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  April 20, 2004

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Asteroid strike, BBC The end is nigh: What could an asteroid do to a city like London?  - BBC  A massive iron asteroid crashed into the Arizona plain 49,000 years ago, creating a crater more than a kilometre wide. The Arizona asteroid, thought to have been made of iron and nickel and about 45m wide, hit the Earth at a 90 degree angle at a speed of some 20km/s (12 miles a second). Inserting these figures into the online blast calculator for a similar sized asteroid landing, say, at Oxford Circus reveals how an enormous crater almost 3km (2 miles) wide would open up across central London.
Threespine stickleback, Nature Genome reveals limb number recipe  - BBC Scientists say the genetic mechanism could be a "smoking gun" for the way rapid changes in body plan can appear over time in the evolution of new animal species. What is more, the mechanism appears to work without the harmful side effects sometimes seen with gene mutations. Thus, the mutation altered the gene's expression pattern in a specific part of the fish's body, changing the limb number without affecting other tissues. In vertebrates, bunches of genes known as Hox clusters are known to play a crucial role in the development of the skeleton and soft tissue.

Hydro executive vice president Tore Torvund

Oil dependence: Norway's search for alternative income as North Sea runs dry  - BBC  Left:  Norway wants to head farther north in its search for oil.  Click to see where the world's oil is  Estimates say one third of the total petroleum resources on the Norwegian continental shelf are still unexploited. "The undeveloped areas in the [far north Arctic] Barents Sea are very promising, but more challenging in many ways," said the director general of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Gunnar Berge. Both Norway and Russia are laying claims to an area of the Barents Sea that is bigger than the North Sea and is thought to contain even more oil and gas.

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Alzheimer's Disease:
4/20/2004:How Alzheimer's kills off cells  - BBC

4/20/2004:Genome reveals limb number recipe   - BBC
4/20/2004:Googling the Genome
  - Wired News
4/20/2004:The Dope on Genetic Doping - USA Today
4/20/2004:Migrating Songbirds Can Be Led Astray - ABC
4/20/2004:More Than 20 Dead, Sick Otters in Calif. - ABC
4/20/2004:Scientists Confirm Rare Whale Sighting - ABC
4/20/2004:Boy or girl: Can old wives' tales determine the sex of my unborn baby?  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
4/20/2004:Geophysicist Warns 6.4 Quake To Hit L.A. By Sept 5  - Wired News
4/20/2004:N.M.: Intel Emissions May Pose Health Risk... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Judge upholds Greenpeace indictment over mahogany protest... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:California regions that violate new EPA ozone standard... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Remote sensors to detect vehicle emissions... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Epa Clean Air Plan Must Ensure No Child Left Behind... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Areas across New York on smog list... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:EPA: All of NJ fails smog test... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Heavy breathing: 34 N.Y. counties make feds' smog list... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Thousands of Rocky Mountain Drilling Permits Go Unused... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Volcanic activity and the seasons... - Economist
4/20/2004:Canadian Satellite technology to climb Everest... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:EPA Says 474 Counties Fail Air Standards - ABC
4/20/2004:Migrating birds rely on sunsets  - BBC
4/20/2004:Chemical soupNew plans to protect Northern Ireland's polluted lakes  - BBC

4/20/2004:Digital Image Dump - ABC
4/20/2004:Splinter Cell dominates charts  - BBC

4/20/2004:Clone Your Cell Phone Info - Tech TV
4/20/2004:Future imperfect: Mobile phone firms face a shake-up from new technology  - BBC


4/20/2004:Putting the Bite on Apple  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Apple to Real: Stick It  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Review: Apple Backup to Protect Mac Data - Tech TV
4/20/2004:Saving Private Data - Tech TV
4/20/2004:Review: A Spartan But Serviceable PC - ABC

4/20/2004:Searching in the Third Dimension  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Web Inventor Takes the Prize  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Chinese Embrace Online Shopping  - Wired News
4/20/2004:'Phish' Follies - ABC
4/20/2004:Review: Presenting a Solid Projector - ABC
4/20/2004:Access all areas? Why is it time to build a web that everyone can use  - BBC
4/20/2004:File-sharing networks fight back  - BBC 
4/20/2004:Firms become digital detectives  - BBC

4/20/2004:Making the World Safe for Free Software - Salon
4/20/2004:Lindows gives up name in dispute with Microsoft - Seattle Times
4/20/2004:PCs 'infested' with spy programs  - BBC
4/20/2004:Spy inside your computer  - BBC
4/20/2004:Cost of printer ink under fire  - BBC
4/20/2004:Cinema staff use night vision goggles to catch "movie pirates" in LA  - BBC
4/20/2004:Teenager comes to Microsoft's aid  - BBC

4/20/2004:Oil dependence: Norway's search for alternative income as North Sea runs dry   - BBC
4/20/2004:Star Catchers - ABC

