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  April 29, 2005

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Dusty debris may be asteroid belt  - BBC  The Spitzer telescope has detected what looks to be an asteroid belt around a star some 41 light-years from Earth. US astronomers say that if confirmed it would be the first such band of rocky material found around a star of similar age and size to our own Sun. The alien girdle is quite close to its star, known as HD69830, and is much thicker than the asteroid belt seen between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Spitzer has not seen large asteroids directly. What it has detected is the warm glow from dust grains in the suspected belt. This dust is the fallout from rock collisions, which occur relatively frequently, about every 1,000 years. 
HAPPEx Results Hint At Strangely Magnetic Proton - Science Daily  New results from research performed at the Department of Energy's Jefferson Lab hint that strange quarks may contribute to the proton's magnetic moment. If confirmed by data to be taken later this year, these surprising results would indicate that strange quarks in the proton's quark-gluon sea contribute to at least one of the proton's intrinsic properties. The electromagnetic force is mirror-symmetric (the electrons' spin will not affect the number of electrons scattered), while the weak force is not (electrons polarized one way will interact differently than electrons spinning oppositely).    

Qatar to replace camel riders with robots

Qatar to replace camel riders with robots  - CNN  Left:  Kamel, the robot jockey, rides Ghazil, a Qatari camel, during a test-run at the Shahaniah camel race track in Doha, Qatar.  Under the watchful eyes of his Swiss developer and Qatari owners, the robot -- dubbed Kamel -- rode a racing camel for 1.5 miles, reaching speeds of 25 miles per hour in a non-competitive trial run. By 2007, rulers of this energy-rich emirate say all camel racers will be mechanical. The 60-pound robot is also equipped with a global positioning system satellite beacon and shock absorbers for the rough ride. A camel handler follows the rider in a vehicle and uses a joystick on the laptop-sized remote to issue four instructions: forward, backward, sideways and whip action. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/29/2005:Odd fly uncovers evolution secret  - BBC
4/29/2005:Dundee makes cellular discovery
  - BBC
4/29/2005:Researchers Uncover Sequence Of Major Rice Pathogen - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Beneficial Beetles Battle Pesky Saltcedar - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Scientists' Pied Piper Approach May Have Found Nemo Faster - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Predatory Insects May Help Solve Mealybug Problem - Science Daily
4/29/2005:How to 'improve' the Endangered Species Act ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Scientists Put Human Genes Into Plants ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
4/29/2005:Geologists Find A New Active Fault In Nepal - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:B-15A Snaps Off Drygalski Ice Tongue - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:When Snow Melts, Ocean Plants Bloom - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:India's shrinking forest cover pits people against animals - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:Disposable wipes make a mountain in a landfill ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Mexican Environmentalist in jail for defending dolphins By Yolanda Alaniz ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Ecology of Disease -- Coal Cornucopia -- Baleful Moon ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Environmentalist John Francis, Walking the Walk ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Let logic join the global warming debate ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Hunt a rhino, save an ecosystem? ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Party pledges and climate change ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Lab Water Quality Matters ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Politicians fail Greenpeace test ... - FirstScience
4/29/2005:Atomic split: Can we cut carbon without nuclear?
4/29/2005:Australia to cull outback camels  - BBC

4/29/2005:PSP European launch in September  - BBC

4/29/2005:'Simple games' rule mobile charts
  - BBC
4/29/2005:The WiMax Difference
  - Technology Review 
4/29/2005:Fake call ID services on the rise
  - BBC
4/29/2005:Scotland signs broadband deal
  - BBC
4/29/2005:Broadband reveals digital divide
  - BBC

4/29/2005:Optical Computer Made From Frozen Light - Science Daily

4/29/2005:Try new software that fills in forms for you - Seattle Times
4/29/2005:Coming soon: $100 PCs

4/29/2005:Deluge of junk: UK spam laws are lacking bite say campaigners  - BBC
4/29/2005:File-sharers facing spam attacks  - BBC
4/29/2005:E-tailing experts Why retailers such as M&S turn to Amazon to host their websites  - BBC
4/29/2005:"Creating tomorrow's Internet" - Seattle Times
4/29/2005:ManiaTV: MTV for the Web?  - Wired News
4/29/2005:Olympics online: If the 2012 bid were judged on websites alone, who would win?  - BBC

4/29/2005:Gates to offer up a peek at the future - Seattle Times
4/29/2005:Evangelist finds mission "building amazing things" - Seattle Times
4/29/2005:Gates demos 'more secure' Windows  - BBC
4/29/2005:A 'black box' for Windows  - C/Net
4/29/2005:Images: A look at Longhorn  - C/Net
4/29/2005:Windows Longhorn 5048 screenshots  - C/Net
4/29/2005:Windows Enters Its Third Decade; Microsoft Longhorn Build 5048  - C/Net
4/29/2005:Gates launches x64 editions, shows Longhorn UI  - C/Net
4/29/2005:WinHEC Preview: 64-Bit Goes Live  - C/Net

