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  April 25, 2005

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Toshiba Offers Revolutionary Flat 3-D Screens- Without The Goggles - SpaceDaily   Left:  Display viewed from left; (Below) Display viewed from right. The can with the orange and yellow cap, on the bottom right, is real, the other object are generated by the display.  The Japanese electronics giant said it had improved on standard 3-D technology -- which uses specially shaped screens that must be watched from a fixed point -- by using microlenses that control light emission and special software. Toshiba demonstrated the invention by showing a flat screen which appeared to have bottles and cans sticking out several centimeters (inches) in the air. The company set a goal of first using the technology in 2006 in arcade games. Toshiba plans to use the 3-D screens in home video games in 2008 and bring the technology into portable games a year later. By 2010, it wants to use the invention for a next-generation 3-D televison.

Low oxygen Likely Made 'Great Dying' Worse, Greatly Delayed Recovery - SpaceDaily  Left:  Not only was atmospheric oxygen content dropping at the end of the Permian, the scientists said, but carbon dioxide levels were rising, leading to global climate warming. Image credit: Yale University.  New research by two University of Washington scientists suggests that a sharp decline in atmospheric oxygen levels was likely a major reason for both the elevated extinction rates and the very slow recovery. Earth's land at the time was still massed in a supercontinent called Pangea, and most of the land above sea level became uninhabitable because low oxygen made breathing too difficult for most organisms to survive.  

Now Scientists Think You'd Be 'Roasted' In A Black Hole - SpaceDaily  Left:  A frame from Andrew Hamilton's animation about falling to the singularity of a black hole. Hamilton's homepage and animations.  Most people have heard of the event horizon of a black hole, as the point of no return. But astronomically realistic black holes are more complex and should have two horizons, an outer and an inner. In the bizarre physics of black holes, time and space are exchanged when you cross an event horizon, but at a second horizon they would switch back again. Travelling into a black hole, you would therefore pass through a strange region where space is falling inward faster than light, before finally entering a zone of normal space at the core. If the core singularity ate too quickly, it would become gravitationally repulsive, so instead, matter piles up in a hot, dense plasma.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/25/2005: Method aims to speed wide DNA analysis - MSNBC
4/25/2005: Method Devised for Whole-Population DNA Analysis ... - ABC
4/25/2005: Crafty ants lay traps - MSNBC
4/25/2005: Genome blasts open rice research  - Nature
4/25/2005: Killer tree-ants snare prey in gruesome traps - New Scientist
4/25/2005: Old stem cells can turn cancerous - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
4/25/2005: Low oxygen Likely Made 'Great Dying' Worse, Greatly Delayed Recovery - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: Officials want to wire Earth, check signs - MSNBC
4/25/2005: Baltic Sea Ideal For Final Pre-Launch Cryosat Validation - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: Environmental Heresies: Brand vs. Romm  - Technology Review 
4/25/2005: Albanian Environmentalists Oppose Burgas-Vlore Pipeline ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Water quality NZ's big environmental worry ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Agents of Environmental Disaster Remain Unidentified ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Niwa vessel sets out to measure global warming ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Chicago Climate Exchange Assigns Market Value to Greenhouse Gas Reduction; Mithun First Architecture Firm to J ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Gov. Richardson signs energy, recycling and water bills ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Freight Project To Reduce GHG Emissions ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Round the world and again for ocean science ... - FirstScience
4/25/2005: July winds predict hurricane damage  - Nature
4/25/2005: Where have all the wild rivers gone? - New Scientist

4/25/2005: The Force is strong with these game PCs  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Photos: Unlearn what you have learned  - C/Net
4/25/2005: US Army chooses Alienware game notebooks  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Big, Bad, Behemoth Alienware Laptop  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Alienware Area-51 5300  - C/Net
4/25/2005: New 'Star Wars' Toys Ready to Hit Shelves in Force  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Lego Death Star II Coming Soon
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Sony Gets Real on Virtual Goods
  - Wired News
4/25/2005: Online Game Gets Feeding Tube
  - Wired News
4/25/2005: Playboy offers free pics for your PSP
  - C/Net

4/25/2005: 'Simple games' rule mobile charts
  - BBC
4/25/2005: Wimax to plug rural broadband gap
  - BBC
4/25/2005: Verizon's salvo on cable TV
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: New cell phone takes dictation
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Photo- Samsung's speech-to-text phone
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Samsung P207 with Speech-to-Text
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Air Patrol
  - Technology Review 
4/25/2005: Review: VoIP offers low-cost phone service
 - Business Week
4/25/2005: Bells' fiber plans spark political flame war
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Verizon's salvo on cable TV
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Trojan horses take aim at Symbian cell phones
  - C/Net

4/25/2005: Intel Heats Up: The chip king's strong quarter shows how fast it's moving to counter rival AMD's 64-bit edge -- and gives hope to the tech sector - Business Week
4/25/2005: AMD to release dual-core server chips  - C/Net
4/25/2005: HP brings dual-core Opteron to servers  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Halla says U.S. chip industry must move beyond Moore's Law  - El. Engr. Times