4/20/2004:Ticker Time Bomb? - ABC
4/20/2004:Cardiologist Answers Your Questions - ABC
4/20/2004:High blood pressure misdiagnosed  - BBC

4/20/2004:Cancer X-ray - ABC
4/20/2004:Video: Screening for Colon Cancer - ABC
4/20/2004:Focus on Colon Cancer - ABC

4/20/2004:CDC Expands Measles Warning for Travelers - ABC

4/20/2004:Genome research could help leptospirosis victims... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Patch 'to cut booze temptation'  - BBC
4/20/2004:Cleanliness 'leads to diabetes'  - BBC
4/20/2004:Alcohol does increase gout risk  - BBC
4/20/2004:Social boozing damages the brain  - BBC

4/20/2004:Carb Conundrum - ABC
4/20/2004:Tragic Makeovers - ABC
4/20/2004:U.S. School Cafeterias Get on Health Kick - ABC
4/20/2004:Can a Protein-Rich Diet Cause Gout? - ABC
4/20/2004:Video: Popular Diets What's the Best Approach? - ABC
4/20/2004:McDonald's Adds Healthy Adult Happy Meals - ABC
4/20/2004:Sleep Is for the Birds - ABC
4/20/2004:Video: Gaining Control Over Sleep Problems - ABC
4/20/2004:Early Sleep Troubles, Later Drug Problems: - ABC
4/20/2004:HealthyWoman Quiz: Insomnia - ABC
4/20/2004:Focus on Sleep Disorders - ABC
4/20/2004:Tiny Transplant Survivor Amazes Doctors - ABC
4/20/2004:Health Bills Cost Some Seniors Homes
 - ABC
4/20/2004:Snack Makers: Low-Carb Trend Won't Last
 - ABC
4/20/2004:Drug Company Kickbacks
 - ABC
4/20/2004:Studying how lambs keep warm could lead to new obesity drugs
  - BBC
4/20/2004:Musicians at risk from 'guitar nipple' and 'fiddler's neck'
  - BBC
4/20/2004:BMI calculator: See whether you're a healthy weight for your height
  - BBC
4/20/2004:Body image worries hit Zulu women
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
4/20/2004:Ballard to Revisit Titanic, Study Decay - ABC
4/20/2004:Oldest Known Ornament Found in S. Africa - ABC
4/20/2004:A Tough Task - ABC

4/20/2004:The end is nigh: What could an asteroid do to a city like London?  - BBC 
4/20/2004:Clearing Up The Confusion  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Senators Question TSA Denials  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Hubble Shows Moonless Sedna  - Wired News
4/20/2004:War of Words Rages Over Internet Taps  - Wired News
4/20/2004:Car's Black Box Info Sends Speeding Motorist to Jail  - Wired News
4/20/2004:A Post-Privacy Future for Workers - Business Week
4/20/2004:The Most Potent Force in Science Today! - Popular Science
4/20/2004:Rise in consumer prices pushes up interest rates - Seattle Times
4/20/2004:Sneaky 'War Spies' - ABC
4/20/2004:Software 'chum' to help students  - BBC
4/20/2004:Terrestrial trauma: Why multi-channel TV is now a force to be reckoned with  - BBC


Physics and Astronomy:
4/20/2004:Sedna's moon may be hiding from Hubble... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Cosmic Magnifying Glass: Distant Star Reveals Planet...
 - FirstScience
4/20/2004:New Planet Hunter Gets to Work... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Scientists Analyze Meteor Fragments... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Cassini Sees Shepherding Moons... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Scientists seek unknown planets  - BBC



4/20/2004:UC Berkeley astronomers create movie showing hydrocarbon haze that Huygens probe will encounter in Titan's atm... - FirstScience
4/20/2004:NASA Voted Best Place to Work in Federal Government...
 - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Junking space: Are we leaving more than footprints as we explore our galaxy?  - BBC
4/20/2004:NASA says no to 12-month space mission
4/20/2004:X Prize entrants race against time
4/20/2004:Space station mission targets science
  - Nature
4/20/2004:NASA three steps nearer shuttle launch
 - New Scientist
4/20/2004:X Prize Entrants Race Against Time and Each Other
 - Space.com
4/20/2004:When Meteors Explode: Full Account of a Wild Chicago Night
 - Space.com
4/20/2004:NASA Completes First Steps in Shuttle Plan
 - Space.com
4/20/2004:Soyuz Lofts Expedition 9 Crew Toward Space Station
 - Space.com
4/20/2004:Opportunity Dashes 140 Meters
 - Science Daily
4/20/2004:MER-B Finds Meteorites Resembling Earth Meteorite
 - Science Daily
4/20/2004:China's Long March 2 Launches Two Microsats
 - Science Daily
4/20/2004:Mars Rovers Back To Work After Short Break...
 - FirstScience
4/20/2004:Bounce Rock's Mystery Ends...
 - FirstScience

4/20/2004:Where Everybody Knows Your Name - ABC


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