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  April 26, 2005

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Early Black Holes May Have Heated the Universe -  Though invisible, big black holes are not hard to find. Astronomers have noted evidence in the center of many galaxies for supermassive black holes weighing millions to billions of times our Sun. Where these huge holes came from is an open question. One theory is that they are the result of a progressive build-up of smaller black holes, starting from the stellar mass black holes that formed from the explosions of the first stars.    
Russia Is Inconsistent On Military Space - SpaceDaily  Left:  Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (left) and Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Ivanov (right)  Russian officials have condemned U.S. plans to deploy weapons in space, but said a military presence in space remains a priority for their own country. Defence Minister Sergey Ivanov was reported by the ITAR-TASS news agency as saying he is categorically opposed to U.S. plans for deploying weapons in space. "Russia is against deploying nuclear weapons in space," the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying. At the same time Ivanov said a military presence in space remains a priority for Russia.   

Look For Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Don't Just Listen) -  In his 1970 classic Ringworld, science fiction author Larry Niven describes the discovery of an enormous artifact; a ring of material that completely surrounds a star, providing a staggering amount of living space. The alien species that discovered the star asks humans for their opinion on what they have found.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/26/2005: Satellite Maps Will Ease Plight Of Endangered Mountain Gorillas - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Genetic Diversity Predicts Susceptibility To A Deadly Emerging Disease
 - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Fast Forward in Genome Analysis - ABC
4/26/2005: Amazon Ants Use 'Torture Rack' to Kill Prey  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Giant rare bloom gives off stench  - BBC
4/26/2005: Mice in 'suspended animation'  - BBC
4/26/2005: Rice fungus genome mapped  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/26/2005: Greener lubricants clean up oil drilling - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Corals reveal rapid sea level changes - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Earth's solid centre confirmed - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Oil Companies Lose Effort to End Suits Over Contaminated Water  - NY Times
4/26/2005: Putting Ecology Back Into River Restoration - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Invasive Roly-polys Might Actually Help The Soil, Study Reveals - Science Daily
4/26/2005: New Method Predicts Severity Of US Hurricane Season - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: South Korea To Develop Maritime Observation Satellite - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: India Will Launch Cartosat-1 In May: ISRO - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: China says on track to eliminate ozone depleting substances - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Greenpeace slams Hong Kong's power company for worsening pollution - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Cavers smash world depth record  - BBC
4/26/2005: Antarctic glaciers show retreat  - BBC
4/26/2005: New Australian reefs discovered  - BBC

4/26/2005: Sony opens game goods marketplace
4/26/2005: School creates its own Sim City  - BBC
4/26/2005: Technology blog: Blogging the latest computing and video games technology  - BBC
4/26/2005: Plastic fantastic: Lots of laughs in Lego Star Wars say our regular reviewers  - BBC

4/26/2005: Faster Handoff Between Wi-Fi Networks Promises Near-seamless 802.11 Roaming
 - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Faking Friends on Your Cell Phone
  - Wired News

4/26/2005: Best DRAM Prices Are Still to Come - Economist
4/26/2005: Opera's New Browser Fights Phishing  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Moore's Law found: UK man wins $10,000 for finding original magazine under floor  - BBC

4/26/2005: The cult of Mac How Apple's products have become objects of worship  - BBC

4/26/2005: Poisoned web poses risk to security - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Why Google Is Like Wal-Mart  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Check Yourself Out on Google  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Google to Go Local With Yell - Economist
4/26/2005: This Time the Rhyme Goes Online - L. A. Times
4/26/2005: Army of Zombies Invades China  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Pope Gets E-Mailed Up
  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Surrender in the Battle of Poetry Websites
  - NY Times
4/26/2005: Fighting bugs: Are open source bugs an issue, asks Bill Thompson?
  - BBC
4/26/2005: EU to launch its own web domain
  - BBC
4/26/2005: Papal e-mail address goes on sale
  - BBC
4/26/2005: Search ads fire up Google profits
  - BBC
4/26/2005: eBay 'most popular brand' online
  - BBC



4/26/2005: Diamond-like layer could prevent blood clots - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Fatness, Despite Fitness, Is Linked With Cardiovascular Risk Factors - Science Daily


4/26/2005: Combination Vaccine Produces Lower Immune Response Than Vaccines Administered Separately - Science Daily
4/26/2005: 'Little progress' in malaria war  - BBC


4/26/2005: Sex, Age And Sun Exposure Linked To Frequency Of Sunburns - Science Daily
4/26/2005: New Technique Shows Promise For Improved Straightening Of Crooked Nose - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Electric Toothbrushes May Be Better At Fighting Plaque, Gum Disease - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Restless Legs Syndrome Has Complex Genetic Involvement - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Carrots Of Color: Pallette Of Phytochemicals Provided Through Texas Research - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Hale and Healthy - Economist

