eventually sending humans to take a more personal look around. "And it's in due course that human explorers will follow," O'Keefe said. 
A 'One-Step' Method To Make Polymer Nanowires - SpaceDaily  A powerful one-step, "chain growth" method should make it easier to design and synthesize a variety of highly conductive polymers for different research and commercial applications, according to a presentation by the method's developer, Carnegie Mellon University chemist Richard McCullough. With this research, funded by the National Science Foundation, researchers can form highly conductive nanowire sheets within polymer blocks or create a plethora of new conducting polymers. "The chain-growth method eliminates six production steps to create block co-polymer nanowires that conduct electricity a million times better than other conducting copolymers."said McCullough. Regioregular polythiophenes have a wide range of potential applications, such as dissipating static electrical charges that build up on coated floors or use in disposable devices called radio frequency identification tags.


Heart death 'may be eradicated'   - BBC  Premature death from heart disease in England could be almost unheard of within a decade, the government's heart tsar has predicted. Figures show that in 1990 more than 90 men under 65 per 100,000 died of heart disease. By 2000 the figure was 50. If the trend continues it could reach almost zero by 2013. Deaths among women under 65 have also shown a steady decline, from around 25 per 100,000 in 1990 to around 10 in 2000. Dr. Boyle warned that factors such as increasing rates of obesity and diabetes may stall progress.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/3/2004: Periodical Cicadas to Return This Spring - ABC
4/3/2004: Biology society to go digital
  - BBC
4/3/2004: GM expansion: More GM crops proposed to help third world farmers  - BBC
4/3/2004: Virus takes out killer caterpillar  - Nature
4/3/2004: Scientists Win Prize for High - Yield Rice  - NY Times
4/3/2004: On Madagascar, a Treasury of Fauna and Flora
4/3/2004: Forum: Discuss the Species Unique to Madagascar  - NY Times
4/3/2004: U.S. Panel About to Weigh In on Rules for Assisted Fertility  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Underground Biology  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
4/3/2004: U.N. Warns About Ocean 'Dead Zones' - ABC
4/3/2004: Burma creates huge tiger reserve  - BBC
4/3/2004: Albania's deadly factories tamed  - BBC
4/3/2004: World getting 'literally greener'  - BBC
4/3/2004: Albania tackles killer exhausts  - BBC
4/3/2004: Amazon pipeline plan 'damaging'  - BBC
4/3/2004: 150 'dead zones' in world's oceans - MSNBC
4/3/2004: Warship sunk to make home for sea life - MSNBC
4/3/2004: No new bid to free entangled whale - MSNBC
4/3/2004: 25 years after Three Mile Island - MSNBC
4/3/2004: Peruvian gas project killing tribes, harming Amazon - New Scientist
4/3/2004: U.S. Trims Request for Exemptions From Pact on Saving Ozone Layer  - NY Times

4/3/2004: Xbox price drop to boost sales  - BBC
4/3/2004: Gizmos  - CNN  

4/3/2004: Northern Ireland set for 100% broadband  - BBC
4/3/2004: Cameraphone sales up by nearly 500%  - CNN  

4/3/2004: Intel's chip convergence  - C/Net
4/3/2004: Nano development chases self-cooled chips  - El. Engr. Times

4/3/2004: Focus on Future - ABC
4/3/2004: Review: Gateway M405CS - ABC
4/3/2004: Hitachi toughens up its laptop drives - Business Week
4/3/2004: Flash mob to attempt supercomputing feat - New Scientist

4/3/2004: Get smart: The net's improving - but few web-users have followed suit  - BBC
4/3/2004: Google puts Froogle on site  - CNN  
4/3/2004: New ways to read the Web
4/3/2004: NetSky variant a greater threat than thought - Business Week
4/3/2004: Congress moves to criminalise P2P - New Scientist

4/3/2004: Burning issue: Do copyright controls limit creativity in a digital world?  - BBC
4/3/2004: Microsoft: The Hot Ticket in Brussels - Business Week
4/3/2004: Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says - Business Week


4/3/2004: Heart death 'may be eradicated'  - BBC

4/3/2004: Study: Exercise Helps Breast Cancer Fight - ABC
4/3/2004: Take Our Latest Quiz - ABC
4/3/2004: Focus on Colon Cancer - ABC
4/3/2004: Housework 'reduces cancer risk'  - BBC
4/3/2004: Aspirin 'fights ovarian cancer'  - BBC
4/3/2004: No link between acrylamide and breast cancer  - Nature
4/3/2004: More evidence found of how vitamins prevent cancer
  - Yahoo

