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  April 24, 2006

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New Mexico Spaceport: Open For Business - Space.com  Work at the New Mexico spaceport has reached a milestone as facilities are ready to support the first rocket flight from the site—now targeted for July. Meanwhile, state planners have issued a request for proposals to design and engineer the scaled up Southwest Regional Spaceport, the needed hangers, control and support buildings, roads, utilities, launch pads, fuel storage facilities, and other infrastructure requirements.       
NASA's NEEMO 9: Remote Surgery and Mock Moonwalks on the Sea Floor - Space.com  A team of astronauts and divers is wrapping up a record-setting mission to the ocean floor filled with undersea “moonwalks” and robotic surgeries controlled by a doctor high and dry in Canada. The six-aquanaut crew of the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 9 mission are set to return to the Earth’s surface Thursday after 18 days of underwater living aboard Aquarius     

Russia Has Plans For Outer Space In The 21st Century - SpaceDaily  LeftRussia is building on decades of incremental improvements to sustain an increasingly efficent space program. Pictured is the proposed Soyuz follow on manned spacecraft The Kliper.  For its part, the United States has so far failed to suggest a single coherent program of inter-planetary flights. Moreover, the NASA management recently admitted that it still lacked lunar spacecraft. In mid-April, the Energia management, which has completely different plans, unveiled a concept of the national manned space-flight program for the next 25 years. There are plans to develop a reusable lunar transport system comprising manned spacecraft on the basis of the advanced Kliper shuttle and inter-orbital space tugs.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/24/2006: Picking The Best Parent For Your Chicks - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
4/24/2006: Polluted Ground Water Poured Into A Model
4/24/2006: Vast Plumbing Network Discovered Beneath Antarctica - Live Science
4/24/2006: Polar explorer Albert of Monaco warns on global warming - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Tanzania closes two climbing routes on Mount Kilimanjaro - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Philippines prepares for more disasters - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Philippines orders mining firms to reinforce tailings dams - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Albert of Monaco says Putin, too,could reach North Pole - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: After North Pole, Albert of Monaco eyes Antarctica, thanks dogs - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Scientists urge Canada to act now to halt global warming - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: MetOp-A Satellite Arrives At Baikonur - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: GeoEye To Keep An Eye On Farming Crop Subsidies For Europe - SpaceDaily


4/24/2006: ESA Offers Low-Cost Internet Access At Sea
 - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Fon Hopes Its Hotspots Will Rival Cellular
 - Technology Review
4/24/2006: Cable, Television Face Mobile Phone, TiVo Dilemma
 - Technology Review

4/24/2006: The Encrypted Chip - Technology Review

4/24/2006: Apple Plans New Cupertino Campus  - Wired News

4/24/2006: Search Engine Secrets Revealed  - Wired News
4/24/2006: The Wikipedia FAQK  - Wired News
4/24/2006: We Love the Net, and Need It  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Rants 'n' Raves: Wikipedia Wars  - Wired News
4/24/2006: The Search for Voice Activation - Technology Review
4/24/2006: The Web as Life Coach - Technology Review
4/24/2006: The 10 Wackiest E-Commerce Sites
  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Is the Internet Out of Room?
  - Wired News

4/24/2006: Braking the News, Apple Style  - Wired News

4/24/2006: Needed: An "Apollo Program" for Energy - Technology Review
4/24/2006: Clean Diesel from Coal - Technology Review

4/16/2005:Wearing Compression Stockings Reduces Risk Of DVT On Long-haul Flights - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Level Of Education Completed Linked With Coronary Artery Calcium Deposits - Science Daily

4/24/2006: Prostate Cancer Research May Be Faster With PSA Endpoints - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Engineers Creating Small Wireless Device To Improve Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
4/24/2006: New Predictive Model To Assess Individual's Risk Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Breast Implants Not Associated With Cancer Risk, Study Reports - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Cancer Takes Over Top Spot as Killer of Americans Under 85 - Live Science

4/24/2006: Hantavirus Found In African Wood Mouse - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Researchers Reveal Lung's Unique Innate Immune System - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Molecular Imaging May Lead To Earlier Diagnosis Of Childhood Respiratory Virus - Science Daily
4/24/2006: World-first Research To Speed Up Cure For Ear Infections - Science Daily

4/24/2006: Little Difference Between Human Insulin And Faster-acting Drugs - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Drinking Problem? Try Drugs  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Genetic Clues to Alcoholism (or Why Mice Drink) - Technology Review

4/24/2006: Injuries From Lawn Mowing Increase Nationwide - Science Daily
4/24/2006: U.S. Records Big Decline in Death Rate - Live Science
4/24/2006: A Simple Way to Predict Drug Effects - Technology Review

History, Anthropology:
4/24/2006: Millions of Years Ago, Snakes Were Hip - Live Science

4/24/2006: Hu tours Boeing plant, meets workers - Seattle Times
4/24/2006: Chinese coverage of the visit - Seattle Times
4/24/2006: Skilling, prosecutor spar - Seattle Times
4/24/2006: Consumer prices surge on energy costs - Seattle Times
4/24/2006: Beyond the Geeks: 60 Million Americans Labeled 'Intellectually Curious' - Live Science
4/24/2006: Group: Yahoo Helped China, Again  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Gates and Hu: Feel the Love  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Filler for Fuel Fill-Ups  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Animated Violins and Violence  - Wired News
4/24/2006: David Allen's Digitized Organization Man - Technology Review
4/24/2006: Survival of the Richest - Technology Review
4/24/2006: Typo Confounds Kryptos Sleuths  - Wired News
4/24/2006: The Jasons Exposes Secret Science  - Wired News
4/24/2006: The Anti-ID-Theft Bill That Isn't  - Wired News
4/24/2006: Rants 'n' Raves: Jasons Jousting  - Wired News

4/24/2006: Gender Equality Leads To Better Sex Lives Among People 40 And Over - Science Daily
4/24/2006: 'Life Detector'- Animal Brains Hard-wired To Recognize Predator's Foot Movements - Science Daily
4/24/2006: How Embryos Differentiate Left From Right - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Agent Protects Parkinson's Neurons From Rotenone Toxicity - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Emotional Wiring Different in Men and Women - Live Science
4/24/2006: Brain Age Gooses Your Gray Matter  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
4/24/2006: Deadly Astronomical Event Not Likely To Happen In Our Galaxy, Study Finds - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Code For 'Unbreakable' Quantum Encryption
 - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Magellanic Gemstones In The Southern Sky
 - Science Daily
4/24/2006: XMM-Newton Catches Tumbling Pulsar
 - SpaceDaily

4/24/2006: Life Expectancy in America Hits Record High - Live Science


4/24/2006: Russia Has Plans For Outer Space In The 21st Century - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Malaysia conference considers how to practice Islam in space
 - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Cadet-Designed Rocket Blasts Off From California
 - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: NASA Studies Benefits Of Exercise In Space
 - SpaceDaily
4/24/2006: Saturn Storms Utterly Dwarf Earth Storms In Size
 - SpaceDaily

4/24/2006: Alternatives To The Use Of Nitrate As A Fertiliser - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Rice Study: 'Nanostars' Could Be Ultra-sensitive Chemical Sensors - Science Daily
4/24/2006: Modelling Virtual Dogs: It's A Walk In The Park! - Science Daily
4/24/2006: NASA's NEEMO 9- Remote Surgery and Mock Moonwalks on the Sea Floor - Space.com
4/24/2006: Luxury Cars Steal the Show in NYC  - Wired News


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