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  April 20, 2006

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Exploding Star Within A Star Surprises Astronomers - SpaceDaily  Left: White-dwarf star RS Ophiuchi explodes within the atmosphere of its red-giant companion in this artist's impression. Image credit: David A. Hardy/PPARC.  Last Feb. 12, amateur astronomers around the world began reporting something that teams of their professional counterparts had been eagerly awaiting: A faint star in the constellation Ophiuchus suddenly became clearly visible to the naked eye in the night sky. With that news, an international team trained dozens of instruments both ground-based and orbiting on RS Ophiuchi, a star known to have exhibited five such brightenings over the past 108 years.     
Fields of gold: Can non-food crops help break our dependency on oil?  - BBC  Left: Fuel of the future? Barley is used to produce ethanol  In the 19th Century, the only "biofuel" that powered farm machinery was the hay and grain that fed the horses that pulled the plough to turn the soil. But the arrival of the industrial revolution, the advances in our knowledge of chemistry, and the utilisation of oil, revolutionised our lives. Since then, societies around the globe have not looked back. Coal and oil have fuelled economic growth for more than 200 years. But today, political leaders of all persuasions are having to think the unthinkable and look beyond the age of oil. The upward trend in the cost of oil, fears over security of supplies, and the environmental consequences of burning fossil fuels are forcing the rethink. President Bush used his State of the Union address in January to pledge that plant-derived ethanol would be cost-competitive by 2012. In Brazil, 60% of all new cars can run on a fuel mix made up of 85% bioethanol. And in the UK, the government announced last November that 5% of all fuel sold on the nation's forecourts had to be from renewable sources by 2010. British Sugar is in the process of building a 55,000-tonne bioethanol plant

Snake robots could aid in rescues  - CNN  Left: Chris Borer shows off a snake robot's pipe climbing ability at the Carnegie Mellon robotics lab.  "Right now, the way to get to these trapped survivors is to pull the rubble out one rock at a time," Choset said. "So our dream is to have the snake robot thread through this collapsed rubble and get to victims more quickly." The Carnegie Mellon machines are designed to carry cameras and electronic sensors and can be controlled with a joystick. They wriggle with the help of small electric motors, or servos, commonly used by hobbyists in model airplanes. Built from lightweight aluminum or plastic, the robots are about the size of a human arm or smaller. They are only as good as their human operators.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

4/20/2006:When Biotech Meets Fashion  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Parallels among positive-strand RNA viruses, reverse-transcribing viruses and double-stranded RNA viruses...
  - Nature
4/20/2006:Budget genomes...  - Nature
4/20/2006:Cat fight over SA's Robben Island  - BBC
4/20/2006:EU body accused over GM report  - BBC
4/20/2006:Beetle enters top of pest charts  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/20/2006:Quakes- Can't See 'Em Coming  - Wired News
4/20/2006:EPA releases mixed bag on toxic emissions... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:Global warming swells Tibetan lakes... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:Allergy sufferers believe air pollution worsens their conditions, survey finds... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:VIEW: Water wars - Michel Rocard... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:UK sheep farms still contaminated by Chernobyl... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:European Carbon-Emissions Permits Reach Records on Concern About Shortages... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:S'pore joins global pact on greenhouse gases... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:Dell Extends Recycling Efforts... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:Schwarzenegger endorses plan to fight global warming... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:San Francisco faces big shaker  - BBC
4/20/2006:San Francisco marks major quake  - BBC
4/20/2006:Greenpeace rejects Chernobyl toll  - BBC
4/20/2006:San Francisco's day of reckoning  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Seismic science  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Bright lights, big quake-  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Future tech:- Incompetence, not quake, behind most damage in 1906  - C/Net

4/20/2006:Subsistence: A Solid Metal Meal  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Metroid Prime 3 Revolution at E3-  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Why a good night's sleep could make you a better gamer  - BBC
4/20/2006:Duke Nukem sheds light on brain  - BBC
4/20/2006:Will TV gaming be the next Texas hold 'em?  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Charges added to wrecked Ferrari case  - C/Net

4/20/2006:Verizon hikes DSL prices
  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Cell phone chips boost TI profit
  - C/Net