4/3/2004: Vietnam to Announce End of Bird Flu - ABC
4/3/2004: Deadly viruses 'found in Britain'  - BBC
4/3/2004: Children given fewer antibiotics  - BBC
4/3/2004: Fast saliva test for HIV gains US FDA approval  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Avoid Chickenpox. (Oatmeal Bath Is No Picnic.)  - NY Times

4/3/2004: From Bar to ER - ABC
4/3/2004: Drunk Driver Shatters Family - ABC
4/3/2004: Allergy Season Can Mean Asthma Trouble - ABC
4/3/2004: Ireland's Workplace Smoking Ban Starts - ABC
4/3/2004: Smokers struck by dripping fat ad  - BBC
4/3/2004: Asthma inhaler drug 'ineffective'  - BBC
4/3/2004: Habits: A Smoke Much Sweeter  - NY Times

4/3/2004: States Look to Maine on Health Care Plan - ABC
4/3/2004: Parental Support Has Lifelong Benefits - ABC
4/3/2004: 3 Court Battles Begin Over Abortion Law - ABC
4/3/2004: The Obesity Marker - ABC
4/3/2004: Obesity Threatening Child Health Gains - ABC
4/3/2004: Obesity among Kids: A Media Problem? - ABC
4/3/2004: The Obesity Epidemic - ABC
4/3/2004: Why cluttered desks may be making workers ill  - BBC
4/3/2004: NHS reforms: What is in store for patients after this week's changes  - BBC
4/3/2004: Complementary medicine: How diet and meditation can improve digestion  - BBC
4/3/2004: Support line for bereaved parents  - BBC
4/3/2004: Headache sufferers 'denied help'  - BBC
4/3/2004: Radiotherapy power boost
  - BBC
4/3/2004: Men's hopes for Viagra 'too high'
  - BBC
4/3/2004: When Does Flexible Start to Mean Harmful? 'Hot' Yoga Draws Fire
  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Poll Finds Even Babies Don't Get Enough Rest
  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Possible Peril Found in Menopause Cream
  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Books on Health: Children Outside the Box
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
4/3/2004: 'The Bones Tell the Story': Revealing History's Darker Days  - NY Times
4/3/2004: King Tut Red  - NY Times

4/3/2004: Air Sickness? - ABC
4/3/2004: Female future: Men may be surplus to requirements, says Susan Greenfield  - BBC
4/3/2004: Bright outlook: Why life through a digital lens has never been more exciting  - BBC
4/3/2004: Bargain hunt: The sting in the tail of 'cheapo' shopping trips to the US  - BBC
4/3/2004: Lawyers using databases to land clients  - CNN  
4/3/2004: At the Center of the Storm Over Bush And Science  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Forum: Science and the Bush Administration  - NY Times

4/3/2004: Dr. Love Is In - ABC
4/3/2004: Talking Head - ABC
4/3/2004: Inquiry examines self-harm rates  - BBC
4/3/2004: Depression pills 'too accessible'
4/3/2004: Ulcer drug may boost brainpower  - BBC
4/3/2004: Liquorice sweetens old age  - Nature
4/3/2004: Buckyballs cause brain damage in fish
 - New Scientist
4/3/2004: A New Era in Treating Imaginary Ills
4/3/2004: Doctors, Too, Have Fears
4/3/2004: Forum: Share Your Thoughts on Hypochondria
4/3/2004: Essay: Learning From Prozac: Will New Caution Shift Old Views?
  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
4/3/2004: Earth on the 'Wimp highway'  - BBC



4/3/2004: Politics of Water: Ancient Sea on Mars Begs Human Exploration - Space.com
4/3/2004: Soviet-era satellites leaked lethal debris
4/3/2004: A new face in space - MSNBC
4/3/2004: Safely Rooted on Earth, Scientists Solve an Icy Martian Puzzle  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Tower Used By NASA Is Scrapped  - NY Times
4/3/2004: Mars rover finds more signs of past water
 - New Scientist
4/3/2004: Spirit Backs Up Water Finding on 2nd Rock
 - Space.com
4/3/2004: Complete Coverage of the 20th Annual National Space Symposium
 - Space.com
4/3/2004: Saturn Grows Larger in Cassini's Sights
 - Space.com
4/3/2004: Spirit Finds Multi-Layer Hints Of Past Water At Mars' Gusev Site
 - SpaceDaily
4/3/2004: Space station crew hears strange sound again...
 - FirstScience
4/3/2004: European Space Agency Hopes To Send Two Astronauts To The Iss In 2005...
 - FirstScience

4/3/2004: Snakes help with the laundry  - Nature
4/3/2004: A 'One-Step' Method To Make Polymer Nanowires - SpaceDaily


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