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  April 24, 2004

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Satellites Record Weakening North Atlantic Current - SpaceDaily  Left:  Pathways associated with the transformation of warm subtropical waters into colder subpolar and polar waters in the northern North Atlantic. Along the subpolar gyre pathway the red to yellow transition indicates the cooling to Labrador Sea Water, which flows back to the subtropical gyre in the west as an intermediate depth current (yellow). More information Credit: ŠJack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution More images at Top Story   A North Atlantic Ocean circulation system weakened considerably in the late 1990s, compared to the 1970s and 1980s, according to a NASA study. Sirpa Hakkinen, lead author and researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. And co-author Peter Rhines, an oceanographer at the University of Washington, Seattle, believe slowing of this ocean current is an indication of dramatic changes in the North Atlantic Ocean climate. "We need another good five to 10 years to say something like that is happening. 
Student Research May Help Astronauts Burn Fuel On Mars - SpaceDaily  In Houston, the students conducted zero-gravity experiments using iodine as a catalyst to burn magnesium. Magnesium is a metal found on Mars that can be harvested for fuel-fossil fuels don't burn on Mars because of the planet's carbon dioxide (CO2) atmosphere, but metals do burn in a CO2 atmosphere. The idea for the students' experiments evolved from previous research done by Margaret Wooldridge, an associate professor in mechanical engineering and the team's adviser. Wooldridge's research showed that while magnesium is a promising fuel source, burning magnesium alone-without a catalyst such as iodine-has several challenges. Preliminary results from the student experiments showed that using iodine as a catalyst helped make the magnesium burn better, said Arianne Liepa, aerospace engineering undergrad and team member.

SuperWASP Begins The Search For Thousands Of New Planets - SpaceDaily  A consortium of astronomers is tomorrow (April 16th) celebrating the commissioning of the SuperWASP facility at the astronomical observatory on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, designed to detect thousands of planets outside of our own solar system. SuperWASP is the most ambitious project of its kind anywhere in the world. Its extremely wide field of view combined with its ability to measure brightness very precisely allows it to view large areas of the sky and accurately monitor the brightnesses of hundreds of thousands of stars. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/24/2004: South West 'is big cat hotspot'  - BBC
4/24/2004: Database lists human genes
  - Nature
4/24/2004: Bumper compendium of human genes released - New Scientist
4/24/2004: Spiders get a grip - PhysicsWeb

Climate, Environment:
4/24/2004: Satellites Record Weakening North Atlantic Current - SpaceDaily
4/24/2004: Technology exists now to cut greenhouse gases, report says... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Report Shows Greenhouse Gas Controls Help Russian Economic Growth... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Global Warming Disrupting Alaskan Indigenous Life... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Technology should drive global warming standards, report says... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Japanese tighten pollution rules... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: NEWS: Bank of America Reaffirms Commitment to Environmental Protection... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Power companies, conservation groups join on CO2 project... - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Bush panel issues major oceans report - MSNBC


4/24/2004: Broadband to reach million more  - BBC
4/24/2004: Intel's Telecom Weapon: WiMax - Business Week
4/24/2004: The "Internet of Things" - Business Week
4/24/2004: No Wires No Rules - Business Week
4/24/2004: AT&T Wireless customers defect at high rate


4/24/2004: Canada's Justice Supercomputer Hits a Snag  - Wired News

4/24/2004: The Silly Privacy Fears About GMail  - Wired News
4/24/2004: Internet driving hate site surge  - BBC
4/24/2004: Passwords revealed by sweet deal  - BBC
4/24/2004: Jump in share-related spam  - BBC
4/24/2004: Survey: Denmark leads e-commerce use  - CNN  
4/24/2004: Spyware the latest hi-tech plague  - CNN  
4/24/2004: New Internet speed record set C/Net
4/24/2004: Amazon's search play C/Net
4/24/2004: Hackers: Under the hood C/Net

4/24/2004: The End of SCO?  - Wired News
4/24/2004: Linux backer jumps ship C/Net
4/24/2004: Desktop lockdown C/Net

