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  April 29, 2004

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No-Till Farming Offers A Quick Fix To Host Of Global Problems - SpaceDaily  Increase no-till farming practices across the planet or face serious climate, soil quality and food production problems in the next 20 to 50 years. That warning from scientists appeared in the journal Science this week. No-till farming helps soil retain carbon. Healthy topsoil contains carbon-enriched humus decaying organic matter that provides nutrients to plants. Soils low in humus can't maintain the carbon-dependent nutrients essential to healthy crop production, resulting in the need to use more fertilizers. A lack of carbon in soil may promote erosion.
New Products Growing Organic Light Emitting Diode Market - SpaceDaily  Currently, small molecule OLEDs (SMOLEDs) are proving to be the biggest challenger to LCD, especially in the small-sized displays market. Constraints in current manufacturing techniques make SMOLEDs unsuitable for large displays, leading them to target the sub-display segment in mobile phones. Innovative marketing has resulted in SMOLEDS being used in 90 percent of flip phones with sub-displays. "Their advantage is pressed on by the fact that while SMOLEDs can be as thin as its circuitry, LCDs' requirement for backlighting adds to the thickness and heaviness of the device."  

UNESCO Welcomes China's Contribution To Oceanographic Research - SpaceDaily  China, which has a long coastal line, has made a big contribution to the study by engaging itself in many international joint projects. China has joined the ARGO (array for real-timegeostrophic oceanography) global oceanic monitoring plan, launchedby aerologists and oceanographers from the United States and othernations in 1998 to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts, and the Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS), initiated by the UNESCO/IOC and other international organizations. China has so far placed more than 20 ARGO satellite-tracked floats at designated zones.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/29/2004:Billions of cicadas set to plague US - New Scientist
4/29/2004:Newfound Grasshopper Takes To The Trees On Konza Prairie
 - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Citizens Asked To Monitor Impact Of Invasive Bird Species - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Dogs On The Scent Of Better Behaviour - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Empathy may not be uniquely human quality - New Scientist
4/29/2004:Choosing Sex - ABC
4/29/2004:Gender Selection Methods - ABC
4/29/2004:What Do You Think? - ABC

Climate, Environment:
4/29/2004:UNESCO Welcomes China's Contribution To Oceanographic Research - SpaceDaily
4/29/2004:'Millions more' at risk of global warming floods, UK warned - New Scientist
4/29/2004:For Earth Day, Bush and Kerry Vie on Environment  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Mozambique OKs Greenhouse Gas Resolution  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Plan Near for Global Climate Monitoring  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Nearly Half Extinct Species Were in Hawaii  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Monitors of Salton Sea Endorse $730M Plan  - NY Times
4/29/2004:NASA Arctic Sea Ice Study May Stir Up Climate Models - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Environmentalists Accused of Promoting 'Eco-Imperialism'... - FirstScience
4/29/2004:Soil Recovering From Chernobyl Disaster... - FirstScience
4/29/2004:Conservation Leaders Urge Bush and Kerry to Commit to Annual State Of Environment Address... - FirstScience
4/29/2004:Herdman is New Tribal Advocate for Wilderness Society... - FirstScience
4/29/2004:Net closing on maritime eco-disasters... - FirstScience
4/29/2004:New England Groups Detail Climate Friendly Policies... - FirstScience
4/29/2004:Bush Promotes Wetlands Plan to Counter Kerry's Attack  - NY Times

4/29/2004:'Fight Night 2004' a virtual knockout  - CNN
4/29/2004:Peek at the future- Personal video player rates applause despite flaws- Seattle Times

4/29/2004:Nonlinear nets approach runway to wireless apps  - El. Engr. Times

4/29/2004:Stacked, Packed Nanowires Hold Triplexed Megadata - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Nano-litho start-up aims at the 45-nm node as sales ramp - Silicon Strategies
4/29/2004:Optical Quantum Memory Designed  - Technology Review 
4/29/2004:Factory flaws yield headaches for chipmakers  - C/Net

4/29/2004:Review: Ulead DVD MovieFactory Software - ABC

4/29/2004:Taking a Second Shot at Spammers  - Wired News
4/29/2004:FDIC warns of fraudulent e-mails  - CNN
4/29/2004:Mailman auctions deliveries on Internet  - CNN
4/29/2004:Going After Google - Business Week
4/29/2004:IPO day may be approaching for Google - Business Week
4/29/2004:Net's 'savior' sets the record straight  - C/Net
4/29/2004:The Net: To Tax or Not to Tax?  - Wired News
4/29/2004:IM = Instant Mess - ABC

4/29/2004:SCO investor demands changes  - CNN

4/29/2004:Is Cold Fusion Heating Up?  - Technology Review 
4/29/2004:World's First Hydrogen-Diesel Truck on the Road  - Wired News