History, Anthropology:
4/26/2005: Histories: The bulletproof priest - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Ivory encore for dead piano greats - New Scientist
4/26/2005: We Ain't No Biocolonialists  - Wired News

4/26/2005: Russia Is Inconsistent On Military Space - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: CATO Calls For Civil Aircraft Missile Defense Technology To Be Deployed - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Interview: The natural optimist - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Mayo Clinic Radiologist Performing Radiofrequency Ablation For Noncancerous Bone Tumors - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Inflation worries accelerate as prices surge, wages trail
4/26/2005: For résumé gaps, employ the truth - Seattle Times
4/26/2005: Retiring Well 2005 - Seattle Times
4/26/2005: Focus on Social Security - Seattle Times
4/26/2005: Retirement Hotline - Seattle Times
4/26/2005: Science Wants to Be Free  - Technology Review 
4/26/2005: Far Apart but Intensely Connected  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Confessions of a Drug Rep  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Tour de France's Wheeler-Dealers  - Wired News
4/26/2005: You Are What You Click - Washington Post
4/26/2005: Are You Ready to Rock, Quietly?  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Why Global Is Good  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Experts at Odds Over Bush Beetle Tribute  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Teenagers Struggle With Privacy, Security Issues  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Analysis: NSA Intel System Over Budget - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: India's Satyam Computer full-year profit jumps 39 percent
 - SpaceDaily

4/26/2005: Golfer's Yips May Be Movement Disorder - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Different Antipsychotic Medications May Have Different Effects On Brain Volume In Patients With First Episode Of Psychosis - Science Daily
4/26/2005: For Initial Treatment Of Moderate To Severe Major Depression, Cognitive Therapy And Medication May Be Equally Effective - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Chronic Migraine Patients May Find Relief In Botox Therapy - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Info overload 'worse for your brain than smoking marijuana'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
4/26/2005: Look For Extraterrestrial Civilizations (Don't Just Listen) -
Early Black Holes May Have Heated the Universe -
4/26/2005: Saunders Mac Lane, 95, Pioneer of Algebra's Category Theory, Dies
  - NY Times
4/26/2005: The Physics, Philosophy and, Literally, Dirty Laundry of Robert Oppenheimer
  - NY Times
4/26/2005: Negative refraction goes optical
 - PhysicsWeb
4/26/2005: University Of Nevada, Reno Professor Showcases 'Mini' Ion Accelerator
 - Science Daily
4/26/2005: First Matter: New Particle Detector Will Help Probe The Primordial Universe
 - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Anxious And Pessimistic Personalities Linked To Parkinson's Disease Later In Life
 - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Now Scientists Think You'd Be 'Roasted' In A Black Hole
 - Science Daily
4/26/2005: NASA's Spitzer Marks Beginning Of New Age Of Planetary Science
 - Science Daily


4/26/2005: Whatever happened to machines that think? - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Editorial? Time to think about artificial intelligence - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Mingling With Metal Men  - Wired News
4/26/2005: United Defense To Develop And Integrate Robotic Techs For Armed Vehicles
 - SpaceDaily

4/26/2005: Astrobiology - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Europe Goes Back To Mars
 - Science Daily
Acidic Bacteria Gives Clues to Early Mars Life  - Wired News
4/26/2005: Executioner's Song: Deciding Which Space Missions Live or Die
4/26/2005: Apollo Astronaut Brings Space to Chicago Planetarium
4/26/2005: Kazakhstan And Russia Develop New Satellite Launching System
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Messenger Out Of The Bottle
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Mars dust devils caught in action
  - BBC
4/26/2005: The Chaos Of Aureum's Mesas Captured By Mars Express
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: NASA Seeks Public Input On Prometheus
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Spirit Drives To Methuselah
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Soyuz Spacecraft Lands With Three Astronauts: Official
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Genesis Spacecraft's Collectors Recovered
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Snails head back to earth under cover of night, with ISS astronauts
 - SpaceDaily

4/26/2005: Built-in lasers give printers new powers - New Scientist
4/26/2005: School blazers with built-in GPS - New Scientist
4/26/2005: Innovation Moves From the Laboratory to the Bike Trail and the Kitchen  - NY Times
4/26/2005: Moving Electrons At The Molecular And Nanometer Scales - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Get Ready For Next Generation Surround Sound - Science Daily
4/26/2005: Hybrid Could Fill Humvee's Boots  - Wired News
RFID Rides High on Jet Engines
 - Economist
4/26/2005: Thousanth Round Fired From Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon Demonstrator
 - SpaceDaily
4/26/2005: Tech giants explore 'hybrid' DVDs
  - BBC


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