4/25/2005: Cleansing your PC of secrets  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Laptop boom boosts Intel profits - Seattle Times

4/25/2005: Helpful users face virus danger  - BBC
4/25/2005: AOL to block scammers' sites  - C/Net
4/25/2005: NBC chief mulls blogs for top news anchors  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Google sues  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Picking the Pope's Domain Name  - Wired News
4/25/2005: Google launches personal history feature - Business Week
4/25/2005: Google's infinite library
  - Technology Review 
4/25/2005: Holding for help
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Blogger expelled
  - CNN
4/25/2005: U.S. boosts world Web-savvy ranking
  - CNN 

4/25/2005: Torvalds unveils new Linux control system  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Skeletons on your hard drive  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Novell delivers Linux package to home PCs  - C/Net


4/25/2005: Drinking Wine Or Beer Has Same Result: Higher Blood Pressure - Science Daily
4/25/2005: FDA Approves First-of-Kind Device To Treat Descending Thoracic - Science Daily Aneurysms

4/25/2005: Baby hormone stops breast cancer  - BBC

4/25/2005: Rubella No Longer Major Public Health Threat - Science Daily
4/25/2005: DNA Vaccine Protects Against AIDS, Not HIV - Science Daily
4/25/2005: Anti-HIV Bacterium Isolated?  - Wired News

4/25/2005: Inhaled insulin 'within a year'  - BBC
4/25/2005: Child diabetes time-bomb warning  - BBC

4/25/2005: Watchdog rejects salt complaint  - BBC
4/25/2005: US tarts up food pyramid  - Nature
4/25/2005: FDA Works To Speed The Advent Of New, More Effective Personalized Medicines - New Scientist
4/25/2005: Arrests in Net pharmacy crackdown  - CNN

History, Anthropology:
4/25/2005: On This Day 1972: Apollo 16 lands on Moon safely after engine crisis  - BBC
4/25/2005: Whale fossil found in Egyptian desert - MSNBC
4/25/2005: Oceanographers Collect 1.5-Million-Year Record Of Climate Change In Africa - Science Daily
4/25/2005: Prehistoric Egyptian tomb discovered - MSNBC
4/25/2005: Jamestown DNA project gets British OK - MSNBC

4/25/2005: Online race test: The five-minute test that claims to tell whether you're racist  - BBC
4/25/2005: Child's play: The roundabout that doubles as a water pump for rural Africa  - BBC
4/25/2005: Film review: Verdict on the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie  - BBC
4/25/2005: May I See Your Voice, Please? - Business Week
4/25/2005: DSW data theft much larger than estimated - Business Week
4/25/2005: China sentences U.S. citizens for piracy - Business Week
4/25/2005: Tech firms paid TV guru for promotions  - C/Net
4/25/2005: 'Hitchhiker's Guide' review: Don't panic  - C/Net
4/25/2005: New Hitchhiker's Episodes Available Online  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Russia To Launch Foreign Satellites - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: ChoicePoint Division Changes Tack  - Wired News
4/25/2005: 'Fan films' strike back  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Why societies--and start-ups--collapse - Business Week 
4/25/2005: Fewer start-ups spawned on university campuses (  - C/Net
4/25/2005: Pope urged to reflect on condom use  - Nature

4/25/2005: Burning ears track busy brains - MSNBC
4/25/2005: More Evidence Of Cannabis-induced Psychosis - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
4/25/2005: Now Scientists Think You'd Be 'Roasted' In A Black Hole - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: Cosmic Log: The pitfalls of physics
4/25/2005: Pentaquark hunt draws a blank
 - New Scientist
4/25/2005: Scientists Determine Core Target List Of Stars For TPF Mission
 - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: Alien asteroid belt detected around Sun-like star
 - New Scientist


4/25/2005: Robots to replace child camel jockeys, say reports  - El. Engr. Times
4/25/2005: When camel met robot  - C/Net
4/25/2005: 'Robotic' dental drill to be tested on humans - New Scientist

4/25/2005: On Orbit Anomaly Ends DART Mission Early - Science Daily
4/25/2005: Orbital Issues DART Mission Recap
 - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: Mars Once Knocked Off Its Axis ...
 - FirstScience
4/25/2005: Red Planet's Ancient Equator Located ...
- Scientific American
4/25/2005: Some Researchers Believe There's Water on the Moon ...
 - FirstScience

4/25/2005: Toshiba Offers Revolutionary Flat 3-D Screens- Without The Goggles - SpaceDaily
4/25/2005: Yale Technology Translates To Sonic Golf Training Tool - Science Daily
4/25/2005: University Of Nevada, Reno Professor Showcases 'Mini' Ion Accelerator - Science Daily
4/25/2005: A Midlife Crisis for Tech? - Business Week
4/25/2005: Tech & You - Business Week
4/25/2005: Sony, Toshiba seek unified DVD format - Business Week
4/25/2005: A car for the Jetsons
  - C/Net
4/25/2005: The inventor's life
  - C/Net


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