4/29/2004:F.D.A. Seeks Reports of Stent Problems  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Report: Heart Disease Is a Global Problem - ABC
4/29/2004:Warning over 'hair salon stroke'  - BBC

4/29/2004:Unlikely Protein Boosts Metastatic Colon Cancer Growth - Science Daily

4/29/2004:SARS threatens reappearance in China  - Nature
4/29/2004:Chinese SARS cases traced to lab - New Scientist
4/29/2004:Elusive But Ubiquitous Microbe Fingered As Gum Disease Culprit - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Scientists Strive To Knock Out Hospital 'Superbugs' - Science Daily
4/29/2004:China in New SARS Scare  - Wired News
4/29/2004:China Seals Off SARS Research Lab - ABC
4/29/2004:Cheaper test for monitoring HIV
  - BBC
4/29/2004:China alert after Sars comeback
  - BBC

4/29/2004:Prenatal Nicotine Primes Adolescent Brain For Addiction - Science Daily

4/29/2004:Unpublished data reverses risk-benefit of drugs - New Scientist
4/29/2004:Botox Injections Restore Voices, Confidence To Voice Disorder Patients - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Scientists Correct Cystic Fibrosis Defect In Mice With Turmeric Extract - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Fat Cell Hormone Causes Weight Loss - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Ups and Downs of Employee Health - ABC
4/29/2004:China Pledges Medical Help for Infants - ABC
4/29/2004:GI Bleeding: What's the Cause? - ABC
4/29/2004:Big Medical Research Prize Goes to 2 Pioneers in Genetics Work  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
4/29/2004:Experts Study Ancient Boat Found in Idaho  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Discovery Offers Clues To Origin Of Life - Science Daily

4/29/2004:No-Till Farming Offers A Quick Fix To Host Of Global Problems - SpaceDaily
4/29/2004:Report: College science classes are boring - MSNBC
4/29/2004:Science Group Says U.S. Budget Plan Would Harm Research  - NY Times
4/29/2004:New Type Of Anthrax Vaccine Moves Into Larger-scale Trial At Saint Louis University - Science Daily
4/29/2004:Enron prosecutors seek hearing on fracas in bar - Seattle Times
4/29/2004:Witness says cable company inflated data - Seattle Times
4/29/2004:Face Forward  - Technology Review 
4/29/2004:Diebold May Face Criminal Charges  - Wired News
4/29/2004:Dems Hold the High Ground Online  - Wired News
4/29/2004:Damaging Drug Study: Bury It  - Wired News
4/29/2004:Seeking Riches From the Poor  - Wired News
4/29/2004:The Da Vinci Car  - Wired News
4/29/2004:No Privacy for the Poor, Homeless  - Wired News
4/29/2004:Daschle Rips Bush on Science  - Wired News
4/29/2004:Tracking People Is Key to E-911 Service  - Wired News
4/29/2004:Website Breaks Ban on Pictures of Dead Troops  - NY Times
4/29/2004:Has Tech Gotten Too Top Heavy? - USA Today
4/29/2004:Knockdown Kicks - ABC
4/29/2004:A 'Bone Woman' Chronicles the World's Massacres  - NY Times
4/29/2004:A Beer Company Responds to the Low-Carb Crowd  - NY Times
4/29/2004:From Companion's Lost Diary, a Portrait of Einstein in Old Age  - NY Times

4/29/2004:Molecular basis for Mozart effect revealed - New Scientist
4/29/2004:Following Complex Motions- Optical Imaging Study Supports Ancient Origin For MT Visual Center - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/29/2004:Physics goes to Hollywood - PhysicsWeb
4/29/2004:NASA Optimistic About Hubble Fate
  - Wired News

4/29/2004:Poets die younger than writers, study finds - New Scientist


4/29/2004:Cosmic Log: Countdown to zero-G - MSNBC
4/29/2004:Russia Reports Small Leak on Spacecraft
 - ABC
4/29/2004:One Thousand Paces On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
4/29/2004:NASA Mars Rover Status Report 27 Apr 2004...
 - FirstScience
4/29/2004:NASA To Update Media on Shuttle Implementation Plan...
 - FirstScience
4/29/2004:Dutch Space Agrees to Major Investment in Orbital Recovery Ltd. for the ConeXpress Orbital Life Extension Vehi...
 - FirstScience
4/29/2004:NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Barchan Dunes...
 - FirstScience
4/29/2004:NASA Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: MSIP: Elysium Mons Lava Flow...
 - FirstScience

4/29/2004:Multiprobe debuts atomic force probe for nanoscale devices - Silicon Strategies
4/29/2004:New Products Growing Organic Light Emitting Diode Market - SpaceDaily
4/29/2004:Nanotube Forms Drive Shaft  - Technology Review 
4/29/2004:The Yo-Yo Gets Seriously Techno  - Wired News


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