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  April 27, 2005

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Early Universe was Liquid-like, Study Suggests -  By reproducing the conditions of the early universe, Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider has shown that unconstrained quarks and gluons don't fly away in all directions so much as squirt out in streams. "The matter that we've formed behaves like a very nearly perfect liquid,'' Aronson said. The new discovery offers opportunities to better learn how subatomic particles interact at the most fundamental level.   
Distant Galaxies Show Fundamental Constant Unchanged In 7 Billion Years - SpaceDaily  Left: The top panel magnifies a small region of the DEEP2 survey. Even at this early era, galaxies are clustered into filamentary structures, separated by empty voids. The middle panel shows a small region of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, using a scale that has expanded along with the universe since the era of DEEP2. Galaxies here are clustered into denser structures, with somewhat larger voids between them. The bottom panel shows a region of the SDSS of the same physical size as the portion of DEEP2 shown — that is, it is on the same scale as measured with a standard, fixed ruler.  Conclusion: The fine structure constant has not changed in more than 7 billion years, according to observations by a team of astronomers charting the evolution of galaxies and the universe.

Spontaneous Ignition Discovery Has ORNL Researcher Fired Up - SpaceDaily  Zhiyu Hu believes it is possible to match nature's highly efficient method to convert chemicals into thermal energy at room temperature, and he has data and a published paper to support his theory. He achieves this "nano-catalytic reaction" with nothing but nanometer-sized particles of platinum stuck to fibers of glass wool in a small jar with methanol and air – with no source of external ignition. Many biological reactions also use metals as part of their enzyme catalysts. Hu quickly realized that the implications could be significant because of the potential gains in energy conversion and utilization.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/27/2005: Forced hibernation could save lives - MSNBC
4/27/2005: When Nature Assaults Itself
  - NY Times
4/27/2005: Human Cells Filmed Instantly Messaging For First Time - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Poplar Trees Redirect Resources In Response To Simulated Insect Attack - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Fetal Cell Therapy for Humans?  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
4/27/2005: Earth-friendly tech  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Study: Antarctic glaciers retreating  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Images: Giant iceberg strikes Antarctica  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Earth Day at 35: Is it still relevant? - MSNBC
4/27/2005: Antarctic glacier retreat linked to warming - MSNBC
4/27/2005: Report Backs Plan to Reduce Mercury Waste  - NY Times
4/27/2005: Climate Research Faulted Over Missing Components  - NY Times
4/27/2005: San Fernando, Northridge Quakes May Be Maximum - Science Daily
4/27/2005: NASA Study Finds Snow Melt Causes Large Ocean Plant Blooms - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Vanishing Glaciers: Antarctica's Big Melt  - Wired News

4/27/2005: Green gadgets enliven Earth Day  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Players can get 'high' in 'Narc'  - CNN
4/27/2005: Review: Just say no to 'NARC'  - CNN
4/27/2005: Review: Divide, conquer with 'Act of War'  - CNN
4/27/2005: In Defense of the iPod  - Technology Review 
4/27/2005: Star Wars Fans Amass in Indy  - Wired News

4/27/2005: Verizon's Video Vision
- Business Week
4/27/2005: In Defense of Music Phones
  - Technology Review 

4/27/2005: High-end computing mounts dual-core processor wagon  - El. Engr. Times
4/27/2005: Spintronic Materials Show Their First Move - Science Daily

4/27/2005: Evolution of the Mouse  - Wired News

4/27/2005: How Your Business Will Change: Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up...or catch you later- Business Week
4/27/2005: REVIEW: New Opera browser fails at basics- Business Week
4/27/2005: Security hot seat  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Screen tests for the Net  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Homegrown Star Wars, with big-screen magic intact  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Week in Missing Links  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Hummer's drive for the online crowd
  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Firewall to zap XML viruses
  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Singer breaking from Net to mainstream
  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Vive les Blogs!
  - Wired News
4/27/2005: Smile! Yahoo Photo Service Grows
  - Wired News
4/27/2005: The Blind Leading the Blind
  - Wired News

4/27/2005: Going long on Longhorn  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Graphics patent suit fires back at Microsoft  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Virus pits itself against music pirates  - C/Net
4/27/2005: C++ creator upbeat on its future  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Snapshot across the bow  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Retailers feel security heat  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Campaign aims to recycle 'e-waste'  - CNN
4/27/2005: Microsoft: Linux Is No Longer a Cancer  - Wired News

4/27/2005: Spontaneous Ignition Discovery Has ORNL Researcher Fired Up - SpaceDaily
4/27/2005: Growth In Biomass Could Put Us On Road To Energy Independence - Science Daily

4/27/2005: Extreme Exertion, Emotion Can Spark Repeat Heart Attacks - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Location Of Body Fat Associated With Cardiovascular Risk In Older Men And Women Even At Normal Body Weight - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Cardiovascular Risk Factors Higher In 'Heavy' Teens With Insulin Resistance - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Adverse Outcomes From Blood Clot Dissolving Therapy For Heart Attack May Be Due To Patient Characteristics, Not Dosing Errors - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Enlarged Waist + Elevated Triglycerides = Heart, Stroke Risks For Women - Science Daily