4/20/2006:Fujitsu Lifebook for $1450  - C/Net

4/20/2006:All Bets Are Off, Online Anyway  - Wired News
4/20/2006:And the Webby Goes to ...  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Venture giant Kleiner Perkins is backing Visible Path in its bid to take social networking corporate - Business Week
4/20/2006:Click fraud rate lower than expected, says report  - C/Net

4/20/2006:From Spam to Porn to Art  - Wired News
4/20/2006:New blow for Microsoft in EU row  - BBC
4/20/2006:Firms slow to fix security flaws  - BBC
4/20/2006:Digital PlanetHi-tech sailing, behind the scenes of Pixar and the virtual skipping rope  - BBC
4/20/2006:Pregnancy gap adds risk to baby  - BBC
4/20/2006:The Cruise diet: Is eating placenta really good for new parents?  - BBC
4/20/2006:Court rules for Microsoft in antitrust case  - C/Net
4/20/2006:New Linux look revives old debate  - C/Net

4/20/2006:Fields of gold: Can non-food crops help break our dependency on oil?  - BBC


4/20/2006:Scientists Discover New Genetic Subtypes of Common Blood Cancer... - FirstScience
4/20/2006:Child's viewpoint How to explain breast cancer to a seven-year-old son  - BBC
4/20/2006: Lilly's Breast-Cancer Breakthrough  - BBC


4/20/2006:Diabetes inhaler rejected for NHS  - BBC

4/20/2006:China 'selling prisoners' organs'  - BBC
4/20/2006:China bans transplant organ sales  - BBC
4/20/2006:Silver fillings 'carry no risk'  - BBC
4/20/2006: Cephalon: Eyes Wide Open - Business Week

History, Anthropology:

4/20/2006:Silicon Valley Goes South  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Spoof Titanic Trailer Emerges  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Rants 'n' Raves: Mass Hypnosis  - Wired News
4/20/2006:Nuclear nightmare How the drama and horror of Chernobyl unfolded  - BBC
4/20/2006:20-20 hearing What Japanese beauty salons could offer the rest of the world  - BBC
4/20/2006:Taking liberties How your rights are rapidly changing in the digital world  - BBC
4/20/2006:Monaco ruler reaches North Pole  - BBC
4/20/2006:Indians 'want hi-tech products'  - BBC
4/20/2006:Killer nurse: Why a thrill-seeking trainee nurse turned to murder for his kicks  - BBC
4/20/2006:HD DVD debut ups ante in big game  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Video: Toshiba HD-A1  - C/Net
4/20/2006:DVD 2.0: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray  - C/Net
4/20/2006:Quote of the day: 'Multisensual' virtual sex on the horizon  - C/Net

4/20/2006:Face Reader Bridges Autism Gap  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
4/20/2006:Exploding Star Within A Star Surprises Astronomers - SpaceDaily


4/20/2006:Snake robots could aid in rescues  - CNN

4/20/2006:False Documents Behind Recent Lunar Study Article - SpaceDaily
4/20/2006:Orbiting Chinese space capsule returns to earth
 - SpaceDaily
4/20/2006:Hobbled Mars rover Spirit is heading to alternate winter home...
  - Nature
4/20/2006:U.S., Russian, Brazilian space station crew land in Kazakhstan...
  - Nature
4/20/2006:Newly observed red and blue rings surround distant planet Uranus...
  - Nature
4/20/2006:Asteroid buster to save planet...
  - Nature
4/20/2006:Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet cosmonaut who was the first man in space, never made a comment that was attributed to him, mocking religious ......
  - Nature
4/20/2006:04.13.06 - Mars Orbiting Cameras Debut Researchers today released the first Mars images from two of the three science cameras on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter....
4/20/2006:04.14.06 - ISS Status Report- SS06-017 The 13th crew of the International Space Station is wrapping up its first week flying solo in its new orbiting home....
4/20/2006:NASA Prepares for Space in Undersea Lab Three NASA astronauts and a Cincinnati doctor are living and working under the ocean to test space medicine concepts and moon-walking techniques....
4/20/2006:Photos: NASA goes underseas to moon walk
  - C/Net

4/20/2006:Gallery: New York Auto Show  - Wired News


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