4/24/2004: Fuelling conflictWhy oil and bloodshed never seem to be too far apart  - BBC

4/24/2004: New gadgets threaten pacemakers  - C/Net

4/24/2004: Solvent 'raises risk of cancer'  - BBC

4/24/2004: New York Man Is Infected With Bird Flu - ABC

4/24/2004: Gambling shake-up 'risks health'  - BBC

4/24/2004: New Drug Delivery Avoids Needles  - Scientific American
4/24/2004: Folic Acid Studied in Pregnant Black Women - ABC
4/24/2004: Citrus Dept. Tries to Counter Low-Carb - ABC
4/24/2004: Ill. Gov. Looks to Europe for Drug Aid - ABC
4/24/2004: Could a Simple Blood Test Save Your Life? - ABC
4/24/2004: Surgeons offer voice lifts to patients who want to sound younger  - BBC
4/24/2004: 'Half a million' elderly abused  - BBC
4/24/2004: 'I wish I could have done more'  - BBC
4/24/2004: Abortion film storm expected  - BBC
4/24/2004: China babies die 'from fake milk'  - BBC
4/24/2004: Healthy eatingDo you know exactly what's in your shopping trolley?  - BBC
4/24/2004: Paying for change: What if people were given cash for mending their ways?
4/24/2004: Food sites to suit any appetite
  - CNN  

History, Anthropology:
4/24/2004: Rock art hints at whaling origins  - BBC
4/24/2004: Court sticks to ruling on 'Kennewick Man' - MSNBC

4/24/2004: New Cars Are Too Expensive to Fix  - Wired News
4/24/2004: Shoot Your Friends With GPS ID Sniper  - Wired News
4/24/2004: German girl 'up for sale' on eBay  - BBC
4/24/2004: ID card technology under scrutiny  - BBC
4/24/2004: DVD format war looms  - CNN  
4/24/2004: Merger Fever Breaks Out in Bangalore - Business Week
4/24/2004: Police force enlists digital cams in cars  - C/Net
4/24/2004: Intel talks up telecom, TV  - C/Net
4/24/2004: Shhh! The FBI's listening to your keystrokes  - C/Net
4/24/2004: Truth in advertising hits Internet dating  - C/Net
4/24/2004: An insider's guide to RFID  - C/Net
4/24/2004: Freedom, a call away?  - C/Net

4/24/2004: Iron tablets can improve women's brainpower - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
4/24/2004: SuperWASP Begins The Search For Thousands Of New Planets - SpaceDaily
4/24/2004: 'Einstein' probe heads into space
  - BBC
4/24/2004: Cosmic Log: Earth Day vs. doomsday - MSNBC
4/24/2004: Particle physicists rescue rare vinyl recordings - New Scientist
4/24/2004: Gravity Probe B takes off - PhysicsWeb



4/24/2004: Student Research May Help Astronauts Burn Fuel On Mars - SpaceDaily
4/24/2004: 99% nothingLandmarks are rare in space, so pack an interactive map
  - BBC
4/24/2004: Nasa optimistic about Hubble fate  - BBC
4/24/2004: Cosmic Log: Xcor gets launch go-ahead
4/24/2004: Second gyroscope fails aboard space station
 - New Scientist
4/24/2004: Search for Mars water goes underground
 - New Scientist
4/24/2004: Bruce Moomaw Reports On Mars Science At Astrobiology 2004
 - SpaceDaily
4/24/2004: Putting The Geology Back Into Martian Science
 - SpaceDaily
4/24/2004: A Gathering of Planets: Part 2...
 - FirstScience
4/24/2004: Surprise Comet on Display This Weekend...
 - Space.com
4/24/2004: Telescopes at the ready, it's Astronomy Day...
 - Space.com
4/24/2004: Commander: space station breakdowns routine...
4/24/2004: Looking better: It may be possible to service Hubble without astronauts...
  - BBC

4/24/2004: Digital video heading to U.S. cop cars  - CNN  
4/24/2004: Killer convicted thanks to brother's DNA - New Scientist


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