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  April 27, 2006

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Kelly Brook How attractive women send a man's decision-making into disarray  - BBC  Left: Images of women such as Kelly Brook can be distracting to men.  Catching sight of a pretty woman really is enough to throw a man's decision-making skills into disarray, a study suggests. The more testosterone he has, the stronger the effect, according to work by Belgian researchers. Men about to play a financial game were shown images of sexy women or lingerie. The Proceedings of the Royal Society B study found they were more likely to accept unfair offers than men not been exposed to the alluring images. The suggestion is that the sexual cues distract the men's thoughts.      
Wind farm  Image: PA Groups launch energy 'manifesto'  - BBC  Thirty-five environmental and energy groups have issued a joint manifesto in response to the UK government's current energy policy review. The joint statement reflects the priorities and policies the groups believe should emerge from the review. "This is the last chance for government to bring forward a sustained package of measures to deliver the objectives set out in 2003. "Industry is looking for strong signals so we can invest in the necessary changes to our energy system." Minimise the energy gap "before trying to fill it"; reduce demand, encourage efficient energy production and usage, and boost renewables. 

Stem cells

Stem cell research Kirk backing  - BBC  The limited use of surplus embryos from fertility treatments in stem cell therapy research has been backed by a Church of Scotland committee. The conclusion comes in an embryonic and adult stem cell research study, going to the General Assembly in May. The Society, Religion and Technology Project (SRT) examined the issue on clinical and theological grounds. Case studies looked at treating conditions such as neurodegenerative disorders, diabetes and blood diseases. The SRT working group included stem cell scientists, doctors, ethicists and theologians.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/27/2006:Stem cell research Kirk backing   - BBC
4/27/2006:Formation Of Cellulose Fibers Tracked For The First Time
 - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Laos: A Lost World For Frogs - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Sudden Oak Death Introduced To U.S., Study Finds - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Honeybee Decision-making Ability Rivals Any Department Committee - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Researchers Solve Mystery Of How Nuclear Pores Duplicate Before Cell Division - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Even Fish Don't Swim Well When They're Young - Science Daily
4/27/2006:New Method Designed To Analyze One Of The Most Complex Regions Of The Human Genome: The Genes That Regulate The Immune System - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Penn Researchers Discover Gene That Creates Second Skeleton - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Research Provides Insight Into Ways To Manipulate Human Sweet Taste - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Stem Cells Stuck in Patent Quagmire  - Technology Review 

Climate, Environment:
4/27/2006:Impact Of Rainfall Reaches To Roots Of Mountains - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Geologists Drill Into Fossil Magma Chamber Deep Under The Ocean - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Geologists: Opening Of Passage May Be Tied To Antarctic Cooling - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Diverse Tropical Forests Defy Metabolic Ecology Models - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Canada's commitment on Kyoto Protocol is lacklustre: critics - SpaceDaily 

4/27/2006: Online Games- An Old Fogey's Guide
4/27/2006: Virtual Land, Real Money
4/27/2006: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Economies
4/27/2006: Slide Show: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds


4/27/2006:Young Chemical Engineer On Cutting Edge Of Organic Polymer-based Electronics - Science Daily


4/27/2006:Ganging Up - Business Week

4/27/2006: Microsoft's Day in European Court - Business Week
4/27/2006:Microsoft seeks to overturn EU ruling - Business Week

4/27/2006:Groups launch energy 'manifesto'   - BBC
4/27/2006:Renewables still struggling to seize big share of energy market - SpaceDaily
4/27/2006:World Bank unveils plan to boost clean energy in developing countries - SpaceDaily

4/16/2005:Wait A Few Minutes: Blood Pressure Readings Lower When Patients Slow Down - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Stem Cell Study For Patients With Heart Attack Damage Seeks To Regenerate Heart Muscle - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Jefferson Scientists Uncover Lethal Gene Mutation Key To Blocking Cholesterol Processing - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Cholesterol Gets 'Thumbs Up' For Role In Digit Development - Science Daily