4/27/2005: Diabetes drug 'may stop cancers'  - BBC
4/27/2005: On-the-spot cervical cancer test  - BBC
4/27/2005: Common infections blamed for childhood leukaemia  - Nature
4/27/2005: Dermatologists Use Knowledge Of Patterns To Recognize Melanoma - Science Daily

4/27/2005: Molecule On Immune Cells Linked To Sexual Transmission Of HIV - Science Daily

4/27/2005: Once-a-month Injectable Medication Helps Treat Alcohol Dependence - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Propensity For Obesity, Diabetes, May Occur In Utero - Science Daily
4/27/2005: A Possible New Phase For Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment - Science Daily

4/27/2005: Young women's drinking 'to surge'   - BBC
4/27/2005: Raising awareness: What's the single biggest cause of disability in the UK?  - BBC
4/27/2005: Illegal dye found in dinner kits  - BBC
4/27/2005: FDA Approves New Oral Rinse To Help Treat Gingivitis - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Chronic Fatigue Patients Show Lower Response To Placebos - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Researchers Study Radiation Blockers While Conducting Nuclear Imaging Of Iodine Uptake In Mouse Tissues - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Standardized Microarrays May Bring Us One Step Closer To Personalized Medical Treatement - Science Daily
4/27/2005: FDA Announces Series Of Changes To The Class Of Marketed Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) - Science Daily
4/27/2005: UCLA Researchers Discover New Method To Generate Human Bone
 - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Cave Pharming Yields Big Crops
  - Wired News
4/27/2005: Postcards From the Womb
  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
4/27/2005: Crammed Into a Steel Ball, Headed Into the Inky Dark  - NY Times

4/27/2005: New York's Real Estate Know-It-All- Business Week
4/27/2005: Tech's Gathering Gloom- Business Week
4/27/2005: Junkyard laptop may harbor U.K. defense secrets  - C/Net
4/27/2005: TiVo looks for an edge  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Images: Music to TiVo's ears  - C/Net
4/27/2005: HP takes aim at outsourcing rivals  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Week in pictures- Dual cores, 'Star Wars' and Moore  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Microsoft under fire for reversal on gay rights bill  - C/Net
4/27/2005: A traveling geek's gilded dream  - CNN
4/27/2005: Einstein, Darwin: A tale of 2 theories - MSNBC
4/27/2005: ‘Professor Turtle’ keeps lake legend alive - MSNBC
4/27/2005: High-voltage electronic duel on Wall Street - Seattle Times
4/27/2005: All the News That's Fit to Wiki  - Wired News
4/27/2005: We'll Always Have ICQ  - Wired News
4/27/2005: Feds' Weather Info Could Go Dark  - Wired News

4/27/2005: 'Info-mania' dents IQ more than marijuana  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Early Home Environment And Television Watching Influence Bullying Behavior - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Ovary Removal Elevates Risk For Parkinson's Disease And Parkinsonism - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Brain Scans Reveal How Gene May Boost Schizophrenia Risk - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Pessimism And Depression Increase Dementia Risk - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Brain Region Recovery Possible In Former Methamphetamine Users - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Depression Linked To Insomnia In HIV Patients

4/27/2005: Brain-mapping Technique Aids Understanding Of Sleep, Wakefulness
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/27/2005: Early Universe was Liquid-like, Study Suggests -
Distant Galaxies Show Fundamental Constant Unchanged In 7 Billion Years - SpaceDaily
4/27/2005: World's Largest Interferometer With Moving Optical Telescopes On Track
 - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Switching To Chemistry
 - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Asteroid Belt Found Around Sun's 'Twin'
 - Nat'l. Geo. News


4/27/2005: LEGO competition  - CNN

4/27/2005: Space Debris Mitigation: The Case For A Code Of Conduct - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Astronauts' Children Unlikely To Inherit Cosmic Ray-Induced Genetic Defects
 - Science Daily
4/27/2005: For Expedition 10 Crew, Soyuz Landing Was 'Quite a Ride'
4/27/2005: Fresh Astronaut Crew Takes Charge of ISS
4/27/2005: Expedition 10 Crew And Italian Hitchhiker Back On Earth
 - SpaceDaily
4/27/2005: Earth's Gravity Scar
 - SpaceDaily

4/27/2005: College freshmen less interested in tech  - C/Net
4/27/2005: For tech, it's the wearing of the green  - C/Net
4/27/2005: China closing the tech gap?  - C/Net
4/27/2005: Double bubbles hold scientific promise - MSNBC
4/27/2005: Dogs And Robots Share NIST Special Test Arena - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Nanomagnets Bend The Rules - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Reducing The Smell Of Beef Cattle Manure
 - Science Daily
4/27/2005: Researchers grow self-aligned nanotubes
 - Silicon Strategies


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