4/29/2005:Blair 'to debate nuclear power'  - BBC
4/29/2005:Microbial Fuel Cell: High Yield Hydrogen Source And Wastewater Cleaner - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Nuclear Reactor Hazards, Ongoing Dangers of Operating Nuclear ... - FirstScience

4/29/2005:Anti-DVT (Deep-Vein Thrombosis) device developed  - BBC
4/29/2005:Spotting symptoms: What happens when heart valves don't work properly?  - BBC
4/29/2005:In pictures: A look at how fatty deposits build up on the arteries.  - BBC

4/29/2005:Processed meat cancer risk link  - BBC
4/29/2005:Adult stem cells 'cancer threat'  - BBC
4/29/2005:Study Finds Enzyme Activity Promotes Rare Form Of Leukemia, Offers Potential Target For New Drugs - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Method Holds Promise In Identifying Markers Of Non-metastatic Vs. Metastatic Breast Cancer - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Early Stage Breast-Cancer Rates Are Rising Sharply As Rates Of Invasive Breast Cancer Are Leveling Off - Science Daily

4/29/2005:Boost In Immune Response Fights Common Cold - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Fibril Shape Is The Basis Of Prion Strains And Cross-species Prion Infection - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Broken promises: How treatment debates are diluting S Africa's anti-Aids fight  - BBC
4/29/2005:Uniforms key to superbugs fight  - BBC

4/29/2005:Rare Surgery Performed To Remove Pancreas, Prevent Diabetes - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Brain stem cells to cure diabetes  - BBC

4/29/2005:Rogue net medicines ring 'bust'  - BBC
4/29/2005:Shift work linked to health risks  - BBC
4/29/2005:Nanoparticles Offer New Hope For Detection And Treatment - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Gadgets No Help for the Blind  - Wired News
4/29/2005:Mothers "have too much pressure"  - BBC
4/29/2005:Toddler discipline: How to encourage your little ones to behave themselves  - BBC
4/29/2005:Weirdest cures on show at debate  - BBC
4/29/2005:Healthy school meals must be free  - BBC
4/29/2005:Air passengers 'risking health'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/29/2005:Egyptian Sea Vessel Artifacts Discovered At Pharaonic Port Of Mersa Gawasis Along Red Sea Coast - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Experts put date to UK rock art  - BBC
4/29/2005:When toothache was treated with an electric shock machine  - BBC
4/29/2005:On This Day 1962: US lands its first rocket on the moon  - BBC
4/29/2005:Ancient tombs found near obelisk  - BBC

4/29/2005:Film review: Verdict on the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie  - BBC
4/29/2005:Risk, opportunity are neighbors - Seattle Times
4/29/2005:NATO To Sign Accord With Russia In Ex-Soviet First - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:Whither the Renaissance Man?  - Technology Review 
4/29/2005:Florida Planning Son of Matrix  - Wired News
4/29/2005:Sexy Force-Feedback Phone  - Wired News
4/29/2005:ManiaTV: MTV for the Web?  - Wired News
4/29/2005:Processing for Science ...  - Scientific American
4/29/2005:Discovery: The most significant ideas in science and technology  - BBC
4/29/2005:Nurses urge rethink on euthanasia  - BBC
4/29/2005:Utah state Capitol to get lift as shock absorbers installed  - BBC
4/29/2005:Airbus challenge: Does the A380 have what it takes to be a commercial success?  - BBC
4/29/2005:The end of analog TV  - C/Net

4/29/2005:Breakthrough For Kids With Epilepsy: Surgery Reduces Seizures And Increases IQ - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Brain Imaging Study Explains Williams Syndrome Language Gifts - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Stressed out? How about watching an episode of Friends?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/29/2005:Dusty debris may be asteroid belt   - BBC
HAPPEx Results Hint At Strangely Magnetic Proton  - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Living Metals
 - Science Daily
4/29/2005:Happy 15th Birthday, Hubble
  - Wired News
4/29/2005:Quantum Black Holes ...
  - Scientific American
4/29/2005:Appeal to save Hubble telescope
  - BBC

4/29/2005:Overweight people may live longer  - BBC

4/29/2005:Qatar to replace camel riders with robots  - CNN

4/29/2005:Kazakhs May Fly To ISS In 2006 - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:Opportunity Rover Stuck In Sand Dune
 - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:Space Watch: New Openness At NASA?
 - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:NASA Discusses Chances of May Shuttle Launch
4/29/2005:EVA Debut: The Spacewalking Team of STS-114
4/29/2005:Philip Morrison, 1915 2005
4/29/2005:Deep Impact Photographs Comet Tempel 1

4/29/2005:Tech giants explore 'hybrid' DVDs  - BBC
4/29/2005:The past and future of innovation  - BBC
4/29/2005:Trimble Unveils Subfoot GPS For Mapping - SpaceDaily
4/29/2005:Car Computers Track Traffic  - Wired News


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