4/27/2006:New Hybrid Virus Provides Targeted Molecular Imaging Of Cancer - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Scientists Highlight Previously Unknown Functions Of Tumor Suppressor Gene - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Cancer Cells Suppress Large Regions Of DNA By A Reversible Process That Can Be Tackled - Science Daily

4/27/2006:Potential Vaccine Developed For Deadly Leishmaniasis Disease - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Front-line Immune Cells Mature In Four Stages, Study Shows - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Hope for tropical disease vaccine  - BBC

4/27/2006:Inhaled Steroids Preferred Over Cromolyn To Treat Asthma - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Study Reveals Findings On How Insulin-producing Beta Cells Grow And Function - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Scientists Make Major Finding On Potential Cure For Type 1 Diabetes - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Both Alcoholism And Chronic Smoking Can Damage The Brain's Prefrontal Cortex - Science Daily

4/27/2006:Fertility Drugs Given 'All-clear' In New Study - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Scientists Develop New Concept With Potential To Help Predict How Individuals May Respond To Drugs - Science Daily
4/27/2006:New Drug Poised To Radically Change The Treatment Of Severe Anemias - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Pituitary Hormone Implicated In Bone Loss After Menopause - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Baby growth charts to be revised  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/27/2006:Ancient DNA Provides Clues To The Evolution Of Social Behavior - Science Daily

4/27/2006:Even At Small Scales, The Big Decisions Are Made At The Water Cooler - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Anthrax Inhibitor Counteracts Toxin, May Lead To New Therapeutics - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Street talk::Homeless, living in a car, but her blog has a global audience  - BBC
4/27/2006:Doctor Who's trusty K9 gets 21st Century makeover for spin-off  - BBC
4/27/2006:Vatican 'may relax condom rules'  - BBC
4/27/2006:Man has nails removed from skull after headache complaint  - BBC
4/27/2006:Using What You Know - Business Week
4/27/2006:McNealy steps down as Sun CEO  - C/Net
4/27/2006:Rambus wins in patent case  - C/Net

4/27/2006:How attractive women send a man's decision-making into disarray   - BBC
4/27/2006:Bullying Keeps Overweight Kids Off The Field - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Findings Released On Real-world Driver Behavior, Distraction, Crash Factors - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Attention Shoppers: Researchers Find Neurons That Encode The Value Of Different Goods - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Groups Perform Better Than The Best Individuals At Solving Complex Problems - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Bitter pill How Parkinson's patients can be left without their medicine  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/27/2006:Cornell Study Finds That Galaxies Cluster Near Dark Matter
4/27/2006:Observations Reveal Origin Of Dust Around Nearby Star
 - SpaceDaily



4/27/2006:Space Scientists Find That Solar Wind Becomes Music In The Right Hands - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Step To Determine Future Of Indian Space Program
 - SpaceDaily
4/27/2006:Sino-Brazilian Ties Enter New Era
 - SpaceDaily
4/27/2006:China Completes Radio Telescope For Moon-Probe Project
 - SpaceDaily
4/27/2006:Spirit Studies New Terrain At Its Winter Haven
 - SpaceDaily
4/27/2006:Russian Cargo Ship Lands on Space Station...
 - FirstScience
4/27/2006:House Subcommittee Cuts Funding Request for T-Sat, Space Radar...
 - FirstScience
4/27/2006:A Little Bit Of Progress At The Space Station
 - FirstScience

4/27/2006:Next-generation DVD battle begins  - BBC
4/27/2006:In Chemical Genetics, A New Strategy Could Speed Drug Discovery - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Florida Tech Installs Revolutionary Equipment That Can Analyze Substances, Gases In Seconds - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Scientists Reveal How A Novel Ceramic Achieves Directional Conduction - Science Daily
4/27/2006:Biotech Drug Factory   - Technology Review 
4/27/2006:Nanogenerators Allow Self-Powered Nanoscale Devices - SpaceDaily


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